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I think the timing of Harry's tweet is notable and perhaps intentional. He did it before Niall (who I was surprised didn't tweet first thing this morning inline with his current SM engagement level) and Liam. His was not prompted by everyone else having done it and it being obvious he hadn't. The one they say hates the band and wants nothing to do with it anymore - he proactively and clearly made his statement.

I know. I’m so verklempt!!  I was expecting “6″ at BEST from him, and we got real, non-robot, non-”all the love” Harry. 

Excuse me, I need a moment.

ok but reyes as an unapologetic villain. who doesn’t believe that what happened to him happened to him for a reason or that it made him stronger. reyes lashing out against everything that has happened to him, clinging fiercely onto that anger & hatred because it’s all he has left. yes he’s angry, yes he’s mad & he has every right to be. he doesn’t want redemption, pity & he certainly doesn’t want overwatch. he will burn everything to the ground & the world can watch him.

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Head cannon: Howard was a craptastic father but Tony never says anything because he knows Steve was friends with Howard and doesn't want to hurt him. When they start dating, Rhodey takes it upon himself to educate Steve about the finer points of Tony's childhood and the resulting daddy issues.

Imagine Tony tries to laugh it off whenever Steve brings Howard up and he can barely believe the man Steve talks about is really his dad.

Because they seem like two different people and Tony is a little bit jealous Steve got to know this Howard, this friendly and carefree Howard, the one he was before he lost Steve.

But Tony wouldn’t say anything about it, even though it hurts him - so of COURSE Rhodey has to take matters in his own hands to protect Tony and he’d tell Steve about the Howard that was Tony’s dad

Of course he wouldn’t just give away every bad thing Howard ever did, but he’d make sure Steve understands that Tony never got to meet the Howard STEVE met - and that overall Howard wasn’t as great a guy as he was before Steve went into the ice aaaaaaa-

Protective Rhodey is a thing of beauty

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what is the purpose of kagura?

Hi! Kagura, or sacred dance, originates from Ame no Uzume no Mikoto. The deity of mirth, happiness, dawn, and revelry. 

It comes from the cave myth where, after her brother Susanoo no Mikoto caused lots of difficulties in her realm, he finally did the worst thing - he threw a skinned sacred pony through the roof of Amaterasu Omikami’s sacred weaving hall, where she and her younger sister and attendants created sacred garments. Her younger sister Wakahirume no Mikoto was hit by the pony, and fell onto the weaving loom at such a force it pierced through her reproductive areas and killed her. (In some myths it is an unnamed weaving maiden/attendant who is killed in this way. And in some myths it is Amaterasu Omikami herself who is injured (not stated where or how) but not killed).

Due to this incident, Amaterasu Omikami, seeing her deceased sister (or attendant/or after being injured herself) and the skinned pony - blood all over as well - she fell  into shock, disgust, anger, and grief. She cried and ran into the Heavenly Rock Cave - Ama no Iwato, and shut herself inside with a large boulder. 

This caused a long-lasting darkness to overcome everything. Plants began to sulk and wither and the Kami were concerned about the crops of food and livelihood. When they found out Susanoo no Mikoto had done this, they shaved his beard (his pride and manhood), and ripped his fingernails from the cuticle (a very old and brutal way of exile). And was banished from Takamagahara (land of the Heavenly Kami (Amatsukami) to the land of the Kunitsukami (Earthly kami) at Izumo. In that time, the Amatsukami and Kunitsukami did not get along or were together, so it was like sending him off to another clan to essentially be killed or not accepted. However - this did not occur to him, thankfully. (Later on in the myths, he marries Kushinadahime, a Kunitsukami, and redeems himself heroically)

So after Susanoo no Mikoto was exiled, the Amatsukami tried to plan how to bring Amaterasu Omikami back. There were many ideas created by Omoikane no Mikoto, the deity of wisdom. He said to put roosters at the cave so their crowing would make Amaterasu Omikami think dawn was here, and she would have to come out.

Then, Ame no Futodama no Mikoto performed divination on his ideas with the ancient Oracle Bone method, and how to execute the plans of Omoikane no Mikoto. Upon the divination results, they learned to raise a large Sakaki tree in front of the cave.

Sacred cloth from her weaving hall was put on the tree, and Tamanoya-no-Mikoto (the deity of jewel-making, who made magatama for the Amatsukami), strung very long strands of magatama jewels across the branches. 

 Ishikoridome-no-Mikoto (the deity of mirrors and clarity, and self-reflection) then created the Yata no Kagami , the most important and sacred mirror which is still ensrhined today at Ise Kotaijingu - and hung it on the tree to show Amaterasu Omikami-sama her face upon her exit from the cave.

