“Your shirt, Eddy.” Edd says in this sky Eddy manor.

Eddy turns around. His shirt has been drenched in his own tears. Oh, how I want to give him a hug. I’m sure we can all relate to Eddy here because we have had friends leave us.

He is trying to act like himself by trying to look angry. Eddy has never wanted anybody to see him in a state like this. He is embarrassed by his emotions.

Edd points to Eddy’s shirt. “Are those salt deposits from your lamentation?”

And Edd playfully thwacks Eddy on the nose.

His nose thwacks are gentle if you notice. Whenever Eddy thwacks someone’s nose it is done roughly, meaning that’s how he learned it from Bro.

I also love the sound effect that goes along with it.

Eddy is taken aback by this. He hasn’t seen Edd act this way since season 1. His reaction is priceless because this kind of thing never happens to him. Jimmy did it to him once, but he didn’t like it. Here, he is bewildered because it was done by someone he’d never expect.

Eddy really needed to see this from Edd because it means that hasn’t lost his best friend. He is still there, only trapped behind the mask of an adult. Once Edd saw that it was useless trying to get his parents attention he tried to go back to being a kid, but it was too late. Everyone would be suspicious of his changed personality. And since he rarely ever acted like a kid, he doesn’t know how.

There is a kid trapped inside Edd. He was forced to grow up and act like an adult. Edd thought that he’d be able to get his parents to notice and appreciate him.

In season 1, he was having so much fun being a kid and it is sad that he had to throw it all away. He was enjoying the years that he wasted. Eddy helped him see the world in a better light. That’s something his parents wouldn’t show him.

They may have done it for his own good, but look how slow Edd was to adapt at the social world in season 1. His social skills still aren’t the best, but at least he is not that awkward kid with a strange voice.

Edd owes it to Eddy for the person he is today. If Eddy didn’t bring him into the social world, Edd would have wasted away his childhood doing chores.

On an interesting note, did you notice how we never see any sticky notes in Edd’s house in the movie? Edd is writing a note to them in the beginning. It’s implied that they have been building up more because he has little to no physical communication with his parents. This has been getting to him a lot more because he has entered his teen years. This is a difficult time for all.

Edd has never written a sticky note to his parents, so I wonder how they will react to reading the one he left behind. Maybe they will finally get a taste of their own medicine once they know how it feels.


Edd is trying to make it look like a prank that he was leaving them. That is good thinking on Edd’s part because this is something that Eddy would do. He had to think like Eddy to get his friend to feel better.

I guess they really did rub off on one another.

Icarus flying towards the morning sun,
away from the limitations that life
attributes to those she can’t keep
from dreaming.

He is the picture of ambition:
the boy who didn’t know when to stop,
the one who wanted to the point
of losing himself to the waves.
He leaves us the knowledge that
we are made to sink or to fly.
And sometimes, both.

Icarus carrying rocks in his pockets,
because he has always felt too heavy,
has felt the need to justify why he
couldn’t drift away with the winter storms.

He had almost hoped it would allow him
the pleasure of melting onto the earth,
to become root, to turn into gravel,
but not even the dirt would know
what to do with the burden of his heart.

He thinks of them as the wax melts,
thinks of the strain in his arms,
thinks of balance and crossed lines and joy.
He thinks that maybe he should have
let go of what weighted him down,
before trying to reach the stars.

This is not a love story,
it’s a boy who let the darkness within
pull him under.
—  If only he had found sunlight, for cowprintgirl (LM)

Unfortunately,this happened.I’m going to miss you with all my heart,I couldn’t be more grateful for everything you’ve done to this club.Just wanna let you now that you gonna be missed here a LOT because you are EL ÚNICO.

Those Five Words

‘In April 1779, Alexander Hamilton wrote in a letter to John Laurens, five words so racy, so explicit that they were thoroughly marked through by his son in an effort to censor his father’s passion.  Those five words have haunted curious academics for centuries, leaving us to only imagine what bawdy innuendo he could’ve written that was worse than even ‘the length of my nose’.  @john-laurens​ requested the microfilm and graciously shared so that we all can speculate what those five words were.

I submit to you, 

“In drawing my picture, you will no doubt be civil to your friend; mind you do justice to the length of my nose and don’t forget, that I ⟨never spared you of pictures⟩.”

