• me, age fourteen, watching hbp, when lavender and hermione are having that fight in the hospital wing: GO OFF, HERMIONE, YAAAAS
  • me now, old, and bitter, but wiser: yeah, honestly, lavender has a point and also really, really, REALLY doesn't deserve this bullshit.

But Percy showed no signs of wanting to greet any of the rest of the family. He stood, poker-straight and awkward looking, and stared over everybody else’s heads. Mr. Weasley, Fred, and George were all observing him, stony-faced.

This kills me because they all want the same thing. And I think no one wants Percy to just…say it…more than Percy does honestly. But he’s not ready. He’s still figuring out who he is now. 

He’s not himself at all, in HBP. That much is painfully clear, and it’s so distinct from Percy by the end of DH…who is very much the loud-mouthed, eager, excitable, earnest person we’ve always known him to be.

This person we see here is lost to himself entirely. He’s in two scenes the whole book, and he says three words in one of them. That person can’t apologize, however sorry he might be. 

It isn’t until he reconciles himself with himself, accepts who he is–good and bad, past and present–that he can be reconciled with others.

harry potter books rated by ron

sorcerer’s/philosopher’s stone: i’ll be a knight, literally sacrifices himself for harry and hermione 10/10
chamber of secrets: in like chapter two he FLIES a car to save harry from his abusive relatives already 10/10
prisoner of azkaban: stood on his broken leg to try and defend harry from a supposed mass murderer he’d been scared of most of his freaking life 10/10
goblet of fire: ron’s indignation on his behalf was worth about a hundred points to him - also the thing harry missed most 10/10 
order of the phoenix: weasley is our king 10/10
half-blood prince: In spite of the feeling of dread that had just swept through him his spirits could not help but lift at the sight of it. Ron was in there 10/10
deathly hallows: ron breaking the silencing charm to shout at voldermort that harry beat him 10/10

Let’s take a moment to recognize the brilliant symbolism of Draco seeing Harry in the fractured mirror during the bathroom scene in HBP. When Moaning Myrtle mentioned a boy crying in her bathroom, Harry couldn’t even imagine it was Malfoy because he didn’t think the Slytherin had a heart. From the handshake rejection in the very beginning, Harry brushed Draco aside as a cartoonish villain or petty rival, but this scene illustrated a shift in their relationship. Harry realized Draco’s humanity for the first time, and it was by looking in a fucking mirror. They’re both broken in their own ways, but in the end, they’re a reflection of each other.

When you laugh at a dumb meme and someone who’s not an internet person asks whats so funny, but it’s like a tier 3 meme and you’ve gotta explain about seven years of internet for them to understand the nuances