Then, Ame no Koyane no Mikoto (the deity of words and prayers) began to chant prayers/norito to incite Amaterasu Omikami to come out

The origin of Kagura in the main point:

Once everything was ready, then, Ame no Uzume no Mikoto overturned a wooden washtub, and began to dance with bells (now modern days kagura suzu - kagura bells), and a sakaki branch. She danced and danced and fell into a divine trance, opening up her clothing to expose her breasts and pubic hair. The Kami, upon seeing this dance, uproared with laughter at it’s vitality and slight absurd nature.

Amaterasu Omikami heard this laughing, and she peeked out from the cave. She asked, “What makes you all laugh so much, when I am here in the cave and there is darkness?”

To which Ame no Uzume no Mikoto responded, “There’s a better kami than you who has come! And she shines much more beautifully and radiant than you ever did!”

Amaterasu Omikami, feeling embarrassed, flustered, and overwhelmed by curiosity to see who could have possibly replaced her, forgot about her sadness for the moment and reached out more, looking farther.

That’s when she noticed her reflection in the mirror. Bright, beautiful, dazzling, she thought, “Who is that?” while caught up in her reflection, she was about to realize it was her and despair and retreat, but …

Suddenly, the big burly hand of Ame no Tajikarao caught her arm and dragged her out into the open, restoring light. 

At the same time,  before she could struggle away, Futodama no Mikoto brought across the shimenawa, known today as the rice straw rope that marks off sacred areas, across the cave entrance, and said, “You now cannot pass through this rope!” Then finally, light was restored to the world. 

The traditional thinking in Japan is that this represented the solar eclipse. Some modern Western scholars believe it is the usual solar cult belief connected to the Winter Solstice, the death and rebirth of the Sun. I do not believe that is so accurate however. I believe it was a true spiritual event, and possibly even physical event - but connected later by priests to the solar eclipse, because during this time we can realize just how much we need the sun’s warmth and blessings - eternal darkness will be no good for humanity. 

I know I went on a long story about the cave myth - but to understand the entire context of Ame no Uzume no Mikoto’s sacred dance, is to understand the origins of kagura.

Kagura originated from her dance into the more sacred, mild and reformed nature it is today. While it is not to incite laughter, it is a ritualistic dance now performed to entertain the Kami as an offering to them, alongside the Gagaku, sacred music.  It has an ancient tradition from this long ago, and why items such as branches, bells, and fans (another traditional item of Ame no Uzume) is used in today’s Kagura. 

I feel 90% certain that if Loghain did not have that ‘ominous’ moment at Ostagar, and wasn’t coded as a Villain (IE coded using tropes for villains which are antisemitic), way more people would be willing to understand him as a character, and realise that the only thing he did that was unequivocally evil was selling elves into slavery and that the rest of his actions come from him having a mental illness he’s coping poorly with. 

Like, if Maric had been there for the Fifth Blight, none of the stuff that happened would have happened. Because Maric and Loghain, who are both mentally ill, have learned to rely on each other, and it helps them both. Also, Maric knows a lot of Warden secrets he’s not supposed to know, which Loghain doesn’t know. All of this would help. 

Okay can we just talk about Jaime and Cersei’s relationship vs Jaime and Brienne’s? Jaime and Cersei got into that type of young love where this person is EVERYTHING and it was them against the world. It’s literally crazy to think about how they had no real parental love and they found that comfort in eachother. And Tywin always told them how family is the only people they could trust. But time passed and Cersei and Jaime changed as people but they never questioned stopping cause they knew it would hurt. Jaime always loved Cersei - first as a sister and then as a woman. He never didn’t love her, despite everything. Also having everyone tell you your love is sick and wrong takes a huge toll mentally and emotionally. They never got to claim eachother, Jaime wasn’t able to be a father to his kids, he did things he never imagined himself doing. Their love was real but it was never one that could last if you look at it, one that they knew would have consequences but they never imagined how tragic and terrible. But Jaime and Brienne is totally different like Jaime fell for Brienne in a completely different stage in his life. He experienced what it was like getting to know someone and developing trust and learned about himself too and he never had that with Cersei. Like he knows he wants more than what he had with Cersei and he probably feels some kind of guilt thinking about how he wants to be free from what he had with her and all the pain but he knows there were good times too. I love how Brienne would never push him and how she is so unselfish in the way she loves.

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I feel like the best spooner to the worst would go from Nick, Hancock, Cait, Deacon, Piper, Preston, Curie (synth), MacCready, X6, Strong, and then Danse. Danse having no concept what-so-ever of said spoonage.


I just can’t stop laughing about the Sole Survivor yelling at Danse “EVEN STRONG IS BETTER AT SPOONING THAN YOU, U TINCAN” and then he just “… why did even you spoon with that thing”

someday i will come up with a tag for Charon Walken that isnt demeaning to his character but today is not that day

Exo reaction - Seeing you with someone else (Kyungsoo and Kai)

Yes you can! You can give me a request on only a few members and on ot9 or ot12. Just be specific on what you want when you request! Thank you for the request!


