Spoopy Nights #25: Poison Candy

listen listen hear me out /reader taking young damian trick or treating bc im a huge loser who still loves to do it also &   mmmm could you maybe have it where he has a slight crush on reader? bonus points if he dresses up as batman and reader is robin? just how ridiculous he’d find it is funny to me  - anon

I had some fun with this one i hope you find it as fun as i did! Also some fun word play using my main - yeah i know i’m a dork.



The masked boy gripped your hand as he dragged you down the street, leaving Tim in your wake carrying the bags of sweets.
While doing so he shot glares and smug looks at your Nightwing (Or as Damian named “Noobwing.”)  boyfriend who was struggling to keep up with his brothers  candy fuelled enthusiasm.

Damian was dressed as Batman and you roamed the streets with him as “his” Robin.
Bruce had sent him out under the guise of ensuring the innocent children weren’t being subjected to drugs and poisons, (Go enjoy being a small child) and Damian refuted Tim’s partnership (Supervision) until Tim remembered the affection the small child held for you. The second he had said how much you missed the opportunity to participate, Damian was thoroughly excited and was planning the perfect costumes.

“Y/N, i meant what i said before. You can have my candy after it’s certain it hasn’t been poisoned.” Damian said seriously to you.
“Thank you Damian but you’ve done all the work in getting the best so i think you should keep it.”
He nodded in response and squeezed your hand in response
“You’re smart, i have been doing the most work and thank you for acknowledging that.” He grinned flashing Tim another smirk and he pulled at your hand, racing towards the next house in his sights.

Tim sighed, he knew it was going to be a long night for the both of you, but grinned as he caught you looking back at him with your beautiful smile. He’d endure a thousand years of that little demon bat’s snide remarks just to say your smile.
You did look fantastic in the Robin suit, he thought to himself grinning and it would be a waste if he didn’t take the night off afterwards to spend some quality time. He was in possession of the knowledge of where the best hiding spots in the manor were and the nooks the cameras didn’t reach.

“Hurry up Noobwing!” Damian sneered at him breaking his train of thought “I need my candy Pumpkin!”


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How old is Kurloz exactly?

Ah, one of the big mysteries (AKA things I never bothered to think about in detail and which have therefore been left ambiguous for the entire fic).  He mentions an old friend who made it to her 300s at one point, so probably somewhere in the vicinity of 4-500 sweeps–somewhere in his 800s to 1000s.  in other words, way too fuckin old.

Bawson concept: I want to see Mike Lawson with a crown on his head, flowers stick to his beard and his nails painted. All of this for his lil muffin - Matilda “Tillie” Baker-Lawson is the name who @magicinhermadness named baby bawson in her fic and I think the name has been accepted by fam? because it’s super cute and I love it) who wants to have a tea party with her daddy, and he just can’t deny her anything. And when Ginny gets back home she is giggling because he looks ridiculous, but also he never looked better than now all dressed up by their lil muffin

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Prompts time, prompts time! In the spirit of Halloween, let's go: Bucky is excited about their amazing couples costume....until it's time to leave and the damn thing won't zip.

He looks ridiculous, and he looks awesome. Both are true. The thing about Halloween – the thing Bucky absolutely knows to be fact – is that you have to commit to your costume.

He’s committed, all right. And he looks damn good, even if the costume’s a touch or two tighter than he remembers. It’s been in the closet for a few weeks. What the hell could have changed in a few weeks? Bucky pivots in front of the mirror, checking his profile as he tugs the zipper. He tugs harder and frowns as the zipper stubbornly refuses to move from its spot, halfway up his belly.

His metal fingers flex. The zipper’s no match for the strength of his left arm, but then he runs the risk of breaking it. A little undone is okay, but if he’s going for authenticity – and he is – it’s got to go a little higher.

