Looking for Buffy content

I’m about to watch the series finale of Buffy for the first time after a major binge watch (of course I start the series a few days before I get the notification that it’s leaving Netflix). So, if there’s any Buffy blogs out there or you post a lot of Buffy related content, please like/reblog/send me a message so I can find you more easily! Also, if anyone has any suggestions of where to look for Buffy related fan works (art and fics) other than here, ao3, fanfiction, and deviantart please let me know :)

Things the ideal version of me would do every day: 

  • Yoga
  • Meditate
  • Run
  • Write
  • Floss

Things the current version of me does every day: 

  • Weep over my ever diminishing potential
  • Think about flossing

in honor of the “Favorite performance” ask from the monsta x ask game I’d like to mention this performance made me go nut and it still does.

anonymous asked:

Honestly I'm more impressed than anything with how you're able to watch the show (in subs) while uploading screenshots of what happening in said show, answering asks, and also reblogging various memes and posts. This is the kind of multitasking power that anime watchers could only dream of obtaining.

thanks????? idk how i’m doing it, this is my first time liveblogging anything