You and Kai would probably have had a fight about something stupid, and he would end up saying something awful that he did not really mean to say to you. The fight broke things of between you and him and Kai would give you some weeks to think.

But before he could ever have the chance to stop by your house and tell you that he was sorry, he saw you with another guy. You were laughing and hugging the guys arm, just like you used to do to him and then it finally got to his mind. He had lost you.

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Kyungsoo was the one to break up with you. You and him did not have as much time with eachother and things just kind of got down from there. One day he accidentally got up a photo of you and him on his phone. He thought that he deleted all but one little picture was still there. He needed to get his girl back, now. He had made a huge mistake! 

He was sitting in his car by your house and just waited for you to come home. Kyungsoo was just about to step out of his car when he saw you walking with another guy. You were smiling and obviously happy. Kyungsoo would not want anything else then you to be happy and then decided to let you move on.

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Hey caddy, you have talked to G about getter, right? Do you think he will ever talk to you about Grilbz and what broke their relationship off? That way you both have a clear cut understanding of what not to do in a relationship?

“I told G about Getter a while back. I had an intense PTSD flashback when he accidentally aimed an attack at me - and though I didn’t know what it was at the time, I later explained to him why my eye is broken, and how that probably related to what happened.”

“And as for Grillby, G didn’t tell me directly, but things sort of… came out, when that whole thing with Sans happened. He didn’t want my relationship with his dad to turn into ‘another Grillby’ - something that’s illicit, and secret, and felt like one of us is just using the other.”

“Since then, though, we’ve both put things to rest with Grillby. What he did to G was wrong - and the way he reacted, seeing him with me, wasn’t much better - but he showed us genuine remorse, and we showed him Mercy. And as for Getter - the best revenge is a life well lived, right? If he saw how comfortable I am now with everything he’d constantly pick at, I think he’d turn green!”

“But, heh, though both of us still have things that need work, we both draw our Blue Magic from our Integrity. So all we can do is try to be honest with each other… and if we do find ourselves repeating those same mistakes, I can only hope we’ll try to take a step back, calm down, and talk things through.”

“We’re only monsters, after all… ” 


This was so fucking natural for them HOLY SHIT. 


… Until the fucking started telling her how he felt and why she did the things that she did. Why do the Mtathews always do that? LET MAYA FIGURE STUFF OUT FOR HERSELF. Even if what he said was TRUE, she should have figured it out on her own. 

… I also remembered that this ship is illegal and i was like “oh yeah.. that’s why I still don’t ship them” 

… but j*shaya fans will be happy and i am happy for them BC IT WAS A CUTE SCENE OKAY

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5 please!!

Whoops I had to make this an ot3 love triangle. Blame Anthony mackie.


“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

Steve open and closed his mouth like a fish and flapped his arms so hard Sam thought he might actually take flight before sputtering out, “No!”

“So then why…did you send Bucky on a false mission to Ohio with Clint?”

Steve flapped a little more. “I just, uh-”

Sam raised an eyebrow at him.

“Okay yes. You got me. I’m jealous.” Then he did the worst possible thing and pulled out the Big Blue Puppy Eyes of Justice. “I just miss you, that’s all. You and I were spending so much time together before Bucky came around.” The way he said Bucky was unlike Sam’s ever heard the name come out of his mouth. He spat it out like it tasted bad.

“Let me get this straight. You missed me and instead of talking to me or just plain old asking to hang out you ordered Bucky and Clint out of the state so you could get me all alone?”

Steve ducked his head and rubbed the back of his neck- turning on the bashful charm, “Well when you say it like that…”

Sam tried not to fall for it. “Yes it sounds terrible! Because it is! What if they got hurt? What if in an hour some idiot decides to take over Long Island and we’re missing both our sharpshooters?”

Steve made the most adorable little grumpy face Sam’s ever seen at his words and Sam couldn’t help it; he laughed. “You are just too much, Steve. Come here.” He motioned for Steve to come sit next to him on the couch. Steve just about skipped over, smiling and looking completely pleased with himself. He snuggled himself into Sam’s side and Sam threw an arm around him, pulling him even closer.

He gave Steve’s temple a little kiss. “You know Bucky’s gonna be pissed when he finds out right?”

Steve shrugged, happy and content to be in Sam’s arms. He was silent for a moment before he looked up at Sam with a mischievous smirk. “I’m sure we can think of a way to make it up to him. You know,” Steve blushed to the tips of his ears, “together.”

little kids honestly,,love me like my little 2 y/o cousin is rly wary of other people but she loves me and wants me to carry her and she loves to sit on my lap it’s so cute, same with my mom’s friend’s son like he did the same thing it makes me feel special :,,,,,,,,,)