@themotherfuckingclickerkid @mango-pup and tagging you too @herebelife even if it’s not heel work…. but!!! LOOK AT MY PRECIOUS BEAN TRYING HER BEST!!! She’s slooooowlt grasping the concept of front/back paws and I have realized that she has MUCH more difficulties with her left back paw as she moves her entire butt just to lift it but she’s able to control her right hind leg without moving her hips.

Also ssshhhhh dog on table let’s not talk about that!

I tried to just capture and shape rear end awareness but she was having None Of That lmao she likes to be taught new behaviors, not figure out stuff. So here’s how I proceeded (over the last 2 weeks, sporadically):

1. Got her to stand in front of me from her side and click/reward me touching her back leg until she anticipated the touch.
2. Started tickling her toes (amazingly ridiculous) until she moved her back feet and c/r until contact=movement
3. Straight up just did it like a horse with my hand sliding down her back leg and letting her move her paw, then grabbing it and c/r lol
4. Removed the sliding motion to just me presenting my hand to her back feet (she struggled A LOT with that as is seen in the vid bc it’s also her front paw/shake cue oopth) then c/r when she lifted her paw
5. We’re at this stage now we’re I want to teach her to differentiate between back and front paws (devant/en arrière bc I train in french lol)

Hope yall enjoy this funny training vid!! I really don’t take this seriously and am not making this be a real training session bc she already finds it to be a challenge on its own, I don’t care to repeat myself or if she messes up (she LOVES to offer me her paws, even if it’s to smack me in the face lol) also she struggles with the concept of simply…. standing lol

Through The Valley - Chapter 4

Fic Summary: A deeper look into The Sanctuary.

Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. Boy has a weird obsession with a baseball bat, promiscuity and the word “fuck”. Girl has to find out if she can look past these things. Also, zombies and shit.

AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10075958/chapters/23026299

Tags: @rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts @embracetheapocalypsewithme @redisunamused @kinkozan @lupienne @theblack-wolf @lovingzombiechaos @dragonracer @miiraal

Pairing: Negan X OFC

Chapter Summary: “So… Lilly… wanna fuck?”

“I am going to stay here and your boyfriend goes with my men and stays with them in the school. That way we both have at least some sort of fucking leverage. Though I have to say that you are really fucking hurting my feelings, babe. I have been nothing but a perfect fucking gentleman and you still don’t trust me?” he was actually pouting at her.

“Do you trust me?”

“Good fucking point.”

He went back to the living room to share the plan with his men who all broke out into different kinds of protest. Gavin because he didn’t want to spend another night on the school’s hard linoleum floor, Connor because he still didn’t fully trust Jax, Dwight because he didn’t trust Lilly and Jax because didn’t want to leave Lilly alone with Negan.

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Muse personality meme

I was tagged by @kejj thank you dear!!

Which of you is-

*Older?- Alexander is the older, he’s 33 at the Conclave, Kara Maeve is 31, Anya is 29 and Hanna is 25.

*Taller? - Alex is about 185 cm, Kara Maeve 172 cm, Hanna 170 cm,  and Anya 160 cm.

*Richer?- Hanna is richer then others, her family continues to help her all the time. 

*Neater?- Alexander, the way he looks and dresses very important to him.

*Nicer?- Anya is the nicest. She’s very polite, kind and she has a good heart.

*Smarter?- Anya, she reads a lot, she always tries to learn something new.

*Funnier?- Alexander. He makes jokes about everything, everyone. He likes to hang out with Sera.

*Better friend?- Anya, She’s a good listener, and will help gladly in any problem.

*Swears more?- Kara Maeve swears a lot!  Too much, I would say.

*Reads more?- Alexander and Anya, they read whenever they can.

*Most creative?- They are all pretty creative, I can’t choose just one :)

*Troubled?- Kara Maeve, She is an Alexanders half sister, Trevelyans never accepted her, she’s like a black sheep in the family.

*Morals?- Anya.

