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Hi! Can you write headcanons with lau,Sebastian, and soma where the reader is a famous singer?

Definitely! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) I’ll put it in Modern!AU.


  • He will be proudly wearing shirts with your image and/or name printed on it, there is no way you can convince him to not do it, he will be way too proud of your success and the fact that you two make such a great, influential couple. He will be selling those shirts but also mugs, patches, keychains, CDs…
  • Inspite everything, Lau will be your oasis in this chaotic life, accepting days when you will want to sit in silence and rest, willing to listen to you if you will have any problems and generally being a huge emotional help, bigger than you thought. When going out with you on a dates, he will chose places where no one could disturb you and your time together but where you would still feel special since the perspective of you being the richer and better known doesn’t suit him, that is why he will want to remind you that he is capable of taking care of you, too.
  • You may or may not discover that half of your security is actually employed by him.


  • At first, he will be a little bit jealous. It is rare for him to not be the star of the evening, not be admired and wanted but eventually he will discover that sitting somewhere on the audience, peacefully watching you singing in front of all those people who love you and feeling your soul shine brightly could be more pleasant than he imagined. He will always applause you for the longest period of time, no matter how many times he has already heard any song of yours.
  • He will be your personal bodyguard, always making sure that you are safe and sound, smoothly fitting between your fans and watching you from afar in case there were some psychofans around or any other danger. People are unpredictable, after all.
  • Even though he could probably easily do it, he won’t try to steal your place or become a greater artist than you are because he will be aware of how much it means for you. However, he will gladly become your manager, too, and run a Facebook fanpage. He may create many various accounts only to burn online everyone who dares to criticize you and after some time he will become pretty good at it.

Prince Soma:

  • He will be your fan #1, always participating in any events you have to attend to and helping you the best he can. It will be exciting for him to have such a talented and famous partner and he will support you with his whole heart, even if it means having only a little time for him. It is your dream, after all and he won’t want to stop you from realizing it.
  • He may become whining if you won’t sing something only for him from time to time and will be most likely demanding lullabies. Your marvelous voice will make miracles when it comes to him and will make him fall asleep like a baby as soon as his cheek will touch the pillow.
  • Once or twice he will get kicked out of the backstage by the security because he will make too much noises and cause general chaos while wanting to cheer you up before a performance.

MGS3: Snake Eater HD - True Patriot (FINALE) | Bone Zone

@walery_badaro trying the 2016 Iron
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Detective Conan Movie 20 - The Darkest Nightmare (Jap dub).mkv
Here's the result of my editing! I used the Japanese dub and edited it over the HD Korean version! A couple of seconds of a certain scene were omitted from the Japanese dub, so I left the Korean dub as it is there(It's during Vermouth's, vodka's and Kir's dialogues). Post-ending-credits was also missing in the Japanese version, so that's also left with the Korean dub. Please share this around so that anyone who is up for the task of subbing the Japanese dub uses this video! ^^

Make Sure to Share this around so that when someone wants to translate and sub the movie, they can use this HD video!


Hasselblad 500C + Fujicolor Pro 160

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