My best m8 (and #1 d.va fan), @geraltsbooty, leveled up today! Pls go wish him a happy birthday and maybe give him a follow too, bc he is the bee’s knees ♥ 

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Happy Birthday Jung Hoseok

☆ In honor of the actual sun’s birthday, I thought I’d make a post compiling just a few of my favorite things about J-Hope 

1. He has a smile that could light up even the darkest corners of the earth.

2. His laugh is the most contagious thing ever.

3. He is undeniably adorable.

4. He also is aware of how hot he can be and knows how to use it.

5. JAWLINE. This boy’s jawline is so sharp it could cut diamonds. Look at how ethereal he looks

6. He is a freaking dancing machine. Seriously, he’s one of the most dedicated dancers I’ve ever seen. 

7. He cares for his other members.

8. His love for his family.

8. His absolute extra-ness, which also is what makes him so lovable. Seriously where does this boy get all his energy

9. He is passionate about what he does and he works so freaking hard.

10. His love for the ARMY.

(I think I’ll stop here or else I’d be here for days listing literally everything about him)

♥ A very happy birthday to our sunshine, our hope, Jung Hoseok. ♥

The ARMY loves you so much and I hope you have a wonderful birthday



Since when was it okay to make this guy 18?!? He’s still, like, five cmon! Well, Shawn Peter Raul Mendes, you are now 18, an adult. Shit. I feel like it was yesterday I was wishing you a happy 16th, how time goes fast. You’re going to move on to greater things and I couldn’t be more proud! You’ve already achieved so much in the short amount of time that you were in the industry! And I can’t wait to be there every step of the way…Happy Birthday baby boy, enjoy going to strip clubs and drinking in certain places!! 🎉🎈🎁💓💓


Happy 18th Birthday Baby One More Time!!  October 23, 1998

6570 days and look how far you’ve come.
‘don’t grow up’ they’ve all said.
but growing up is inevitable.
as we get older the days and nights have started to blur into this beautifully created painting we call life.
the memories we’ve shared together,
the endless laughter, adventures that end in mishap, the car rides where we chased the sunset, an abundance of meaningful talks that bled late into the night.
all of those now are just a part of the past.
they’ve been written in your story, and maybe one day
you’ll open that novel and relive those adventures.
but right now, we’re in the here and now.
carpe diem, right?
maybe not, maybe we’ll just live for the moments instead.
eighteen fascinating years have passed you by and here’s to the rest of your life.
may today be filled with joyous smiles and
skies as blue as the tenerife sea.
—  happy birthday // h.h
  • Me: *tries to show family stuff I'm interested in*
  • Family: This is stupid
  • Me: *doesn't involve my family in anything*
  • Family: Why are you pushing us away????
Annneyyy Darling :)


You are…

The T.O.P to my GD


The Bacon to my Eggs

The Hae to my Hyuk

& the chief dealer of all things loon.

You mean to me what Heebum is to Heechul :)


THANKYOU for teaching me all about vertical horizons, snogging scales, what a good combo we make at charades, our shupermen and aarinsfantasy.

 Honestly this morning when facebook told me it was your birthday I was like pschttt yeah right its not the 29th and then I checked my calender. I didn’t realize time had passed so quick!


But its all cool now, so HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY MY DEAR CHOOOOOOTY (^_^)

Dont use them exams as an excuse…

…and party hard cause you’ll only turn 18 once ;) Do some booty shaking!


So until I can molest you the right way; that being this summer fingers-crossed xD


Stay sane, keep the studying going and have an awesome year Heechannie :)


I’m leaving tomorrow. In fifteen hours, I’ll be throwing the last bag into my car, turning on the ignition and driving away and never coming back. I’ll be eighteen tomorrow. Some people say that’s a terrible way to spend a birthday, but I think that it’s perfect – tomorrow, I’m finally getting to do something I’ve wanted to do for most of my life. I can’t think of a better birthday present.
—  An excerpt from a book that I’ll never write #12