Going into the Bruce Banner tag, hoping to see cute edits and drawings:

Seeing nothing but tagged Bruce Banner and Mark Ruffalo hate in relation to Brutasha:

whenever you tell someone you don’t like bugs there’s always this one bitch who pops up like “but they’re necessary for our ecosystem!! uwu” alright that’s great but that’s not gonna stop me from destroying their sorry asses when they decide to chill in my bathtub

people are so
fucking weak they can’t take a robot dressed in a school girl dress they gotta bring in other shit to complain

oh my god it’s an article of clothing,
if you find something wrong with it in a sexual way it’s your problem because you’re sexualizing it.

ok wait but…. why call bi/pansexuals “inherently transphobic” when there are plenty of homosexual men & women who love to talk about how grossed out by dicks/vaginas they are

of fairytales, updates and exams

That time of the year is moving towards me in the speed of light. I can hear its haunting voice whispering “you’re doomed“ every time I open a document with fanfiction. Ah yes, the exam season is here!

Ahem… my 2nd midterm week starts on June 2nd, my finals start on June 9th, which means that the last update I’ll make on this blog will be really soon since I have to study.

I’ll write as much as possible while trying not to butcher the prompts and then I’ll go on hiatus. Hopefully, I’ll be able to fill everything from the pending list. ^^

Wish me luck!

“fans” : “He didn’t even accept letters hes so rude”

“fans” : “Jongin doesn’t even have the decency to smile at fans! “

“fans” : “Jongin is fake! !”

“fans” : ” Jongin is rude”

“fans” : “He could have at least smiled at us!”

“fans” : “What kind of idol treats fans like this?”