Rovix (@RealVIXX):

나는 로빅이다. #빅스 요원들의 150705 #혁 요원 스물한번째 생일 축하 현장이다. 형들의 사랑을 듬뿍 받는 막내 #혁 요원이 부러운 로빅이다. #HAPPYHYUKDAY 혁요원의 생일을 로빅도 축하한다!

I am ROVIX. This is the scene of the VIXX Agents celebrating Agent Hyuk’s 21st birthday on 150705. ROVIX is jealous of all the love the maknae receives from his hyungs. #HAPPYHYUKDAY ROVIX also wishes Agent Hyuk a happy birthday!

Trans. cr: Fyeah-vixx

Rovix (@RealVIXX):

나는 로빅이다. #빅스 막내 #혁 요원의 생일을 맞이하여 개구쟁이 어린 시절 해맑은 사진을 공개한다. 150705 혁요원의 스물한번째 생일을 진심으로 축하한다. #HAPPYHYUKDAY

I am ROVIX. I am revealing a bright picture of Agent Hyuk’s mischievous childhood to celebrate his birthday. ROVIX sincerely wishes Agent Hyuk a happy birthday on 150705 #HAPPYHYUKDAY

Trans. cr: Fyeah-vixx

Happy Birthday to the cuddlest manliest maknae Han Sanghyuk!

#HappyHyukDay! What can starlights say? We’ve watch you grown into a handsome young man. One moment you are man-hyuk the next moment you smile and everyone mistakes you for a little boy. But that’s your charm. We love your sass, your dancing skills, your cute little parts in every song. We cherish your moments Hyuk. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you aren’t ‘the best" at what you do because you worked twice as hard as everyone else. And all Starlights can see it. All starlights are happy that you are part of this team. And want you to stay healthy! We love you. Happy Birthday Han Sanghyuk you deserve to be happy.


Happy birthday to VIXX’s youngest (and arguably evilest) member! Thank you for bringing an additional avenue of laughter to the group with your antics (although it wouldn’t hurt to rein them in just a little)! Even though you’re much younger, your perseverance and willingness to learn are admirable, and just charting your growth throughout these years is incredibly encouraging. Knowing how much you’ve to sacrifice, but still being willing to take the leap to achieve your dreams has imbued me with the confidence to try and pursue my own too. Thank you for being born! #HappyHyukDay


Happy Birthday, Hyuk! #HappyHyukDay

You’re so grown up now!From cute and innocent maknae to Leader Hyuk for a day, you’ve achieved so much within these 2 years of VIXX. I’ve never been so proud of you for taking the challenge of experiencing the jungle and earning multiple praises and even a nickname, “Jungle Squirrel.” Your determination to achieve amazes me so don’t give up your pathway. You become more handsome and mature each and every day but you’ll still be VIXX’s kawaii maknae >_< Have a day filled with happiness and be with the people you love~

혁아! 와우 벌써 20번째 생일이네… 축하해! 혁이는 착하고 맨너있고 매력 덩어리고 아 완전 재능돌이다~ 오늘 행복하게 보내라~~