Vixx as shit the group chat has said
  • Hakyeon:this is my family. It's small, and kinda fucked up and fairly kinky, but they support each other and put up with everyone's bullshit and I love them.
  • Leo:I will shove a spoon down your throat one of these days
  • Ken:fuck you let me enjoy my lollipop
  • Ravi:I was supposed to be working on my notes and I spent like 20 min talking about sex and dicks
  • Hongbin:I prefer personality over looks. Even though you ain't got much of that either
  • Hyuk:I would like to do the adult love with you
Vixx & First Kisses

Anonymous asked: First kiss - all of the boys! 

So this is the first time I’ve done a reaction post and it seemed to kind of mix itself between reaction and scenario so, I apologize! But hopefully you still like it, this only came from the mind of Admin Maknae so *shrugs* 

Enjoy!! 💚

~Admin Maknae

Originally posted by vixxtvgifs

N -  Being the confident leader that he is, he would be the one to initiate your first kiss, but also, make sure to see that you are comfortable with him too. Maybe starting with running his fingertips through your hair along your face and stopping to linger his hand near your jawline. Letting you know his intentions, but also trying to see your reactions as well, and if you were up for it, he’d step just a little bit closer, leaning into you. His kiss would be touching and delicate, letting you know that he cared. He’d want to touch you, but he wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable, so his hands would be warm, placed on the side of your face.

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