Louis nought and crosses tattoo being kisses from Harry would explain their behavior on Late Late show, December 3th 2015

So I have always felt I was missing out on a joke when James Corden was asking Louis about his stupidest tattoo on Late Late show.

Then today I see this picture on Twitter 👇 

😱 suddenly it clicks in my brain‼ Let me break it down:

This is the uncut interaction I speak of (1:05-1:14) 👇


Now what I found strange is Liam interrupting to suggest the nought and crosses tattoo. This made Louis babble a bit, like he could not find the right words, only to conclude; “I quite like that one” 👇

Liam’s reaction to this was also interesting; He nudges Louis in the side and then claps enthusiastically and laughs – like he just made a great joke ! 👇

And then there is Harry. When Louis says he quite likes that one, Harry instantly puts on his ‘I better hide my Louis fond’ scrunchy face 👇

All in all this makes so much sense if the crosses are indeed in Harry’s handwriting and symbolize kisses:

1) Liam is teasing Louis, knowing that Louis can’t really defend the tattoo.

2) Louis gets thrown a bit of track but in the end just says he quite like it.

3) Liam is proud of having made Louis babble a bit and nudge him to say “got you there mate” then laughs and claps at his own joke.

4) Harry can’t contain his fond when he hears Louis say he quite like his kisses.

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i just noticed that harry even gets the bigger matching tattoos and louis gets the smaller ones. like the anchor is bigger than the rope and the heart is bigger than the arrow and the rose is bigger than the dagger ... why are they such larries wtf

even their tats have a size difference :’(

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Hi Jasmine, I was wondering if there are any outfits/styles you particularly like on each of the 5 boys?

I definitely do nonnie! Thanks for asking. There are a lot of them so there will be multiple pics for each boy (longpost warning). 

The boys in suits is always a fave. 


They all looked great during the TIU premiers cause Caroline NAILED their looks and she knew how to let them shine individually:

Solo pics



And I LOVE these pics of Zaynie and Liam together:




Your scar is my tattoo

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2bcSP4c

by sameloveh

Harry can’t help but feel insecure about his flaws, of course, Louis is there to teach him how to love himself once again.

5k of fluff and angst

Words: 5542, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2bcSP4c

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How deliriously happy would we be if Louis got a green frog tattoo??! Or anything green for that matter .... 🐸 Or if Harry got a tattoo of a peach 🍑??!

louis’ next tattoo

kay, so my faves @actorboyfriends and @bigbadvampire tagged me in this, seems pretty hard but let’s do this. i promise i will try my best 😎

ps. it will be quite long but bear with me pls

rules: answer 11 questions, ask 11 new questions, tag 11 people

  1. do you put sugar in your coffee / tea? -yes, like a little. a tiny bit. 
  2. do you drink enough water every day ? you should -asdfghj i drink waaay more than i should
  3. is your desktop on your pc messy or organized nicely -organized 
  4. i cant think of eleven question .. do you like candles? (i just looked at one on my desk so .. ) -they do not suck
  5. spaces or clouds ??? this is important - gad…. clouds….. i guess
  6. fave matching tattoos of harry and louis ?? - rope and anchor :-)
  7. im shit at this .. which fruit is your fave - every berry ever… or peaches 
  8. what is your fave shower gel ? (i just bought a banana one and it’s A++++) - the kind that smells good and is cruelty free
  9. have you ever tasted a shower gel bc it just smelled tooooo good ? - no viki
  10. ok two more questions .. um . do you like walnut - kinda?
  11. if you could delete one song from every 1d album, which songs would they be - uan: another world, tmh: little things…. i’m not even sorry, mm: does he know/diana idk, four: that album is perfect bUT ILLUSION, mitam: drag me down has to go soz


1. what’s the sound that calms you down the most? - birds, i think
2. do you have a fave place to go in the city you live? - yes, anywhere in the 5th district
3. hm… what are your fave kind of fics? one-shot, long, fluffly, smut, etc?? - looooong, kinda slow build but not that slow, CANON, smutty, good dynamic!!! 
4. again about fics, what are your fave tropes?? friends to lovers…. idk i can’t think of anything else rip
5. you have a free plane ticket to go anywhere in the world… where do you go? - this is surprising even for me, but i think Italy or Greece  
6. what was the last thing you googled? http://getemoji.com/
7. are you a good liar? nOoOooOoo
8. hmmm… fave ice cream flavor?? this is important - anything with biscuits and chocolate
9. idk what to ask anymore… okay, if you had to choose one song from mitam to be the next single and have a music video, which one would be? - WHAT A FEELING like can u imagine 
10. okay, okay, if you could bring back only one, which one would you choose: spin the harry, or megamind? - you ask the good questions liv, megamind? maybe?
11. what’s your fave 1d music video? - Perfect, it was just pretty 

questions under the cut :’)

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nothing haunts me more than the fact that so many of louis and harry’s tattoos go together like ………. why are most of them black n white…… why do some line up when they’re next to each other…… why does death sound so appealing right right now