I tag: @sayurinitta @uriellactaea @elven-rogue @the-emerald-halla @im-not-great-at-making-up-names @elevanetheirin

I love everyone’s reactions to the rings like we’ve got

  • Minako.exe has stopped working
  • Mari looking like she owes her mother 2000 yen
  • Chris’ unusually moe face he’s so happy for them
  • Otabek’s stoic clapping
  • Yurio looking DISGUSTED

Bonus Captain of the SS Victuuri Phichit


did you receive mysterious messages? 

mc5 is wearing a unicorn mask lol. the bg color depends on who i ship them with hehe.  

click on them for better quality~

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Victuuri Fanfic Recs

bc I’ve been camping out on the Ao3 tag, and @cookiecreation​ is on a roll and asking for fic recs :)

Also, I tried to leave out multi-chaptered fics with only 1-2 chapters bc it’s hard to grasp their quality/plot with so little material.

UPDATED: (1/10/17) Added some new fics in Multi-Chaptered and One-Shot sections, added completion notices to recently completed fics

Listed in no particular order:

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Day Fifty

-I handed a young boy a sticker. He immediately launched a thorough scientific investigation. He discovered that the sticker was thin enough to fit through the three-inch slot in the side of the cart. Mesmerized, he called it a day and took a nap.

-A woman took several items of clothing off of a rack across from my register and layered them on over her young daughter’s clothes. The mother made eye contact with me for the entirety of this. They then walked through the store, tags clattering together, an almost impressive lack of any form of care. 

-”A fox pillow!” A woman exclaimed, excited to see the purchase of the guest behind her. “I love fox things. I work with a fox for my job, so I’m always looking for fox things.” My career path has taken a sharp turn and is now on a trajectory for whatever she does for a living.

-I rang up a man in his mid-thirties with a not-quite-full, Cheeto-colored goatee, purchasing three death metal CDs. Behind him was an older woman with eyeliner thick enough to build the Titanic and sharp enough to sink it. This woman then established herself to be his mother and insisted upon paying for his albums as well as her fur-lined Uggs. The man did not waver in his trying-very-hard-to-seem-tough demeanor, and I have to respect that.

-I was startled as a voice loudly greeted me, a woman having gotten the drop on me by approaching the register from the wrong side. I soon pieced together that she was, almost beyond shadow of a doubt, a serial killer at her nursing home, prone to take trophies from her victims. Her mastery of the element of surprise was my first hint. My second, her dentures, clearly made for a far larger mouth, barely fitting within her lips.

-A mother mentioned using Cartwheel, our coupon app. Her toddler asked from atop her husband’s shoulders, “Like gymnastics?” I could see in this boy’s eyes his unadulterated excitement at seeing his mother do flips in the checkout line, as well as his imminent disappointment when he would soon find out the much more mundane truth.

-A college-aged boy, desperate to impress the two girls accompanying him, set out to convince the world how masculine and heterosexual he was by carrying out every bag from each of their purchases on his own. He managed to overestimate his strength and not take into account the ten-gallon tub of cat litter. To the man’s credit, he committed to what he set out to do, and left the store with six bags on each arm and a look of red-faced constipation grimacing all the way.

it is wednesday my dudes

MatPat: *takes a deep breath*

MatPat: i lo-

Jason: yes, you love Stephanie, we know, you love Stephanie so much, she’s the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Stephanie we KNOW, you love Stephanie you fucking love Stephanie okay we know, we get it, YOU LOVE STEPHANIE FUCKING PATRICK. WE GET IT.

Thank you to everyone who sent in prompts based on this awesome pose sheet! Got some good tablet practice in, and took my first serious crack at drawing TFA characters. I’m totally going to keep going with the prompts, but I’m very slow so don’t wait up. 

