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  • Bruce:What have you eaten today?
  • Tim:Chips and chocolate milk
  • Bruce:
  • Tim:
  • Stephanie:Gaaaaasp! Oh my gosh!
  • Bruce:I'm glad we agree that he needs--
  • Stephanie:--AT LEAST add Reese's pieces, what's the matter with you?!?
  • Tim:*pointing* Now that is where it's AT
  • Stephanie:*handing over Reese's pieces* Honestly what would you do without me
  • Tim:*muffled chewing* Live a miserable lonely Reese's-less life
  • Bruce:

okay but jonathan byers picked nancy up under one arm and carried her away from a monster, bodily dragged steve into a different room, essentially threw him around when they were fighting and had to be restrained by multiple police officers…

like he may be a shy nerd who talks best through his ~art~ but boy is canonically secretly strong af

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“So you’ve really never had a birthday party before?” Parker was confused. Sure, she hadn’t had many birthday parties before, but Archie would give her a present on her birthday when she was with him, and the team was good about wishing each other happy birthdays in their own special ways.

“No, I guess not. I mean I don’t really get the point. One year older isn’t really something to celebrate.” You said, absentmindedly-helping Parker fix Parker 2000. Parker scrunched up her face. What was the point of birthdays? Now she was even more confused than before.

You were both entranced by your work and your conversation that you hadn’t realized anyone else was in the room. Sophie was sitting on the couch. She wasn’t really trying to listen, but she heard anyway. Never had a birthday? She thought to herself, wracking her brain to see if she even knew when your birthday was. She came up empty.

Eliot was in the kitchen. Like Sophie, he was trying not to listen to your conversation, but his heart sank slightly when he heard your nonchalant answer of ‘no’. He of all people knew what it was like to hate being in the spotlight, but he also knew that sometimes, it was good to know that someone cared. He began to formulate a plan when he suddenly stopped. When was your birthday?

It had been several weeks since the birthday conversation with Parker. Sophie had asked Nate to supply your birthday, and Eliot had asked Hardison.

“How am I supposed to know?” Nate asked when Sophie broached the topic. “It’s not like they’re my kid.” Sophie rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, I mean as long as we know their real name, I can find it.” Hardison began tapping on his keyboard. Eliot knew he had come to the right place.

Finally Sophie stopped Eliot on his way out the door after they had finished a con. “I know you were there and heard the exact same thing I did.” Eliot’s brow furrowed. It was a very vague statement and he wasn’t sure what he was supposed to have remembered. Sophie sighed, and then carefully pointed at you. Eliot’s eyebrows raised in recognition. “When is it?”

“Hardison is still looking,” he answered.

“It’s tomorrow.” Hardison had carefully walked up to the kitchen the next day to give Eliot the news in person.

“Tomorrow? Shit that’s not enough time,” Eliot said, realizing he hadn’t even started cooking anything for the occasion, expecting it to be in a couple of months, or at least a week. He left the kitchen to find Sophie and give her the bad news.

“Tomorrow!?” Sophie exclaimed. “I guess we’ll have to work quickly then.”

Thankfully, the con they had constructed was a short one and Sophie had enough time to pull together a nice party. Eliot had just enough time to bake everything he needed. You had gone home after the con. While you enjoyed the company of your friends, every once in a while it was nice to just be alone.

Bzzzzt bzzzzt bzzzzt. Bzzzzt bzzzzt bzzzzt. You rolled over and grabbed your phone. The display showed an incoming call from Nate. Groggily you answered.

“What’s the word, chief.”

“Are you awake?”

“Not really. New client?”

“Yeah, can you be down in 20 minutes?”

“Make it 40.” You clicked the red ‘end’ button before replacing your phone on your bedside table and sitting up. You finally began getting ready and it wasn’t until you were half way through your shower that you realized how strange it was for Nate to call you. It was Normally El, Hardison, or Parker, because of the system they had contrived. Nate would call one of the trio, they would call another, and somewhere in the mix, they would call you. Always second hand, never directly from the source. You shrugged it off after you got out of the shower, figuring something was up with the kind of client they had acquired.

Walking into the bar, you were suddenly engulfed in Sophie. She had attacked you with a huge hug. When she finally let you go, she stepped back.

“Happy birthday!” She exclaimed, and then you noticed. The bar had been decorated in your favorite color, and at the center, a cake surrounded by your favorite foods, all courtesy of Eliot, you assumed. The whole team was standing around the food, smiling. You smiled back, but it was more of a confused smile than a happy one.

“What’s going on?” You asked Sophie.

