You know that friend or acquaintance who has put up with so much in life but is just so hardworking and positive and happy? That one who lost a parent at a young age, or just had a really bad home life, or had health problems but it doesn’t really seem to affect them emotionally and they’re still so kind?

I think Lance is one of those people.

People talk a lot about his humor being an “act”, or a front for his insecurities. But maybe it comes from years of needing to be positive in spite of some really bad circumstances? Maybe he lost a parent and had to step up into that role for his younger siblings. Maybe someone in his family was dealing with a life-threatening illness. Maybe things were just really tough financially.

We know Lance has a big family (he was thinking of them in the scene where all the paladins were mediating and clearing their minds of whatever else they were thinking). And Keith grew up with no family at all. Maybe this could be a source of tension later. Keith thinking Lance has no right to feel sorry for himself because he had a huge family to support and take care of him, not realizing how much of it was also Lance taking care of and supporting his family.


what she says: i can’t believe people just write kevin off as an asshole

what she means: kevin day lost his mother—the only parent he had ever known—at a young age, after which he was taken in by the moriyamas where he was treated like property and not allowed to form emotional bonds. the only significant bond he had previous to this was riko, who spent the rest of his life abusing kevin physically and psychologically while also constantly reminding kevin that he would never be as good as him, never be as worthy as him. the easiest way to avoid bonding with people is to prevent them from WANTING to bond with you, therefore the arrogance, the obnoxiousness and the single-minded determination that was also fueled by his desire to prove riko wrong. underneath all the disdainfulness and obsession kevin is simply a scared little boy that spent a majority of his life afraid of the only person he was allowed to care about.

what makes me so sad is that Louis didn’t just lose his mum, he lost the only parent he ever truly had. That shit excuse for a man that left Jay and Louis when Louis was only weeks old was not and will never be Louis’ dad. Jay was Louis’ mother and father, she did everything for him. Jay sacrificed so much at such a young age to give Louis everything. She needed to be both parents for her son and she did an incredible job all by herself. 

Can I kiss you? (Peter Parker x Stark!Reader)

Request: cinderella imagine where the reader is cinderella and holland is the prince. the scenes about the ball dance, and finding cinderella

A/N: I don’t know if this is what you wanted, so sorry if it isn’t! :( I really like the way it turned out at the end, so I hope you do as well! x

Being Tony Stark’s cousin is usually great, but sometimes, you just hate it. He always invites your parents and you to his parties, and considering how young you are, you can’t speak to other people nor drink. Everyone tends to be old, and people usually think you are Tony’s lost child instead of his cousin.
This time, you have had to ditch up a boy you are supposed to go on a date with because Tony is throwing a masquerade to celebrate an addition to The Avengers team. You have been waiting for the boy to ask you out for ages, and when he finally has, you have to ditch him. How life works.
You arrive at the party looking annoyed -just how you feel. People can’t tell, because your mask covers half of your face, but you are sending glares at everyone. You can only think about what you could be doing now -have dinner and then, maybe, kiss. But nope, you have to be at a party that you don’t even want to be in.
You make it to the bar and ask for a coke, just to have something to hold in your hands. Turning around, you see Wanda, wearing a really small mask, not caring about people knowing who she is, and you approach her, considering she is probably the youngest person in the room apart from you.
‘You don’t want to be here, do you?’ she asks just as you sit next to her. You shake your head and take a sip from your drink, looking around.
‘Who is my cousin using as an excuse to throw a party?’ you ask, trying to recognize somebody else from the team.
‘Oh, you’ll like him. He is your age, I believe’ Wanda says softly.
‘I don’t think I will. I was supposed to be on a date, and thanks to that person, here I am’ you say harshly, still mad. You jump as you feel a pair of hands on your shoulders, and suddenly, your cousin’s laugh rings through your ears.
‘Don’t be scared, [Y/N]! I just want to introduce you to the new addition! Peter, this is [Y/N]’ Tony says. You turn around in your sit, expecting to see some tall, big guy, like Steve, but you are met up with a short, scrawny boy, but who has beautiful brown eyes, which you see through his mask, and a shy smile.
‘Nice to meet you’ he says, a small smile on his lips. You say the same and shake his hand, smiling at him. Tony just keeps on talking to Wanda, and Steve appears, giving you some conversation. Peter is just standing there, and you can tell he feels awkward, both because of the fact that everyone is older and the fact that he knows nobody. You feel bad for him, because if it weren’t for the team, you would feel as lost as him.
Saying bye to Steve, you get up from your sit and look at Peter.
‘Follow me’ you say, and he thinks about it for a second before nodding and walking right behind you. You lead him to the rooftop, a place which is usually closed if it were not for the fact that F.R.I.D.A.Y. practically adores you. ‘I know you are feeling kind of lost. I feel like that most of the time my cousin makes me come, to be honest. I like to come up here when I feel nervous or stressed’ you whisper, looking at the city in front of you. You can hear the music from where you are standing, a slow song an old couple has probably requested.
‘It’s just… Everyone here has cool powers, and they all know each other, and I’m the new one and people are just looking at me waiting for me to do something wrong. I feel pressured to be perfect’ he whispers, looking at you. ‘Do you-do you want to dance?’ he asks, probably trying to erase the tension and offering you his hand. You take it, blushing slightly. You dance close to each other, your head resting on his shoulder. When the song finishes, the two of you pull apart, and you feel his lips getting dangerously closer to yours. You pull apart completely, shaking your head.
‘I-I can’t do it. I’m sorry. I don’t want to be a part of this world. I always worry about Tony making it out okay -I can’t worry about you as well, Peter. I’m sorry’ you say, leaving the rooftop and leaving him standing there. You call a cab and go home, texting your parents and telling them you have left the party. You press your head to the cab window, and think, ‘how has he done it to have me falling in less than an hour’. You don’t know, but you surely want to.

