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2016年12月20日 「upload」
 金木 研/ 木 琲世 有馬 貴将( 東京喰種:re)
 cleaning, concept, layout design: @choukoto
 coloration, revision, effects: nerushi

Note:Happy Birthday to both of you. May the Lord watch over best Papa and give him peace. ;_; [eternal sobbing] #thisissoimportant Kaneki, please be safe and we’ll meet back here next year. (And stay by your waifu, okay?) #thisisimportantaswell Thank you very much to Neru, because without her support and encouragement, this post wouldn’t have been possible.”

Same Birthday?

Chris Evans x Reader


You look up from Scarlet’s hair to see Chris running towards you in his Captain America suit. “Hello, captain.” You grin and salute with two fingers, making Scarlet chuckle. “What’s up?”

“Tom just told me it’s your birthday!”

Scarlet gasps and spins around in her chair, almost knocking you off your feet. “It’s your birthday?”

You frown. “That traitor. I knew I shouldn’t have made my birthday public on Twitter.”

He sits down at the station next to yours. “Why didn’t you tell anyone?”

“Because it’s your birthday too. I didn’t want to take away from yours.”

Chris rolls his eyes and stands up. “How did I know you were going to say that?” He turns around and beckons to something you can’t see with one hand. “Bring it in, guys!”

You gasp as a chorus of “Happy Birthday” explodes around you, and practically the whole cast and crew walks into the makeup area. Paul and Jeremy push a huge four-tier cake decorated with sugary Captain America symbols and hair tools to commemorate what you do for the movie. 

And man, you knew this cast was great, but tears well up in your eyes as they stop the cake in front of you and Chris. At least a hundred candles flicker on top, and you smile as Scarlet wraps an arm around you. “Happy Birthday, (y/n).”

Everyone else screams out Happy Birthday to both you and Chris. The man smirks down at you and takes your hand, leading you over to the cake. “Come on, let’s blow out these candles.”

You laugh as he wraps an arm around your shoulders, and the two of you blow hard. Once every light is out, everyone screams, and you laugh giddily. “If this is gonna happen every year, I’m never telling you guys my birthday again.” Chris laughs and tightens his arm around you.

@eponine-xx I’m SO sorry this is so late, but happy belated birthday!

Dear Sakura,

From the moment I laid my eyes on you 14 years ago, I told myself that I wanted to be like you. I was never wrong with that decision until now. I have grown together with your character and as the time passed by, you already shared different kinds of experience about love, pain, sadness, hurt, loneliness, longing, trust, joy, happiness, and excitement that’s already instilled within my heart eternally.

Your unconditional love taught me to love for no reason and to love without an object. To accept things without any regrets and hold them dear in your heart.

Your determination and selflessness taught me that woman can be whatever they want to be and work their way up. You inspired me to never falter especially if there’s a reason to fight for what you believe in.

Your strength taught that some of the greatest pains in our lives could become our greatest strength.

Most importantly, you taught me to be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when I need help, and brave enough to ask for it.

What you shared to me were raw emotions that most of us can all relate to. I’m attached with those feelings and that’s one of the reasons why I love you.

This is not about how you look or what are your capabilities but who your are as a character who influenced me as a person drastically. I see you as a part of us and you are a piece of affection within my heart.

You did not only weaved an amazing and realistic story about life and love but you also touched both our hearts and lives.

Thank you, Sakura. You are one of my greatest inspirations. You are my Queen.

Happy Birthday to you!  ♥
Also, advance Happy Birthday to Sarada. ♥

**re-posting my artwork again for this special occasion.


I was thinking “oh it’s his birthday!“ then ”… maybe also of Anti"👻
so I wanted to do something for him too!

happy birthday to both!🌸

(if you don’t understand why there’s a three on the cake, simply because the “first Anti appearance” was 3 years ago, so for me he is 3 years old)

anonymous asked:

A surprise party for the twins? But they get all suspicious and MC is trying to hide the surprise in the best way she can. Sorry if m english is bad and this don't make sense, love your writing so much <3

Countdown to the Cake: 1

The Cake

“Hey, MC. You know I gave you that Arabic dictionary so you can come in here whenever you want, right?”

“Yes, I know, Saeyoung. I just forgot.” On purpose. You needed to buy more time, getting stuck on their door would do the trick for a while. “I was just so worried my laptop wasn’t working, you know?”

