Valentine is normally the first to roam around, usually before sunrise. After exiting rest mode, he runs some diagnostics, helps himself a cup of coffee and dives into his archives. Around mid morning, when someone makes him notice, he prepares himself a bit of solid breakfast: usually a couple of toasts with sliced ham of dubious origin.

Danse diligently wakes up with the sunrise. He washes his face with cold water, workouts in the patio for an hour, showers and puts on a clean suit, and then prepares himself a breakfast that consists of a mirelurk egg omelette, some meat and canned beans, and a slice of melon. And a couple of Fancy Lad Snake Cakes.

MacCready wakes up at a normal hour – early enough to do something of profit, but neither too early to be considered insane. He drags his feet to the kitchen complaining of a bad migraine, picks the newspaper, job ads section, and munches on a mutfruit until he’s fully awake.

Piper jumps out of the bed shortly after MacCready and repeats her “I’m late, I’m late, I’m late” mantra during the few minutes it takes for her to dress up, brush her hair and pour herself some coffee, before storming out. She won’t eat anything solid until noon.

Cait used to wake up fairly late, almost always with a huge hungover she tried to get rid of by chugging a couple of beers – she found it funny to defend beer could count as cereals. After her rehabilitation, she has tried to wake up at the same time as Danse and join him in his morning training, but she still misses the call most days.

Hancock is usually the last one to wake up, and he still loafs around and complains for another full hour before getting up. He puts on his best “Don’t you dare bother me, and specially don’t you dare point out I am probably showing off the mayoral -lack of- treasure” face and floats into the kitchen, lights or pops his morning choice, and grabs whatever somewhat edible is at hand (if it’s one of Danse’s special shakes chaos will ensue).

Deacon is a special case. He can show up in the kitchen at any given hour. Sometimes he’s already perfectly clad and greets everyone with a pearly white smile and a box of just baked tarts he got from who knows where, and sometimes he appears past noon still in his boxers and looking awfully sleepy and unable to coordinate even the simplest movements.

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I'm a bit sad today... could you do Romanced Companions reacting to finding Sole who hid in their old house, crying? How do they cheer Sole up?

Cait: “Ugh, where the fuck are they?” She asks herself as she looks for Sole, the water purifier had just broke again. When she passed the house that used to belong to sole, she heard something quietly coming from inside. Popping her head in, “Hey you in here?” She heard what sounded like a sob coming from down the hall. She quickly walks towards the sound to find Sole in the rom that once belong to Shaun, hunched over his crib. She notices they’re trembling. “Hey…you okay? If you need to talk I’m here, you don’t need to go through this alone.” She’s surprised when sole throws themselves at her and press their face to her chest and start to cry even harder.

Piper: Was bringing Sole their portion of the food made by Sturges for dinner. “Hey Blue, you hungry?” She stopped when she heard what sounded like crying from the baby’s room. She quietly knocked on the door, when no one said anything she opened it quietly, and saw Sole sitting in the corner, holding a teddy bear to their chest, when they looked up at her their eyes were puffy and red. “I’m going to hug you, so be prepared.” And she pulls them to her chest. “You’re going to find him, don’t worry too much. Okay?”

Curie: “(Sole’s name), I need your help with this experiment, I want to see how much flies have changed over the past 200 years…..” She sees Sole bent over at a table with their head in their hands, she sees tears falling down and hitting the table.“ Are you okay?” When sole shakes their head no, she grabs a chair and pulls it up next to them. “ What is wrong?” When Sole breaks down even more and tells her about how much they miss Shaun and their spouse. “ We will find your baby. And we will give your husband/wife a prober burial.”

Preston: “General another settlement…..” He sees Sole sprawled out on their couch, they’re face blank as they just stared at the ceiling. “Um, are you alright?” When he sees a tear drop down their cheek he frown. “ Don’t give up hope yet general, Shaun is close by and we will save him from the institute.”

