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i'm a scientifically-minded english arts major with a love for science but no desire to pursue it academically because while i'm very good at math, i hate actually doing it and math is the foundation of p. much all science so i only do it when i have to. that being said, i'm also an intj (and a programmer) and i have nothing but respect for people who feel more led to enter STEM fields, esp. women who enter the fields despite knowing about the stigmas and negative sentiments toward women in STEM

I feel like you would make a good sci-fi writer because that’s what I wanted to do because math can be Not Great but in the end I went for it

and you have no idea how many fuckboys I’ve had to put up with oh my god my life would be so much easier if it were acceptable for me to just fight pretentious assholes in the fuckign parking lot 

I don’t get it. I hate math. I think we should take a break. I actually think we should just call it a day. I won’t ever need to use parabolas anyway. Let’s do something else. Anything else, Kent. Anything. I’d rather stare into the sun. Or Eat glass. Or fall out of a tree and break both of my legs. Anything.

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how do you study math and physics? i rarely get good scores for those subject *sigh*

hiii! these are a few masterposts I previously bookmarked! 

Sorry there isn’t much on physics, I don’t take the subject! Hope this helps! Good luck with everything c:

Sarah :)