all autumn does anymore is come home from daycare after school and either: a. go outside and practice ninjutsu, b. read, or c. play hearthstone
charley is a ham and literally hilarious
joe is a lovely human being

idk where all this pineapple on pizza discourse came in but here’s my thoughts:
•lance hates it
•keith loves it
•hunk thinks it’s ok *but only when there’s ham included
•shiro literally doesn’t give two fucks about it
•pidge can go either way but prefers no pineapple on pizza
•allura doesn’t understand it? why would you mix those together? she eats it out of politeness though
•coran doesn’t trust it

The Egos and Pizza Toppings

Wilford Warfstache: Pineapple and Ham pizza. Literally because he’s chaotic and loves it because Mark can’t stand it. But also because he always has to eat something sweet. The man practically runs on sugar.

Bing: Super Rad 4 Meat pizza, broski. So sick! Freaking bacon and ham dude. Check out this sweet kick flip!

The Googles: Vegetarian pizza, with spinach and mushrooms. Although Oliver picks off everything and just likes plain cheese pizza (especially with stuffed crust).

Bim Trimmer: Pepperoni deep dish pizza all the way. He also prefers a darker brown crust and slightly burnt cheese that reminds him of the times he’d get pizza after recording a late night for the old game show network he worked for.

Ed Edgar: Barbecue Chicken Ranch pizza. Just like his momma used to make! A dash o’ spice and savor with a lot of flavor. He’s a sucker for anything with ranch on it.

The Host: Supreme pizza. He enjoys being able to recognize all of the different flavors and components of a well made pizza and discern them for himself. But he absolutely hates green pepper.

Silver Shepherd: Sausage and stuffed crust pizza. He can’t help but enjoy pulling the cheese out of the crust and eating it first.

The Jims: Half Sausage, Half Pepperoni pizza. Those two boys can never seem to agree on anything, and that doesn’t change when it comes to pizza either.

King Of The Squirrels/Yandere: Extra Cheese pizza with stuffed crust and golden brown edges. These two are little kids at heart and love any and everything with cheese. And when given the chance, share with Oliver, because he hates the vegetarian pizza the other Googles like so much.

Dark: Nothing..? He refuses to admit he actually eats or partakes in humanesque activities such as gluttony, but he secretly has a soft spot in his heart for a warm slice of supreme pizza with extra olives.


Antisepticeye: Pinepple Ham Bacon pizza. Anti has been known to kick in every now and then when it’s pizza night for Sean and Signe. He can’t help himself. He usually hates mortal food, but that damn pizza is fantastic!

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Have you ever read a fanfic/book about a trans person that is SO OBVIOUSLY WRITTEN BY A CIS PERSON THAT IT'S CRINGEY

Yes oh my god yes. It’s always just;

‘I HATE MY BODY. Life is terrible. Why can’t I be a Cis?! My sex life doesn’t exist because I hate every inch of my body. I knew I was trans since I was in the womb. Literally everything I do relates to me being trans - last night I made a sandwich and started crying because nobody tells a ham and cheese sandwich it’s not really ham and cheese. Literally all I can ever think about is being a Suffering Trans!’

I hate that shit so much like. Holy god. Stop.

Kindergarten Teacher!Seventeen

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Request: seventeen as kindergarten teacher?

Apologies for taking so long! My exams wrapped up today so I’m finally free :^) Enjoy this cute memey bullet pointed request! -Admin Madi


  • Would feel as though he is the real father of all the children AKA loves them all dearly and would literally do anything for them
  • Teaches the kids important life lessons & to be very respectful so they grow up nicely! But also teaches them to have fun & enjoy everything they do!!
  • Tells them really bad dad jokes that make them really giggly and hyper but also makes them question their own dads bc “why can’t you be as funny as Mr.Choi?”
  • Is really keen on making sure they all eat enough and are dressed warm in winter bc his children must not get sick!!
  • The type of teacher to pat their heads as they leave the classroom and tell everyone about all the cute moments that happened that day


  • Tries really hard to be liked by all the kids and whines to his friends when they don’t show him enough affection
  • Is really nonchalant when they ask him mundane questions,, “Is it true that Santa isn’t real?” “Mhm.” lmfao he wouldn’t sugar coat anything bc he doesn’t want them to be hurt when they find things out later on in life
  • He’d also be that one teacher you can depend on like can’t get that juice box open? Mr.Yoon will open it for you dw he’s reliable my man
  • Has a super close bond with his students,,when they can tell he’s quieter than normal or having a bad day they’ll make him drawings that he hangs on his fridge and keeps till he’s 80
  • Loves to compliment the kids on e v e r y t h i n g like you colored inside the lines? They’re showered with praise and genuine admiration


  • Incorporates all of the kids favorite things into his lessons ex) gives them gummy bears when they answer a question right,,makes math problems about cartoon characters and covers the walls in colorful posters
  • Is the #1 kindergarten teacher when it comes to crying/upset children,, Literally so comforting y’all he’ll crouch down and wipe their tears away and cheer them up with some lame motivational speech that the kids think is legendary
  • Is super clumsy like he literally hits his legs off the desks and trips on the tiny chairs, but is somehow incredibly gentle with his actions and words
  • Is super supportive of everything the children do and what ideas they come up with,,You want to be an astronaut? He’ll offer to help build a rocketship for you
  • Is that one teacher that is oblivious to almost everything that is going on yet continues to be everyone’s favorite bc he lets them do whatever they want


