people who go into the comments section in ken’s p4u2 showcase and say that he’s a horrible person and didn’t deserve a spot “because he’s the reason shinji’s dead”

The Swim Instructor // Modern AU // Thorin & Bilbo //


Thorin had his own personal swim instructor program, being certified in such a thing. He met with his students at the local pool in the village. He mostly taught people who were learning how to swim for the first time, and actually people of all ages came to him. From young ones, to people in their thirties, who were afraid of the water, and never learned how to swim. .

The other day he was approached by a young lad, named Frodo Baggins. A rather intelligent lad, and he had been teaching some younger boys and girls when the lad approached him. He had told him how he had lost both his parents from a horrible boating accident on the river. They had both drowned, and he was now living in the guardianship of his Uncle. He could tell the lad was petrified of the water, because  he would not even come near the edge of the pool, but stood against the wall.

Thorin had had to step out, once he finished his class, and sent the other students on their way. He moved to sit on the bench, and spoke to Frodo. Telling him he did not have to be afraid. So, he had told the lad that if he wanted to sign up for lessons, he would have to bring his Uncle with him on the next day, which happened to be this very day.

So it was, he had gotten ready early in the morning, for he mostly held his lessons at that time, it was the best time to teach the young ones to swim, for they would pay more attention in the morning. Now, he was at the pool, with his long hair tied up and back on top of his head, and he did not even think twice about what he had worn as his swim trunks. They were usually a pair of tight spandex swim trunks. 

Thorin wore of tight, gray swim trunks on this day. He would be seeing Frodo in a short while, and what he learned from the lad, his Uncle’s name, Bilbo Baggins.He swam in the pool a couple of laps, his hair tucked away inside a swim cap. He did a couple of laps, then got out of the pool, drying off his body, then he waited for the two of them to arrive.

Stiles and Scott.

Okay gotta get this off my chest. People keep hating on the fact that Stiles is human and a scared little boy with anxiety, and people should worry about Scott more because he has had some trauma too. Let’s not forget Stiles lost his mother at a very young age, and Scott’s Dad left because he was an alcoholic. They have both been raised by one parent and had many losses of friends in the recent years.

Stiles had a psychotic DEMON inside of him for almost a year, and had to literally almost die to get rid of it. Scott was turned into a werewolf by another psychotic man who killed his niece and many others. Scott has become a true alpha and accepted his role in the pack, Stiles is still human and doesn’t want the bite or to be supernatural. You can’t just rule out all the things they have been through and say one should get more pity then the other because they went through them together.

Because stiles has anxiety he’s going to worry about loosing his best friend, Scott isn’t worried because he knows he a strong person and likes to give people the benefit of the doubt. They can’t be labeled as the ‘good friend’ and the 'bad friend’. Everyone has their ups and down in friends ships.

The loss of fathers

Today being Father’s Day, I don’t know why I didn’t think of this until the day is nearly over:

Day 2: Similarities/differences or parallels

Both Roy and Ed lost their fathers at an early age. Both of Roy’s parents were killed, but he gained a mother in the form of Chris Mustang, his father’s sister. Ed and Al lost their father through Hohenheim’s desertion of his family. Later the brothers lost their mother to illness while they were still quite young. They gained a mother in the form of their Teacher, Izumi Curtis.

A day of fathers when none are around.

In Tyria, today was a day to commemorate fathers and all they had done for society. And yet, for Aleyanna, it was a cruel reminder of what fate had taken from her almost twenty years ago. She still remembered the day when he set off for the construction site, and the heartbreaking news from the Seraph that her father had died in an accident.

So it was on this day that she brought her adoptive kids Nikki the progeny and Victoria the cub to his gravesite in Shaemoor. Here, she wanted to teach the daughters about his legacy and all the good memories he had brought to her, even though she only knew him for around six years. Here, she would answer their questions to the best of her knowledge.

And when Dawn came around, she was pleased to see that her daughters were continuing to learn. Though they had lost their birth parents at such a young age, their adoptive parents were quick to step in and welcome them home with love and support. And perhaps in due time, they would never forget their fallen fathers, but come to see Aleyanna and Dawn as a father figure in some form.

A shitty GTA AU. Yes. Good.

Fial Whelan moved to America at a young age because of the split of his and Saoirse parents. He went to the USA with his dad while Saoirse stayed behind in Ireland. Fial joined the army as soon as he graduated high school. Sadly he lost his leg to a mine explosion. He now has a simple desk job in the army and tries his best to keep a watchful eye on his brother.

Saoirse ‘Skip’ Whelan stayed behind with his mother when his father and brother moved to the United States. A troublemaker from the start Skip gave his mother a hard time while raising him. Done with school yet never seemed to be into getting a job he continued to hang out with the wrong crowed. His mother pleaded for him to join his brother in the USA and clean up his act. The plan back fired as Skip started to get into worse trouble and harder crimes without tipping off his brother.

Thea Hawk is a seemingly innocent senior school girl in an all girls school. Of course shes anything but innocent and has more connections then any gang leader could hope for. She is sorta like a information broker and has a good amount of dirt on anyone of interest. Her father was a semi successful mobster who gave her a head start on collecting information under a different name. Even though she rarely goes with any crew to do the crimes she sets up Thea is an excellent marksmen and often goes to the shooting range to help Skip with his horrible aim.

Cristian Gallo is the first friend Skip meets when he moves. He is often dragged along with what ever scheme Skip is putting together. People are often scared of him because of how tall he is and it always seems like hes glaring…Which he probably is. He thinks Fial is too much of a push over with Skip and he doesn’t really trust Thea quite yet. He mostly acts as the voice reason for Skip when he gets himself into some sort of trouble.

