#there is nothing in this scene that isn’t amazing #from root in the background wondering how the hell shaw got out the cuffs #like she’s literally trying to fit her hand through the cuff seeing if she can figure it out for herself #to harold swearing he just seen shaw cuffed to the bench like five seconds ago and yet now she’s in his face #and then shaw casually eating like its nothing and ‘yea i’m really standing here..’ #like pls i’m dying #this scene is hilarious

Scenario by @sparklyfaerie:
-Zelda is going through the functions on the Sheikah Slate, trying to figure out what they do.
-He turns his back for two seconds to check their surroundings for threats, and he hears her ask, “Oh, what does this do?” and turns around to look and finds her teleporting away in a shower of blue.
-He obviously looks for her before he loses his cool but frankly he doesnt trust that sorcery thing and he is fully under the impression that she deleted herself from existence
-He goes to one of the labs and is like !!!!!!!! Bring her back!!!!!!!
-But ofc Purah has no clue what to do
-his princess is dead. GONE. He’s gonna get so fucking fired
-or killed. That too. His dad is gonna be so pissed
-Link goes back into the castle trying to figure out how to tell the king his daughter deleted herself
-He goes to her study to idk pay his respects and there she is . Feverishly writing in her notebook
-“Oh, glad you caught up. I just made the most magnificent discovery!”
-he just collapses. DONE.
-she turns when she hears the thud and is like ??? Are you quite all right???
-And he’s like “I’m quite fine, thank you your grace” from the ground
-“I’d like to retire, at your leave?”
-And she’s not even paying attention anymore she’s back to writing and kinda waves her hand at him
-so he just goes back to his bed and SCREAMS

Panic Attack


Ha ha I have panic attacks and I imprint on Anxiety too much. I just sat down and wrote this so no editing aka it’s shit.


Anxiety couldn’t figure it out. He sat there, staring at blank paper, and he couldn’t think of a thing. For a moment he just sat there, pencil hovering over the paper. Then he closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and wrote down three simple words. But when he he looked at it again…wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, this didn’t feel right at all. With a sinking feeling he quickly erased the only progress he had made in two hours. Something in him told him this wasn’t going anywhere, but anxiety couldn’t react to the thought in any way except tightening his blanket around shoulders that simply refused to warm up. How did he do it? How did he brainstorm, daydream, create, just…do it? Frustration, that’s what he should have been feeling. Frustration, anger, even jealously maybe. But all he felt was a dull, sinking feeling that had no name, that he could only liken to hopelessness. He couldn’t think of anything. His mind was blank. He just couldn’t think of anything. Anxiety could feel the familiar sensation of his heart quickening a bit, but he had no reaction, just staring at those blank lines, knowing his thoughts were just as empty. No. No, this is ok. Deep breaths. He repeated it over and over in his head; it’s ok, deep breaths, just take deep breaths, it’s ok, it’s ok. But his own lungs didn’t respond, he couldn’t control them as his breath quickened, quickened, and he couldn’t control it, he couldn’t control his own body. No, no, don’t do this, the plea was drown by incoherent  thoughts. If he couldn’t think of anything Princey would laugh at him, and then Logan would be disappointed in him, and then Thomas would push him away, and then he would be alone, and then and then and then and then and then at the age of thirty he would be dying and homeless even though it made no sense for an emotion to be homeless. Anxiety felt his very namesake rising in his chest and he could only stare at the paper as choking sobs escaped against his own will and he couldn’t control it at all. Thoughts just raced so fast, so fast, so fast, he couldn’t even register them until another one slammed down on him. He couldn’t do it, he couldn’t do it, he couldn’t do it he couldn’t do it he couldn’t do it he couldn’t do it he couldn’t do it- He barely recognized arms around his waist in a soft hug. It was all quiet except for the sound of Anxiety’s own ragged breathing and sobs. It took all his energy to focus on Morality’s arms around him and the quiet understanding between the two and the attempts to slow his panic to a halt. Four minutes passed like that. Morality said nothing, just stayed there to reassure Anxiety that there was someone there, someone who was worth trying to get better for. Until finally Anxiety stopped hyperventilating, left exhausted, physically and mentally. His mind was once again blank, but now with simple weariness, and his whole body trembled ever so slightly in a cold sweat. Then Morality shifted so that be could smile at Anxiety over his shoulder. “Don’t worry. No one else saw.” A dull feeling of relief swept through Anxiety. He said nothing. Morality just gently took his hand, led him away from the blank papers to the kitchen slowly as to be sure Anxiety wouldn’t falter in his dazed state. His grip was lenient, his smile warm. There was no judging. No pity. Just an understand and a certain kind of care.

