Drug Wars (Pt. 3)

mafia!Jungkook x Reader

‘…you always look like a little angel when you’re beneath me’

Warnings: There will be very explicit sexual content, violence, drugs, graphic descriptions of everything,so please don’t read if you’re easily triggered and please don’t do drugs.

A/N: None of these pictures are mine, credits to the owners. There are mistakes, I’ll reread it later. I’m anxious as fuck, so please, please tell me how you feel about this part and feel free to ask questions. Enjoy!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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A new CC Stuff pack from SYNTH X LUMIA.

11 new CAS items and 2 new objects for your Sims to enjoy.

A list of them here would be redundant, so take a look at the pictures. :P


  • All the CAS content is disabled for random, and enabled for the opposite gender, but please be aware that we created the content with the male figure in mind.
  • We have included a visor compatible version of the Fxck Moi hair.

Recolors are welcome and encouraged.

Please enjoy!

Download (SFS)

Download (Merged) (SFS)

P.S.-Before you download, I highly recommend you follow @synthsims because he’s an incredible person, friend, and creator in general. He totally deserves more followers, and I think we can help him with that!


just because jack doesn’t notice you doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. he spends hours working on youtube and interacting with fans, but with a community of 14 million people, he isn’t able to get to everyone. no one would be. he works very hard and to throw hate at him for not noticing you is completely unfair. he looks at recent posts in the tags, so what he notices is based off of what was posted around when he checks tumblr. besides, you shouldn’t be making content purely for jack. make it for yourself and other members of the community. i’ve never made something “pandering” to sean or any of that shit, i make what i want to make. please just keep this in mind.
- alex

Okay, but the scene in Jody’s house with the pizza and the Netflix… I can’t have been the only one who just couldn’t keep their eyes off of Sam’s loose, relaxed moosey self all sprawled over that couch. He looked like he’d kinda just melted into that position like an ice cream cone in direct sunlight. And his little cheeky grins, and the little jibes about Dean’s hentai thing, and his dimples… just his face in general. He looked so pure and content and happy and I loved every last bit of him in that scene.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that and the way Sam and Dean just popped up at Jody’s door all smiles and stink because they were fresh from a hunt like “we’re adorable and smelly and hungry please let us in so we can eat all your food and watch your Netflix”. I definitely couldn’t have said no to those faces.

My lil pure smol beans.

Kind Eyes, Kind Smiles, Kind Understanding

Summary: You have taken in Credence after finding him in an alley after the subway incident. This is your first morning with him. Part 2/? You can find part one here!! And if you’d like, continue to part three here!! and part four here

Warnings: Mentions of abuse, possible spoilers but probably nothing you don’t already know lmao

Word Count: 1,772

(Note: Also, please feel free to send in requests!! Hope you all enjoy this part. :-))

Credence woke up and was so content that he could almost forget what had happened the day before—the pain, the betrayal, the fear. But, as his eyes opened, he knew that forgetting those things would also mean forgetting the kindness, the reality of it in front of him as he saw your gentle face. He wanted to indulge his own smile but was afraid that would be too much, not allowed. Even looking at you for so long would have warranted a harsh lashing from his mother. He tensed at the thought, feeling the ghost of the pain behind his scars, even though he knew she would never physically harm him again—she couldn’t.

At the creak of the bed under his tensing, you woke up, blinking sleep from your eyes and noting that you were nose-to-nose with a boy you’d only known casually before last night. You offered a soft and sleepy smile to him, and he nearly wept at how adorable it was. He wanted to bathe in just how soft you managed to be. Just as he was caught in this reverie, he noted the scars littering your own arms as you stretched them up from under the covers, yawning as you moved. He frowned then, because certainly he deserved his scars, but he knew that you didn’t; you were too pure and good and gentle. He must have been staring because he could see the pain behind your eyes when you returned his gaze. He berated himself quietly, looking away from you because he didn’t deserve to be looking at you in the first place, not after you were so kind without asking for anything in return, and he definitely didn’t get to turn his curiosity on you, didn’t get to pry into your life. He was a stupid, terrible boy, the least he could do was keep his eyes to himself. But your finger curled gently under his chin, careful not to startle or scare him as you directed his gaze toward you. “It’s okay, Credence. It’s okay to look and to notice. I’m not mad at you at all.”

