Nakashima Harumi was born in a farm area. His experience with the natural growing processes of plants, trees and vegetables made a deep impression, and became a major influence on his work as a ceramist. He studied with two important sculptural artists: Hayashi Yasuo and Kumakura Junkichi. Nakashima’s career has combined his early fascination with plant growth with the challenging sculptural ideas from his two master teachers, leading Nakashima to make his unique biomorphic sculptures.

The basic component of his sculpture is the sphere covered with dots, both in a variety of sizes. The spheres and dots expand and contract. There are sinuous cylindrical connections among the spheres. Sometimes, the cylinder turns into a waving ribbon or collar form uniting the spheres and delightful interrelated shapes. His work is unfailingly joyous and playful

Since 1989 I have created pieces for “Bag Series” which focused on expressing the very inner parts of me. I think that period was created by a romantic obsession that existed in me . Now I face my life with more clarity (…). Now I prefer to work ceramics to express the pain that lies wthin every human being. By doing so, this justifies my existence. “


I find myself when working with ceramics, and my suffering transformes as I develop my creations, to finally reveal a sculptural form.»


Harumi Nakashima



Harumi Nakashima,Work 0808, 2008. Glazed stoneware. Collection of Samuel and Gabrielle Lurie, New York. Photograph by Geoff Spear. Reproduced with permission.

LESLIE EDIT: While this is not a piece from the Ming or Qing Dynasty, it is a beautiful example of how the blue and white wares have influenced contemporary artist. Good find Ashley. 

Kumi Sugai “Dawn” x Harumi Nakashima “Forms of the Rational & Absurd - 1504” . #juxtaposition #abstractpainting #calligraphy #magic #abstractexpressionist #symbolism #negativespace . #sculpture “Self expression is realised, only through the attention to and by the revelation of the absurdity in life” - Nakashima .
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