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Congratulations Jonathan and Derrick on their engagement. And good luck on the bar exam, both gentlemen will soon be lawyers 💍💛🖤 #HBCU #HBCUlove #blacklove #blacklawyers #futurelawyers@jr.derrick @minjallen

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Graduation Post Part 2

Summer before my sophomore year of college, I met a boy from California. Being that I was from Maryland, he instantly became my rival. 👊🏾💢 There was never a day we wouldn’t compete against one another. Then eventually we stopped competing and became a team, complimenting each other. (Sept. 27, 2014 😍)

May 7th is by far the best moment I could share with you. Yet, it’s bitter sweet cause now we are going back to our respective homes. 😭

But I can confidently say that distance will not hold us a part. I look forward to the day when the team is back together again. I love you, Bran.

From Kamesha, 

Your Best friend and girlfriend for life 😘😍 

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This argument is pointless. The colonized mind will do whatever it has to do to be around white people and white spaces. Wanton negroes love valuing white people and white things over black people and black things. We’re begging to be in these places, to get spat on when we get there.