Tears welled in his eyes because you were reassuring him when his eyes had been prying, but your eyes were so kind. He wanted to keep looking but didn’t know if he could. He really didn’t know what was right or wrong anymore, not without his Ma telling him, not without the threat of pain and of scars. He had to come up with his own words, his own direction. So he said, “I don’t mean to stare.”

Your smile was just as kind as your eyes, and Credence wondered briefly if he’d been missing out on this all these years, if this kindness was just normal. He didn’t believe it, not this kind of extraordinary kindness, this kindness that had prompted you to take him in even though he was a danger to everything around him. “They can be eye-catching in the right lighting, I understand.” You knew where he’d been looking, and he felt suddenly embarrassed that he had been caught. He didn’t mean to pry into your past or overstep what you wanted him to know, especially when he wasn’t even sure what place he had in your life. “Don’t be upset, Credence; I’m not mad at you.” You looked at him, in your ex-boyfriend’s clothing, and thought briefly that it was strange to see someone so kind, someone so mistreated in the clothes of the one who had given you the scars that he had been so preoccupied looking at.

“W-Where did you get them?” He felt so bold, asking that without knowing that he should expect an answer. The ghosts of pain trailed across his hands and his back again.

Credence watched you trail your fingers gingerly over the marks, in paths that looked too familiar. He knew you must have been self-conscious of yours the way he was of his. He suddenly felt less embarrassed by the raised skin of his hands. You were beautiful, so why did scars have to change anything? Could he still be beautiful too? He nervously continued to watch you think it over as he pondered and held his breath when you decided how you wanted to answer. “My ex-boyfriend.” Your voice was sad, and Credence wanted to—he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. “He wasn’t the greatest guy, obviously, and I guess you could say that’s why he isn’t here anymore.” Credence wanted to ask how long your ex-boyfriend had been gone, but he felt heavy under the weight of your eyes. Your gaze was trained steadily on his as you slowly reached for his hand. “Did your mother do this to you, Credence?” He shivered at the feeling of your thumb brushing over the ugly skin on his hands. It felt more comforting than when Mr. Graves had touched, more inquisitive than possessive, more about him than anything else. So he nodded, feeling something inside of him stir. Maybe the stroking of the scars was a gentle stroking of the beast, that black smoke curled inside of him. Slowly, so slowly, you brought his hand to your mouth and kissed it. “It’s always worse when it’s someone you care about, Credence. I’m sorry she betrayed you. I’m sorry that life has been unkind.”

Credence knew, then, the difference between what you were offering and what Mr. Graves had given. He suddenly saw every possessive touch, every chance taken to take something from him. He saw himself as a tool that Mr. Graves had used. He felt the weight of betrayal on the back of his neck and in his eyes again, felt the loosening of the black smoke, felt it curling from his hands and his back. You didn’t gasp when Credence’s eyes flashed white; instead, you patiently waited for him. “I’m here when you come back down, Credence. It’s okay to feel. It’s okay.” You didn’t know about Mr. Graves, and Credence wanted to tell you. He wanted to tell you that your search to understand, your desire to listen and to exist next to him, was what he had needed, what he felt in some foreign part of him had been missing. He hadn’t known he had something to miss. Credence wished he had come to you instead; he imagined that he would not have destroyed a city then. Maybe he would have controlled it then. He felt your touch on his face and calmed himself enough to be present, to feel the recoil of the black smoke. He was so sorry, so suddenly apologetic for taking up this space, for almost hurting you, for losing control. He felt the frenzy of panic and the hazy sadness in his eyes but was taken from it when he felt your lips touch his forehead. “I’m going to make breakfast for us, Credence. Would you like to come to the kitchen with me?” He followed his new friend silently.

