You know what’s funny?? It’s funny that Ryan wrote a song called “the other girl” right after he left Panic! And Brendon had just met Sarah before Ryan left and was dating her after the band break up and the song goes “I’m still trying to find out why he’s with the other girl” HAHAHA ISNT THAT JUST SO FUNNY?? And the entire thing sounded very salty and was like “he’ll die and go to hell, with the other girl” ITS HILARIOUS HAHAHHAIMSOSADHAHAHA

Strong is a LOVE LETTER to Harry. All of it. Louis wrote that to tell the world how much he loves Harry when he couldn’t do so literally. They get to get onstage EVERY NIGHT when they’re performing and belt those feelings, that love, out to the world. Louis wrote it FOR HARRY. A LOVE LETTER for his BABY. HONESTLY.