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Port smirked as he made his way down the hall with his buddies, the group moving as though they owned the halls. They might as well have, they were the big bad seniors on campus. The freshman scampered, the girls sighed at even a wink or a wave. They were suckers for soccer players, and being the leader if the team had it’s perks. He knew the rumors, who’s together and who’s not, who’s crushing on no, and finally that there was a new girl. Although he hadn’t seen her yet. He parted ways with his buddies, going to class and sitting down with an annoyed huff. God did he hate math.
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My math teacher hates me so much o was copying and he saw and said what you want to be when you older because your not going to get that job if you copy and I was like urm performing arts you don't need math so good bye i slayed man 😂

Actually, the reason why maths is always present as a subject is to train your mind - above all. I can yap about Shakespeare and psychology and write sonnets and books for my entire life, but I’d feel incomplete without knowledge from science ; maths,physics and medicine (in my case) . I mean, I think that a person shouldn’t settle for just knowledge in one field..A person should always strive for more


  • “I’ll never have to take a derivative in real life!” False. You apply the concepts of calculus a lot. Like when you drive a car. Or invest money. It might not be like, word problems, but doing calculus problems gives you an intuition for things like growth rate, which is important. 
  • “Everything is done on calculators!” Okay, this is true to an extent, because math people aren’t likely to argue that quick mental arithmetic is the heart of pure mathematics. But you need to know how to use a calculator? Like it’s honestly a fairly common thing to see people divide by a number when they should be multiplying by it (i.e. figuring out pretax pricing). So like, you don’t need to know $15.44/1.076 off the top of your head, but you need to know why you would use that particular relation. And when people bicker about stuff like that (which is frequently) they always state the problem in terms of algebra with some unknown quantity. 
  • “It’s too concrete. There’s no room for interpretation!” Okay this bullshit bothers me: this problem that’s been going around that’s like “6 (division symbol with the two dots) 2(1+2)”. And there’s this smug argument that’s like “ORDER OF OPERATIONS ACTUALLY SAYS THAT IT SHOULD BE NINE BECAUSE THE DIVISION ONLY APPLIES TO THE 2, NOT THE (1+2) QUANTITY.” It pisses me THE FUCK OFF because 1) that division symbol is bullshit and 2) if a teacher were to see that particular expression and see that someone reduced the expression to 1 in any math class beyond 7th grade, they would think, “oh, they thought you were dividing by 6 instead of just by 2! That’s a perfectly reasonable error because this is not how mathematical expressions should be written outside of some bullshit problem like this! In any other context, this would just be unclear because most people want their expressions to be readable! Plus, no one uses that silly division symbol with the two dots! We should express this as a fraction because we’re rational people!” Math is about assuming certain facts are true and seeing what happens within those assumptions. 
  • “I’m just so bad at it.” No. You’re not. You can’t be bad at all math because math is enormous. There are branches of math you may struggle with, or certain things (mostly computation, in this case) that trip you up, but you’re not bad at math. Thinking you’re bad at math in the first place isn’t your fault– but resisting the idea that changing your way of thinking about problems will help you, just because you claim to be “bad at math,” is. Did you play with those flat blocks as a kid and make really cool patterns out of them? Cool, you’re good at that, and that’s math, so, you’re not bad at math.
  • “Computers do all the math these days.” Computers compute. Computers do not do math. Computation is not math. 

Like okay math is hard, but jfc it’s also really cool and there are some awesome things to take away from it like numbers are boring and dumb but mathematicians even admit that 

This was the cutest thing I ever seen, as I said so many times I LOVE AND TOTALLY SHIP STALIA, they are so cute!!! And they are soul-mates.
For the ones that hate Malia… Just give her an opportunity also to stiles, everyone has been through a lot of things and they deserve some happiness. Right?

me: i hate math!

someone: did you know that mathematics is a part of your every day life? you count gas mileage and money. you always have to look at the clock to check the time, you have to set the timer on your microwave to heat up your f-

me: i hate math!