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May I ask for headcanons on how would the RFA++ react if a fem!MC is always like intoxicated by their cologne and she can't stop being around them, taking in the smell, when they wear it? If it's not a bother could you please, focus on Jumin's one a little bit more (my babe Jumanji ❤).

Thank you for your request and so sorry for the wait!
I hope this was satisfactory (and I hope the Jumin one was focused enough!)

Zen: Would be rather turned on by the fact you’re intoxicated by him and can’t stop clinging to him as well as sniffing him. He honestly wants to gobble you up because the beast within is showing its true colours.

Yoosung: Doesn’t know you’re taken by his cologne at first, he thought you just really really liked him. After figuring out that it was the smell of him that got you so attached, he would continue wearing the cologne until the end of time. He’s a bit embarrassed seeing that you can’t separate from him but loves it.

Jaehee: Smiles at you and your behaviour as she finds you almost too cute to handle, but she keeps it together (just barely). She introduces the perfume to you and reccommends it to you as she would want to smell just how well it would suit you.

Jumin: So he has quite an extensive range of colognes and when he realised that there was a certain one you loved, he started to have his fun with you. He would wear the cologne and you would hover around him. If the two of you were alone, he would unbutton his top button to show a bit of his chest as a way to entice you. Sure enough it worked and although he feels a bit bad (only a bit), he loves seeing how you react to his smell. Soon he can’t help but be a little turned on himself and the cologne just becomes a distant memory midst the … action.

707: He realises you like the cologne and thinks he has hit the bingo as it’s the first time he’s ever worn cologne. In an attempt to wear it again, because of his visible excitement and shaky hands… he drops the entire bottle on the carpet. Now you have a wonderful smelling carpet. Seven would be incredibly happy seeing that you’re absolutely intoxicated with him and would want to keep seeing your slightly flushed face, repeat of Valentines day?

V: He has a great taste in colognes and seeing that you’re intoxicated with his smell, he loves it. He loves that he’s in the centre of your attention and continues to wear the cologne so that he can remain in your attention zone. Your actions are adorable to him and he would enjoy long, drawn out hugs with you audibly sniffing him. You’re just too cute to reject.


Overwatch OC wip!!!

Human turned Omnic (well his brain waves and memories inputted into an Omnic).

His name is CLOVER and he’s Irish (yeah yeah I know clovers and shamrocks are different but hey close enough).

I got weapon ideas and stuff but I still need to draw those. NO ideas for clothes though… The colours are also still undecided I just wanted to think of some kind of palette but idk about it???

He was originally going to have Heterochromia but I couldn’t figure out how to apply that to his face…

I need a discussion

Ok so what I really side eye is when Andy always tries to act like in the moment of 6x10 Rick and Michonne both are just realizing their feelings like “of course”….. BUT I just feel like Rick had already figured out he wanted to be with Michonne because he had not only taken off his ring (like why the fuck would he do that unprovoked when he had it on during whatever the fuck he was doing with je****), but if you look back on the couch scene when he takes Michonne’s hand he is literally looking at her like “girl come here” instead of shook like Michonne who is like “damn I never even thought this would or could actually be a thing”…..

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(Monii) About jikookthrowback ep4 part2&3: Imagine all the 'normal' things that they've done that we haven't witnessed. *dies* Yes, I also think that's Jeon's possessive face. Lol did you see his face when JM sat on his lap in that las Run ep? He looked like he was tryna figure out whether to smile, smirk or be neutral (he failed lol). There's also this other time when JK let JM back up into him but tumblr won't let me link it :/

yes, i’m sure so much more happens behind closed doors that we’ll never know about,or catch a glimpse on, but if we do, it’d be a huge deal for us we might actually die, but for them since it’d be “a casual thing they do regularly” they’d be so chill about it.