Two weeks after, you still feel guilty about leaving Peter standing there. You have gone on a date with the boy you ditched, but he turned out to be an asshole who only liked you for your family’s money. You stand by your locker, looking at your phone when a message suddenly appears.
A driver will be picking you up after school. You are having lunch here with the team, your parents are out of town.
You smile at your cousin’s message -lunch with the team usually turn up to be such a mess, no matter how much everyone tries to be serious and mature. Taking your books, you walk to your next class, waiting for the school day to come to an end.
An hour later, you leave school talking to a friend about the plans you have for the weekend. You look around, trying to find the usual driver your cousin normally sends to pick you up, and while looking, you see a boy standing next to a car that belongs to Tony, his hands on his jeans pockets. He waves at you, a shy smile adorning his face, and you wave back, not really knowing who he is. He then scratches his neck, and you think about what makes him so familiar. You then realize Peter scratched his neck the same way, and it all makes sense. Blushing, you turn around to say bye to your friend, and she smirks at you.
‘So that’s the reason you have been so dreamy and unfocused’ she says, laughing.
‘Shut up’ you say, your cheeks a dark tone of red. ‘He’s just an intern at my cousin’s tower, I don’t even know him that much’.
‘Sure, hon’ she answers, still laughing. ‘Is he the one from the masquerade?’ you nod, still blushing. She kisses your cheeks and you part ways, you walking to the car.
‘Hi. Where is mister Sheperd?’ you ask Peter as soon as you approach him, trying not to look him in the eye so he won’t recognize you.
‘He’s on vacation, I think. Tony just said it’d be nice of me to pick his cousin up’ he says with a shrug. You can tell he is shy as well.
You just get into the car saying no more. You tend to sit on the back seat, but thinking it would look rude, you decide to sit on the passenger seat, next to Peter. After ten minutes in the car in complete silence, you decide to break it.
‘What’s the reason behind you working for my cousin?’ you ask, trying to discover his superpowers.
‘I-I’m just an intern’ he stutters.
‘You didn’t say that at the masquerade-oh, shit’ you say as soon as you realize your mistake. He pulls at the breaks harshly, making the car stop abruptly. You can feel your cheeks getting red, and you try not to look at him.
‘Wait, you are [Y/N]?’ he asks, incredulous. You nod swiftly and finally look at him, his eyes completely open and his mouth almost the same. ‘I-shit, it would’ve been so much easier finding you if I had known you were a Stark. I have searched through every [Y/N] in New York’ he says, mostly to himself. You laugh a little and his cheeks turn red as well. He sits straight and keeps driving once the traffic light turns green.’That sounded a lot like stalking. I didn’t stalk you. I just-I wanted to know who you were, you know?’ you smile and nod, looking at him. He is even more handsome without the mask on, and you can’t help but feel nervous. ‘You are way prettier without the mask on. I mean-you are not ugly with the mask, like, you are never ugly, you are really pretty, I mean’ he says, blushing. ‘I should probably stop rambling.’
You laugh and look at the road, waiting to get to the tower.
After lunch, which includes food being thrown across the table and you beating Steve at who ate the pudding faster, you go to the room your cousin has for you there and just sit on your bed, taking your stuff out of your backpack to do your homework. Just as you are about to start, you hear a slight knock on the door, and yell a ‘come in’ before looking back at your notebook.
‘Hey -oh, you’re busy. I’ll come back later’ Peter says. You look at him and shake your head.
‘No!’ you say, sounding desperate. You blush and Peter does as well. ‘Sit here’ you say, patting the spot next to you on your bed. He looks over your shoulder at your notebook.
‘I can help you with that,’ he says ‘if you want. I’m in AP Maths, so that’s pretty easy for me.’
You nod, happy that you won’t have to spend the next two hours trying to solve a problem, and he bends a little more, his chest somehow pressed against your back, his arm almost wrapped around you.
‘That x is wrong. It shouldn’t be there. And also this y…’ he keeps on talking, but you can only think about the warmth his body radiates. You turn your head, being met with his lips extremely close to yours. He automatically shuts up and looks at your lips. ‘Can I kiss you?’ he softly asks, his breath tingling in your lips.
Please’ you whisper, getting closer. You forget about all your worries once his lips are on your own, and you press your hand to his cheek, caressing it. The kiss becomes more heated, and you two end up making out on your bed, before pulling apart to breathe.
‘That was…’
‘Wow’ you complete, laughing a little.
‘I’m Spiderman’ he blurts out out of the blue, and you open your eyes and look directly at him. ‘That’s why your cousin chose me. I-I thought if we are going to, I don’t know, go out or something, you should know.’
You don’t know what to say. Can you just go back and act as if you had never kissed and everything was normal? No, you definitely can’t.
‘Well, let’s forget what I said two weeks ago. If I have to worry about one person, I might as well worry about two, right?’ you say, laughing softly. You feel him relax under you, and you just lay your head on his chest. ‘And about the going out part, I’m free every afternoon. I’m fine with watching movies at my place -don’t really want to do it in the tower with everyone. I’ll give you my address’ you say, snuggling right beside him.
Two hours later you wake up to the sound of Wanda’s voice saying, ‘see guys? I told her she’d like him.’ Opening your eyes, you are met up with the whole team looking directly at you, Tony looking pissed. You groan and laugh, throwing a pillow at them, and fall back to sleep in Peter’s arms.