“Yeah, yeah… let me see the damage.” You take the laptop off your bag. “Well, I’m not familiar with Jurassic technology, but let’s see what I can do for you.” You knew keeping this old laptop in your closet could be useful one day. More time to buy.

“So, uhm… where’s Saeran?” you look around, trying to get a hold of him.

“In his bedroom, as usual.” He says, opening the laptop without any trouble.

“Oh… is he sleeping?” this could be a problem if he’s sleeping.

“Probably not… why?” he looks at you. Relax, MC… he doesn’t know anything, he doesn’t suspect a thing… calm down and act naturally.

“Nothing. I was just wondering if you two would like go out and hang a little after you do your little magic there.” Little magic? Ugh… what’s wrong with you?

“Oh, we can hang out right here.”

“Yeah, or… we could go out. I didn’t put on a nice dress to stay inside a bunker that smells like honey and soda. No offense.”

“Not taken.” And he goes back to the laptop’s circuits, whew… that was close.

“You really put on a nice dress, MC.” You look behind to find Saeran standing next to the door.

“Thank you…” even though you know he’s not really complimenting you, it’s more like an observation.

“And what did you do with your hair?” shit! You knew changing your hairstyle could make them suspect something…

“I… combed?” both twins nod and look at you. Shit…

“Makes sense.” Saeran says, heading out of the room. Whew! That was close… how long do you still need to stall?

That’s what you ask Yoosung over the phone when you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. How long do you need to keep the twins distracted while the other RFA members organize the surprise party for their birthday?

“I don’t know, MC… we didn’t know Jumin ordered such a… handful decoration, so it’s taking a while to put things in place. You need to hold them a little more…”

“I’m trying. I even brought a laptop with Windows Vista on it, but… they’re suspecting something, Yoosung, I can tell!”

“I doubt it. They probably don’t even remember what day is today. Calm down and keep going with the plan, you’re the perfect bait!”

“Yeah, I should be used by now…” you hang up and go back to where Saeyoung is, only to find the laptop functioning normally. “What did you do?”

“I fixed it! Like you wanted.” He smiles widely. Shit! You forgot you’re dealing with a genius here.

“Oh… oh yeah! Thank you! Are you really sure it’s working?”

“Well, yeah! Are you doubting my skills, MC? I’m offended!” he does a dramatic gesture before smirking teasingly. “Now let’s get out of here, the world needs to see you in a pretty dress and combed hair.” No! Too soon!

Or maybe not… the plan was just holding the twins, there was nothing about keeping them inside their house. Maybe you can stall in another way…

“So what you wanna do, MC?” Saeyoung asks when the three of you go inside one of his cars. You look at both of them, Saeran isn’t happy about getting dragged out of the house, it took your persuasive abilities  (whine until he is tired of listening to your voice, that is) to convince him to come along. This is a party for the twins, you need them both there.

“Hum… I was wondering if we could go to uhm…” your phone starts buzzing, you look at who’s calling you “Zen?” you say out loud.

“Zen’s place? No! It’s too small there!” Saeran complains, that’s when you realize you said it out loud. Stupid!

“Z-Zen? Did I say Zen? No, uhm… that’s now what I meant, I… need to use your bathroom again, be right back!” you get out of the car and run inside the house again. “Hello?”

“Achew! Hey, babe! So, uhm… achew! Remember I was supposed to pick the cake at your place? Achew! Why didn’t you tell me your neighbor has a cat?” For fuck’s sake, you forgot about Mr. Cat Damon!

“Oh, Zen… I’m so sorry. Is everything okay?”

“With me? Achew! Yes, yes… my throat is just a little clog, you probably noticed my voice isn’t as soothing as usu… achew!”

“And the cake?” you feel bad for him, but now there’s a cake at stake! Well, not really, but still…

“Oh yes, it’s fine… you have a lovely decoration, by the way, it really suits you… achew!” oh yes, Zen. Perfect time to flirt… “I just couldn’t make it to the kitchen, because the cat was there, how did he get in?”

“Mr. Cat Damon always finds his way in… that sneaking little thief.”

“Oh, just like in Ocean’s 11?” Ahh, a reference to Matt Damon… clever, Zen… wait, there’s no time for this! “Anyway, I… I’m trying to reach Yoosung, Jaehee and Trustfund, but none of them are answering.” Of course, because they’re busy with the decoration!

