Jose’s family is beyond generous for allowing fans the opportunity to have one final moment with him today.

Are you tired of heteronormativity filling your screen? Are you tired of sad queer characters? Are you just tired? (Cause we are, constantly). Then look no further! The Night Shift is a new queer series that follows four friends as they struggle to find their footing after graduation, and it’s not easy. They work their nights away learning about life, love, friendship, and how to stock a shelf properly.

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Today in TTOI History: Malcolm teaches a master class in spinprov while dressed ‘like as if there’d been a Scottish James Bond’

And when you combine this spinprov with the very similar (but not nearly as well dressed) spinprov from 104,

and then add it to Malcolm’s rather futile attempts to to cover-up Fistygate, you can see how Malcolm is much much MUCH better about lying convincingly about others than he is about lying about himself

at which he is very very BAD. So bad!

Also, he is pretty horrible to Geordie Julie the Merry Fucking Widow who only wants justice for her dead squashed husband, but at least he doesn’t flat out tell the news she’s a racist – you know, as he did about the poor piss woman who only wanted justice for her mother. So why was he (marginally) nicer to Julie Price? Could it have been because of a vague sense of déjà vu?

(Well, probably not, but still, in another life…)

*— ooc.

grins and agressively vibrates in position — 

hello hellooo !!! my name is lyra and i don’t know what to say because boi i’m a super antisocial potato — but i’m sO excited to be here because i love tokyo ghoul so much i weeped a little inside !! nervous laughter because also, here’s dropping baby sehun and he’s just ??? look idk how to describe him myself idk what have become of him but i have bullet infos on him below !!

feel free to bother him anytime tbh !!! he’s just awkward and a bit cold and sometimes as in most of the times, is annoying, but he is still a young baby !! i’ll get a plot page VERY SOON and if you want to hmu or talk about anything, really, i’m making an aim i’ll link here the second i make it !! 

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Is it some sucky law of the universe that when you have exactly two things you want to do in an ENTIRE weekend, those two things will invariably be scheduled at the exact same time on the exact same day, forcing you to choose? 

This is a rhetorical question. OF COURSE IT IS.


I’ve narrowed down my next tattoo to variations of these three. The first will be either a collie or a longhaired cat rather than a schnauzer, the middle will be a tortoiseshell rather than tabby, and the last might actually stay the same but could be longhaired if it looks decent ^^