okay I wanna say something

I totally understand the outrage that is going on right now over bambam and what he said. I get it completely. He is an adult and he should know better than to say words like that. 

However, this does not give you a free pass to destroy bambam and his feelings. 

Does no one remember when he got a lot of hate for posting a photo with a girl and he tweeted “what if I was gone?”? We should know that bambam is not as tough as he tries to portrays himself. This is the boy who lost his father at a young age, came to Korea, trained for three plus years, and has been given shit for every little thing he does. Throughout it all, he hasn’t cried once. Yet on Real Men, he cried thinking about his parents and their hardships.

I’m not saying you have to forgive him. I’m not saying to give him a pass on saying offensive language. I’m not saying you have to love him after this or even stay an IGOT7. 

What I am saying is to not send him hate, to not say he’s “cancelled” or whatever lame fucking “roasting” you have in mind; tell him what he did wrong, and let him learn from it.

This boy probably picked up the word after being in the US for this long. He might not even completely understand the implications or the origins of the word. He’s probably scared out of his mind; please consider his emotions before you decide to say some dumb shit.

I don’t want that tweet to ever become a reality.

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You say your Persian but Persia doesn't exist anymore it's Iran. I would know because both my parents are from Iran. No one claims to be "persian"

i say Persian, because that’s what’s I grew up knowing , from my fathers side of the family who pretty much raised me “
I always asked why I got made fun of for my big nose and busy eyebrows he said growing up “ were Persian you’re a great little girl with an amazing mix and when you’re older you’ll love it ” and I did . I don’t speak Farsi , due to the fact my parents grew up very un cultured ,
I don’t even speak Spanish and that’s my mothers first language ,
I claim it because it’s what I am.
I don’t front like I know everything about it because sadly I do not,
My father who’s side I get it from lost his parents at a young age he hardly knows the language , or anything about the culture and my dad is as everyone knows a hippy lol.