When King Regis calls (part 3)
  • Noctis: No I'm not answering this, after what you did before.
  • Ignis: But Noctis, King Regis would contact you only if it's a very important matter.
  • Gladio: Yeah, have some respect for the old man.
  • Prompto: Maybe he just misses you?
  • *everyone else in the room is giving him a dirty look*
  • Noctis: ... Fine.
  • Noctis: Hey da-
  • *Nyx chokes on his drink in the background*
  • *Aranea decided that it's her turn to make the weird sexual noises this time*
  • Noctis: I'll call you later.
  • Noctis:
  • Noctis: I'm going to ignore all of you for like five mins.
Touhou characters as kids you knew in middle school
  • Marisa: The cool girl who knows how to skateboard. Taught you a bunch of swear words once and so basically she's god. Spends recess frying bugs with a magnifying glass.
  • Sakuya: Gets an A+ on every piece of work she submits, answers every question in class, and kisses up to the teacher. Probably addicted to praise.
  • Satori: Has a Neopets account, never stops talking about said Neopets account, has 5 mini plush toys dangling from her bag. Always looks over your shoulder at your work.
  • Sanae: Already knows what anime is. Jumps around making action noises at recess pretending to swing a sword. Runs like Naruto in the hallway. Has anime openings saved to her MP3 player.
  • Aya: The annoying girl who runs everywhere, screams in your ear for fun, and takes pictures of literally everything with her flip phone. Has insane gossip, though.
  • Patchouli: The quiet kid who spends the entire day in the back of the room reading Harry Potter. Came into school in pajamas one day. Nobody even knows her name.
  • Cirno: "I know you are but what am I?" "Stop hitting yourself!" "Hey, spell ICUP." "Ha, in your face!" "Shut up, idiot!"
  • Remilia: Claims to be a member of a vampire clan, wears entirely black clothes, black lipstick, and spiked accessories. Calls her strawberry milk blood. Obsessed with Twilight.
  • Eiki: Whenever you do something wrong, runs up to the teacher screaming. Wins every class president election. Catchphrase: 'I'm teeelliiiing!'
  • Yuugi: Tallest kid in the class, plays every sport there is. Always challenging people to arm wrestle, never loses. Will never refuse a dare.
  • Miko: The popular girl who acts like she's better than everybody else because she knows she is. Has expensive clothes and make-up, is worshiped by literally everybody. Your popularity is judged by how well you know her.
  • Kagerou: Spends class doodling anime wolves. Probably has a deviantart. Pretends to be a wolf at recess. Will be drawing furry porn in 2 years.
  • Mokou: Emo, has not smiled in public in 3 years. If you sit next to her you can hear Linkin Park playing at max volume from her earphones.
  • Medicine: She looked lonely so you sat next to her one day. She admitted that she fantasizes about killing people. You do not sit next to her anymore.
  • Reimu: The kid who actually yells out loud when the whole class is talking because she's trying to work. Punches people at recess. Interrupts conversations to tell people to shut up.

tawny torpedo


Wonho’s mom just opened up a new coffee shop called MoMo cafe (coffee). Remember about more than a year ago when No.Mercy was airing and Wonho was in tears over having to debut because he felt horrible about his mom and having red tags all over their house due to their financial situation? Look how much has changed for the better. She opened a coffee shop and her son debuted. He even helped make the sign board for his mom. Wonho’s love for his mom is beyond words..

Not So Innocent Now

Word count: 1,460

Warning: smut, teasing, rough sex

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Summary/Request: Thank you @study-me-misha for my first request!

The reader is Sam and Dean’s younger sister and Cas has had feelings for her for a long time. She starts to tease him round the bunker which leads to him snapping.

Tags: @badwolfy08 @jensen-gal

Originally posted by malachai-winchester

Cas watched as Y/N, the middle Winchester child, hugged her brothers after a particularly long and gruelling case. The look of triumph and her relaxed smile made Cas smile to himself. He always thought she looked so beautiful in these moments of complete satisfaction, being held in the arms of her family. A wave of sorrow also crashed through Cas as he wished for this love from his own family, but sadly he was an outcast from them. Abruptly, Cas was broken from his thoughts as Y/N ran over and embraced him tightly.

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“Seventeen Days” (Part 3)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Fantasy/College AU)

Summary: An angel from heaven is sent back to Earth to prevent college senior Bucky Barnes from ending his life. But here’s the catch - she only has seventeen days to do it.

A/N: from this point on, i’ll be doing an extended author’s note at the end of every chapter so i’m not ruining the chapter in this note. tags have been kooky with me, but the tagging list for this story is still open! -j. x

next: Part 4
“Seventeen Days” (Masterlist)

He easily pulls you up onto your feet in a fluid motion. “Hey, sorry about that. I wasn’t looking where I was going,” he apologizes.