“Well a few weeks ago you told Parker that you’d never had a birthday party before, so we rectified that.” This made you smile a real, happy smile. You walked over and Eliot began to cut the cake.

Parker was watching you during the duration of the party. She watched you smile and laugh. Then she realized why people had birthday parties – to celebrate you. And this family was pretty good at doing that.      

I need a really awesome girl to date me stat so she can casually stop by to see me at work when I’m about to go on break and we know the patron who tries to shame me for not having a boyfriend is there.

I mean, like cuddles and stuff would be nice, too. But let’s start at making this jerk feel uncomfortable.

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tell us more abt seven?? i love 'im

I was gonna draw a thing later, but idk when that’ll actually be lmao so okay!!

His quick bg!!!

Seven was born under the Qun, his number being #0013777, and was raised by a Tamassaran, who went my Rassa. Rassa had raised and sorted many children before him, and sent away 6 other children when they showed signs of magic to be raised as Saarebas, and with each child, she saw the potential of what they could have been, how well they could have served the Qun if not for the magic. 

Seven had almost no qualities that were massivly benefitial - he loved to sing and tell tales - could have been a priest or smt, but at 5 years old he showed his magic, almost burning Rassa’s eyebrow’s off. Rassa realized she couldn’t send anymore children away to be made into weapons, and took her latest mage child, who she called her lucky Seven, along with 3 other young mages, and a human Viddathari (ex-Templar, fled to the qun to find order that the corrupted Templar order lacked, fled the Qun for the sake of her own identity) They all made it out, and set up a sorta home for young tal-vashoth mages, first in the Free Marches, and then later moved to Orlais. 

Seven was the eldest child, and had v good control of his magic. Rassa later brought in an Tal-vashoth Saarebas who then taught the children displine in their magic, and the ex-Templar lady (as yet un named hahh) found apostates to teach them the southern styles of magic. Seven grew up helping the younger kids, who’s numbers grew with each passing year as Rassa created channels to smuggle some of these kids out of Par Vollen.

Seven fell in love with the Orlisian culture, the flamboyant dress,the music, singing and bards, and was an avid reader of garbage romance, most of which had a rather pirate-y theme to it.

Seven stayed with Rassa until he was 22, then he made his way out into the world as a traveling bard (the singing kind, not murder). He found the Valo-kas during his travels, and aided them in a hard fight against some bandits. They asked him to join on, and he agreed - he gave them his magic and his music

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If you're still doing the fanchildren thing, could you please do Mirsha/Derlyn?

If They Had A Kid Meme

Oh my gosh yessss!!!! I would totally love to do one for Mirsha and Derlyn! //cough// I think im gonna bring up their baby that i made like 1,000,000 years ago because it totally counts //cough cough//

Name: Kisuke 
Gender: Agender
General Appearance: Normally wears tees, overalls, and heavy duty mechanic pants. Also loves anything that has the AC team logos of Shenkuu or Kreludor.
Personality: Most people can assume that they are the quiet type, but honestly they just love to listen to others. They actually love to talk a lot, but isn’t afraid to let others talk before them. Also they like to think they are a comedian at times too. Warning: Over abuses puns… A lot.  
Special Talents: Can speak in 8 different languages. They love to read/learn about different cultures and places.
Who they like better: Mirsha
Who they take after more: Derlyn
Personal Head canon: Has always wanted to be a part of the AC since they were very little, but has failed at least 6 times trying to sign up for a team. Finally after so many years, they finally got accepted to play in team Kreludor as their Left Forward. They can get very aggressive on the field, but they won’t mind dropping whatever they are doing just to lend a team member a hand. 
Face Claim:

They have very curly hair… because I love curly hair and was totally not inspired by Corbin Bleu from HSM >w>’’’. And I also gave them Derlyn’s freckles as well as her hair color because I wanted to have a part of Derlyn to be in them (aside from looking like Mirsha because of the brown fur trait). I also drew a baby picture of them some time ago if you want to check it out [here] (yes they are a real baby i made shhhhh)

Thank you for the idea friend and thank you for stopping by! d(^//▽//^)b 

(and to anyone out there that is curious, yes I am still doing the ‘if they had a kid meme’ so don’t hesitate to drop by!). 

  • Luke:I'm endangering the mission. I shouldn't have come.
  • 20 mins later:[breaks out lightsaber and pulls extra fancy moves to kill scout troopers. also gets heavily involved with speeder road rage.]
  • Me:??????

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The purest AU where everybody is happy and nOBODY IS SAD