HxH Headcanons

Pakunoda Feeds a lot of stray cats and most of them hangout around her house everyday and sometimes she sits outside for hours and pets them

Shalnark Is always losing his chargers because he has too many to keep track of

Machi Loves baking and is actually really good at it she also really likes to sew and make cute blankets/sweaters

Feitan Wears so many layers because he hates the cold and easily gets sunburn when its hot out

Killua Is actually terrified of horror movies and will unconsciously scoot closer to Gon when they watch them. Will NEVER admit to this

Chrollo actually has a soft spot for Hisoka and finds him rather amusing

Sometimes when Kurapika is upset he’ll make himself a nice cup of herbal tea and sit outside with a cozy blanket wrapped around him. It will be over his head and everything, you can just barely see his face

Hisoka Cares about his appearance and what people think about him way more than he lets on