I don’t lie I have no need to.
I don’t care if people wanna throw ” facts “ at me and accuse me of lying because I would be a fool to lie,
I got so excited to post that picture of my grandpa because I barley remember him I lost him when I was fucking 5.
I know what my race is, I’m proud and congrats to you being you.

Don’t knock someone else just because they know the full 100% of where they’re from .
I’ve lost half my family i really only have my dad and that’s ok.
I grew up with two parents of different races and culture ,‘I am me and I am happy🤗

Spy's Past headcanon

submitted by  something-i-dunno

Warning: angst, and lots of it.

Spy didn’t have many friends as a child, but he was friends with the one Jewish boy in his class.

He would often get the cane for being late to school and for one incident where he got into a fight with another kid.

Spy lost both his parents at a young age. His father was killed trying to prevent the nazis from invading France, his mother was arrested by the gestapo (and most likely executed) for being in the resistance. He never saw her again.

After his mother’s arrest, Spy (who was only starting to enter his teenage years at the time) had to go into hiding and lie low until the end of the occupation of France.

It was around this time he began smoking.

The Spy has a lot of respect for single mothers after seeing his mother struggle to raise him AND fight the nazis after losing her husband.

He spent the rest of his childhood being raised by his grandparents when the occupation had ended.

Spy is bisexual. He began to realise that he liked men in his late teens, but buried his feelings for fear of persecution until he moved out of his grandparents home.

He decided to pursue espionage after watching what his mother did for the resistance.

He became a freelance spy after being fired from the French secret service for being a loose cannon. He had accumulated many enemies by then.

Spy began building his persona around his profession soon afterwards.

He began a string of relationships soon after becoming a Spy. Mostly with women, but occasionally with men.

All of his relationships failed. Either because he refused to open up emotionally (including not even taking his mask off and letting them see his face), or had to leave them to protect them from his enemies or the people he worked for.

Spy has many children that he doesn’t know about.

He’s often on the run or hiding from someone. It used to be exciting but these days, it’s left him extremely paranoid and often feeling he’s completely alone in the world.

Spy built his persona around his profession because that is the one part of himself he can express. If he were ever forced to retire, he’d lose his identity, his sense of self and any reason to keep on living.

Spy suffers from clinical depression and goes through periods of insomnia. He smokes as a way to self medicate.

He doesn’t know he’s depressed, but he does know there’s something wrong with him. He wouldn’t seek help for it if he did know however, unless someone he cares about forces him to. He’s ashamed of how his depression makes him feel, and would be extremely worried that getting help would make him look like he’s weak and less of a man for it.

He joined to fight in the Gravel War for two reasons; the money, and the need to feel alive again.

I hope this isn’t too sad :)

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Say Kouen, Sinbad, and Judal had stuffed animals. What kind would they have and how would they treat them?


  • Sinbad used to have a stuffed animal, a gift from his parents when he was still very small and had trouble sleeping through the night. He loved it dearly, and even after his parent’s death it reminded him of home. Unfortunately, it was lost in his travels so long ago he can’t quite remember what animal it even was.

Ren Kouen

  • Kouen has a small tiger plush from when he was very young. It’s lost an eye from old age, so Kouen keeps it safe on his shelf in his room. He pretends he doesn’t care for it, and that it’s just an old memento, but he would never throw it out.


  • Judar has a black teddy bear that has seen better days. Most of it’s limbs are holding on by strings, the stuffing was torn out by a younger and surprisingly blood-thirsty Judar, and its fur’s aged to a dull gray. Judar still loves it dearly, despite the abuse, and hugs it on bad days.

name ⟶ nicholas “nick” piberius wilde
age ⟶ twenty - five
parent(s) ⟶ deceased
alignment ⟶ hero (guard)
looks like ⟶ jack falahee

status: taken

A child filled with so much innocence, soon lost all hope in humanity by the age of eight. They labeled it as gentle bullying, only wanting to make the young boy stronger – as he was meant to be. But the bullies merely made fun of his small stature, picked at his background and pretending as if his existence was only a pure mistake. Hailing from a poor family; a mother who worked day in and day out, always took care of his young son. With an absent father, it had been his mother’s own desire to ensure that her little Nicholas had all he needed – despite the truth being otherwise. Nicholas was deprived of much, often clothing that had not turned raggedy or clean water. His mother worked hard, regardless, trying to make up for the effort in which her once beloved husband left her in. Her determination to ensure a better life for Nicholas had soon destroyed her, leaving an orphan little boy abandoned.