You knew what it was like, to suddenly come out of a situation like Credence’s, and be suddenly thrust on your own, figuring out where you began and the abuse ended, if there was even a distinction, so you were for him what you had wanted someone to be for you—patient and present. You remembered finally escaping years of abuse at the hand of your ex-boyfriend and not really knowing what to do with yourself, the crying and the self-destructive behavior, and more than anything the feeling of being lost. You would not let Credence be lost alone. So you opened your arms and your home and knew that you would do anything to be whatever he needed. And right now, he needed breakfast. You were sure, looking at him now, that his mother had used food as another instrument of torture against him. Aside from how his skin stretched painfully over his delicate cheekbones and how thin his arm was, you saw the cautious way he eyed his food, glancing up at you as he took a bite to make sure it was okay. Your heart broke, but you offered a smile instead and said, “Eat as much as you like, Credence, please. I can hardly eat all this myself.”

Credence felt a quick quirk of his mouth, the first smile you’d seen, and began to eat as if he’d never eaten in his life. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d really been full and had forgotten how good it felt. He could feel your eyes on him all the time, but never judging. Just looking, observing, and he was unsure of how it made him feel. On one hand, he was embarrassed, never having been the subject of such scrutiny, but on the other, he felt immensely warm, realizing that you found him worthy of being noticed.

He watched you clean the dishes after declining his offer to help and noticed again all of your scars—down your arms, across your shoulders, a particularly thick and raised one by your hip that he saw when you leaned over the sink. He was sure that your shirt covered scars on your back. He felt sickened that someone had touched you like that, the ways that he had been touched. He felt furious, he realized. He wanted to destroy this man who had hurt you. He was so furious, in fact, that he hadn’t noticed the shaking of your pots and pans until he heard you say his name: “Credence.” Soft, like a prayer. His Ma would have beat him for even hearing his name spoken like that. Again, the white hot fury, again the panic. “Credence.” Silence. Meeting of eyes. Looking at her hip, where he’d seen the scar. He noted your soft smile, the understanding behind it. “I’m okay now.” Credence found that hard to believe, being as not okay as he was with all that had been done to him. How poorly he handled it still, after years of familiarity. “I’m okay now,” you repeated.

Credence met your eyes again. “H-How?” It was all he could think to ask.

You brushed your hand across his face, wiping away tears he hadn’t even noticed had fallen. “How about we take today to rest, okay? Get acquainted with one another a little better, take it easy? And then we can share stories tomorrow, after you’ve taken a day to rest. We have time now, Credence.”

He loved the way you said his name, and he loved that he believed you. So he whispered a very soft and reverent, “Okay.”



happy anniversary to this random blog

Hello! January was the month when I started to blog about the otome games I’ve been playing. I never thought I’d make it this far… It’s been a year since I joined the fandom!

I forgot about it completely until I saw Niji’s anniversary post, so I made a little something.

It’s not much, but I’d like to express my endless gratitude for following me, for supporting the contents of this blog, and most importantly, for being my friends. 

I wish I could have made something grander, but like I said, I completely forgot about this little event so I kinda just rushed a bit. Enjoy anyway! :D

Leo Crawford X Viktor Nikiforov crossover~

(I just thought he’d look nice, right, Ma-chan @lustfullyleocrawford ??)

Please DO NOT repost without permission. Character belongs to Cybird, but the costume is obviously Viktor’s LOL

Hands Off

Request from a beautiful anon! Was going to finish but I’m so tired so I’m splitting it into two parts. Part 2 will go up tomorrow in the late morning/early afternoon. Hope you all enjoy!

Genre: Smut/Light Fluff

Adult content & language

Contains Text Image

“Jaeeeeeee” you groaned in frustration. “Please wake up”.

You shook his arm until he finally opened his eyes.

He fell asleep on you again for the third time this week. Only this time he did it while you were straddling him, wearing his favorite underwear.

He looked at you through his sleepy eyes, pulling you into his chest.

“I’m sorry baby, I’m so tired. Can we please do this tomorrow?” he asked as he yawned.

