no offense to demetria, congratulations to her on her first nomination or whatever. but im highly upset that confident got a nomination for best pop vocal album over revival. revival received FAR better reviews and ended up on several year-end lists. it went on to achieve much more success (3 number ones on the pop charts compared to demi’s 0). and it’s a MUCH BETTER album that established selena as an artistic force. i understand demi has a great voice and was constantly begging the grammys for a nomination, but like…… it took revival’s well-deserved spot… i think demis talented but confident is neither her best effort, nor worthy of a grammy nomination.

in the split second before chato transformed into his fire god form and committed his heroic sacrifice

the camera zoomed into a photo of these two children

and then you remember this

why is everyone dragging luke skywalker for not being a cynical brooding badass at the age of nineteen… he literally spent his entire life on the same planet doing the same stuff, just because he lacks the kind life experience that leia had at his age doesn’t make him childish or weak- in fact, I think it makes him lucky. He was able to have more of a normal childhood instead of being thrust into politics and warfare at such a young age. So maybe yall can chill and realize that luke was literally just a normal nineteen year old and that’s part of what makes him such a great protagonist- your everyday kid with big dreams makes them come true and becomes a hero in the process.

This year that passed you’ve touched so many hearts and handed out so many smiles .. I admire you for genuinely always giving your family, your friends , your work and your fans 100% of you . Everyday you face challenges and knock them all down with a smile. You inspire/motivate people (including myself) around the world to strive for greatness with no fear of failure. I pray in this upcoming year God continues to bless you with wisdom , success and health. I pray for every door to open for you. I pray for you to live , laugh and love through out your upcoming journey. I’m so proud of of you my love. Forever here .#HappyBirthday @lestwinson #Smile #live #laugh #love #itsacelebration 🎉🎉🎉


“The person that you like is the 707 in the chatroom, not me…!”
“Then please let me understand the person in front of me!”

A kinda quick doodle that I started last night, on the 8th day of Seven’s route, and finished today.
I just really wished I could give him a hug… his route is so painful…

Artwork © 2016 Siobhan (http://dashofcreativity.net/)
707 (Luciel Choi), the MC, and Mystic Messenger © Cheritz Corporation

Do not use without permission, and please don’t repost/remove credits; thank you!


  he did want to be the one to bring it up again, but as the symptoms pieced together and it became clear that jolene wasn’t gonna say anything, addie knew he didn’t have much of a choice anymore. curled up in her bed, content and still powered on by the bottle of wine he’d finished (alone, he’d noticed pointedly), he shifted so he was facing her and sighed. “jo, babe .. we gotta talk about it.”

anonymous asked:

tell us what you feel for kyim

i turned on auto correct for this bc im about to tell u a story
okay so u know how 2016 has been a terrible year for everyone? yea its been a really weird year for me and i was already feeling hopeless when i started talking to him? and i dont remember what happened exactly but it had something to do with him and his glasses and he was like hey add me on sc and i’ll send you a selfie right now
so that’s what happened and i stayed up until like 5am on a school night bc i was talking to him and i didn’t wanna sleep?? anyway i was like damn he’s cute?
and then i started getting anons like ‘do u like kyim?’ and ‘i think he’s into you’ and i was like bitch!! wyd!! dont do this to yourself leticia!!
but basically i Did this to myself and turns out that the anons were right and here we are?
anyway to answer your question: i’d never fallen for anyone until now and i’m thoroughly enjoying this experience and i’m very happy and the fact that he’s actually into me still seems kinda fake but u know what,,,, i’m willing to believe this lie if that means i get to be with him