[#하나] 궂은 날씨에도 응원해주신 덕분에 ‘일기’ 무대 잘 끝냈어요! 멀리서 마음으로 응원해주신 분들도 정말 고마워요♡ 오늘 날씨에 어울리는 노래가 있는데, '폴 킴- 비 ’ 같이 들어요~ 그럼 또 만나💕

[#Hana] We finished our “Diary” stage well thanks to your cheers that carried on even in this soggy weather! Thank you to the fans who cheer for us in their hearts from far away, too♡ There’s a song that matches today’s weather, Rain by Paul Kim; let’s listen together~ See you again💕

Trans. cr: fyeah-gugudan