“Oh no, I’m the idiot looking at my phone and - oh, thank you,” you beam as he bends over to picks up both your phone and suitcase for you. You suppress the appreciative sigh bubbling up your throat as you get a good view of his butt.

Thank you, indeed.

“Why are you lugging around a huge suitcase in the middle of the -” He pauses as he catches your expression of admiration. “Hold up, were you just checking out my ass?”

Rapidly blinking doesn’t help your brain come up with an excuse, so you own up to the question with a sheepish shrug. “Sorry, but it’s a really nice ass,” you confess. “You must do, like, a million squats a day or something.”

A pleased look crosses his face. One hand goes on his hip while the other coquettishly bats the air. “Stop, girl. You’re making me blush,” he unabashedly grins.

Outstretching two thumbs-up, you flash him a radiant smile. “Whatever you’re doing, continue it,” you encourage. “And sorry to bother you, but could you tell me where Pym Hall is? I was looking at the map on the school app, but it’s -”

“- Really small, like it’s made for ants, right?”

Your jaw slightly drops while your eyes arch upwards. “Those were my exact thoughts!” you exclaim with surprise.

“Good to know I’m not the only one who hates the map,” he chuckles. “Pym Hall is just across the quad. It’s the second building with the statue of the lion.” He pauses, his eyes dropping to your huge, green suitcase. “I could take you there if you want.”

“Oh, you really don’t have to.”

“Pym Hall doesn’t have any elevators.”

The polite rejection you’re about to deliver stops at your throat as you recall your room is on the third floor. A sheepish smile curls up and you push the suitcase his way. “I really appreciate it.”

“Hey, no problem. I have nothing better to do, might as well help out a pretty girl,” he winks.

Are all Earth boys super nice? With a smile big enough to light up a city, you hold out your hand, enthusiasm glittering from your eyes. “I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N), by the way. I’m a transfer student.”

He grabs your hand and energetically pumps it up and down. “Sam Wilson, at your service.”

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Y'all, I just wanna take a second to talk about someone awesome. 💕

So everyone in the TJLC community probably knows Steph over at @inevitably-johnlocked. But I always wonder if some people know how heckin rad she really is.

I am thankful for, grateful for, in awe of, and constantly inspired by Steph. She has more dedication than almost anyone else I’ve seen in TJLC. Her metas are exhaustively researched, meticulously tagged and linked, and best of all, she gives credit where credit is due to the many other amazing meta writers, showing that our understanding is a collective effort.

She’s also hella kind and friendly and helpful. When I joined TJLC, I was looking at many people that were the complete opposite, making the community seem like a very unwelcoming and harsh place for newcomers. I remember messaging Steph with silly ideas for a Johnlock video when I still barely knew my way around and barely knew anyone, and being so intimidated, which she instantly shot down by being hilarious and sweet and insanely helpful.

I owe her a ton of credit for my place in the community and for the kindness she welcomed me into the community with. (lmao Steph I was so alone and I owe you so much) Thanks in large part to her good natured responses, which I see her extend to everyone who has a question or needs help, I reached out to more TJLCers, felt confident in putting content into the community and participating in discussions, and made tons of amazing friends. I love all of them, and am so grateful for our shared journey, but Steph is exceptionally badass.

I have never once seen Steph respond negatively to someone who didn’t thoroughly deserve it, and even then, it’s done with way more class than even I can extend to antis and trolls. She goes out of her way to not only write excellent meta, but truly help people understand it and find it. She hosts community watchalongs, shares content from tons of people who wouldn’t have exposure otherwise, has badass fic rec lists, is humble and learns from mistakes, answers more asks than anyone I know, and is funny and dedicated and legit.

I get to meet her in a few weeks at 221bcon (and other awesome people, ahhhh basically it’s gonna be an amazing time) and needless to say, I’m hella excited.

All of this is not to discredit the many wonderful people in TJLC who contribute, interact, and are helpful or kind or awesome. But Steph is just fantastic all on her own. She’s the one who helped me along the most in TJLC, and I know that I and most/all of my close lovely friends on here think she’s just the greatest. 💕

Originally posted by rominatrix