He sighs heavily, loudly enough that Steve calls out from behind the door, where he’s getting dressed in the bedroom. The costume’s no surprise, since Steve had practically batted his big blue eyes to talk Bucky into a couples’ costume … but even so, Bucky was hoping to make a better entrance than this.

“Buck? You okay?”

Bucky gives the zipper one last vicious tug, then heaves a sigh and opens the door, ready to deliver a rant on the cheapness of mass-produced modern costumes and his suspicions about shrinking fabric. It sticks in his throat when he sees Steve, golden and grinning and full-on glorious in his olive flight suit.

Steve’s zipper appears to have cooperated fully, and the fabric of his costume is clinging merrily to every bulging muscle. His aviators are perched on top of his head, and the effect is devastating. He may be dressed as Goose, but he’s nobody’s wingman. Not looking like that.

Bucky’s no match for Maverick with a stubborn zipper. Steve takes an eager step toward him, eyes traveling up and down in evident appreciation.

“Bucky, wow. You look–”

“Fat,” Bucky says flatly, saying the word out loud that he’s only just admitted to himself. “The damn thing won’t zip. I keep tryin’ to blame the zipper, but it’s not the zipper, pal.”

Steve steps closer, eyes on the swell of Bucky’s stomach where the zipper’s given up the ghost. “You look good, s’what I was going to say. Here, let me try.”

And then Steve’s strong fingers are brushing Bucky’s belly as he reaches for the zipper. The touch of his hand rushes through Bucky’s entire body, a live wire searching desperately for grounding. Steve tugs, and the zipper refuses to budge.

Steve frowns, and Bucky wonders if his costume will be cowed into cooperation by the sheer force of Captain America’s will.

It isn’t.

He drops onto the bed and shrugs up at Steve. “Looks like you’re on your own, pal. I’m sure as hell not goin’ to a fancy party with my fat gut hangin’ out.”

He pats said gut. “Might just stay here and have a pizza.”

Steve’s eyes are bright with inspiration, and Bucky tilts his head, wondering what idea Steve’s been struck with – and then Steve drops to his knees.

“Lean back,” Steve orders, and Bucky’s too shocked to do anything but comply. He won’t exactly be heartbroken if Steve’s decided to stay home and suck his brains out through his cock, especially not dressed like that.

His back hits the mattress, and Steve’s crouching in front of him, hands back on the zipper. Bucky waits for the telltale rasp, and when it comes, he grins.

“So we’re havin’ our own party?”

“Nope,” Steve says, the satisfaction evident in his voice as he tugs Bucky up and onto his feet. “You’re all set now. C’mon, I don’t want to be late.”

Dazedly, Bucky glances down to see his zipper several inches higher than it had been, a perfect match for Steve’s.

Steve pulls his aviators down and grabs Bucky’s matching pair from the dresser. Bucky sighs, resigned to his fate: a party instead of a pizza, a fancy beer instead of a blow job.

But it’s hard to be mad when Steve looks like he does, happy and whole and wholly his. Plus, Bucky’s pretty sure he can talk Steve into the pizza and the blow job later.

He grins at Steve as they head out the door, struck suddenly with a flash of memory. “You’re keeping the outfit, right?”

I JUST LOVE SUNGYEOL SO MUCH OMG. i’m not emotional or anything but omg i just - look at his handsome ass face it’s just so open and honest and friendly and bright. it’s fuckin’ brilliant. i love him. i remember when he came down the aisle at ogs, he was getting swarmed and he just kept looking around and smiling so openly, like he was slightly alarmed at the mob but also happy to see everyone. idk. it’s just so refreshing to see someone who wears their heart on their sleeve and has their innocence clear as day on their face. sungyeol’s innocence lies in his ability to believe that things are still possible, even when he’s working in a ridiculously harsh industry and living in a cruel, unfair world.


