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Out of curiosity do you think that if sarumi ended up together there'd be like this envy but also mad respect for Misaki among the S4 boys. Bc I mean...you know there's gotta be guys in S4 with mad crushes on Saruhiko (he's beauty) and knowing that at the end of the day that Misaki is the only one tapping that has to sting xD of course they're mostly happy for their superior (Fushimi-san's happiness fan club anyone?)...but still...darn lol

Oh yes, definitely, like imagine everyone is slightly jealous of Yata but there’s also a general feeling that Yata is like, The Man because he of all of them finally conquered the mountain of Fushimi and gained access to the treasures within, so to speak. At first of course it’s mostly envy, like Fushimi and Yata start dating and finally go public about it and all the members of the alphabet squad are happy for him but a few in particular are obviously a bit heartbroken. There’s also definitely a bit of jealousy and irritation, like they can’t believe that guy from Homra who used act like he hated Fushimi all the time ended up being the one to win Fushimi’s heart. The alphabet boys slowly start getting over that once they see how much more content Fushimi seems now that he’s with Yata (when he yells at them it’s like half a decibel lower than before and he only calls Doumyouji an idiot once or twice a day now) so everyone agrees that okay, maybe it’s not so bad that someone else won Fushimi’s heart. At some point talk turns to ‘yes, but is he tapping that’ and some of the more mature members like Akiyama try to steer talk away from that since it’s really not the sort of thing they should be discussing. Maybe that’s around the time that ‘makes you loud in bed’ Strain hits and soon everyone knows that yes, Yata is most definitely Tapping That. The Fushimi fan club probably holds a party and declares Yata their king for a day or something, they’re all so pleased (especially the Sarumi faction, they probably make the day a holiday). The alphabet squad has to admit that they have all developed a sudden new level of respect for Yata, like so many people tried and failed to win Fushimi’s heart but Yata managed to be the one to finally get a piece of their hot asshole boss. Yata has no idea why half of Scepter 4 keeps wanting to like high five him and slap him on the back and tell him good job, like Saruhiko your coworkers are really weird.


I find it so sexy when he shouts rapmonster’s name i cant explain 💘😍 #BTS #jungkook #Rapmonster

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