★ skyeweek 2015 → day 6: au
the one where skye leaves shield after she develops her powers


“The King Returns” (June 2015)

First drawing of The King of Panthera was last year (April/May 2014), it’s very interesting to see how different King looks now (I think the anatomy class definitely taught me to slow down and observe more than before). It was both exciting and nerve-racking to portray and walk along side King again but I enjoyed every moment of it (including the frustrating times)!

My show at Queen Elizabeth Theatre is approaching fast! I definitely need to “keep calm and draw insanely” for the next couple weeks!

Thank you for all your support guys!

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28/ favourite moments x quotes.

On stage, he said with a serious expression: His name is Oh Sehun.
When someone mentioned the lead dancers, he said: Sehun is one too.
When everyone finished talking, he pointed at Oh Sehun and said: Sehun hasn’t spoken yet.
Lu Han doesn’t know how to sugarcoat his words, but those few simple lines are enough to prove where Oh Sehun stands in his heart.
Oh Sehun, there’s still Oh Sehun, only Oh Sehun.