I’m more sure of some words than others, but in explanation:

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even MORE reasons to love deforest kelley:

• he didn’t know his first name (jackson) until he got drafted and saw it on his papers
• he played sports (football and baseball) in high school and very well
• he was the only kid on the team to show up in a sweater and tie for the team photo
• he sang in the choir at his father’s church as a boy
• once de had to drop off his friend’s little boy at the nanny’s house, and the boy cried when he left him so he asked never to do it again because he felt so bad for leaving him that he cried too
• he used to tease his girl friends about needing to leave. he would stroll through the bathroom, shaving, saying “weeeahve gotta hurrayyy gihrls” and was so pleased when they giggled at him
• when he was little, he regularly flattered his French teacher by saying “my, you look pretty today!”
• the day he left for long beach from decatur, ga, the newspaper published a small blurb about him and misspelled his name, saying “dr. forest kelley left thursday for california to visit his uncle herman casey in long beach”
• when he would eat out with his friends at the local diner, he forgot to pay attention to them because he would stare at his own face in the mirrors along the wall. he liked to see how different lightings or times of day had an effect on his features
• de and his best friend joe used to make fun of each other when they slipped into their respective accents (de, southern, and joe, new york)
• he once worked as an elevator jockey at a hotel and slept in the cellar
• he and his best friend stole his mom’s car and she found them smoking cigarettes and hanging out in a parking lot
• he trespassed into a movie set and ran into robert taylor, who encouraged him to move stuff around with the crew so people would think he worked there

listen mate jin is such a bright shining gift to this world and if you still sleep on him then fam you’re missing out. you haven’t seen true sunshine ‘til you’ve seen seokjin

anonymous asked:

Hey can I request an imagine? If so, can it be one where you're left in a room filled with business men because Joker leaves for a minute, and they all start interrogating you about how trustworthy you are, and then Joker comes back in and hears and beats them up? Thank you!

idk if this is what you meant but lmao i decided to let the oc have some fun

As you watched him walk out the door with ease, you noticed his hand pull something out of his jacket. His knives. You let out a small laugh in a room of silence, not knowing it wouldn’t be long until you would be interrupted.

Some terribly ungroomed guard to your right caught your attention, seeming to be staring at you with intent for trouble.

Watching with squinted eyes, you saw how he sauntered in front of you. “How is it,” he asked, voice seething and venomous, “that J leaves us, in the hands of you?” Every word he spoke drew out an unmistakably hateful emotion.

Though you couldn’t help but smirk at his words. He obviously had no clue who you were, what you were. “That’s Mr. J to you, Ray.” You barked back, leaning against the desk chair you currently sat in. All the other guards in the room held their breath, their eyes widening only slightly. “And honestly, I’m wondering the same thing.” Reaching under the desk, you scanned the room lightly before staring back up into the eyes of the offender. “Whose life,” you started, running your tongue along your top lip with a smile, “do you think, J values more?”

Pulling out a gun, the smile on your face only grew wider as their fear grew denser. “You’re just his toy.” Someone in the back barked, though held no different demeanor of fear and terror as before. “You’re dispensable. He’ll replace you in a heartbeat.”

You stayed silent for a second, before bursting out into maniacal laughter. They wanted a mutiny, huh? Then they’ll get the punishment for mutiny.

“That’s a good theory,” when you finally calmed down, you rested the gun against your cheek, “but why do you think it is, that he hasn’t gotten rid of me yet?” Waiting for someone brave enough to answer, your eyes lit up as you saw one more guard have the audacity to speak. What fun you’ll have today.

“Because you’re his fuck toy, ____.” The man spat. Now having three, large men walk up to your table, you saw J’s hair peek through the door frame. But you were only just starting to have some fun.

Sitting up a bit, you raised your eyebrows as if contemplating what they said. “Not that you’re wrong, because that’s definitely part of it,” waving for J to stay where he was, you twirled the gun frivolously around your finger, “but I think you’re misunderstanding me.” Looking quickly at the guard who stood in front of you, Ray, you smirked. Pulling the trigger, you shot out his knee, hearing a blood curtling scream echo throughout the room made you laugh once more. Where he now lay on the floor, you walked over, gently laying a hand on his leg.

“What the hell, ___?” Someone else screamed, but you were too busy admiring your work to look up at them. Watching in fascination at the stream of blood that began to pool on the floor around his leg, you pressed down harder on his knee. His screams were music to your ear.

“You see,” you whispered, looking at his now fear-filled eyes, “to be with the Joker, you have to be crazier than the Joker.” Tracing his face lightly with your finger you began to giggle once more, thinking about the rest of the men in the room.

