He’s Not A Toy (Leo Voodoo!au Fic) Chapter 6 - Yuri

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Warnings: None

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“It seems your dear Taekwoon has stolen the heart of another,” Myeong said as she looked at Yuri who was looking back with a stern expression, “It’s no surprise though…he’s quite a handsome man.” Yuri was silent, her jaw clenched in annoyance. “Tell me, do you think that he would fall for another? It has been many years since you…well since you disappeared from his life.”

“I would want what makes him happy…which includes you choking on your own blood!” she snarled, he fists slamming on the mirror surface. I could see the blue orb that was her soul slamming against the side of the bottle furiously and Myeong just chuckled at this.

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