Dear Charlie,

i’m tired
its too late in the night to be considered night anymore
i can hear the birds outside
but a new day isn’t going to give me a new feeling
i still want to tear at my skin until its free of any trace of last night
i wasn’t touched but god, i can still feel the marks on me
words can strike like a whip, you know.
maybe i should sleep.
coffee with him in a few hours will make things better, easier, even if he is leaving.
i am going to miss him, but not the way i’m feeling.
distance is good sometimes
not always
but sometimes.
i love him charlie, even if sometimes i wonder why. i love him.
-hct, 5:41 am


Tegan & Sara - Entrance + The Ocean @ HCT, Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD 7/31/10.  Filmed by the Heartthrob of the Tegan and Sara fan base: Jaime Wojdowski! @wojo4hitz!