His treatment in the orphanage only picked apart the beloved little boy his mother tried to raise. Pulling at his innocence and replacing it with sheer hatred for the world, little Nick turned into a vile beast seeking vengeance amongst the world. Cunning as he grew, the rather intelligent child turned con-artist, using this new found skill set as being almost a ghost in life, to achieve what he so believed was his. Deprived of many necessary aspects for growth, Nicholas sought to pick off the rich and give to – well – himself. It wasn’t until time caught up with him and a young ambitious girl caught onto his tricks. To save himself from jail, Nicholas exchanged information for a speedy getaway. Unfortunately for the sly fox, Nicholas was trapped under the hold of Judy Hopps, local police, for what seemed like forever.

For a period of time, Nicholas despised all Judy stood far. She saw him as a vile little monster, caring little for the world and its people in it. For a while, Nicholas knew she was right. His perspective of the world was corrupted since childhood. With an absent father and a dead mother, Nicholas had nothing to hold onto. His once ambitious mind turned dark, forcing the male to turn with it. Survival involved playing the game – if he was too sweet, then how long would he have to live? But, under some faint glimmer of hope, Nicholas found himself altering in favor of Judy Hopps. She was right, in some strange way, about protecting the world they lived it. He could not help but see some sort of hope in her – she reminded him of his deceased mother. Joining the police force soon after saving their little fair city, Nicholas was sent alongside Judy Hopps to protect the residents inside the palace.

attributes ⟶ sarcastic, charismatic, sly
secret ⟶ while nicholas has told judy he changed in all manners, the wicked little creature has found himself in awe, admiring hungrily at all the gems in his mist.
family ⟶ n/a
threat ⟶ n/a

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I have a feeling that Souta will turn out to be a Snape of TG. I hope his development is coming close, I can't wait to see a honest, redeeming side of him. Maybe there is even a tiny little part of good, although one can only wish.

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO no. NO. Please don’t compare Souta to Snape. I really HATE Snape. He is a truly horrible person. He abused CHILDREN ACTUAL CHILDREN for YEARS and he took his anger out on Remus who already suffered enough. 

Snape can’t be redeemed. He did horrible things, look what he did to poor Neville who lost both of his parents at young age and his grandmother wasn’t kind to him either and EVERYONE knew it, did Snape care? Not at all. Honestly I get it. Snape had a horrible childhood but it still doesn’t excuse that he abused these vulnerable children. 

So many people were bullied and harassed too and turned out decent and try to make other people’s lives better. Like - I don’t want to attack you for liking him, but I honestly can’t stand people who abuse children and think it’s ‘justified’. 

Being kind is a choice, especially when you’re an adult. 

That said - I am not sure if Souta will get redemption. I don’t know if I want him to get it, he knows that what he’s doing is wrong, he’s still like a child and the closest thing to a ‘good’ ending for him would for someone to take care of him. 

But redeem someone who never knew anything but the life he’s living? It’s hard to so say if he’ll be able to change. For Tsukiyama it was a question of - will you finally see the facts and stop acting like a lil brat? But Souta was brought up in an such an abusive and broken environment… it’s questionable if he can still react to genuine and positive emotions. 

His perception of reality is shaped and twisted by the things that happened in the Sunlight Garden and the things Kanou made him believe so… I don’t see good things lying ahead for my little Souta. 

One of the reasons why the Capulets are so protective of Juliet is probably not only, that she is the last Capulet, but also that she is the only one who is not (yet) broken. apart from her everyone in the house had to bear his or her share of suffering which must have marked them.

Lord Capulet: Lost several children and presumably a wife already (his last masked ball was 30 years ago, so he must be around 50 at least. His wife is only in her late twenties, so it is likely he was married before)

Lady Capulet: Got married off at a far too young age and became a mother when she was herself still a child. She loves her daughter in her way I belief, but was unable to establish a real relationship with her. Apart form that she may also have lost further children, and probably suffers since she has failed to produce the needed heir which either with or without words will be blamed on her.