Nick: A new case had just come in, and he thought Sole would want in. “ Hey, there’s a missing persons case, would you want to help out?” When he looked over at Sole, and saw them holding a plush toy and staring at it “ I don’t feel like doing anything right now.” Sole muttered, angrily wiping a tear from their eyes. “ Well that’s not like you, what’s on your mind?” Nick asked gently. “ I’m a fuck up, I can’t even find my own kid let alone someone else.” Tears started to pour down Sole’s face. “ Kid, I promise you that we are going to find Shaun and we’ll kill every last one of those bastards that took him from you.”

MacCready: So boss, how about we step out for a bit? Get some fresh air?“ When he didn’t get a response he looked over where they last were. He saw them getting up and going down the hall to their room. He heard something smash and he got up quickly to check it out. He knocked on their door and when they opened it he saw the room was a mess, the mirror was smashed, a picture of them with Nate/Nora was across the room from where it was originally. ” You okay?“ He asked nervous that he was going to be the next thing thrown. The look of anger in their eyes was quickly replaced by tears as they started to sob, ” I shouldn’t be here, Nate/Nora should be the one here looking for Shaun, they were so much stronger than I am. I should have died in that vault!“ He shook his head at them ” You’re wrong, you’re the one who’s meant to be here, other wise you wouldn’t be. Nate/Nora, died because it was supposed to be that way. You are so strong, you’ve come all this way looking for your child. And not a lot of people would be able to. Especially people from your time. Most would have given up or die. But you, you keep on going and you have to keep it up.“

Deacon: They had just brought the Institute down to the ground, Sole had left quickly and didn’t look am back when it crumbled to the ground ” I’m going home.“ Was all they said as they walked down the road. He hadn’t seen them in about a week and he stated to miss them. As he walked down the street he heard whispers of how they hadn’t left their house in a long time. He walked into the house and kicked off his shoes “Honey I’m home!” He yelled and expected a laugh. But when none came he started to worry. He walked down the hall to their room and saw them laying face down in their bed. “Hey, you alive?” He asked and heard a moan come from the pillow their face was buried in. He tapped their shoulder and when they looked at him he felt his heart breaking. Their face was red, tears running down their face. “ Hey, buddy what’s up?” He tried to keep the happiness in his voice going “ My child is dead, Deacon…” Was all they said. “What about the kid we took from the institute, he said he was your kid…” Sole shook their head “ That’s a synth, a poke at my heart if you will. One last way for my real son to get at me.” He felt anger boil up in him, at her son but also at her “ He might be a synth, but he’s still a kid too. I know it must be hard, but you should at least give him a chance.” Sole sighed” You wouldn’t really understand. I’m going to try but I don’t think I’ll ever really think of him as my actual son.“

Danse: Noticed Sole coming into Sanctuary ” How was it? Destroying the institute that is.“ Sole pushed passed him ” I’m not in the mood to talk about it.“ They pushed open the door to their house and slammed it shut behind them. Danse stood their confused for a second and then decided to go talk to them. He gently pushed open the door and saw them sitting on the couch, their head pressed to their knees. He heard sniffling. ” Knight, are you okay?“ Sole looked up angrily ” Besides the fact I just killed my son? I’m fan-fucking-tastic.“ Danse couldn’t hide the hurt on his face. ” what happened?“ When Sole explained Shaun had been the leader of the institute Danse couldn’t help but feel grief himself. He didn’t know Shaun at all. But he could relate to trying so hard to find something only to have it snatched away or be faced with disappointment with what is actually found. He hugs Sole tightly and let’s them know he isn’t going anywhere.

Hancock. Was waiting for Sole to come back to the living room, when they had been gone a good twenty minutes he went back to their room and saw they crying on their bed, “Bad trip.” He asks since the both of them had taken a get hits of jet. They shake their head “ No, I just really miss everyone. I miss Shaun, Nate, even my parents….” John sat down next to them and pulled them to his chest. “ I understand sunshine, but you got me now, and everyone else who cares about you.”

