The only look that matters


  • Christine, to Jenna: When Jeremy and I first started going out, I was afraid he was more in love with his best friend than with me.
  • Jeremy: Christine, they've got those lemon biscotti that Michael loves. Can I have some money to buy him one?
  • Christine: No, you bought him a present yesterday, remember?
  • (Later)
  • Christine: Alright, let's go... wait, where's Jeremy? And where's my purse?
  • (Elsewhere)
  • Michael: Thanks for the biscotti, Jeremy.
  • Jeremy: Anytime, buddy. Anytime.

Everyone that I talk to about Francis Kinloch is in agreement that he was a Pretty Boy™, so we’ve determined that John Laurens most definitely had a type

He was into polyamorous bisexual Scottish-heritage smooth-talking Pretty Boys™