Tybalt: Probably lost both his parents already and is dominated by thoughts of hate and revenge.

Nurse (she counts as family, alright): Lost her only child and husband, whom she seemed to have liked.

Juliet is the only one of them who still has the chance to lead a thouroughly happy life. Is is a cruel twist of fate that all their attempts to make sure that Juliet will come to no harm eventually cause her suicide.


This is one of my favorite manga/anime, the boy is Takashi Natsume, he can seee spirits. From a young age he lost his parents and was passed from relative to relative. In this sceane Touko-san, is one of those relatives, her and her husband, Shigeru-san, took in Takashi after Shigeru-san discoverd him at a funeral. For his hole life Takashi has been shunned for saying “creepy things” or “lieing about things”, but in reality he was scared of the monsters that only he could see. Scared and alone he slowly learned to hide his sight, and handle everything supernatural by himself. In the panels above, he see’s the spirit of the crows lover, and he tells Touko-san because he dosnt realize its a spirit, she believes him, the first relative to ever believe him, and he dosnt realize it. Touko-san just accepts it and loves him. ❤
Tittle: Natsume yuujinchou (Natsume’s book of friends)

Imo, Prince Kanata might be one of the most underrated Go! Princess Precure character. If we forget the horrible things he said by accident to Haruka in episode 38 (and that he deeply regrets), he lost his sister at a very young age, then his parents and his people, fought alone against Dyspear, literally sacrificed himself in order to save the Cures and his sister to the point he forget everything, he was prepared to let the worst happen to him. He really deserved to be shown more often.

submitted by Anon

Sasuke Uchiha and The Endless Misery

*lol I need to change the title 3 times til I feel it’s perfect one

I used to dislike Sasuke. I thought he was such an ungrateful kid who only commited wrong decisions and ‘cause pain to others, especially during Shippuden. But then as I grow older, I re-read Naruto again after so long from the first book to the very end.

I somehow discovered a lot of things that I missed when I first read it. And I realized that Sasuke was just an unlucky child who never really gets any happiness from the beginning to almost the very end of the manga. And then I understood him so much better and started liking him and felt sorry for him. Here’s why:

- His father always compared him with the big brother he admired, and never showed the same affection and pride towards him ‘til Itachi decided to take the different path from the Uchiha clan

- He lost all of his clan and parents at such a young age, they were all murdered by the big brother he admired (though later we also learned that Itachi’s actually meant well)

- He was forced to watch his parents’s death for thousand times through Itachi’s genjutsu when he was just a little child, and when his psychological state was at the lowest, Itachi embed him with hatred and the will of revenge (although later we learned that Itachi only wanted to be punished by his little brother for his action)

- Ever since then, he continued to live alone. No one seemed to come to offer him any guidance nor care like Iruka to Naruto. Until Sasuke had Team 7, he literally had no one to heal his trauma

- When Sasuke finally had a family with Team 7 and felt the love that he’s been lost, he’s targeted by Orochimaru. Orochimaru attacked his teammates, embed the curse seal on him, filled him with even more hatred, manipulated his feelings and sadness, and it’s all only to get Sasuke’s body for his regeneration. 

- Sasuke managed to kill Itachi, only to find out that his brother was innocent and had been the victim of Danzo’s scheme to protect the village that he loved more than his own life. And as his sadness and loneliness arise even more, Madara/Obito used this to manipulate him further and used him for Akatsuki’s sake.

- Sasuke learned that all of the terrible things that happened in Shinobi world was all caused by Uchiha clan, mainly Madara (and Zetsu). He learned about Uchiha’s hatred curse, and somehow I feel like he felt guilty and responsible for the war. That’s why he decided to become the main enemy of 5 shinobi countries by killing the 5 kages and Juubis. He decided to shoulder all the hatreds by himself. He thinks that no one should have reasons to save him, nor to love him, because he realized how much damages he and his clan has caused to the world

Have you heard the all time saying that Children are the Future Leaders, it’s important to teach them and guide them so they will grow up into a decent and genuine person. Sasuke lost everything when he was just a little child. He didn’t have anyone to teach him nor heal his trauma. Sasuke also possessed the chakra of Ashura’s reincarnation which filled with hatred and envy in the past. He didn’t ask for this kind of life, he was forced to be in such terrible circumstances and misery and he was powerless to fight them all. 