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imagine Jenny teaching Rupert some ballet things to help him with agility :3


-so the first five minutes are pointless because every time jenny tries to demonstrate a move giles is Blown Away at how graceful and quick she is and he’s just kind of staring lovingly at her and meanwhile jenny’s going “so you turn on this foot and–babe are you even listening oh my god”

-things start improving a little later but giles trips over his own feet a lot mostly because he’s nervous and jenny’s so good at it and what if he looks silly in front of her and she thinks he’s clumsy and ridiculous (discounting the fact that jenny can see how hard he’s trying and she’s beaming at him like he’s her entire world)

-giles falls over on his side and doesn’t get up for five seconds he’s so horribly embarrassed someone save him

-but then jenny lies down next to him and says “it’s ok, we can do lying-down ballet” which actually turns out to not be a pickup line; she takes his hands and guides him through the moves while lying on the floor facing him

-he’s not as good at the leaps as jenny is but his agility does start improving 

-buffy notices him mumbling to himself during patrol while they’re trying to sneak up on a vampire and he pretends he wasn’t but he was actually trying to remember the instructions jenny gave him about light, quick steps

-eventually jenny gets out her old ballet shoes and does a performance for giles simply because she’s noticed how much he loves watching her dance. giles is very proud and happy and in love and there are a lot of unscheduled intermissions during the performance because he keeps kissing the ballet dancer

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What would the style 5 be like watching horror movies with their s/o? Sorry if this has already been asked!

Haru could notice her discomfort as the killer in the movie decapitated his victim. Haru was never bothered by it to be honest. He even thought it was ridiculous to watch such horror film that could never even scare him. She wasn’t the type who enjoys watching horror movies either, but she insisted to watch it to complete their evening celebrating Halloween together. While he felt her shaking, his arm snaked it’s way around her shoulders to pull her close to him. She looked up at him and blushed slightly before turning her attention back to the television. 

Makoto invited her over so there’d be someone to sit next to him when the twins insisted to watch a horror movie for Halloween. It’d been a mystery to Makoto as to how Ran and Ren grew fond of those movies. As Makoto uncomfortably shifted around the couch, he felt his girlfriend leaning on his shoulder. She later wrapped her arms around his waist and gave him a look which seems to be saying ‘I’m here for you. It’s okay.’ 

Despite him being scared of the movie, Makoto managed to smile and cuddle with her. 

Nagisa and his girlfriend weren’t fazed at all even as the blood from the mutilated person in the movie splattered everywhere. In fact, they were even giggling together as the characters get murdered one by one. If one were even to watch them, that person might even think that this couple is insane for laughing at such scene in the movie. 

Rei reluctantly agreed with the idea of watching a horror movie on the night of Halloween when she came over. Aside from not being interested in the movie, he also feels uncomfortable watching them. But because she’s the woman, she still got what she wanted no matter how Rei tried to convince her to just do some other stuff. He was glad that he ended up sleeping until the movie ended as he was able to avoid seeing the gruesome killings in the movie. 

Rin and his girlfriend decided to have a movie marathon that evening instead of going to the Halloween Party they were invited in. They cuddled on the couch as they watched the movie and ate some popcorn, even feeding each other occasionally. When they felt like the movie is too boring for them, ___ proposed to just play some sort of video game, to which Rin quickly agreed with. 

There was months of manic behavior. Tony had always been reclusive, but then there was this and the level of kickback had been ridiculous. He barely slept, he barely ate, his focus had just turned into the burning need to get himself ready and yet he didn’t know what for.

Tony had started working out more, not just the basic routine that he had before, but now, it was a need to prepare himself for something if his suit was disabled. He wouldn’t be caught off guard again.

Tony tossed the towel aside, standing in the kitchen as he cooled down.


[about his hair] “It keeps me warm. It’s such a polarizing subject. People are like, “You’ve gotta cut your hair.” They get so upset. They’re like “cut your hair, cut your hair.” And then all the people who defend me, they’re like, “Do what you want, man. He’s his own person.” I’m like, this is a lot of conversation about hair. This is too much, too much passion

A mix of things I love: summer, beaches and Lance ☆