Pairing: Shizaya
Theme: movement

Shizuo had an odd habit that Izaya realized only once it was too late.

He never asked Izaya to move.

Not that Izaya was ever in the way often (because Izaya was usually the one busying himself around,) but Shizuo had never asked ‘can you move aside for a bit?’

If he needed to get past him, he’d just wait until Izaya realized he was in the way to step aside.

If he needed the pillow Izaya was using, he’d just stare at him.

If he needed something Izaya was sitting on, he’d try to slowly pull at it until Izaya snapped at him to cut it out.

It had surprised Shizuo but he scratched the back of his head and mumbled an apology and was quick to take the small ruler that he needed to return to Akane.

And from then on, Shizuo’s odd habit was resolved. It wasn’t as if the habit was that awful of one to have; rather, Izaya just hated feeling like he was in the way and the fact that Shizuo wouldn’t tell him and just leave him in that position made him more annoyed. He could handle Shizuo’s cigarette ashes dusting his cheeks occasionally when his head was in Shizuo’s lap. He could handle Shizuo’s milk overtaking half the refrigerator. And he could even handle the blond’s inherent messiness, the way clothes were strewn about and everywhere.

But being in the way for longer than needed, Izaya couldn’t handle.

The next time Shizuo needed something, Izaya could see him approaching from the edge of the room and pretended to continue reading, waiting for him to ask. But instead of words, Izaya felt strong arms slip under his knees and shoulder, picking him up.

Red eyes were wide and the book was raised suddenly to cover his face as he was placed in another couch and picked up again to be returned to his original position after a bit.

“Is that better?” Shizuo asked, not noticing Izaya’s blush.


Happy birthday @caracolsiniestro!! I was wondering for so long what I was going to draw for your birthday. What could possibly be really really amazing? Then it struck me the day before your birthday XD I know how much you like my second style sooo~ I drew us in the style! It’s my first time drawing fullbody with it, but I LOVE how it turned out! Greyscale fits it a lot more than color, so I even turned my galaxy paw grey! I’m super super proud of this, I hope you have a wonderful birthday friendo!

Surprise Present

Happy Birthday @super-not-naturall! Hope you have a wonderful day! Much love from your Supernatural family!!

Sitting on the window seat in the cluttered study, you watched as your three favorite men in the world stood arguing by the fire. There was Dean, who you considered your best friend, and Sam, your boyfriend of over a year. Then there was the older, gray haired and grumpy man you considered your Dad. Bobby had been there for you when your parents had dropped you off, never acting as if you were a burdened. Because of him you had met Sam and Dean, and had fallen in love with Sam.

He had been a shoulder when you needed to cry, an ear when you needed to talk. He taught you everything you had needed to learn about hunting, along with a few life lessons as well.

“Hey Y/N, you nodding off over there?” Bobby grumbled, breaking up their little pow wow to come over to you. 

“Nope. Just waiting for you guys to quit arguing.” You answered back, but your yawn betrayed your words.

“Holy crap, it’s after midnight anyways. Where did the time go?” He wondered out loud. “Do you know what that means?”

“Yeah, you’re getting old, and you need your beauty sleep?” Dean teased, earning a glare from the old man. 

“Shut up ya idjit. It means that it’s Y/N’s birthday!” Bobby exclaimed, heading over to his desk and pulling out a nicely wrapped box. Bringing it over to you, he smiled at you. “Happy Birthday girl.”

“Thanks Bobby. But you didn’t have to get me anything.” You said.

“Just open it girl.” He grumbled, and you ripped at the paper. Opening the box, you exclaimed at the cameera nestled inside.

“It’s not new, and I’m sorry for it. But it works, and it’s digital, and I know how much you love taking pictures.”

Turning the camera on, you pointed it at the man you considered your Dad, snapping a picture of him before the smile left his face. “It’s amazing, thank you!!”

Blushing slightly under your praise, he waved it off. “Of course. Just enjoy it, and your birthday.”

Happy birthday from @katymacsupernatural

Scare Away the Dark

HI OKAY I LEGIT HAD THE CRAZIEST DAY ANYWAY I JUST GOT HOME and after eating a lot of food the first thing I did was run to my computer to post this I’m super sorry it’s so late at night. Anyway…

Happy birthday Bella (bellalou5)!!!! I sat down to write you a Percabeth birthday fic and somehow an angsty solangelo came out of it so??? I really hope you like it and that you have a wonderful birthday because you are super awesome. Everyone go follow her because she is pretty fine, if I do say so myself.

Welcome to being 17; it’s the same as being 16 except a year older :)

(Title creds to Passenger)


It’s Nico’s first night in the hospital that the panic attack happens. 

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Super Birthday Extravaganza Thing v 2.0

Hello lovies and darlings!

Last year I asked my friends and followers to help celebrate my 30th birthday. It was by far one of the most lovely birthdays I’ve had in my adult life. And I’ve been tossing around doing something similar for this year.

So let’s consider this a tumblr-wide invitation to celebrate my 31st birthday with me!

Everyone is welcome to join in. You can send a message, draw something, write something, take a photo of a place you love… anything that you’d enjoy doing. It doesn’t have to be fancy or fandom related, it just has to be from you.

My birthday is on September 16; I plan on posting/sharing things as they come in starting on the 16th through to the following weekend (Friday is a great day to start a party, but I know everyone’s schedule is different). It’ll be under the same tag as before: #super birthday extravaganza thing.


Your friendly neighborhood Fandom Mom

P.S. If you need ideas check out the list I made last year (I’ve added to it) or posts tagged under #fave. As always, feel free to message me if you have any questions, you all are wonderful!! 💜💜💜💜