i will never get over the fact that the entire final arc is the most blatant “fuck you” from kubo to the ichiruki fanbase 

 -ichigo doesn’t even know that she achieved bankai. so much for the whole ~whitesun/blackmoon~special bond. 

 -during ichigos moment of despair, he has rukia run straight to orihime. she does nothing to help ichigo. that entire scene looks like one couple helping another couple. 

-didnt even let rukia go with ichigo instead of renji to the final battle. he could’ve given them a mini tag-team, but nope lmao. instead kubo has renji go with him(who gets knocked tf 2 seconds into battle) to obviously let us know that renruki was happening lmao. like there was no other reason as to why renji was picked over rukia.

 -literally recycles one of their most beloved scenes(aka the fb scene where rukia gives him back his powers) but with fucking tsukishima. kubo does this again by recycling the exact words ichigo told rukia when he saved her-except this time hes talking to fucking kenpachi lmao.

 -has them interact twice this entire final arc. 

 -ichigo isn’t even at her captain ceremony. yhwach starts forming during that moment-a moment where ichigo is back in the human world happily married to orihime/raising kazui with her & rukia is back in ss, with renji by her side/a mother since ichika is already born. 

 -last chapter is titled “death and strawberry” aka the most popular ship name for them. a chapter where ichigo and rukia are living in different worlds, happily married to other people and raising a family with their respective spouses. 

-takes the most popular ship name and literally gives it to kazui and ichika-who happen to look so much like BOTH their parents. ichika has renjis flaming red hair, and kazui is all orihime in the face. 

 -last interaction between ichigo and rukia is them fighting over their parenting skills. another nail on the coffin as to why they just wouldn’t work together-renji/rukia are lax parents, while ichigo/orihime are more protective(fairies follow kazui around, ichigo tells at rukia to find her daughter)

I would REALLY LIKE IT if people stopped tagging Fortune as f!Adaar or saying she looks cute or I want her to step on me. It makes me REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE. Just because! he has twin braids! that doesn’t mean! he’s a woman!

Help from this planet (part-1)

Title: Help from this planet

Pairing: Pietro x Avenger!Fem-Reader / Friend!Tony

Prompts/Request: Anonymous: could I please request prompt 3. “She’s pretty cool right?” Pietro Maximoff when the girl has been banished off her planet, so Tony and the rest of the team looked after her? Her powers are the same as her parents, who are Life and Death… thank you!! || Prompt: #3 “She’s pretty cool right?” || MASTERLIST

Word count: 909

Warnings: None yET! 

A/N: Real PietroxReader stuff on the next part. So as you can see this will have another part because yeah. Lemme know what ya think! And if you want to be tagged and stuff like that. Feedback is always appreciated guys! Also thanks for helping me reach the 1,600 followers!! You guys rOOOCK!♥

|| I don’t Pietro Maximoff own or any of the Avengers, they belong to Marvel. ||


Banished from her planet due to being the heir of the throne, Y/N who was the daughter of the mighty gods of life and death, found herself wandering on Earth, trying to trace down Tony’s new house. He was an old friend of hers, they have met a while ago during a fight where she was trying to break Peter Quill’s neck because he had just robbed her and Tony appeared there, trying to save that man’s ass.

Y/N wasn’t just the heir of the throne but also the power of her parents. Unfortunately, they send her off with bracelets that, somehow, shut down her powers. That was why she hadn’t been able to fight back there, on her planet. Hell she missed it.

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@arceus-hates-your-kink “Ya’ll fuckers need Arceus”
omg omg. I wanted to reblog this but binkieprincess has me blocked :) (bc, you know, she can take the time to argue with, respond to, and address the minors of the anti community but when it comes to the adults let’s just ignore every point they make ever and block them as if they don’t make the same exact points as the minors, but hey, they’re adults so if she responded she’d have to come up with something other than “you’re a minor and shouldn’t be interacting with me or looking at my blog!!!!!”) 
Anyway. I’m living for that tag.

also i checked the actual original artist’s post and found these tags: “  dva is wearing a korean hanbok   this is just a parody of the original image not a crossover   “

uhhh she has kanzashi in her hair? hanbok fronts do not look like that/open loosely

like ya fucked up… can you just apologize and move on instead of being like “well it’s totally a hanbok i mean it looks EXACTLY like the drawing im parodying where fuu’s wearing a kimono but i swear it’s hanbok”


Real life is a funny thing, you know. I think most of us fear reaching the end of our life and looking back regretting the moments we didn’t speak up. When we didn’t say ‘I love you’. When we should have said 'I’m sorry’. So there’s a time for silence, and there’s a time for waiting your turn. But if you know how you feel, and you so clearly know what you need to say, you’ll know it. I don’t think you should wait. I think you should SPEAK NOW


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Click here to support BRIANA's CONFIRMATION SURGERY by Briana Johnson
I am a transgender Female (Male to Female) and I am asking for some help in achieving the necessary funds for my Confirmation surgery. I am at last very happy Living my life in the Female body and spirit that I have envisioned for nearly 73 years. Since the age of 5 I have known that I was female...

 please help briana johnson!! she is a 73 year old black trans lady from my local area who got fired from her last job within an hour of starting work, and when she filed employment discrimination complaints with the eeoc they told her that her case wasn’t worth them looking into. in the meantime she has had trouble finding work but still is trying to raise the money needed for surgery/hair removal/related things.

similar posts have been made about her situation in the past, but no one has donated in a month and she is still only at 1/25 of her goal after almost a year of having this page so please please donate if you are able to.


Wonho’s mom just opened up a new coffee shop called MoMo cafe (coffee). Remember about more than a year ago when No.Mercy was airing and Wonho was in tears over having to debut because he felt horrible about his mom and having red tags all over their house due to their financial situation? Look how much has changed for the better. She opened a coffee shop and her son debuted. He even helped make the sign board for his mom. Wonho’s love for his mom is beyond words..


Nick Jonas, Taylor Swift & Lorde chatting at VMAs 2014

jsyk my au has a ton of alternate ends cause i like a lot of ships and this is how weiss and blakey would look in the monochromey end

i drew this bc my non-sdr2 friend said she’d reblog it if i did


“This is all just… very familiar.”

the signs as things nozomi tojo has done
  • aries:started a pillow fight during their summer camp and put the blame on maki
  • taurus:talked about how cute umi looks in a swinsuit in detail to not go through her pool training routine
  • gemini:sent rin to chase nico because her boobs were the flattest
  • cancer:acted like the local mom for the entire time she was on μ's
  • leo:has her boobs listed as her charm point
  • virgo:wakes up earlier than usual everyday to do household chores
  • libra:said that if nico was a type of bread, she'd be a meatball sandwich
  • scorpio:said she wanted to see eli wearing a sexy dress
  • sagittarius:made a suspicious face when she talked about "eating parfaits" with eli
  • capricorn:sent nico flying with the sole force of impact of her boobs
  • aquarius:tricked maki into thinking she was seeing her future to teach her a lesson about doubting her spiritual power
  • pisces:kept a framed picture of μ's in her room and got embarrassed when the others found out

Photo posted on twitter earlier of David Tennant filming on the set of Mad To Be Normal