“Who else had a problem with me?” Standing up, you twirled, looking around at the men staring with wide eyes. Jumping over to one, you held the gun up to his hip with an eerie smile. “What was it you called me?” A bead of sweat began to form on his forehead, but you persisted. “Oh come on now, what was it?”

You pressed the gun tighter into his body, watching him wince with every centimeter it grew closer. When he opened his mouth, you pulled the trigger with no second thought. Who’s the dispensable one now?

“I’m impressed.” A gravelly voice praised, turning to be none other than the joker himself walking through the door. You giggled a bit, bowing at your little ‘performance’. Though the way most of the guards finally stood to attention when he walked through the door made you pout. Where was your respect? “But I’ll take it from here, doll.”

When you walked past him, you offered your gun, but he declined with a smile. “You know, I prefer knives.”

i spent five hours last night at a quiet brewery in a quiet corner of minneapolis. they had window-walls and all of the windows were open last night, so it felt like the entire place was outside. you greeted me with a tight hug and we chose the same beer. we sat at a corner table and swapped life stories, finding that we have a quite a bit in common. about an hour into the conversation, there was a huge crack of lightening and it started raining. the rain fell straight down in a gentle, yet steady way where just the very edge of our table was getting rained on, so we kept the window-walls open while sat and sipped.

the bartender, jack, came over to ask if we wanted refills and we both nodded in unison while making eye contact, trying to read each other’s feelings about how it was going. as jack was about to leave to grab our beers, he turned around and told us the story of his first kiss with a girl a few years back. it was in march and the first storm of the season was supposed to be rolling in soon. as they kissed, there was a flash of lightning and a crack of thunder. they pulled away from each other and had a big ‘whoa… this might mean something’ moment. he then told us that he now calls that girl is fiancée. he winked at us, turned around, and went to go grab our beers.

david gray played in the background as we sipped out freshly poured beers and he admitted that he would get excited when he saw my name pop up on his phone, but he would wait to text me back for a little while because he thought he was supposed to (i told him he doesn’t need to wait - i wouldn’t think less of him for responding right away). we talked about our families, our mutual liking of golf, our faith, how great minnesota is, the need for more intimate conversations with others, and travels to germany, italy, france, spain, and guatemala until the brewery closed at midnight and our time was forced into ending.

he picked up the tab, drove me back to my car so i
didn’t have to walk in the rain, and asked that i let him know when i made it home safely. when i picked up my phone to shoot him a text once i was home in my bed, i found that he had already texted me to make sure i was safe. i smiled, replied, and went to sleep with thoughts of gratitude that people like that exist.

Lazy colouring~ I feel like this would make a cute story, like they just out for a stroll enjoying the autumn leaves and Genji causally brings up that he use to be a good dancer and is surprised that Zen doesn’t know how to dance so he just straight up teaches him and I can’t even handle how freakin fluffy this is omg!!! (/////) 

(I’ve listened to this playlist like 10000 times now I can’t stop!)

Week Thirteen - SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge

Author’s Note: Heyyy!! This is my entry for @one-shots-supernatural’s SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge!!! I hope you guys like it!!!!

Title: Bonding Time

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Lots of fluff!!

Prompt: “Wait…are you watching a Disney movie?”

“Come on, it’ll be fun!”

Castiel shifted nervously on his feet, his eyes looking around your bedroom. “I…I don’t know. Dean might-”

I clicked my tongue impatiently. “Who gives a damn what Dean thinks. We have a day off. That happens never, Cas. Besides,” I plopped down on my bed to look up at him. “It was his idea of having a mini vacation. He and Sam are doing their “brotherly bonding” thing and well…that leaves us…“

Castiel tilted his head confusedly from his spot on the doorway. I always loved that confused head tilt. ”Us?“

I fought the urge to roll my eyes at the angel and opted to smile at him instead, letting out a soft sigh. “Yes. Us. You and me.” I grinned. “You and me against the world.”

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Alan Rickman, Ninth Glenn Gould Prize Gala (2012).

“Alan did, however, leave us a parting gift. He generously agreed to narrate a video for The Glenn Gould Foundation which sets out the future course for the organization. Post-production work on the video was completed just two days ago, and as always, Alan’s delivery of our message was perfectly delivered, brilliantly modulated, and simply unforgettable. We’re truly saddened that we will not have the chance to share the final results with him, and to thank him properly for his support.”

