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I read several times that people think that Bakugou deserved to be kidnapped. And while i agree that he still have a lot to pay up, nobody deserve to be kidnapped. (even if he refused the help of Izuku). What do you think?

n…. no??? of course not??????? what the fuck???

like yes his kidnapping was important to the plot and lead to a lot of other things down the line, including to Toshi’s retirement and Bakugou’s further character development and a reformation of the hero society as a whole… 

but holy shit he’s just a 16 year old boy of COURSE he doesn’t deserve to be kidnapped. he was scared out of his mind during the whole thing.

like, there’s a difference between something that moves the plot forward and something that a character deserves to go through. Bakugou didn’t deserve to be kidnapped, but doing so kicked off a lot of other plot points

like, okay yeah Bakugou did a lot of horrible things to Izuku, but forcing him to suffer isn’t going to make him a better person??? that’s not how that works?? he’s slowly becoming a better person through trial and error and one day he’ll make it all up to Izuku with a damn good apology

he’s becoming a better person thanks to the kindness and help of those around him. Aizawa refuses to let his behavior slide, but he also rewards Bakugou when he does something good. that’s how you encourage positive behavior, not by making them suffer. that just breeds resentment and hate and loathing and it tends to make people worse, not better.

Bakugou is just a KID. he’s the same age as the Little Mermaid, dude. and he’s treated exactly like an actual child would be, and he acts like a real child. of course he’ll make mistakes and do things he regrets and all that but holy fuck no one deserves to be kidnapped, especially not a child 


haechan, whos your fave superhero? will you save me from any baddies? - @sushi-hyuck

~ Haechan… ~

~ *sigh* No, it’s not… ~

~ So you’re superhero name would be… what? Band-aid man? ~

~ Like what? ~

~ He’ll think of something eventually. ~

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DO YOU LOVE KATSUKI TOO because katsuki if my favorite bnha character

*looks at the literally thousands of words i’ve written about Bakugou, defending his character*

i would have to say yes, my friend

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I was thinking what if Sukuna was Fushimi's half brother how would he react? And pls add Yata to the equation

I just imagine the two of them being totally appalled at first and then arguing like the children they are, followed by eventual bonding over how much parents suck. I’m assuming in this case their shared parent would probably be Niki since it would probably be harder for Kisa to have an affair, like considering she married Niki as it was I find it hard to believe that if she became pregnant by some married guy she would pawn the kid off on him rather than just pretending Sukuna was Niki’s son or something. Niki on the other hand could totally have had an affair with some rich married lady and then she finds herself pregnant later and just lies and says the kid’s really her husband’s, Sukuna luckily doesn’t look like Niki so she’s able to successfully pull off the fiction. But then say post-ROK Yukari encourages Sukuna to confront his parents at the very least so that they’ll stop treating their son’s loss as a missing person thing because Yukari is not into being chased by cops for a kidnapping he didn’t commit. Sukuna has no interest in making nice with his parents but he does agree to see them and that’s when his mom takes him aside and admits that he’s not his father’s son, he’s actually the son of some dude named Fushimi Niki. As Sukuna’s processing that he realizes that hey wait that name sounds familiar. Then his mom shows him the one picture she has of Niki and Sukuna’s like wait what the fuck.

So Sukuna goes over to Scepter 4 to see Fushimi, who as it happens is about to go out with Yata to hang out together. When they see Sukuna they’re both on edge, Yata’s heard from Anna that Sukuna’s not really their enemy anymore but you never know. Sukuna totally ignores him and demands that Fushimi introduce him to his dad. Fushimi’s all what the fuck when a pissed off Sukuna admits that he’s apparently not been his dad’s kid all this time and he wants to know if his real father is as shitty as his adopted father. Fushimi’s like wait what the hell are you talking about, Yata’s probably torn between horror and laughter as Sukuna explains that he and Fushimi are apparently half brothers. I imagine Fushimi and Sukuna arguing over it and every so often Yata makes a comment or starts to laugh about them being brothers and Sukuna and Fushimi are both like ‘shut up!’ in exact unison. Yata’s like yup, I guess you are brothers and both Fushimi and Sukuna look away with a huff. Fushimi mutters that his dad is dead and Sukuna should be glad not to know him because Niki was an ass anyway. Sukuna’s all I bet he’s not as shitty as my dad was, Fushimi’s all ‘you really wanna go?’ and they end up comparing terrible parent stories while Yata listens in horrified fascination and is quietly grateful that his family was not rich and also not terrible.

So, I am working in a store and I wore a Deadpool T-Shirt, and this little boy came up to me and started to talk about Super Heroes. I asked him, if he knows Wolverine and he said: “Yes, I know Wolverine, he has this claws, he is a cat.
I still don’t know if this made my day or ruined it.

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I'll have you know I had a dream last night with Tali in it but she was a naga lady(those people that have an upper body that looks similar enough to a human but a snake lower half) and was so so so pretty and I thought you should know because she was also super sweet in the dream and was v concerned about me because I had fallen and banged my head.

That is so cool?? Omg
I would love to see Tali as a Naga!!