about the last run ep, jungkook literally cannot decide wether  to smile he was clearly enjoying it - to smirk (he slightly smirks at the end)- or to remain chill he can’t don’t blame him-

also look at the way he held jimin’s waist and slightly grabbed him(?)pinched him(?) for teasing him by seating on his lap?  or maybe because jimin was being all over jin and he was trying to say: please stop . then slowly dragging his hands down never moving them away from jimin

you aren’t allowed to put the link as it is , but you can do it if you put it without the dots,which you might as well replace by: *

  i’m looking forward to see that gif ^^

do you ever feel like nicolas winding refn was accidentally successful with drive, and like now he can’t figure out what he did right. so he’s like “i guess people are really into neon lighting, gratuitous violence, and needlessly pretentious metaphors” and so now he’s just going to keep doing that over and over and over again without reading a single criticism of his work

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Hey there! So, I'm babysitting my mom's dog for the next couple of weeks while she's on vacation, and he's a big mama's boy. He's an anxious dog in general, but even moreso when mum isn't around. When he's nervous like this, he doesn't eat, (cont.1)

and that makes ME nervous. I know that he’s hungry, because he’ll still beg from the table or eat a treat, but he seems so uninterested in his regular food. Do you think it’s his anxiety? Or is he maybe just bored with his normal diet?

It could be anxiety, it could be that he’s figured out you’ll give him other food if he doesn’t eat his meals whereas your mother doesn’t. I’d guess it might be a combination of both. It’s pretty normal for dogs to go off their feed for a bit when people leave - I sort of expect it the first day or so when I’m petsitting for an animal that doesn’t know me well. I don’t think it’s a huge cause for worry, since he’ll eat when he gets hungry enough and dogs don’t have major health issues caused by short periods of not eating, but I understand why it would stress you out. 


Gracing my bedroom wall with his nonchalant holiness. Received this last month as a late birthday gift from my roommate. She bought it from @numinoceur RedBubble shop, but I didn’t hung this up since I wanted to frame it before I do. It’s a beautiful piece of art regardless and deserves to be framed. As an artist myself I respect others artwork and love to support them. Thank you Numin for creating such an amazing rendition of the prince/king. I’ll cherish it. 😊

btw he gets to chill with Sebastian from Black Butler (Also from another artist, forgot his name, but I will figure it out. He has great stuff too.) and a smaller flyer poster of his bros. 

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Hey! Have you ever thought about an AU where Sakumo was restructed along with the rest of the Hokages and Kakashi is horrified when he figured out that his Father and the Snake Sannin used to have a relationship together?

I had not, but that would be…really tragic but also really hilarious. Talk about the very worst way to figure out your father one had a thing for the quasi-mad scientist. Yikes.

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I STALKED YOUR BLOG and you are hilarious ~ So i wanna request hmm how would the rfa+ unkown and V react to an mc with wide hips. Thanks !!

Gahhh thank you so much ^^ Hope you like this!! ~~ mod stranger

Zen: if you feel a bit self-conscious about being heavy and everything he’s like ‘nope, you’re just right’ and he’ll straight up just pick you up and carry you around

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Yoosung: he’ll say it again and again even when you’re already convinced because you are beautiful :)

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Jaehee: she doesn’t understand why you’re insecure about it because you’re so dang beautiful but she’s willing to listen and comfort you about it

Originally posted by crazylivin

Jumin: he loves your figure and will take you out shopping and suggesting cool clothes for you

Originally posted by arameean

Seven: he loves your figure and never hesitates to tell you about it

Originally posted by arameean

V: his most favorite thing to do is wrap your arms around your waist and hug you from behind

Originally posted by hopeless-hugger

Saeran: he just doesn’t understand. when you tell him you’re insecurity he’s just like ‘but you’re beautiful’ and when you start crying because of what he said he gets even more confused (’was it the wrong thing to say?’)

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He’s figured out that while jerking his paw away won’t stop me from doing his nails, slowly rolling onto his back and gently pulling his whole leg away will stop me immediately because I cannot handle the cute.

*it looks like he’s baring his teeth but he’s not. His top lip got stuck on his gums.

