My brain slipped.

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You don’t understand how much I NEEDED this shark!

Percy’s favorite carnival game is the one where you shoot water at the small target because he can cheat manipulate the water just a LITTLE Mom I SWEAR!

Ever been to one of those boardwalk carnival things? Because I haven’t, do they have those water games? And yeah he had to play the game multiple times to win that giant thing.

Btw Happy Shark Week!

The signs as sharks

♈Aries: Bull Shark

♉Taurus: Basking Shark

♊Gemini: Cookiecutter Shark

♋Cancer: Bigeye Sixgill Shark

♌Leo: Great Hammerhead Shark

♍Virgo: Blue Shark

♎Libra: Gray Reef Shark

♏Scorpio: Tiger Shark

♐Sagittarius: Blacktip shark

♑Capricorn: Carribbean Roughshark

♒Aquarius: Great White Shark

♓Pisces: Gummy Shark

(Happy shark week everybody)

Has shark week jumped the shark?

Or is it getting too dark to truly understand anything.

I saw Jaws when I was five years old and it was spectacularly terrifying. A real monster hid in the deep and it wanted to eat us. The whole thing was only made more hypnotic and sexy by the fact that Jaws was a mechanical shark. An elaborate robot built to make money.

Fondle our fear with its teeth and we’d give it five bucks.

And because we’re nostalgic and sentimental beasts

They’d resell us our memory on TV or in 3D.

We almost felt alive,

splashing around under them stage lights

in all that blood and money.

((Okay, I am on my way to my volunteer thing, but @eyeballcommander submitted this to me, and I can’t wait until later to share it. Snarky(er) teenage Peepers forced to be in a children’s ballet class because he’s so short, and E.A. happening to be in said class is one of my favorite ideas right now.))