happy birthday park jaehyung!!

thank you for being an amazing, patient, kind and genuine person who gives his all in whatver he does, be it making music, performing live or hosting on shows. i’m utterly grateful and blessed that you never forget about international mydays and the struggle to understand korean 😢 thank you for always reminding us that we are important too.

you are honestly such an inspiration and i hope you never forget that!! we love you so much more than you’ll ever know 💕 hope you have a wonderful birthday, you sweg chicken 🐓

่‰ๅ‡ชใฟใšใป on Twitter
“5/4็ท‘ใฎๆ—ฅใซ็ฅใฃใฆใใ‚ŒใŸๆ–นใ‚ใ‚ŠใŒใจใ†ใƒผ๏ผใ„ใคใ‚‚่ƒŒ่ฒ ใฃใฆใฐใ‹ใ‚Šใชใฎใงใ€ๅˆไปฃใ•ใ‚“ใซใŠใ‚“ใถใ•ใ‚Œใ‚‹”

Sensei has posted Jae-ha birthday picture!! ♥♥♥♥♥

…and one more https://twitter.com/KusanagiMizuho/status/870629001802334208

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  • let’s be real here, Hansol is a young, inexperienced boy so all that caring gentlemanly stuff is very unlikely
  • sure he’s quite sweet and polite but also just a little oblivious to even your clearest signals
  • you’ll have to tell him very openly what you want or need and it might make him feel a little silly that he hadn’t noticed before, but as long as you reassure him that he hadn’t done anything wrong he would be okay
  • he’s a boy of simple tastes, and because he is happy assumed you are also content
  • but once you let him know that your relationship is lacking in some areas he would be quick to fix things
  • whether it was calling you more often or asking Scoops to please stop chaperoning your dates, Vernon would immediately do whatever you asked
  • doesn’t text or call too often, not from any lack of affection, but because he’d rather talk to you in person
  • when he does text it’s at the weirdest times and is about something totally off the wall that somehow related back to you
  • likes to send you pictures of random items with zero explanation, then tell you three days later why it reminded him of you
  • That goat looked just like you when you’re angry.” 
  • he might seem a little spacey and preoccupied or hyper when you’re talking to him, but it turns out that he soaked in every word you spoke and genuinely likes to hear about your day
  • if you stop talking or switch the topic suddenly he’ll look up from whatever he’s doing and urge you to continue
  • Okay but what happened to the ex-boyfriend? Did he ever find out why she dumped him?
  • surprises you sometimes with the large store of random trivia he has about you and your life
  • like he’s always caught up on all the drama between your friends and knows exactly who got your cousin pregnant and how old you were when you got that scar on your leg
  • but he can’t remember what time you were supposed to meet up for a date or that he’d promised to skype you
  • “How can you remember the exact date I had my tonsils removed but not know my middle name?” 
  • he brings the oddest gifts every time he comes to your parents’ house
  • like he’d show up to dinner with a box of laundry soap because you’d casually mentioned that you were all out, or a tiny figurine that looked just like your pet, or these adorable overmitts for your mother 
  • speaking of parents, your family loves him
  • he’d bond immediately with your father or brothers, to the point that you’d have to remind him he was here to hangout with you, not your dad
  • he’s extremely polite and offers to help your mom with the dishes or sits over tea and compliments her new hairstyle. Not even trying to butter her up or anything, but just because he likes her much a lot and sometimes forgets that she isn’t his own mother
  • casually brings up marriage and wonders aloud what your future children would look like
  • he doesn’t kiss your mouth often, but likes to kiss your hands or cheek
  • will take both of your hands and plant a big smooch on the back of each, or leave a big humming kiss on your cheekbone, then go on about his day
  • claims that he’s not big on public skinship, but will absentmindedly put his arm around your waist or begin playing with your hair all the time
  • as quiet or shy as he is, Vernon is head over heels for you and will turn into an actual beam of sunshine when you’re mentioned
  • if asked about his ideal type or celebrity crush, he’s going to say ‘My girlfriend’
  • Without fail. 
  • Every time. 
  • “My girlfriend is my ideal type. She’s the best. She’s not like, an idol or anything, but she’s famous to me.”