I recently bought this baby (named him Karamatsu…) and I knew his fins were torn, but I didn’t realize how badly until I looked up his breed on Google, he’s a butterfly male, which is supposed to look like this 

(he’s supposed to have big butterfly-like fins)

 But it’s fine, I bought him bc I was afraid no one else would and I found him charming ❤️

Pelutze: Buy me some pants
APH Luxembourg: What?
Pelutze: I just realized I’m naked, buy me some pants
APH Luxembourg: I’m not buying you pants
Pelutze: Buy me some pants
APH Luxembourg: I’m not buying you pants
Pelutze: I’m wearing your pants
Pelutze: I’ve wet your pants
APH Luxembourg: You son of a BITCH

Reasons Why David Tennant is Attractive

1. His complete love for what he does. David Tennant is an actor and he wanted to be ever since he was really little, and he hasn’t stopped or hasn’t let anything stop him from achieving his dreams. He just really loves his job and it really shows. David Tennant is an inspiration for those who want to seek and attain their goals and future dreams no matter what those may be.

2. The fact that he is a complete geek. David loves being one of us. He gets just as excited for the shows and the characters he watches and the actors he admires like anyone else who obsesses over things. Also he was a complete Doctor Who fan growing up. He would write essays for school involving the Doctor, and had his gran knit him a scarf like Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor, and when he was older got to play the Doctor a role he always wanted to be, and the role that got him kickstarted on wanting to be an actor when he grew up.

3. He is really kind and humble. David Tennant never let’s his fame change him as person. When one meets him in real life no matter what the circumstances may be he always tries to make their time with him special and worthwhile. And he never expects or demands that awards and such be giving to him out of spite or anything like that. And he is always gracious and humbled to receive them at all.
4. He loves his family. David is all about the well-being and happiness of his family. He unlike most celebrities keeps his family away from the public eye as much as possible. He loves his family and it shows, and David being dad and a husband to wonderful kids and a loving beautiful and also very talented wife is just a plus.

5. His talent to play many different parts. David Tennant is an amazing actor. He can go from being silly and spontaneous to dark and mysterious in a snap. No matter what you are watching with him in it; he always steals the spotlight because he takes little subtle things and makes them grander and speak at high volumes. He is not afraid to take part he is playing to newer and intense levels. And he makes you know matter if he is playing someone good or evil question the world around you and really think about things.

6. His honesty and his ability to keep secrets. David is not afraid to tell it how it is; he isn’t afraid to speak openly and honesty as much as possible when it comes to certain things, especially when it comes to his own insecurities. And he is great no perfect at keeping secrets. He makes pretty sure that nothing gets leaked out about upcoming shows he will be in at least not on purpose.

7. The way he is around kids. David Tennant as mentioned before is a loving and caring father. And he brings that part of him when he is working with kids in his show or when he meets young fans. Also when it comes to meeting his younger fans; he always seems to try to the extra mile to make them feel special because he remembers what it was like to be their age and to meet their hero for the first time.

8. His ability to wear his heart on his sleeve. David Tennant is a wonderful human being. He does a lot of charity work and volunteer work. He takes time out of his busy schedule to attend conventions and to meet with fans. And he does everything to make others happy and it shows.

9. The fact that he is all for feminist rights. Despite his most current role as Kilgrave in Jessica Jones, David Tennant is all for feminism. He makes sure that any female co-star, director, writer, producer, etc gets the recognition they deserve. And he always seems to take roles of villainous scumbag guys if the main protaganist is female for example shows like Jessica Jones and Perfect Smile.

10. Because have you seen him. David is really attractive physically. He is tall and lean with just the right amount of muscle tone. He has gorgeous round amber brown eyes that flicker like gold in certain lights. His smile is to die for and his lips are delectable. He has beautiful thick brown hair and he looks good no matter how it is styled. And he can pull off being both scruffy or clean-shaven. He is an extremely beautiful man, and he can pull off anything he wears too because he doesn’t let his clothes define him he defines his clothes.

Anyway, I can go on and on about why David Tennant is attractive, and I know he isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but he is to a lot of people out there myself included. And although I mentioned his physical attractiveness at the end, that is just a small fraction compared to the other things that make him attractive as a human being which are also mentioned above.

-tennydr10confidential aka Katie

Things to love about chibita:

  • his accent
  • lil scamp
  • still manages to be altruistic to a fault??
  • weak to compliments
  • gets REALLY into whatever he’s doing
  • super trusting. 
  • I mean he trusts iyami time and time again
  • have you seen iyami????
  • was ready to raise a child when he was 6 just bc he didn’t want anyone to suffer like he has
  • literally the best. perfect and good

Little Battleborn Things #603

How relatable Attikus is as an author when he claims he doesn’t have a way with words… while you are in the wonderful story he’s written.

*another tear-jerking submission from the spooky boogeyman Battleborn insanekakashi.

Listen!! I moved really far pretty recently to a really new place and I was kinda sad bc everything was so different and I missed a lot of people! So right around this time was when I first discovered Neko Atsume I downloaded it and loved it! I started my new school a few days later and the first day was really hard! When I went home I opened the app and tubbs was there! His lil smile made me feel so much better he was just saying “it’ll all be okay

Preemptive apology.

I will be posting the shit out of the new Gilmore Girls stuff, which drops next month, because that shit is so my jam. You have been warned.


25.10.16 - As you can tell, my cat has been a great help by laying all over my history coursework - went to Baggins today, got two books over 100yrs old for 3.50 each! This place is actually amazing and soon I will dedicate I whole post to it

Every little thing he does is Magi(tec)k

Sirens cut trough the night as a dark figure ran across the top of a wall, followed closely by a searchlight.

“Run faster kid, even you cant escape the meridium,” A voice buzzed into the male’s ear as he vaulted over a raised platform, a quick hit to the neck disabling a unaware guard.

“I’ve got the mark, where’s my out?”

“Over the next ridge. If it hasn’t been spooked by the alarms.” The voice crackled out, and the sounds of a camp returning to high alert consumed his hearing. The dark atmosphere of the Castrum did little to help the Garleans find the rogue as he ducked around another tower, his dark clothes mixing with the murk of the night and their aesthetic.

Two casualties and a very confused highlander later, Xer’zi broke over into his escape zone, only to find tracks, which stopped at a dead bird. The next slur of words would have made anyone from his hometown proud as he had to figure out his own plan; the linkpearl had died when the contact had terminated the call; it was preferable, considering the man’s heavy breathing made thinking very hard.

The huge bipedal machines were too large. They were also magiteck, but Xer’zi figured he could jerryrig a solution if there was simply a…

A glimmer caught the corner of his eye; the gold was too close to the ground to be a bit of armor. He stole his way closer, his bare feet padding quietly against the metal ground before the new toy presented itself: Vaguely reminiscent of a stretched chocobo, its head down, with a hover module on the front and propulsion mechanisms in the back. Even better, it had exposed wiring.

A spark lit up his face as his grey fingers dug in the wires, splitting, tapering, connecting, until the thing rumbled to life, the headlight clicking on. Annoying, but not disastrous. Xer’zi’s leg swung over the seat of the thing, tightening his grip on the steering mechanism, pressing the trigger. The mechanical mount grumbled but soon the sound rose to a purr, dials popping up on the display as Xer’zi pulled forward, his hijacked machine.

It was a shame he’d have to ditch it soon. It probably had a tracker.