I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a piece of film or television as moving as that last Skam clip like not enough can be said about Tarjei and Henrik’s acting which is beyond incredible but also to the entire creative team behind Skam because I’m still sitting here 3 hours later absolutely overwhelmed by how moving it was and honestly I don’t think this clip is ever going to be something I stop talking about because it was art that’s the only way you can describe it 

i can’t believe that Magnus Bane, a Bisexual, Asian High Warlock of Brooklyn,  the most powerful being who is capable of so much more than he lets on, also has a heart of gold.  💛 💛 💛 💛 💛

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Sorry... Not a pony. Buut, lena luthor and supercorp headcannons(?) ★ ✿

the mere mention of the pony is sufficient:) 

★ - sad headcanon: hahaha, okay, like a LOT of my lena headcanons are sad. the girl’s had a sad life and she needs a 24 hour long hug. but i think the one of the ones i’m most interested in atm are the parallels between herself and lex and kara and clark. i tend to mostly go with the smallville style lex and clark’s relationship as a headcanon for supergirl, and so… lena knew clark? at least vaguely. lena has met superman. lena watched superman try to bring her brother back from the brink, while she was desperately trying to do so herself. and they both failed. not only did they both fail, but superman turned on lex. wether lena thinks it was deserved or not (she does, but he’s still her big brother) she watched superman take him away from her. a little part of lena probably really hates him for that. and then, she meets a girl with the same symbol on her chest. and she’s so Good. and she looks at lena and doesn’t see luthor first, but sees lena. and… that’s what happened with lex? isn’t it? and superman betrayed him. and i think that until lena knows that supergirl is kara (as much she’s totally smart enough to figure it out on her own, i actually really want kara to trust her with it sort of how she did with lucy) i think she’s got the slightest bit of resentment towards supergirl. or, not resentment exactly, but wariness. there’s always this little voice in the back of her head (it sounds like lex) saying that she is a luthor, and she is on her own, and she can’t trust anyone but herself. much less trust a super. and she fights it, she blows up her relationship with her mother and she trust supergirl as much as she can, but she’s always still wary. and i think that when lena finds out, when kara finally trusts her, she freaks out. i think that lena panics and bolts. i think she doesn’t handle it well at all. i think she might have had the slightest of suspicions before kara tells her but shoved them so far down because it can’t be kara. because she can’t trust a super. because if they’re the same person, then lena’s already on her way to becoming her brother. isn’t she? 

✿ - Sex headcanon: umm okay, so. tbh i don’t… usually have a lot of sex headcanons?? for anyone?? it’s just not really my thing. but!! that said, i think that lena actually takes sex pretty seriously. i don’t think that she’s slept with a bunch of women. (she’s slept with one guy, she felt like trying it. she did not enjoy herself.) i think sex makes her feel vulnerable and very exposed and unless she’s really in control of the situation and trusts the person, she just doesn’t do it. (she does however, do a shitton of flirting, and if she’s in the mood, quite a bit of making out.) i think this is also wasn’t always the case. she was rebellious and angry for a bit in her late teens, (she totally 100% made out with girls in her bedroom with the express purpose of shocking lillian. usually, she barely even liked the girl.) and after lionel died, she kinda… went off the rails and did a lot more drinking and sleeping with people than she possibly should have. but her grades suffered, and it got back to lillian, and when lex came home to visit the summer between her freshman and sophomore year, it felt like it used to for the first time in a while. the two of them against the world. and she decided that she didn’t really like that version of herself. she was doing it because it felt like that’s what you do. rich girls party and get fucked up and throw their lives away, it’s all over tv, a lot of kids she grew up with did it. but, truthfully, it was just making her more miserable, so she stopped partying so much. she stopped drinking all together for a long time. and she only slept with one other girl the next three years of school. one who she dated for about four months towards the tail end of her sophomore year before she got her heart broken, viciously. and after that… i think lena really started guarding herself. she’ll definitely still have the very occasional one night stand (we’re talking like, maybe once every three to four years or so) but otherwise, she doesn’t bother unless she’s dating someone, and is totally satisfied with masturbating. 

kara, similarly, i…. kinda headcanon as a virgin. i like the ace kara headcanon a lot, but personally don’t usually go with it in my own the majority of the time. that said, i don’t think that kara really cares about sex all that much, other than like… the fact that she’s yet to have it, and she’s kind of afraid that when she does things will go wrong. because she is so strong, and what if she gets excited and hurts someone? she’s done it before not during sex, during sex would be so bad! because of this, i think she’s realllly conscious about herself and her body at all times on dates and such. her whole “i’m all about consent” line to james, was, perfect and also, i think a bit telling of her thoughts wrt sex and relationships. she knows that physically, she’s pretty much got the upper hand on everyone, so she needs to be aware all of the time. which, must be really fucking stressful. not to mention not really being able to tell people about herself? i don’t think kara has ever truly dated much. i think that blind date in the pilot was an anomaly. she had a terrible crush when she was fourteen and it ended horribly (alex then beat him up. kara still doesn’t know about this.) she gets crushes easily, but i think not much comes from them long term because either kara gets nervous, or things fizzle out when she can’t be honest with them. i think her thing with james was the closest thing she’s had to a boyfriend or girlfriend since college. 

alllll of that (wow, i said i don’t really have sex headcanons and then wrote a damn essay) is to say that i think lena is crazy guarded with kara physically. she flirts with abandon, and she’s falling wayyyyy deeper than she had planned, but she’s also so wary and constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. because to her, it always drops. and i think that kara is falling hard for lena, and she is so excited about it, but nervous and inexperienced. i think she is absolutely the one to make the first move. kara kisses lena. kara asks lena to go on a date. kara asks lena to be her girlfriend. kara initiates sex the first time. well, she tries to. i think they both sort of panic and admit what’s going on and laugh their asses off at each other and end up just cuddling and falling asleep. attempt number two is initiated by lena because she has more experience, and she likes being in control in these situations anyway, but…. there is more laughing and this time kara actually falls out of the bed. they makeout and eat potstickers instead. third time is the charm. it blows both their minds. but it’s also really messy, and full of laughter, and lena gets a bruise from where she slammed her forearm into the nightside table accidentally, and thank god that kara’s basically made of steel, because she panics after she thinks that she hurts lena and shoots up into the ceiling and whacks her head way too hard. all the times after that start going better. kara relaxes once she realizes that she isn’t accidentally going to kill lena, lena stops feeling too vulnerable, and they start having a hell of a lot more fun.