鏡音リン•レン turned 3 today!

^^^wtf when did tumblr start doing this, it just showed up in my email like

…wow, i started my blog on this day in 2011. well, the fandom has gotten bigger and better, so it’s been great to watch it grow

wanna know a secret? in my first year of blogging, I had no internet access for a certain 3 months in a row. at the end of the 3 months, i was too embarrassed to come back to this blog because i had been gone so long. i thought “well, i got up to 400 followers before i left, so i guess I’m done.

if my friend hadn’t been so impressed with that number and made me post something to see how many notes it would get, this blog would have been deleted 2 years ago. 

so thanks to all of you!! i’m glad you guys enjoy my blog enough to have me keep popping up on your dash. i’ll continue to provide for the kagafandom in my own little way ok (including my stupidass jokes)

tessie’s one-year follow forever!

absofreakinlutelyamora anna anne auore beside-you brittany cassie caro dani daniela darjaflor gabriela & gabriela hannah heartkbitch iheartrobandkristen irene isil jackie jennii jessica jules kari kelli lena lovingrob macarena marta meredith mica paloma paulina robstenisfearless rocío valerie un- yaiza

these blogs are nothing but superduper quality. either i follow them because they make amazing graphic, we are friends or their blog is simply amazing. i love you all!
ps. please tell me if i’ve forgotten anyone, i always feel bad when i realize someone is forgotten.

It’s my tumblr’s birthday! YAY! So I made a little follow forever.

I am thankful for every single one of you! You’re all the best and just… Idk thanks for following lol

A special thanks to these babies for making my dash way more interesting and absolutely hilarious when I need it most.

kittyyzma paigingambrose typhoidcandy squeakinkronk treyparkers deanambroseofficial goodgollymissmoxley moxleysmistress jingle-bellas fearlesseth briesus shesanambrosegirl woah-itsveronica rohordeath thehoundsofmarah dreamwwediva luchalita showoffrollins

P.S- Extremely sorry if I forgot anyone - I suck at life and am doing this on mobile.


Happy birthday, punk. I’m pretty lucky to not only have gotten to spend the day with you, but also to have you in my life to take me on churro dates and point out every peach stand on the side of the road. You are one of the kindest, goofiest, most beautiful souls I’ve ever met and you might be more of a cat lady than me. 😳 so here’s to you – I hope you’re feeling 22 or something like that. ❤️

@ktorr19 😘

Wow…Today marks one year since I joined Tumblr. And I’m so glad I did, I’ve met some of the coolest people. So I guess I’m saying thanks, thanks for following me and all the junk I post. Thanks for making this a fun place to nerd out over all the things I fangirl about. 

Shout out to a few of the people (mutuals or not) that are super cool/talented and totally worth following. 

@padawanstiles @gennie121 @indink12 @matthewmurrdock @jayctivist @kristenmingle @sexygabriel @korivnder 

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Thanks guys, here’s to another year of tumbling! ^~^

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY COW GETMESOMETACOS TURNED 4 TODAY THATS SO KDNSKDMDKDMKS KAY SO i’m on my phone cuz i’m moving to another place and the computers aren’t on yet :(((( But here is a preview of my second follow forever with my favs as a way of thanking you for being awesome ❤ drunkinlouis weirdosclub hazztagnarnia romanticdreamer8 butterflyvictoria gingerpawfection star55 yngvolkayno bangtomlinsn itsalovestory95

Aww it’s been a year since I made this Tumblr! I think this is the longest I’ve ever kept a Tumblr too haha whatever. I still dont understand it so it’s basically turned into a Jimmy Fallon blog, but that’s alright! I’m sure he’s flattered. Or well, I like to think he is ha.

It's my Tumblr Birthday!

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here.
During this year I got over 1000 followers, tens of thousands of notes, a lot of pretty words from you and a lot of laughs with your posts.

In other words, you made my last 365 days :)

Thank you very much for everything, I hope to entertain you with many other manga caps - freetime permitting.

Take care,


Billy Boyd’s voice & Victor Garber’s ears turned 1 today!

So, I received an email saying that it’s my blogs 1st birthday! 

It’s kind of overwhelming to know that one year ago, I started this blog having absolutely no idea what to do. -^_^- I have met the most amazing people through this blog and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate every single one of my followers and the friends I have made on here.