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one word prompts 34?? connor/evan please:)

Enjoy #34 ‘Hands’ 


Connor loved Evan’s hands. He loved holding his hands, he loved when Evan ran his hands through his rats nest of a hair. He loved the soft touches Evan would give him. He just loved Evan’s hands so much. “Can you paint my nails?” Evan had asked one day.

“What?” Connor questioned. The two were laying in Connor’s bed, Evan’s hand running up and down his arms, sending tingles through his body. “You love my hands,” Evan stated. Connor blushed. “So will you paint my nails?” Evan asked again.

“I-I mean of course I will, but I’ll s-steal um…Zoe’s blue, blue will suit you more than my black nail polish,” Connor muttered as he removed himself from Evan’s grasp. Connor was still blushing at the fact Evan had noticed Connor’s fascination with his hands. He didn’t think it was that obvious.

Connor barged into Zoe’s overly purple room, and was happy to see she wasn’t there. He rooted through her makeup bag of nail polish until he found a nice sapphire blue colour. Placing the makeup bag back in it’s usual spot, Connor made his way out of the room and back into his. “Sapphire blue, will definitely suit you,” Connor smiled softly.

Placing Evan’s hand on his knees he began to use soft strokes to each of Evan’s nails. The blue did suit him so well. Connor switched hands and began painting the nails on that hand. “It looks good on you,” Connor told his boyfriend.

“Now let me repaint yours,” Evan said. Connor shot Evan a look, his nails still had pieces of black chipped nail polish on it. “Your hands are lovely too Connor, they need an update on nail polish,” Evan said. He stood up and made his way to the door.

“Where are you going? And be careful! Your nails are still wet!” Connor called after him. Evan made his way into Zoe’s room, he was on a mission. Connor needed a new colour for his nails. Black was just so dreary, and Connor was a bright shining star in Evan’s life. Grabbing the nail polish remover, and a simple green colour, he left Zoe’s room and headed back to Connor’s.

“Green?” Connor questioned as Evan placed the bottle on the bed. Evan nodded as he uncapped the nail polish remover. “She didn’t have any yellow, so green was the second best,” Evan took Connor’s hands into his own and smiled at the softness of them. Evan loved how Connor seemed to adore any simple touch Evan would give him. 

Once Evan finished cleaning off the nasty chipping black nail polish off Connor’s nails, he began to start putting on the green nail polish. He wasn’t as good as Connor was at painting nails but he did okay. “It’s…Nice,” Connor smiled softly, having a colour other than black on his nails was different but not unwanted. 

Once his nails dried Connor reached out and took Evan’s hand, stroking the top of it with his thumb. “I love you,” Connor smiled, feeling the softness of Evan’s hand was comforting. “I love you too,” Evan smiled as Connor’s thumb continued to rub circles on his hand. 

i believe in the normalization of platonic love and affection; and i also believe in the normalization of letting people say no to affection. let people say “i’m sorry, i don’t like to be touched” without others getting offended. let people set boundaries without others questioning why they don’t “believe in platonic love.”

just like… some of us have good reasons for not wanting to be touched and tbh a good enough reason should just be “i don’t want to be touched.” please ask first, please don’t be offended if we ask you not to touch us, please stand up for us if you see other people violating our boundaries.

and if you have a friend like me who is touch-shy - we still love you! just be patient. chances are, we’ll warm up over time and you’ll see us shift our boundaries for you. we’re trying most of the time. and if you’re having a hard day, just tell us you need physical affection - 9/10 times if someone says “i just need a hug” i will willingly and gratefully give it; it’s just difficult for me to initiate said hug without a verbal prompt. we’re not cold, we’re not mean, and we still want to be there for you!

touching friends is so great! saying “i love you” and other cheesy things to friends is awesome! please be really gentle with your friends who need different boundaries with this!! we love you too and we want to be there for you but sometimes we can’t be there in the same way! sorry ): okay thank you for listening have a nice day!

Yes, Yuri on Ice is actually as gay as you think.

