Next Time on My Strange Addiction
  • Jaehee:there is this beautiful creature by the name of Zen.. Oh, you know of him? Of course you do.
  • Jumin:Elizabeth 3rd is my life partner. We plan on getting married in the future.
  • Zen:who's that? Oh, that's right. That's me. Standing in the mirror. I thank god every day, that I woke up feeling this way. I can't help loving myself and I don't need nobody else~
  • Yoosung:LOLOL is love. LOLOL is life.
  • 707:#ICANQUITWHENEVERIWANT *shoves a handful of Buddha honey chips in his mouth*
the signs as history of japan quotes
  • Aries:♬how bout i do anyway♬?
  • Taurus:open the country. stop having it be closed.
  • Gemini:how about ♬sunrise land♬?
  • Cancer:*you've got mail!* it's from germany! the new leader of germany, he has a cool mustache and he's trying to take over the world and needs friends
  • Leo:knock knock. it's the United States. with huge boats. and guns. (gunboats).
  • Virgo:knock knock, get the door it's ~religion~
  • Libra:♬hire a samurai♬
  • Scorpio:hey dipshit
  • Sagittarius:♬japan should take the islands!♬
  • Capricorn:BREAKING NEWS: the Mongols have invaded China. "we've invaded China" said the Mongols.
  • Aquarius:like clocks. and guns. and ♬JESUS♬
  • Pisces:he said, and failed, and also died