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Fluffy Patater for you to consider

Tater laying on the couch with his head in Kent’s lap, Kent running his fingers through Tater’s hair, and Tater being so comfortable and content that he falls asleep

Tater giving Kent a massage after a particularly rough game

Kent flying in to surprise Tater on his birthday when he is supposed to be on a roadie (and he has to leave really early the next morning but the look on Tater’s face is worth it)

Kent buying Tater a stuffed kitty so he doesn’t miss him as much when he’s across the country

Kent calling Tater Aloysha or another cute Russian nickname for the first time and Tater just being a blushy mess who loves his boyfriend

Tater saying I love you over skype when he thinks Kent has fallen asleep

Kent making breakfast while wearing nothing but boxer briefs and a very large Mashkov jersey

Tater leaning down and pressing his forehead against Kent’s while they talk


some gencio headcanons
  • lucio puts car magnets of his logo on genji’s ass when he isn’t looking
  • genji buys lucio super old vinyl records each anniversary
  • lucio LOVES genji’s voice, and genji agrees to let him use voice samples on one of his tracks
    • (the song genji is in is one of lucio’s happiest songs and it makes genji’s heart go AAAAH)
  • hanzo giving lucio the “if you hurt him” speech, d.va giving genji the “if you hurt him” speech
  • lucio sends genji random-ass stock photos of couples doing random shit, captioned “this is us”
  • genji does lucio’s eyeliner and it is beautiful
    • this inspires lucio. he starts wearing it regularly, but it looks really bad at first until he gets better
  • genji can’t get sick unless his visor is off, so when lucio gets a cold he is the Ultimate Caregiver. he makes him so much ramen and gives him so many cuddles
  • lucio and zenyatta have a secret handshake, genji is very glad they’re friends
  • genji isn’t used to being complimented and praised so when lucio comes in with his BARRAGE of compliments and praise genji is just. so happie.
  • idk if u have more add them please i love gencio and im starving for content
  • Me: I like McHanzo sure, but IDK man, I'm just not that into it like everybody else...
  • Me: [sees anything McHanzo related that contains Bottom!McCree]
  • Me: [kicks down the McHanzo fandom's door while holding up my Bottom!McCree cup]

anonymous asked:

I'm wondering what you think of the youtube video Lars Anderson: A new level of archery ?

Lars Anderson has mastered a new level of self-promotion of Lars Anderson by mastering the forgotten techniques of Lars Anderson in ways that only Lars Anderson could ever Lars Anderson a Lars Anderson, Lars Anderson.

From what I understand, he’s a bit of a joke in the archery community. He does trick shooting, which is impressive enough, but that’s really the extent of it. It’s not some bold new approach, or lost historical technique, just stuff that looks flashy and gets the attention of people who don’t know much about archery, and then talks about himself in the third person repeatedly so you’ll remember his name.


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Update on episode 3.15.5! I’ve bought the brushes and am absolutely loving them. If you zoom in on my (messy) printing on the side, you’ll see the difference in the edges. The ps brush is kinda blurry around the edge where the inking brush is much sharper.

Also, why is Ngozi’s style so hard to replicate T_T I’ve drawn Bitty’s eyes so. many. times.

anonymous asked:

do a jumin x mc headcanon for a date at the movie theatre

I gotchu  

  • A movie theater? Why not just watch a movie at home where you can have quality alone time?
  • Netflix and chill
  • Jumin wasn’t particularly excited to spend his evening with random strangers, watching the same movie together
  • He could just get a private showing???
  • But, for whatever reason, you really wanted see this damn movie
  • And he cant just… Say no to you??
  • He got all dressed up in a suit, while you just kept on casual clothes
  • “Jumin we’re just going to the movie theater,” you tried to conceal your laughter
  • Okay yeah, he gets that, but he was going to the movie theater with you so he has to look amazing!
  • Its the rule of law! 
  • When you two finally got to the theater, he was content seeing you gush about how great the movie was going to be 
  • “Two tickets please!” Jesus Christ why are you so cute 
  • The entire walk to the theater you kept going on and on about how cool this movie looked in the trailers and such
  • When you actually got into the theater, it was packed. Barely any seats were left, so you two got stuck on the side:( 
  • But, for some reason, this didn’t phase you? You were still excited for the movie, despite the fact that you two weren’t alone
  • During the movie he found out that watching you was more interesting than the movie itself
  • You were just so,,,, in to it?
  • Honestly he wasn’t really paying attention that much, it was some action movie from a series that you were really in to
  • He sneaked in some snacks so you didn’t have to eat that horrible theater food
  • The people behind you kept talking though, and he could tell it was really bothering you, so it turned around and hissed, “there are other people here, too, you know.”
  • When the movie was over you kept going on about how amazing the movie was, and showering him with questions about what his favorite part was, who his favorite character was, all that stuff
  • You wanted to make in an annual thing, one movie per week
  • You’re going to be the death of Jumin Han
  • but he really did have fun

