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Ironically I'm writing a fic about baker harry and tattoo artist louis in which their shops are side by side, sorry just thought I would share!


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I'm not sure if it's actually means something, but I thought I'm just gonna give you my thoughts about it anyway. I'm a tattoo artist and louis and harrys tat are littered with meaning, we know that. but I never saw a post about it, that the style of tattoo, all black and grey and lot of single needle and hardly any colour except a little red (louis) in mostly nautical style is actually a typical prison style tattoo? I'm not sold on the idea of them communicating to us via tats, but IF... well

I haven’t seen a lot of discussion about this aspect of their tats, actually. I wouldn’t be surprised–I was worried for Harry in June 2012 when he suddenly started getting a lot of tats, because it was not only stuff like ‘I can’t change’ but also cages, masks, and hangers.

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Hi do you know the fic where Harry is a tattoo artist and Louis has a flower shop next to him. And Harry beginst to tattoo flowers on Louis. I don´t know where i foud it but i would like to read it again. Thank you =)

Is it Tiger Lily? It’s a/b/o and first person POV. :)

So I don’t know if yall already noticed this or not but on Harrys arm the side with the “things I can” tattoo there’s virtually nothing on that side while on the side with the “things I can’t” tattoo theres the anchor and rose and oops and basically all the larry related things are on that side. Do you think that maybe once larry comes out Harrys gonna full the “things I can” side with their kids name and stuff like that? That’d be really nice.