You tell him to get out of there before his allergy gets worse and that you’ll find a solution. In the meantime, you call Jumin… nothing. Jaehee? No answer. Yoosung? Voicemail… what now? Well… it looks like you’ll have to discreetly get the cake, find a way to hide inside Saeyoung’s trunk, pray it doesn’t melt, and hope you’re not caught by two smart former hackers… god help you.

“I’m sorry we have to go back to my place, Saeyoung. It’s just… I really need to grab something I forgot there.”

“It’s fine, MC. Maybe we can come up and hang out there, then…”

“NO!” you yell, making both twins stare at you. CALM. DOWN! “I mean… no… my house is such a mess right now…”

“Ah, darn it! I thought I was finally going to see Mr. Cat Damon again… does he still breaks into your apartment?” Does he?

The ride to your building is silent. You’re worried about letting something spill everytime you open your mouth. Thankfully, the twins aren’t that talkative. You wonder if it is because they know what day is today, but they prefer avoiding thinking about it? Knowing everything you know about them now, you can’t even imagine what kind of sad memories revolve their birthday…

“We’re here!” Saeyoung states, that’s when you notice how much you were spacing out. Focus, MC! This party means a lot more than you can possibly think!

“So, uhm… can you do a favor for me? I need you to let the trunk door open…”

“Why?” both twins tilt their head in confusion.

“I… need to put something mine in there. It’s… personal…” well, you can’t use the bathroom excuse on this now, can you?

“Oh, I see what’s going on here…” Saeyoung looks at his brother and gives him this weird smile, no… shit! They know? “You’re on those lady days,  ain’t you?”

“What are you saying, idiot? Don’t make her uncomfortable!” Saeran says, blushing. Oh my God… they think you’re on your period? So embarrassing, this is… this is… perfect!

“It’ fine, Saeran. Yes, I… yes, I am. And I need to grab a bag with some spare clothes and… other things, in case of an… you know, an… accident…” this is more embarrassing than if you actually were on your period.

“Oh, things… as in tampons, right?” Saeran asks.

“Yes, Saeran. Tampons. So uhm… keep the trunk door open and whatever you two do, don’t leave this car, okay? I’ll bring… I’ll bring a lot of tampons, and it’s kinda embarrassing, so please…don’t look!” well, this is weird, but maybe will be enough to keep their curiosity away. For once, men’s lack of knowledge on how periods work will save the day.

You go to your place, and the cake is in the balcony, like you instructed the guy from the cake store to let. Okay… now you need a bag to put the box inside and pretend it’s a lot of tampons! What a genius plan! Now where is that bag? Maybe you have one big enough in your room. You go there and look for those old paper bags from fancy stores you kept to remind you bought something from a fancy store before, ugh… isn’t it amazing how your dorkiness is working in your favor for once?

You go back to the kitchen and when you’re about to place the box inside the bag… you hear Saeyoung’s voice next to the door.

“Come here, Mr. Cat Damon!” NOT THIS FUCKING CAT AGAIN!

“Ugh, that’s the stupidest name I’ve ever heard!” Is Saeran here too? Well, yeah, Saeyoung would never leave him alone with one of his babies, he’s so possessive with those cars!

Mr. Cat Damon comes in and meows at you. One of these days… Mr. Cat Damon, one of these days…

“MC? What’s going on?”

“I… I…” need to go to the bathroom? Forget it… there’s nowhere to run.

“What’s in the box?”


“Do you really think we’re that stupid?” Saeran asks, glaring at you. Uh oh… “You’re up to something, ain’t you?” Well… you can’t really keep on lying, can you?

“I… I am, and the other RFA members are too. Zen was here before, but Mr. Cat Damon showed up and made him sneeze, and nobody was answering because they were busy with the decoration, so I tried not to ruin the surprise because everybody put so much effort on making this a happy birthday for both of you, since you guys deserve so much after everything you’ve been through, and I want you too to be happy and loved, and protect you two because I care so much about you guys and… I’m not really on my period!” You say as you feel the tears rolling down. Saeyoung and Saeran look at each other completely lost.

“Oh… we… kinda forgot it was this day of the year?” Saeyoung asks his brother.

“Yeah… so used to not celebrating at all for all those years…” oh god…

“So… so… I just ruined the surprise?” more tears, and Saeyoung runs to you.