Pairings: Evil!Sam x Female Demon

Summary: Lucifer sends a demon to groom Sam, preparing him for his place in hell.

Word Count: 2400+

Warnings: Graphic sexual content, rough sex and mentions of sexual violence(it’s consensual), torture, murder and language.

A/N: Evil!Sam ends up being really fucking evil, so this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. To my tags, please read the warnings and pass this one up if it’s not your thing, I’ll understand.

“I apologize Sam, for misleading you.” Odile stands naked in the hardwood doorway of the bedroom and looks to Sam where he’s still lying on the bed. He stares for a moment at the pallid flesh of her hip, the slope of her breasts. She is a most profoundly tempting indulgence.

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Who He’s Not [Oh Sehun Scenario]

Originally posted by kairamelo

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Summary: After having dated Sehun for a while you move in together but that decision quickly changes your life.
Pairing: Sehun x Reader (You)
Type: Dramatic, angsty, mafia kinda feels
Word Count: 921

This is my first scenario so I hope it didn’t suck too bad, I just came up with this idea today and felt like I needed to write it up before I completely forgot about it. Hope you guys (whoever you are) enjoyed reading it and if you have any feedback or anything please let me know :)


You sighed contently as you took a look at the apartment you would now be calling your home. You and Sehun has been dating for quite a long time now and he decided it was time for the both of you to take the next big step in your relationship and that was to move in together and although you insisted on finding an apartment that would fit both your preferences and because his place had so much unnecessary space nonetheless he had insisted that you moved into his place and because you loved him you couldn’t bring yourself to disagree.

You began to unpack even though Sehun had told you specifically to wait for him since he would be home in a few minutes and because he had some ‘personal’ items he wanted to move about himself and when you accidentally stumbled into the wrong room you realized what he meant by that.

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‘Tantôt je me dis : “Le petit prince enferme sa fleur toutes les nuits sous son globe de verre, et il surveille bien son mouton…” Alors je suis heureux. Et toutes les étoiles rient doucement.’ 

Taking It Slow [Eggsy Unwin Imagine, Continued].

A/N: Part two to Annoying Interruptions! Hope you all enjoy, it’s a little short, sorry anon! :( Thanks for requesting! <3

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader. 

Warnings: None. Just kissing and implied sexual content. Nothing explicit. 

Disclaimer: I don’t own anyone and you belong to you. 

P.S: I have checked this and edited, but if there are any mistakes, please forgive me! 

The minute you and Eggsy reached your room, you snapped, “what the hell, Eggsy?”

Eggsy chuckled, crowding you against the door of your bedroom, a mischievous look in his eyes, “you can’t say you didn’t like it, baby.”

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Armed Robbery

I really shouldn’t stop, but I’m starting to get light headed. I need to eat something or I might pass out at the wheel. So I stopped at a small convenient store and grabbed a ready made sandwich. As I brought it up to the counter to pay for it, a man wearing a black mask burst through the door and pulled out a gun.

“You!” He pointed it at me. “Don’t move!” Then he turned to the store clerk. “Put all the money in the register into a bag!“ 

“Please don’t shoot…… you can have the money.” The horrified looking clerk opened the register and quickly threw all of it’s contents into a plastic bag.