Glenn Gould Foundation tribute

Listen to the video mentioned above:

The search for the perfect actor to play Jon was spearheaded by David Caparelliotis, who from the very beginning urged us to see a young actor named Raúl Esparza. Raúl had recently arrived from Chicago, where he had played mostly non-singing dramatic roles. We flipped over his audition and begged him to leave the show in which he was currently performing to join us. It would be his first leading part on a New York stage and we knew he would draw attention.
—  Robyn Goodman, “Tick, Tick… BOOM! The Complete Book and Lyrics”.

anonymous asked:

prompt: Hajime wakes up from the Neo World Program and discovers he has heterochromia. his left eye is red and his right eye is his normal eye color.

A/N could be related to this prompt

Heterochromia - Hinata?

The sins of our past never leave us.

That’s what Hinata realized once he woke up. His mind was a mess but he had already expected that. He was messed up after all. Inside him wasn’t just the personality of Hinata but also the memories of Izuru. It was a bit surreal to comprehend but that was how it was.

When reminiscing Izuru’s memories, it was like he was watching someone else and yet at the same time, he understood that that someone else had once been him even if he didn’t connect with the memory.

Hinata was Izuru. And he still is.

There were some aspects that were repairable. It was easy to fix his long hair, he just got a haircut. And his build didn’t change all that much so that’s taken care of. But what he couldn’t change were his eyes.

One was golden and filled with hope, while the other was red and filled with despair.

It was disconcerting for everyone and especially for him. Even if he was mostly Hinata now, just one look at the mirror would remind him that he was still Izuru. He had killed so many people. He had done all those despicable things. He had plunged the world into despair.

But that was all in the past. A past filled with sins that he won't forget anytime soon. He doesn’t plan to. He wants to own up to his mistakes.

That’s why he looks forward to the future.

To a future that isn’t fucked up. To a future where he doesn’t fuck up. A blank space that’s just waiting to be written. And this time, Hinata swears it will be better. It has to be better.

And though he could never escape his tormented past, he’ll make up for it by creating a better future.

in-tomany-fandoms  asked:

I don't know if you've done this already, but, could you do a scenario/headcanon thingy where the Paladin's, Allura and Coran are taking care of their s/o that has a pretty high fever?

YES! I’ve been waiting for this prompt, this and fluff are my favorites!!!!


  • He’s going to stay by your side the entire time and tell you goofy jokes and flirt with you to keep your mind off things. He doesn’t want you to feel like you’re as sick as you are, so he tries to help you out. If you’re not in the mood for jokes then he’ll sit with you quietly, but he will never leave you completely alone.
  • He’s used to his younger siblings being sick so this actually doesn’t bother him too much. He would cuddle with you as extensively as he usually does, but he won’t mind keeping an arm around you and holding your hand.
  • If you’re not taking your medicine then he’s going to say the cheesiest things until you do. Expect the worst of his pickup lines until you take it. He won’t physically force you to take it, but he’s going to nag you until you do. 


  • Since he’s been on his own for so long he’s great at taking care of himself. Others, not so much. He’s going to be strict with you because he loves you, so he’s probably going to make you stay in bed 24/7, he’s a hypocrite because he never stays in bed when he’s sick.
  • If you’re getting a bit delirious from the fever then he’s honestly not sure what to do. He’s going to hid all potential weapons immediately because he doesn’t want you to hurt yourself. Then he’s going to hold your hand and talk softly to you until you calm down.
  • He will literally force you to take your medicine if you refuse. He’s not afraid to hold your nose until you swallow it so you might want to just take it without a fight.


  • You’re going to have a lifetime supply of soup until you get better. He will want to feed it to you also. If you’re in a bad mood because you’re sick then he’s going to treat the spoon like an airplane to cheer you up a bit.
  • He’s going to make sure that you’re taken care of properly, he’s probably the best at taking care of someone who’s sick. He makes sure that you’re drinking plenty of water and getting a lot rest. He will definitely let you rest your head on his chest or arm if it makes you more comfortable.
  • You can’t refuse medicine from Hunk. He’s going to get the saddest expression and will say that he just wants you to get better. There’s no way you can turn him down. If you manage to somehow then he’s going to crush up the medicine and put it in you’re food. You’re getting better whether you want to or not.