X6-88: Sole had just wiped out the Railroad. He felt some what proud of what they had done for the institute. They had even been the one to gun down their best friend, Deacon. Now he knew there was no reason to question their loyalty. But when they asked to stop at Sanctuary he was confused. “ I just really need to, okay?” He knew they should focus on getting back to Father , but he didn’t argue much. He heard them sobbing in their room. But he didn’t check on them. He knew they had to deal with the loss of their friend on their own.

Strong: he’s confused by the noises coming from Sole and their tears “ Wasting water.” He muttered to himself

Dogmeat: when he heard Sole sobbing, he jumped up on them and gave them lots of kisses to their face. He hated seeing Sole sad. He even tries to make them laugh by performing tricks. If that doesn’t work he brings them his favorite, chewed up teddy bear.

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*slides right into the dm's* companions react to a sole who has never seen fire flies, seeing them for the first time.

This was such a cute request 

Cait: She’d think it’s funny how fascinated they are to see fireflies. It’s just an insect. They’ve seen a lot of things in the wasteland, and a couple of fireflies was the only thing that actually distracted them. Cait would then groan impatiently and carry on walking without them.

Codsworth: Codsworth ignored them. He’d be too busy swiping his robotic arms everywhere, hoping to hit every firefly around him like they were a monstrous creature.

Curie: She reacts the same way. Curie hasn’t seen a firefly either, and they both get distracted by the yellow glow of it. 

Danse: He thought it was silly. They needed to complete a crucial mission, but he was held up because Sole was too interested in some fireflies. Although, he wouldn’t admit that it was adorable to watch.

Dogmeat: Being a dog, he was frantically pouncing into the air as he attempted to catch one into his mouth. They’re too high for him, but he kept trying and it was amusing for Sole.

Deacon: He’s just as excited to see a group of fireflies. Deacon would try and catch one for them, but he’d fail miserably and accidentally squash it.

Hancock: He thought it was cute. Unlike Deacon, he would catch a firefly with ease. Hancock would bring it closer to them, just so they could get a better look and he smiled at their fascination. 

MacCready: He’d pretend to be fascinated, just to satisfy them. MacCready is really not interested in stupid fireflies when they have much better things to do.

Nick: Nick would watch them as he puffs on a cigarette. He let’s the vault dweller simply gaze up at the fireflies, enjoying how confused they looked with an amusing smirk.

Piper: She’d find it weird. But, Piper hasn’t seen a firefly in a long time. The wasteland had horrible things, so the sight of some beautiful fireflies made them both feel like children again.

Preston: It was beautiful to him. Sole was amazed, and so was he. He wouldn’t want to say anything, though. He’s happy to watch the fireflies with them.

Strong: He’d laugh at them, calling them a stupid human. Strong would attempt to crush all the fireflies. Fortunately for the fireflies, he’s too slow for them and he’d get angry.

X6-88: He knew it fascinated them, so he would explain the functions of a firefly. It also warmed his heart as he watched Sole turn soft at the sight of them.

Sick Companions Headcanons

Let’s just say that Synths can get sick, shall we?

Cait: doesn’t even move the whole time. She doesn’t care if Sole is babying her or not as long as she gets to sleep.

Curie: is a sweet and pitiful little thing when she’s sick. She doesn’t get sick often, but when she does, it’s a doozy. She still insists that she can treat herself, but has no problems with being given some hot Hubflower tea.

Danse: He takes it very casually with no drama at all. He doesn’t like to be babied, but he’s grateful for what Nora gives him. When he gets sick, it’s only for maybe a day or so.

Deacon: He insists that he’s not sick. He’ll apply tons of makeup to hide the fever blush, and keep those sunglasses on tighter to hide hjs red eyes, but the truth comes out when he takes a seat on Sole’s couch and passes the fuck out.

Hancock: Oh he puts up all kinds of fights with Sole if he’s sick. He knows he’s sick but demands he still runs the town. He literally kicks and squirms when he’s dragged off to bed by Fahrenheit, sneezing.

MacCready: He doesn’t generally fight when putting him to bed, and adores the attention from Sole. It’s nice sometimes to be taken care of.