It took me few years to finally understand that about Sasuke. He’s probably the only one who suffered so much misery for such a long period, and yet he remain to be quite a decent person. He cared about Team 7, he cared about Taka, and deep inside him, he cared about people, although it was showed in a way that we cannot understand, so we would straightly judge him without trying to think deeper about his reasons. Maybe the only one who can understand him is Naruto, and the only people who are willing to have faith in him, was Team 7. 

I’m a Narusaku Shipper, but after reading Sakura Hiden, Sasuke Shinden, and The 7th Hokage and The Scarlet Spring, I somehow felt relieved that Sasuke ended up with Sakura. And although years later he still sucks at showing feelings and love, he actually never failed to protect those who are dear to him. I’m glad that he gets the happiness that he deserved after all those horrible things that happened to him. I’m glad he has Naruto as his bestfriend, and Sakura and Sarada as his family who are just as bright as the sun, they would light up the darkness within him. And that’s why I get so happy with the new official Sasusaku arts in Boruto calendar. Seeing Sasuke all smiling with his family somehow gave me a warm feeling. He looks happy and he truly deserves it.

A Comet’s Mark

A Comet’s Mark by myangelshunter
Rating: light NC-17
Word Count: 102,000
Summary: Dean was nearly four when his mark appeared. His mother told him that one day he would find his match. At 26, Dean does find his match, one Castiel Novak, who drives him home one night and changes the course of normal apple-pie life.

There is a LOT more to this fic than meets the eye! Is this a soulmate/bonded fic? Hell, yes! But it is also an amazing re-imagining of canon supernatural. Castiel is a hunter, driven into the life at a young age when ghouls devour his family. He is rescued by Balthazar, a hunter who chooses to raise him in the life rather than hand him over to child services. In contrast, Sam and Dean lost their parents to fire and were raised by Bobby, ignorant of the supernatural world. A chance meeting along a night highway connect Dean with his match, Castiel, and ultimately reveal the world of the supernatural to both boys.  

A lot of reverse!verse or retelling fics take the experiences of canon and let them unfold play-by-play with Dean and Cas playing different roles. What I liked about this fic is that the epic events of canon were played out with enough differences that this felt like a fresh story. Cas in particular is just amazing as a stoic, badass hunter. Layered on top of this is one of my favorite tropes - the marked soulmate. This is the first fic in what the author has described as a three part series. The second, A Torn Mark, is already complete. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for Team Free Will as the series unfolds!

Do you know what was ultimately wrong with the episode Just My Imagination?

Dean is not Sam’s parent or guardian, he’s Sam’s brother. Dean’s not much older than Sam, the age difference between the brothers is not huge, it’s just FOUR years. Like Sam, Dean too was a kid, a kid who had it infinitely worse than Sam did. Sam may have lost his mother as a baby, but Sam didn’t have to watch (or remember) her burn right in front of his eyes, Sam didn’t have to take care of a child since he was FOUR years old, Sam didn’t have to play the hunter and caretaker from a very, very young age. Sam didn’t have to do any of these, Sam had a relatively better and safer childhood than Dean, all because of Dean and his sacrifices.

But Just My Imagination ignores all these crucial details and treats Dean exactly like Sam’s parent. It high-lights Sam’s loneliness as a kid, while ignoring the burden Dean carried as a kid. Sam who was in a relatively better situation, thanks to Dean, gets a Zanna for himself, whereas Dean, who had briefly stopped talking after his mother’s death, who was lonely and scared because of the experiences he went through, gets none. The episode, while putting spot-light on Sam’s life as a kid, conveniently disregards Dean’s issues and reduces him to nothing but Sam’s big brother/parent. And this injustice makes this episode a failure in my eyes.


I think until this point Hayato is actually my favorite character from this show..

Yep, i know, weird… but hear me out.

He actually has some background that makes me understand why he behaves the way he does towards Mitsumune and why he is an obsessive controlling asshole towards him.

Because of the life, his family life, he had to endure. 

Since such a young age he felt that he didn’t have control of his actions. He had to dress, speak, act and behave in a way his parents would feel happy about or else he would get beaten and thrown to the attic just like his grandma was because she didn’t fit the perfection his parents wanted for their “posh luxury life”. No matter how much he tried to stand up for himself, it never got the way he wanted. Not only he had to try to live under a roof with one psychotic over controlling parent BUT TWO. He felt, just like Mitsumune, didn’t have a life he could actually take charge of.