“Hey, it’s fine… you didn’t ruin anything. Well, except for Saeran’s innocence with that tampon thing, but… don’t worry, MC. The biggest surprise here is seeing how much you tried to make this day special, it’s so good to know we have someone so willing to make us happy.”

“Oh, but that’s no surprise! You already know how much RFA loves you, guys! The party was supposed to be a surprise!”

“I think surprises suck.” Saeran states, crossing his arms. “So stop crying and feeling so bad on yourself.” He glances at you quickly “… please.”

“Yeah, you can’t ruin your make up that goes along with the nice dress and the combed hair, girl!” Saeyoung shakes your shoulders lightly. “So, come on, I’ll help you put the cake in the trunk while we teach Saeran how to pretend he’s surprised.”

“Thank you, guys.” You smile at both of them, Saeyoung chuckles, and though you’re not sure, you think you saw Saeran smiling a little. “Yes, let’s take this cak…”

SPLASH! You just see the box with the cake hitting the floor and Mr. Cat Damon looking at what he did… then he looks at you like this was completely natural. You open your mouth in shock.

“This cat… is the incarnation of the evil! I’m going to kill him!” you go towards Mr. Cat Damon’s direction, yelling.

“Whoa, calm down, MC!  Calm… down!” Saeyoung holds you against him, you two lose balance and fall on the floor, splashing cake frosting everywhere.

“It’s… It’s ruined. Just like the whole surprise…” You say, your voice starts breaking again. 

“Oh no no no… It’s not your fault, MC. Don’t worry!” Saeyoung hurries in comforting you. 

“Yeah, silly. It’s just cake, we can get another one tomorrow or next year, whatever. There will be plenty of birthdays for us to have cake.” You and Saeyoung look at each other, then at Saeran. Did he just say he wants to celebrate in the years to come? 

“Awww MC, did you hear that? Saeran just said something sweet!” you two giggle, but he doesn’t look that happy. 

“Oh… So you like it sweet, huh brother?” He asks, kneeling before you two and grabbing a fistful of cake. “Is that sweet enough for you?” He shoves the cake on Saeyoung’s face. You look in shock and try to hold your laugh, but it’s impossible.

“Now what are you laughing at?” Saeyoung throws cake frosting on you, and before you know it, this is a food war. Your kitchen is a mess, and Mr. Cat Damon ran out of there, but you didn’t even notice, you were too busy laughing and having fun with the twins.

Which… was interrupted by a clearing throat sound, clearly made by Jumin. The three of you freeze as you see the other RFA members judging and watching this curiously.

“What the hell is happening here?” Jaehee asks, shocked.

None of you know what to say and just keep looking at each other, like “who’s gonna talk?”

“Well, uhm… surprise?” Saeran asks.

You can see the other days here!

Alice Human Sacrifice Yellow of Hearts

THIS ONLY TOOK 5000 YEARS HAHA ANYWAY I’ve always wanted to draw the twins’ outfit in this song so I guess I took the chance….

My part of the 100 Kagamine Collab this year. Happy birthday to you both I’m still suffering because of you two :)) (jk jk)

Thanks to all the members for organizing and making this happen again this year!!!

Happy Birthday Blues

Originally posted by seabasschino

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Request: @aestheticallywinchester  How about a Bucky X Reader , where Buck tells the reader that he won’t make it for their birthday because of  a mission . The Reader understands but is still really saddened and wakes up on their birthday wishing Bucky was really there. After going through the daily routine at the Avenger compound the Reader is thrown off guard when Buck is in her room, with flowers and balloons saying “happy birthday doll”

AN: Wow that I think was a record about an hour from request to posting! Keep it coming everyone. 

When he’d told you he wouldn’t be here on your birthday you’d made a big act of pretending it was absolutely fine. That it wasn’t upsetting you and that you completely understood. In some ways, you even did understand. He was an Avenger. His day job was literally to go out there, fight the bad guys and save the world. If that wasn’t the perfect excuse for missing your girlfriend’s birthday then nothing ever would be.

That didn’t fully cover the disappointment though of knowing he wouldn’t be here. Logically your brain completely understood that it wasn’t his choice and that the mission always had to come first, even above you.

Your heart however was a different matter. You’d had romantic ideas of taking the day off work, lazing around in bed all morning with your boyfriend before going out for a late lunch, long walk and just generally enjoying each other’s company with the normal daily pressure of your high octane jobs.

