hey look at this lance

thats all, i just found this lance and i had to share him cause hes beautiful 

The song that told us about the GPF banquet but we didn’t know it yet

We all know how Yuri on Ice likes dropping hints of what’s happening in the story through their soundtracks. Stay Close to Me is a fandom favorite to analyze, followed by Tales of a Sleeping Prince, which a lot of people saw similarities between the lyrics and Viktuuri’s story. 

The other songs with lyrics all make sense to their own characters - Still Alive talks about Leo de la Iglesia, Shall We Skate references Pichit’s passion and motivation, and JJ’s song is… Well, about himself. Yet, we’re left with a song with lyrics that still made no sense until episode 10.

I’m talking about Intoxicated, Chris’s short program song.

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how can a wanted traitor of a huge, and fashionable, crime syndicate stay out of their clutches? awful, awful 90s fashion no one would expect model status shiho miyano and shinichi kudo to be caught dead in 

companion to @edorazzi ‘s incredible tie dye disaster shinichi ! i feel like i should apologize to shiho…

czernys-glitter  asked:

Do you have a link for skam with English subs

yes!! fair warning that this is not the drive i used bc i watched it so long ago but it should work just the same

also to any other followers who are skam fans should check out incorectskamquotes

So…. Skam?

me: *aggressively hates christmas songs* 

also me: *blasts ‘o helga natt’ in every scandinavian language and cries* 


Here’s the second reminder about tomorrow stream, the first can be found hereAs usual, please contact me about participating, just for practicality’s sake. I was actually surprised but still incredibly happy to see how many of you are planning to take part, even though I posted the announcement really late!

Please reblog so as many people could see the announcement as possible - we need this even more now, as the date is particularly close.

Rules and guidelines are under the cut. (For those who are new or just want to review them again.)

As far as the program is concerned, Live in Hamburg is a secure item on our watchlist - as always, feel free to send me requests and suggestions!

Check the streamforthemasses tag for possible updates.

Love, Annie @leaveinsilence

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