This comic is just so rediculous, I love it.

“2omeone Fiight Me,” II 2ay IIn A 2tone-Faced, Completely Dry Monotone. “II’m Reariing Two Go. 1v1 Me, Pal. II Hope You’re Ready Two Catch The2e Hand2, Becau2e II’m Ready Two Piitch Them.” 

anonymous asked:

Places to go, people to see Captor. My life doesn't revolve around you. Pretty cute to see you pining at your inbox awaiting my return though. I'm second to none, I'm sure with enough time and patience you might almost get to be on my level. Are you sure you're ready? Your last kismesis was baby tier. -pitch anon, who would like to see you try.

iif you’re fiindiing enough tiime two type out all of thii2, whiich ii’m 2ure take2 a lot of pan power for ya’ giiven a2 thii2 ii2 clo2e two fiir2t rate (ju2t mii22ed) and you’re a low 2econd, then ii’m 2ure you got 2ome tiime on your hand2.

ii’ll admiit ii’ll admiit, ii’m a biit out of touch, but even on a bad day ii’m quiite the 2park. ii’m more than ready, long a2 you’re ready two get burnt, honey. that’2 what happen2 when you’re dealiing wiith p2iioniic2, after all, no? e2peciially a fiirecracker.

he wa2 baby tiier, and even iif he 2omehow managed, you’re gonna have two try a lot harder two wiin my 2pade2 iif you’re iintere2ted.