And this is why he chose Mitsumune.

He chose a kid who seemed fragile, insecure, easily managed by everyone who you could throw to the flow and listen to your demands and instructions. He wanted to control something or someone in this case for the first time in his life. He didn’t mean to get a friend, from what i’m understanding, but someone that was actually a puppet just like him and that’s why he chose Mitsumune: the puppet for him to control just like their parents did with him since such a young age.

Mitsumune and Hayato have so much in common and similar situations.

But with that in mind I don’t justify the way he treats Mitsumune AT ALL.

He got a friend, a really true, loyal and honest friend but he’s ruining it with his controlling obsession and the image he has put on Mitsumune as the toy he can overtake and that’s exactly what Mitsumune doesn’t want. 

His past, no matter how hard it was, doesn’t justify the fact that he took a kid under his wing letting him believe that he was caring for him when in fact he just wanted to take control of fully.

I understand Hayato but at the same time he’s a selfish prick who needs to understand the value of friendship and get on his head that, JUST LIKE HE SAID TO MITSUMUNE, not only him are suffering from a painful scar.

I hope he gets it and redeems himself because I actually want for him a good outcome 

He’s such a complex character with so many layers and I actually like that about him a lot.

Hope we see a good ending for him.


So I finally got round to watching this show with the english subtitles. I have more than eight points to make but that’s the limit so here goes:

1. The apple really did not fall far from the tree. I always thought he was a mama’s boy but no, he’s 100% his dad’s mini-me.

2. With that kind of parentage and parenting, it really doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that Bobby grew up to be such a compassionate, generous and free spirited person. You can see so clearly that he had positive and supportive influences in his life from a young age and that’s probably why he turned out to be such a successful and well-adjusted human being.

3. His sense of direction is shocking. I commiserate so hard. As a prime example of their personalities and outlook on life, they kinda just happily got lost. Like, “Okay, we’re lost but we’ll have fun because we’re on holidays with each other.” Typical Bobby, always making the most out of every situation. Optimism is such an underrated thing to have. I wish I had more of it.

4. Plot twist: I thought all those anime figurines were Bobby’s but they actually belong to his dad. Dorkiness is genetic.

5. So where did his mum get that gigantic red Mickey Mouse t-shirt from?

6. His room is kind of awesome. All that neon lighting. I’m pointedly ignoring the fact that he changed his pants three times in front of the camera. No, we will not talk about that. And we will also not talk about how many pairs of underwear were on display at the IKON house. No. Let’s move on. 

7. I’m quite curious about his brother. This family just seems to be made of winning genetics. 

8. I absolutely picked the right person to be a fan of, both as a performer and as a human. I didn’t think I could possibly adore him any more than I already do but as it turns out, I keep progressing to the next level. Fuck it, I think I’ve progressed to the next realm at this point. I’m stuck with him and I’m fine with it. I feel so blessed.   

Theres no enemy worse then one with nothing to lose...

So after todays chapter, we see the darkest turn for Grays character. Invels goal in this fight was to mold Gray into the ultimate weapon to kill E.N.D or Natsu, whatever you prefer to call him.

From these 2 pages, we see that Juvia isn’t simply a comrade to him and he obviously cares more for her then he let on. I feel Gray has the worst luck imaginable. He lost both of his parents at a young age to Deliora, then lost his master to the same monster that took his parents. He then had to see his father be used as a puppet by Tartarus and in top of that watch him die. Now I feel that this might be the catalyst that fully sets him down the dark path. 

From this page, we see that Invels plan has finally worked. Getting Gray to go through such emotional trauma has made him into the best chance at taking out E.N.D as Grays is doubt possibly feeling nothing but Hatred for not only Invel, but Zeref and E.N.D.

I don’t believe Invel will be taken out yet, I believe he might try and awaken E.N.D within Natsu and have him and Gray go all out. As we know, Natsu probably will hold back against Gray, so awakening E.N.D would probably be the best way to make him fight seriously.

No doubt we are going to get a clash between rivals on a level similar to Goku vs Majin Vegeta and Naruto vs Sasuke. 

people who go into the comments section in ken’s p4u2 showcase and say that he’s a horrible person and didn’t deserve a spot “because he’s the reason shinji’s dead”