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okay listen., wolfboy, sep, and syrah all going on little missions every once in a while together that aren't too important but require a lot of skills. the three of them work rlly well under pressure and use these missions as an outlet for their ptsd

o h m y g o d

i’m gonna?? do some headcanons for this if you don’t mind

  • it’s sep’s idea
  • he has a couple things he wants to look into because he found this disguised map in the library
  • he wants to keep it on the DL, and he knows it’s gonna require a lot of special skills, specifically stealth
  • his mind immediately goes to wolf boy
  • wolf boy agrees, obviously, and they look over the map, but they can’t decipher it
  • one symbol keeps appearing, and sep knows he’s seen it somewhere, but he can’t figure out where
  • it’s later that night while looking over something else that he realizes:
  • it’s an old magyk symbol
  • and he’s seen it on syrah
  • he and wolf boy go to see her the next morning and inquire about it
  • she recognizes the symbol, and the reason neither of the boys do is because it was the joint alchemie-magyk combination symbol, and after the Great Alchemie Disaster, all traces of it were destroyed
  • the map ends up leading them to an old, old sealed away store of alchemie things, deep under the house of an old wizard who’s wife was an alchemist, and, not wanting to destroy it all when instructed, he sealed it all there instead
  • it’s during this little mission where wolf boy and syrah really meet since she woke up, and the 3 of them realize they’re a pretty great elite team
  • sep calls them up whenever he wants something handled quickly or quietly, and the 3 of them go on these missions
  • they realize pretty quickly how messed up all of them really are, especially when it comes to paranoia
  • syrah especially loves puzzles because her mind is so quick, but she’s so unused to it being entirely her own. solving things helps her feel in control, of both the situation and of herself
  • nobody criticizes anyone else for how they cope, or for going into instinctive mode when something happens
  • instead, they try to calm each other down, learning what helps most along the way
  • wolf boy is the one who finally gets syrah to trust being asleep around other people
  • they all hate sleeping for long times, but syrah is the worst of all. she will willingly stay up for days on end, and wolf boy will absolutely not have it
  • he eventually gets her to sleep because he said she needs to be her best self for if they get into any fights or have to flee, she needs her stamina
  • (he feels kind of guilty because he threw in that he would hate to have something happen to him or sep because she wasn’t on her guard, but he knew she’d never do it for herself)
  • sep and syrah ground wolf boy, more than he would like to admit. having 2 people know what it’s like to never feel safe in your own skin is calming
  • they start to be able to silently communicate perfectly
  • wolf boy starts training the other 2 in hand-to-hand combat, which they both know, but are rusty at
  • syrah’s instinct is to punch, not use her own magyk, so she appreciates the combat exercises, but eventually she realizes on these missions that she knows a lot of magyk, she really should be using it
  • she sees how magyk is a comfort to sep, not a burden, and it kind of inspires her
  • this trio kills me

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Congrats on 700!!! I can't believe how fast you're gaining followers, it's amazing! <333 May I please have a headcanon of Bones when he finally retires from the 'fleet? XoXo

Thank you! And you are a horrible person for making me go to the old retired Starfleet home for this one.

• Bones refuses to retire until after Jim does. He was planning on trying to hold out until after Spock too, but the damn hobgoblin plans on living forever. And then vanishes into an alternate universe, just to spite him.
• He doesn’t last long retired. He’s back teaching at the academy. New medical students dread having the “old curmudgeon”, figuring he’s going to want to stick to out of date technologies. He always destroys at least one of two of their false beliefs in the first week by trotting out some new treatment that HE pioneered in his time off between semesters.
• He’s not as deaf as the students think, but he plays it up. He finds out who is struggling that way, and mysteriously, they find themselves paired up with the brightest in the class. Teaching helps the bright ones learn better, and learning from their peers helps the struggling ones to grasp things more easily.
• Eventually he decides he’s just tired and needs to rest. He fully retires, full of honours and accolades. Multiple generations of Starfleet doctors come to his retirement ceremony.
• He heads back to the family home in Georgia, with plans to “drink a mint julep or two on my front porch”
• He is found, three mornings after settling in at home. The medical examiner figured he’d sat down to watch the sunset and drink his mint julep, and passed peacefully shortly after.


i found this piece of shit fucking prompt buried in my google drive and for some reason, never wrote it

Imagine Louis “Never Even Been a Prefect, More Times in Detention than Class” Tomlinson opening his Hogwarts letter for his final ear and out of the envelope slides a Head Boy badge. The amount of confusion he experiences. The unanswered owls he sends to the Headmistress trying to figure out if it’s a mistake. He tells no one, not even his mum, which kills him, but the last thing he wants to do is tell people he got it and then have to tell them when he finds out it was all a mistake.