Rex Stewart is a 24 year old member of the Justice League.  He is also known as Warhawk and resides in Metropolis.  He is portrayed by Jacon Artist and is Available

Rex was raised by two of the worlds greatest heroes, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl.  much like his father, he is very grounded and believes in havinng a plan.  He was born with wings of his own, that he often hides in a back pack.  He trained uneder both his parents, Learning multiple fighting styles.  He joined the teen titans at a young age, taking up the title Warhawk.

During the Braniac War, Rex worked alongside the teen titans to keep New York safe.  He later learned that both his parents had died during the core fight with Braniac.  Parentless at 19, he was lost.  His family was important to him and now he was alone.  He became somewhat pulled back from society, become cynical of heroes.   After some convincing, He finally joined the teen titans in his parents place.


  • John Stewart- Father
  • Shayera Hol- Mother

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For the charcter thing! Kaneki or Hinami? :D

I’ll go with Kaneki, thank you!! I’ll ignore Haise for this one and only talk about Kuro/Shiro

What I like about them: Even though Kaneki lost his parents at a young age and lived with his horrible aunt, he’s still a caring and kind person. He experienced so much pain, was often betrayed by the people he trusted, but he still moved on. He cares deeply for his friends and tries to protect them. He’s intelligent and he learns by reading. He has a good intuition and he’s determined.
What I dislike about them: Kaneki can’t trust people. He knows Hide for such a long time and he’s still afraid of telling him about his new life. He doesn’t tell others about his feelings, hides them behind a mask. Kaneki always tries to do everything on his own and he’s selfish. He’s not the best in considering the feelings of his friends.
Favourite moment: His fight against Nishiki (with his flashbacks regarding Hide), Shinohara vs Centipede, Chapter 136
A situation with this character that I want to see explored more: I would like to see more of his past life with his aunt and his training sessions.
An interesting AU for this character: too many ; ; 
A crossover: Ajin!Kaneki or Haikyuu!Kaneki
OTP: Kaneki/Hide
Other ships: Kaneki/Tsukiyama
BROTP: Kaneki/Touka, Kaneki/Nishiki
NOTP: Kaneki/Touka ; ;
An assortment of headcanons: Kaneki often talked to his teddy bear whenever his mother was working. Kaneki thought about running away from his aunt. Kaneki talks in his sleep. He sometimes tried to write his own stories.

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The Sound and the Fury is a story about a family and their struggles, the loss of a way of life in the aftermath of a war, and how the younger generations are affected by the mistakes of the older generations. “In it [The Sound and the Fury] we observe four children come of age amid the decay and dissolution of their family” (Minter 96). This decay presents itself through the dangerous influences of nihilism and fate that cripple, corrupt, and kill the young, while children are made to pay for the sins of their parents. As Quentin nears the end of his life, he says: “I’d have to turn back to it until the dungeon was mother herself she and Father upward into weak light holding hands and us lost somewhere below even them without even a ray of light” (Faulkner 173). This concept allows people in the modern area to be able to relate to the story. As time passes, generations come and go, but one thing remains constant: those in the present must pay for those in the past while harming those in the future.

Thanks for asking! :-)

[ so to start things off, this was meant to be a comic, but i couldn’t draw it out how i wanted. so, i made it into this fic like thing. i do hope you enjoy, and who knows, maybe i’ll draw it out one day! ]

“The man who does nothing, yet controls everything

His name is Nihil. He was Hemlock’s boss, as well as the twins Vita and Mortem’s best friend. He was kind, funny, and a very good leader. 

He was Sugar’s friend.

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My brother’s memorial service was on Saturday, June 20th. He died on June 8th at the young age of 16.

Long story short, we aren’t blood related, our parents dated for almost 7 years, and when they broke up we lost contact. He is my brother as his sister is my sister.

The point of this post is that, I am looking for someone. I don’t know whom she is. I met her after the service. I had over-heard her speaking with my brother’s mom. She told her that there was a song from Tokyo Ghoul that he wanted her to listen too, and a few days before the service she heard it while showering.

They were in Japanese together.

When I spoke with her, she let me know that Tokyo Ghoul is was inspired his hair color.

I’m not sure if she has a tumblr, but I was curious about the song.

If you read this, and you were the one that told me about Tokyo Ghoul can you please reply or inbox me.

I need help finding her.


Hey there, diary. It’s been a long time since I’ve done this, hasn’t it? So I suppose I should tell you a bit about myself.

My name is Hazel Zoun. I’m currently twenty four years old. I have a twin brother named Matthew who’s older than me by roughly two minutes. We grew up in Bridgeport and both of us attended Bridgeport University. Following graduation, we felt it was time for a change and moved to Isla Paradiso.

Matthew started to work as a lifeguard, which is how he met his wife, Kelsey. To be honest, she’s one of the worst people I know. I was worried when he married her so quickly, especially since she’s eight years older than us. They have an adorable daughter named Zoe.

Then there’s Lucas Ellien. I met him during an internship about a year ago. He’s had a pretty rough life. He grew up in Starlight Shores but lost both of his parents at a young age. Following that, he mostly lived on the streets. After he earned enough money, he moved to Isla Paradiso to seek a new life and landed a job at the local cafe. He ended up getting involved with one of the regulars there and they had a daughter together, named Samantha. One day she simply left and hasn’t been heard from since. He lost his home again so I invited him to live with us.

Today is our first day living together. I hope it goes well.