The masked man grabbed it out of his hand, then pointed the gun back at me. “Follow me.” He lead me outside to the parking lot “This is your car, right?” I didn’t answer him, I just unwrapped my sandwich and took a bite of it. “Don’t piss me off man! This has got to be your car, your the only one here, and I happen to know the clerk parks his car in the back.”

I swallowed and took another bite. “Uhh……Yeah.” I said with a mouthful of tuna sandwich.

“Hand over the keys!”

“I’m gonna be honest with you,” I said as I took another bite of my sandwich. “You’d be better off on foot.”

“You think your funny, huh?” He pistol whipped me on the side of my head. My calmness turned to anger momentarily, but I didn’t let it show. He’ll get what he deserves. I pulled the keys out of my pocket and handed them to him. He peeled out and flew down the road. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and called a taxi to bring me home.

The whole ride I laughed to myself as I thought about it. The cab driver kept looking at me in the rear view mirror like I was crazy. If he only knew, he would be laughing too. Well, maybe not. When we got to my house, I payed the cab driver and hurried inside.

I ran over to my T.V., turned on the local news and waited. It took about 20 minutes, but finally…..

“Breaking news!” The news host exclaimed. “A car was reported stolen several hours ago and the suspect driving it has just been captured. But that’s not all, apparently the man had just robbed a convenient store at gun point. When the police searched the vehicle they also found two bodies in the trunk. Both victims had been strangled to death. He’s now the prime suspect in the string of murders that have been happening around the area. It has been reported that the man has admitted to the robbery and stealing the car, but claims not to know anything about the dead bodies. We’ll have more on this story as it unfolds.”

I clicked the T.V. off. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself some more. I told him he would be better off on foot.

Written by: Sage

Boyfriend Namjoon 

a compilation created by a conversation between myself and @imjiminsgirlfriend

  • weak to anything you wanted to do 
  • “can we go eat at my favourite place?”
  • “but we went last week?”
  • “please?” 
  • fine” 
  • so many cuddles 
  • pulling you in for a hug with his arms wrapped tightly around you and not letting go, shuffling from foot to foot
  • hand holding!!!!!!
  • playing with your hands
  • trying to help you do chores but he’s helpless so he stays with you as you do them and tells you stories to entertain you 
  • playing with your hair and patting your head all the time 
  • staring at you with the most content smile on his face and when you notice he just shakes his head and smiles as though its so obvious the reason why he does
  • shopping trips! 
  • “babe this would look so good with those jeans you bought!” 
  • “please try it on for me you’ll look so good” 
  • “okay so imagine your walking in the show for gucci…..now, go” 
  • hand on your thigh or shoulders or lower back all the time 
  • awkward nervous Namjoon the first time he meets your parents 
  • “should I wear the black jeans with the grey cardigan or the white pants with the button down???” 
  • “what food does your mum like? I can make something”
  • “……..” 
  • “okay I can buy something” 
  • he listens to everything you have to say as though you speak the law
  • dates all the time 
  • beach dates where he chases you and you both fall and you smile and it’s great 
  • aquarium dates where he stares at you instead 
  • coffee dates where you both have work to do but he’s too damn distracted and its so noticeable 
  • baby girl 
  • protective!namjoon
  • “hey I’m gonna be home at 8, get ready and we can catch a movie??”
  • “hey your makeup looks super good today..n-not that it doesn’t all the time but…did you use a new highlighter?”
  • compliments!!! 
  • sneaky candid photos that he keeps in a folder on his phone and posts them on social media all the time like “look how pretty i’m so lucky” 
  • he’d always recommend you music and he’d be super happy if you liked the songs and added them to your playlist 
  • writes songs for you!!! 
  • “hey babe is that my shirt??”
  • “yeah sorry all my shirts were in the wash”
  • “no…it’s okay I like you wearing my clothes you look cute” 
  • sings for you all the time and gets all shy but you reassure him you love his singing
  • texts you pictures of pretty things he sees when he’s on tour around the world like “this reminded me of you” 
  • early morning snapchats “don’t forget breakfast babe”
  • all in all he’d be amazing i’m so emo