That apparently wasn’t to be though, because today was the day. You were officially another year older and instead of waking up in Bucky’s arms you woke to his side of the bed being icily cold and obviously unoccupied.

Burying the vague sadness at his absence you instead got up, showered and dressed in the long white lab coat you wore to work in the labs at the Avenger’s compound.

Dr Banner had hired you straight out of university from England to work for The Avengers. You had a Ph.D. in biomechanical Engineering and were currently working on developing a new version of the Iron Legion. One that didn’t decide it wanted to go rogue and destroy the people who built it.

Banner himself was waiting in the lab for you, a large take out cup of coffee in one hand and a blueberry muffin in the other. His face lit up in a smile when you came in.

“Happy Birthday Y/N!” he shoved the food and coffee in your direction.

“Thanks Dr Banner” you took your coffee with a grin on your face. “I can’t believe you remembered!”

“How could I forget?” he asked although his eyes were already darting around the lab, ready to be back at work.

You took a large gulp of the coffee managing to hide the grimace at the fact that Bruce had added god knows how much sugar into it. You usually liked your coffee black and bitter, the stronger the better. A fact Bucky never forgot you thought sadly.

For the rest of the day you went through your normal routine. Your friends around the lab and the compound all remembered your birthday and came by periodically to wish you happy returns and ask you how you were doing. Some even managing to joke about getting a year older.

You managed to smile and join in with their laughter even though inside you couldn’t squash the vague feeling of sadness. Your birthday it seemed just wanted the same without Bucky around to celebrate it with you.

At the end of your day you waved off the group of lab techs who were offering to take you out to dinner. Knowing that you just wouldn’t have been very good company at the moment. Instead you insisted that what you truly wanted was nothing more than to lay in a hot bath and relax.

You made your way back to your rooms slowly, true you didn’t want to be celebrating your birthday but at the same time you didn’t actually want to be on your own in your shared accommodation.

Eventually you found yourself outside the door to your rooms. You hesitated over the entry panel but did slowly put your palm to the scanner releasing the lock and letting you into your rooms. The fact that they were dark didn’t surprise you after all no one was home.

Groping around in the vague direction of the wall you knew the switch was on. In most of the rooms FRIDAY would be able to activate the lights and other electronic things with voice activation. Bucky though and Steve as well come to that liked the old fashioned version of switches. Something about reminding them of the past. Finally you found the switch and flicked it up turning the lights on.

When you turned from the switch you froze in place. Every muscle in your body going still, eyes widening and shock and your mouth falling open.

Bucky was stood there. A small smile on his mouth. He was still wearing his mission suit but in his arm’s was a massive bouquet of roses.

“Happy birthday doll”

You burst into tears. Noisy sobs as you stared at him there, the smile fell from Bucky’s face as concern appeared there instead. He came over to you quickly spare hand coming up to cup your cheek. “Don’t cry” he begged. “I thought this was a good surprise”

“It is” you sobbed out, trying to inconspicuously wipe your nose with your sleeve. “I can’t believe you got back”

“Did you really think I wouldn’t?” he questioned you softly. He handed the roses over to you as you buried your face in the soft blooms inhaling their soft fragrance.

He was here, he was in front of you. He’d managed to get back to you. “Thank you” you put the flowers down on the small kitchen outlet before turning back to him.

He opened his arms and you willingly walked forwards once more into his arms. They locked around your back as you let your head rest on his chest.

You both stayed there locked together for what felt like forever. Just stood allowing the feeling of him to surround you and heal that small piece of sadness that hadn’t quite vanished all day. You could hear Bucky’s heart beating strong and steady beneath your ear, proving to you that he was actually here and you weren’t just imagining this.

When he finally pulled away still holding your upper arms he smiled at you. “So, we still have 4.5 hours of your birthday left. What do you want to do love?”

“Well I was going to take a bath” a twinkle had appeared in your eyes as you looked at him. “Considering you’re still wearing a flight suit I’m guessing you haven’t had a shower since you got back”

“That would be true”

“Want to help each other get clean?”

In answer to your teasing question he leant down and pressed his lips against your own, drawing your body back into his own. You went willingly, moulding yourself to him.

You were the one who pulled away this time, lacing your fingers with his own and pulling him towards the bathroom.

It was about to turn into a very happy birthday for both of you.

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