Nick: If Ellie or Sole won’t let him work at his desk, he brings his stuff with him to bed, sitting up and working on cases while sipping soup in a cup. Ellie makes him stop for a break every now and then.

Piper: She doesn’t do well when she’s sick. It’s like she’s a walking science experiment, and she absolutely doesn’t want anyone near her (including Nat) at the risk of getting sick too. She makes Sole put up old shower curtains in the upstairs area of her home, just to be sure.

Preston: This poor baby will keep going no matter where they are, trying to prove that he’s fine and that the settlement is more important. He throws up into hub bushes, and that’s where Sole draws the line and puts Preston down for a nap

X6-88: hides that shit good. He’s dedicated to proving he isn’t weak like everyone else. When Sole asks why he looks sweaty, he’ll claim that it’s a warm day and he’s wearing all black (of course he’s gonna be sweaty). He swallows back all the snot and the like, just to keep going, until he literally passes out. Sole can’t carry him home, so they wrap him up in a sleeping bag, and camp where they are.

Longfellow: He doesn’t want to stop until the job is done, like Preston and X6. But he refuses to let Sole make him stop, coughing angrily and almost in a frightening away. He swigs back some whiskey and makes it through to the end.



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FO4 Companions’ Vitals

I’ve been wanting to do this for some time now and finally decided to sit down and write this out… 

age: 28 years old; height: 5′11 (180 cm); weight: 158 lb. (71.6 kg) – on one hand, Cait has to be a muscular woman, seeing as how she was a cage fighter for a few years. On the other hand, she couldn’t have taken good care of herself; too many drugs, too much booze, and not enough proper nutrition. Most of her weight comes from her muscles, but now that she’s kicked her psycho addiction, she’ll probably put on a few more pounds. And yes, I imagine her as this towering, fierce woman who loves she can intimidate insecure men. 

biological age: 27 years old; chronological age: 210 years as a robot; her synth body was probably created within the last 10 years, since Glory knew her from her days in the Institute; height: 5′5 (165 cm); weight: 114 lb. (51.7 kg) – she’s an adorable, petite thing. Probably underweight as well, since her synth body was in a vegetative state for an unknown period of time. 

biological age: 39 years old; chronological age: 23 years old; (my timeline has him spending at least 1 year within the Institute before he somehow escaped, then 6 to 7 years as a merchant in Rivet City before he joined the Brotherhood); height: 6′0 (183 cm); weight: 203 lb. (92 kg) – Danse is healthier than most people in the wastes. I know synths aren’t supposed to lose or gain weight, but being in the Brotherhood of Steel meant having a steady access to food. That couldn’t have hurt.

age: 46 years old (has anyone else noticed he has crow’s feet?); height: 5′7 (170 cm); weight: 155 lb. (70.3 kg) – Being short for a male has its advantages in his line of work, because let’s face it: as a fellow short person, I can attest to not being noticed as much, especially in a crowd. He has the lean muscular body type, not the bodybuilder like Danse. Burns a lot of calories from all the running he does. Probably can still eat anything he wants. (Lucky bastard.)

age: 6 years old; height: 24 in (60 cm); weight: 63 lb. (28.5 kg) – Whose a good boy? Dogmeat is a good boy. He’s a little undernourished in the beginning, but Sole quickly takes care of that. ♥︎

age: I’m still debating over this, because it all depends on how much younger than Mayor McDonough he is. McDonough is most likely in his early 50s. I want to say there’s a 10-year age difference, so Hancock is 41 to 42 years old; height: 5′5 (165 cm); weight: 140 lb. (63.5 kg) – He might be short and skinny, and he might be hopped up on jet all the time, but his charm and passion for freedom and equality makes him the big man of Goodneighbor. (And he makes Deacon feel tall. *lol*)

age: 22 years old; height: 5′9 (175 cm); weight: 152 lb. (68.9 kg) – I’m not sure how much food the children of Little Lamplight had, but I suspect they ate whatever they could scavenge and kill. With proper nutrition, MacCready probably would’ve been taller, but he’s still average height. He’s thin, probably forgets to eat, especially when stuck in a sniper nest. Has to have some upper body strength to use his sniper rifle.