  • She’s going to have absolutely no clue what to do. She doesn’t know how to deal with sick people, let alone a fever. She’s going to look up everything she can on it to make sure you get better quickly.
  • She’s won’t take care of you completely by herself, she wants to make sure you get better, not worse. She will stay with you most of the time though. She will have your computer with her so if you’re resting then she’ll look up different ways to take care of you.
  • Pidge is super stubborn so she’s not going to give up if you just say no to medicine. Like Hunk, she will crush it up and put it in your food if she has to. She will also threaten to leave if you don’t take it, and it will be super lonely without her so just take it!


  • He’s going to be so worried about you. It doesn’t matter how high your fever is, he’s going to want to lower it immediately. He’s seen how bad illnesses can get and he doesn’t want that to happen to you.
  • He’s going to keep a cold, wet cloth on your forehead to try and keep the fever down along with medicine. He will also make you rest if you don’t want to. He’s gone into super over protective mode when you’re ill, If you ask for anything then you’ll get it as quickly as he can get it to you.
  • Please just take your medicine without a fight, Shiro is stressed out enough as it is when your sick, if you add not taking medicine on top of that then he’s going to be so upset. If you still won’t then he’s going to pepper your face with kissed until you give in, if that doesn’t work he will literally beg. He just wants you to get better.


  • She’s going to be super worried. What were Earth sicknesses like? Were you going to be okay? How do humans cope with being sick? She’s going to try and take care of you the best she can, Alteans get fevers too so once she knows how to care for you she’s not as worried.
  • She’s going to be so strict, there’s no way to prevent it. You’re going to get better as quick as you physically can. She will make sure that you always have water available and that you’re never too hot or cold. She’ll tell you stories about Altea in order to pass the time.
  • There’s no way that you’re not going to take your medicine with Allura around. You saw how stubborn and relentless she was in episode two, just imagine that times 5.


  • He will freak out a little at first, but when he realizes that it’s just a fever then he doesn’t worry as much. He knows how to take care of a lot of things and this is thankfully one of them.
  • He manages to find the best medicine for treating you so if you’re with Coran then you’re illness is going away the fastest. Don’t have him cook for you, your taste buds will thank you later.
  • Altean medicine doesn’t taste as awful as Earth medicine so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. If you still won’t then he’s going to talk your ear off about how people die from fevers until you do.

The last message I have saved from my ex boyfriend. We were together for almost 6 years and friends for almost 9. We tried to be friends after we broke up but he was more cruel, controlling, and mentally abusive as a friend than he was as a boyfriend.

We got together at 18, barely adults and still a little childish, and I was dumb and young so I thought he would change. He never did. He would improve a bit but he would just go back to his old ways eventually. I was naive and desperate for friends and social interaction so I never wanted to leave him because he was all I had.

What finally ended us was when he told me he wanted to move away and asked if I wanted to abandon my mother and go with him. I declined and thought we would go our separate ways. Shortly afterwards I realized that he “emotionally cheated” on me: talked to another girl about his feelings instead of dealing with them with me, said some very inappropriate things to her (inappropriate to say to a girl when you have a girlfriend), and told her that he and I were done and that we “have been for a while” before I had any idea that anything was wrong with us. This all happened around Valentine’s day, a few weeks before we broke up, which just tore me apart even more.

We still spoke occasionally and tried the friend thing. Almost a year after we broke up and I wondered if I was ready to move on and see someone new. I told him I was thinking about dating again (not that his opinion anyway mattered since it was ultimately my decision), as a final test of our friendship. Surprisingly he showed his support. But when I told him a week or so later than I actually had started seeing someone new, he flipped out. He still acted like I was his property and asked me very personal questions about this new guy, asked if we had had sex, what he looked like, his name, etc. I knew at that moment that we were done being friends.

As usual, a few days later he came to his senses and apologized. He told me he was happy for me and that “you must really love him if you’re already having sex with him” (I never gave an answer when he asked me if we had done it, but he just knew). He was right–we did it on our second date and that’s when I realized that I loved him; when I realized a person I knew only for a few days made me happier in every single way than my ex boyfriend ever did in 6 years.

We haven’t spoken in 5 months; the last time was on Easter and everything was fine and we were on pleasant terms. I’ve tried talking since then though, because he owes me money, but he blocked my number. I’ve talked to his sister and she said he doesn’t want to talk because I’m “bad for him.” I tried everything to help him and keep him happy yet I’m the bad one. So much for always being in his life. But I’m happier now than I would have ever been with him in a million years even if he did change, so I really don’t consider it a loss that I’m not in his life anymore.