I need to say something to the skeptics out there, the ones who are annoyed with YoI, the ones who believe it’s yaoi trash.

Yuri on Ice is quite literally revolutionary so far. It is a big deal. We’re not screaming over some spineless fanservice or some homoerotic subtext. You’ve probably seen the screenshots and gifs out of context and thought, ‘wow, that looks pretty gay.’

No, you do not understand. It is gay

This is an anime that is not labeled as yaoi- meaning, it is not basic, heteronormative fanservice intended for women with problematic themes. It is not shounen-ai, where it simply teases the watcher for hints of homosexuality but never actually goes through with any of it.

Of course, there is fanservice- butt shots, body shots, what have you- that is skillfully placed in with the rest of the story.

But so far, this show is not queerbaiting.

So far, only three episodes in, Yuri on Ice has been smashing anime stereotypes one after another. 

This is unlike we’ve seen in Sports anime. This is almost comparable to No. 6; an anime with a solid, well-done plot that so happens to have a gay romance rather than a straight one. However, Yuri on Ice isn’t just that. There is no doubt this show is one about sexual awakening. That much was painfully clear throughout episode 3. 

Not only is it unique that this show is about sexual awakening, but it is between two men. It is very real, very blatant, and not made fun of. It is not a joke. It is not a facade to draw the fangirls in. This is real. 

The amount of proof for this is outstanding. The ending song is a great example, from the lyrics to the pictures shown.

‘You’re so beautiful tonight
I was simply entranced
Even the hourglass was
C’mon and take my breath away’ 

And, as pointed out in previous posts, the act of combing one’s hair is an intimate act between lovers in Japan. That was focused on in the ending sequence of instagram posts.

In episode 3 alone, there was the significant dialogue of Yuri as he skated about how he found his eros in embracing his femininity. That was not made fun of in any way- it was accepted as the right thing, and Yuri felt more comfortable being ‘the woman seducing the playboy,’ the playboy being Victor. If you had any doubt about who the playboy was, Victor’s whistle was a skillful and clever way to give that away all too obviously.

If you haven’t watched Yuri on Ice yet because you believe it’s all fanservice, because you think it is like Free, or Hibike! Euphonium- you are wrong. Both of those shows, while absolutely beautiful and I personally enjoy them both, are constantly skirting around homosexuality. They do everything to imply romantic attraction, but do not actually take the next step. They tease, but don’t give. And this show is not like Haikyuu or any other sports anime, where you can easily see the bonds in the show as platonic or romantic (depending on how you want to think about it).

No, this show is gay, whether you like it or not. You can deny many anime of being gay, as being something only the fangirls are seeing for their shipping desires, but you cannot deny this one. 

This is representation, and by god, I hope this show continues to do what it’s doing. If nothing comes of Victor and Yuri’s relationship, this show will still make history as the biggest queerbaiting flop ever seen. And, if it continues to do as amazingly as it is, by god will it be hard to beat.


Remake of this gifset because bless the new gif size limit.

Victor and Yuuri are the kind of couple who’d plan to propose to each other on the exact same day and Yuuri pulls Victor to the side with a “Victor, there’s something I wanna ask you–” as he’s taking out the little velvet box and Victor just goes “oh no”. And Yuuri gets all insecure because does he not want to, is this rejection, is it too soon? And he gets all small and toys with the box in his hands, stumbling over his words to make it better because imsorryitsokaywedonthavetoifyourenotcomfortable but Victor stops him, grabbing him by the shoulders like “no, no, I mean—"and he takes out a ring from his coat pocket "I was going to slip this into your drink tonight at dinner” and then they both start crying and they’re touching foreheads as they put the rings on each other and I’m dying in the back because I love them


older!Corvo and older!Daud meeting someplace out-of-the-way for a smoke for @yellowcandy


What if everything seems like queer-baiting but then, at the end of episode 12 ,after the ending maybe,where only 10 seconds remain,something like this happens
These two are made to be shipped,i swear to god