age: 110-120 years old, depending on how long he and DiMA spent as Institute guinea pigs; height: 6′2 (188 cm); weight: 210 lb. (95.2 kg) – His weight would depend on the metals his body is made of, but I’m sure the Institute wanted it to be similar to an organic human. All Gen 1 and Gen 2 synths were created with an “ideal” height and weight in mind. 

age: 24 years old; height: 5′6 (167 cm); weight: 136 lb. (61.6 kg) – Living in Diamond City and having a steady job gives her and her sister Nat better access to food than most wastelanders have, so her overall wellness is ideal. Not a lot of muscle, but knows her way around a handgun.

age: 26 years old; height: 5′10 (178 cm); weight: 168 lb. (76.2 kg) – Again, Preston was fortunate to have access to food, being a member of the Minutemen. Walking all across the Commonwealth is the best exercise, and his arms are strong from using his laser musket for so long, especially from having to crank it. 

biological age: 28 years old; chronological age: 5 years old; height: 6′1 (185 cm); weight: 205 lb. (92.9 kg) – Ideal height and weight ratio. As an Institute Courser, he’s the pinnacle of physical fitness, and that lucky bastard was made that way. Er, well, maybe he’s not that lucky if he was in the Institute when it the bomb went off…


EDIT: Aaaaah, I forgot the robots and Old Longfellow!

age: depends on if you count when her parts were manufactured (210+ years old) or when Jackson built her (my guess is 5-10 years ago); height: 5′8 (173 cm); weight: 500+ lb. (226.8 kg) – Her parts were made for military/combat use, so she was intended to be sturdy, reliable, and resistant to damage. But in reality, she’s a sweetheart.

age: 211 years old; height: when he’s hovering in the air, he’s about 6 feet tall (183 cm); weight: 55 lb. (25 kg) – As a Mister Handy Robot - the finest of all the General Atomics International robots - he has to be heavy enough to be considered sturdy, but light enough to be able to hover in the air when his thruster is on. Also, it helps if it’s not impossible for someone to be able to pick him up or push him out of the way, in case he unexpectedly shuts down.

Old Longfellow:
age: he’s a stubborn, tough old geezer, so I say he’s about 71 years old; height: 5′11 (180 cm), though he was a couple of inches taller when he was younger; weight: 163 lb. (73.9 kg) – I see him as having a large body frame, so while his weight sounds ideal, he could probably stand to weigh a few more pounds. But he lives on his own in the woods, has to suffer eating his own cooking, and he probably drinks some of his meals. Okay, maybe most of his meals. (How the hell is he still alive? *lol*)

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Are you planning to write anything with Hancock?

he’s in smoke & will continue to play a part in that story (in fact, his part gets a bit more significant in a couple of upcoming chapters/scenes). 

i mean, are you jw or are you asking because you want me to?? because bruh….if you want hancock, i can fucking write you some hancock. #maxsondumpster4lyfe, but hancock’s number two, tbh. a few more plot-filled post-it notes on my bedroom wall & thy will be done.

So with the Vault-Tec workshop add on…. this nifty little thing came into being. Needless to say I have been in tears laughing for a very, very long time.

*EDIT* Danse just stared. Nick had been watching too but he went upstairs because he couldn’t stand it anymore.

Hancock: canonically experiences racism in the fallout universe that is unequivocally such and has major consequences

Hancock: canonically can fall in love with both a male and a female sole, making him bi, pan, or demi

Hancock: canonically super supportive of a female Sole in power as the General of the Minutemen and also trusts his right hand woman Fahrenheit to lead his fucking town while he’s gone

Hancock: canonically allows drifters to sleep in his attic so no one has to be homeless while he’s in charge

Hancock: canonically approves of you helping out people, giving them things, hates when you steal, and will turn hostile if you murder a civilian

assholes: nooo … he c an’t be    an  s j w  he just can’t he’s my Edgelord McGrimDark favorite!!