• person: you seem like you didn't sleep well... is it because of the pressure of the exams getting to ya?
  • me, internally: marco diaz finally found out star butterfly felt something for him but he wasn't able to say anything for he was surprised by this news. he runs into her room only to see everything he loved about her disappear before his eyes. i know he has his own dimensional scissors but if marco attempts to go to mewni wouldn't he risk his own life if he accidentally goes in the middle of a battlefield? what happens to star? what happens to mewni? what happens to glossaryck? where is he? how is toffee still alive? is star and her family safe? is mewni safe? is earth safe? is there any dimension that is safe? will star come back? how long is this hiatus going to be? are we going to wait long? will we be given answers? what happens next? is this war? does marco feel the same for star? if not, will he start feeling something other than friendship for star? will jackie understand that star and marco much closer than she is with him? is eclipsa going to escape her crystal jail? why daron nefcy us torturing us? why-?
  • me, externally: yeah i guess it is the pressure from the exams-

He wanted to feel cute!