okay but can we just appreciate the fact that when Harry took the Felix Felicis, he caused both Ron and Lavender + Ginny and Dean to break up?? Like, he slipped off towards Hagrid’s with the cloak on because the Felix told him to, and since Lavender couldn’t see Harry with Ron and Hermione in the dorm, she thought Ron and Hermione were alone together. Ron and Lavender were DONE. And when Harry was slipping off through the portrait hole on his way out, the cloak brushed against Ginny’s leg, and she got into a fight with Dean because she thought he was trying to help her through, which pissed her off. Dean and Ginny? DONE. So this tells us that : Harry, much like myself, is trash for Romione and Hinny.

harry potter who:

  • survived the Killing and the Cruciatus Curse
  • was treated like a punching bag by Dudley for 10+ years
  • periodically felt blinding pain in his scar/head
  • broke his wrist
  • got bitten by a basilisk
  • nearly got his soul sucked out
  • fell 50ft through the air
  • fought a dragon
  • nearly drowned
  • was possessed
  • got his nose stamped on and broken

compared seeing ginny weasley kissing dean thomas to feeling like he’d been struck by lightning


Harry could smell salt and hear rushing waves; a light, chilly breeze ruffled his hair as he looked out at moonlit sea and star-strewn sky. He was standing upon a high outcrop of dark rock, water foaming and churning below him. He glanced over his shoulder. A towering cliff stood behind them, a sheer drop, black and faceless. A few large chunks of rock, such as the one upon which Harry and Dumbledore were standing, looked as though they had broken away from the cliff face at some point in the past. It was a bleak, harsh view, the sea and the rock unrelieved by any tree or sweep of grass or sand.

“What do you think?” asked Dumbledore. He might have been asking Harry’s opinion on whether it was a good site for a picnic.

“They brought the kids from the orphanage here?” asked Harry, who could not imagine a less cozy spot for a day trip.