He gets to the Platform (almost too late, obviously) on the first day and his gruff Head of House grumbles at him, “There you are, Tomlinson, your prefects are in the first cabin.” And Louis is astounded because this isn’t a joke. He gets told to pin his Head Boy Badge on (you better not’ve lost it, or I swear, Tomlinson…) and get on the train before it leaves him behind, and he doesn’t get to ask any questions.

He walks into the first cabin and surveys who he’s working with – there’s Liam Payne the headstrong do-gooder Gryffindor and Harry Styles the spacey yet surprisingly competent Ravenclaw and Niall Horan the chill Hufflepuff and Zayn Malik the not at all surprisingly competent Slytherin (and maybe the Mixers for the girls and Eleanor for the Head Girl?). Zayn greets him because they’re housemates and they go way back, and Payne looks up at him and asks him if he’s lost, which, please. He’s a seventh year.

But it hits him a little that it’s sort of a fair question (not that he’d ever admit it) – but he’s Louis “My Transfiguration Professor told me I’d never amount to anything” Tomlinson. This doesn’t happen to him.

He’s also got a bit of a reputation for mischief. That bit he’s not particularly ashamed of.

“Sit up straight, lads, your leader is here. Look at the ladies, next to them you look like you’ve just spent three hours de-gnoming your mum’s garden. Get your feet off the seat, Horan, show some respect for the position,” he barks, rising to as much of as his full height as he can manage.

“I’m sorry, but who are you?” Payne asks, knowing full well the answer.

“I’m Louis Tomlinson, your Head Boy, and I’d watch your tone there, Payne.”

And Zayn smiles and shakes his head because it’s classic Tommo and Niall crows with laughter and Harry widens his eyes, looks vaguely amused but says nothing, and Liam looks like he’s just swallowed a mouthful of earwax-flavored Bertie Botts, and the girls could not literally give a fuck and Eleanor asks him if he’ll need a measuring tape for their dicks if they’re going to keep on at it like this.

Louis is all talk, all bark, all strut, but when it comes right down to it, he hasn’t got a clue how to lead them. But he knows he has to. He knows he has to learn. He’s going to step up for once in his life because he’s been given a chance.

It’s probably Lilo and Liam learns how to relax from Louis and Louis learns how to actually be responsible from Liam. And it’s a lot of trial and error and anxiety and feelings of inadequacy. Quelled by the best support system either of them can possibly imagine. Basically an X-Factor era fic in disguise, isn’t it?

A little bit more Tumblr Blog AU:

  • John messaging Sherlock ‘You looked hot today, Posh Boy’ and Sherlock going through his mind trying to figure out which person that he met could have been him
  • Sherlock asking why he didn’t tell him he’s his anon and John not answering, leaving Sherlock confused
  • John casually mentioning that he still got his uniform after Sherlock makes a post about how ‘Every girl loves a man in a uniform’
  • Sherlock giving another anon tips on how to let people know he’s gay with fashion, John being impressed that he knows so much about gay fashion
  • John joking about how Sherlock’s first posts were about tobacco ash and telling him that he’s glad he changed his blog theme because otherwise he wouldn’t have found him
  • Sherlock and John for once actually talking about something fashion related and Sherlock at some point asking ‘So what are you wearing, Doctor?’ and not realizing what he did until he reads the comments
  • Someone trying to mess with Sherlock by using ‘Army Doctor’ as signature as well but Sherlock just being like 'You’re not him’
  • People suggesting they should just meet each other but both ignoring the comments because they are not sure if the other one actually would want to meet them (also the reason why John didn’t speak to Sherlock when he saw him)
I Feel Lost
Hey guys, hope I didn't wake you up. I've just been feeling a little lost lately and wanted to get some things off my chest. I've been on YouTube for about 5...

what i want him to know is that he will never disappoint me. whatever he goes through, i’m gonna stick by him; and i can’t talk for everyone, but i like to believe that most of you here will too. if he needs to take a moment to try and figure everything out, then dude, take as much time as you need. i’m so proud of what he’s done, and i’m going to keep supporting him whatever choices he makes.

god, he means so much to me.