  • Ok I feel like kindergarten teacher Jun would take his job hella seriously like this guy literally walks in on the first day with a suit and glasses, hair gelled up and crayons ready to be dispersed
  • But his cool image lowkey intimidates the kids and so they ask him to stop with the theatrics and he ends up wearing black jeans and striped shirts the whole year bc relatable
  • He’s one of the advocators for the quiet kids and probably favors that one little shy kid who never speaks but is the sweetest thing on earth
  • Everyday is show n tell like if you want to show the class a rock you found outside 10 minutes ago be my guest
  • Is overly dramatic 100% of the time, his pencil broke *cue the deep sigh*, he spilt spaghetti on his slacks? *has 911 on speed dial* and lets the kids out early for recess


  • Brings so much high energy and fun to the class that the kids literally never want to leave and won’t pry themselves off when their parents come for them
  • Wants to accommodate everyone’s learning needs and spends most of his nights thinking of little things he can implement to ensure they’re working to their full potential
  • Pulls a chair up next to the children at those hella low tables during snack break and whips out his own lunchbox that he packed himself (it’s loaded with gummies)
  • Promises that they’ll watch a movie or have playtime if they do well on their work but doesn’t care if they fail bc he wants to see the care bears just as badly as them
  • Creates a class cheer or some catchphrase that they all shout when grouped together like the squad they truly are

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i burn, i pine, i perish

pairing: ginny weasley x blaise zabini

setting: post-war canon, but where blaise’s wealth supposedly can’t support his extravagant habits…please just go with this one lol. also based on this except i replaced michael corner w ginny bc fuck michael corner

wc: 1788

written for: @provocative-envy, belated happy birthday, this is like 4 days late sorry!

also: this is the first fanfic i’ve written since i was like, 12. it’s 4 a.m. please god help me  and please excuse the tense changes bc im sure they are THERE and GLARINGLY OBVIOUS to everyone except for me

It all begins at the Dragon’s Breath on a Tuesday—

Well, that’s not quite right. It all begins during sixth year in a train compartment on the way to Hogwarts.

Blaise should have known that somehow word of him calling Ginny a blood traitor would have reached her. At the time, Ginny’s opinion of him hadn’t seemed pertinent.

Not that anything’s changed present day.

It begins in a train compartment on the way to Hogwarts, but it doesn’t really start until the Dragon’s Breath on a Tuesday.

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SVTFOE Season 3 Thoughts
  • The conveniently placed vending machines across Mewni
  • Young River literally shoving meat at Moon in apology 
  • How much of a dork Eclipsa was
  • B4
  • Buff Frog and Moon bonding over being parents
  • Just that whole scene with Buff Frog and Moon where they were talking about the differences between Monsters and Mewmans but they’re not that different after all
  • When Moon just wanders through the lizard’s camp without a thought and just sits down and eats the apology ham
  • How it literally only takes Moon destroying Toffee’s finger for the rest of the people to go insane
  • When Toffee was first appearing to Star inside of Ludo and it was just the eye he was totally bill cipher
  • When Marco and Star hugged and they’re both just the biggest dorks ever
  • “That’s not how doves on Mewni sound!” 

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How many mutuals do you have and who are they?

Mutuals I converse with and really love talking to them: 
of course @lilldov , @blind-duck and @sk-turner they are the funniest, loveliest people around

@midnigtartist um, impromptu Jamilton headcanons and she hasn’t gotten sick of me???? 
@skootchboo basically queen of Marliza, I love her. I love what she does. She’s lovely and wow
@guns-and-squips Um, needless to say I adore her company (though we less on tumblr and more on other social medias because she knows the real me) 
@hamiltonhistory one of my first writing buddies and my Johsnavi friend.

@ham-for-ham  and @kyller-biis literally just started talking to them and they’re AMAZING and just, how??? 

Special mentions: Mutuals I don’t talk to, I still consider you mutuals I’m just really sucky at like……..first hellos and keeping conversations going. I love all of ya’ll 

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mom i know you said this is a no character hate blog but please tell me you won't be posting anything with l*na du*hams character PLEASE



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do u ever think about how in it's quiet uptown musical!ham literally thought eliza would be happier if he were dead

I think he thought she’d be happier if their son was alive and he’d give up anything (including his own life) to give that to her.

Rules! (Edited)

[Boku no Hero Academia]

I Write:

  • Headcanons
  • Scenarios
  • Lists
  • Other, please specify, I’ll try to meet it.

Relationships + NSFW:

  • Mostly write reader inserted content, but I do allow some ships.
  • Poly Relationships are accepted.
  • NSFW is accepted, but I don’t know if I am that good at writing it. (I get flustered and brain.exe stops responding.)
  • No OCs.
  • Absolutely no rape, incest, zoophilia, pedophilia, or abuse NSFW requests.
  • Will write for a lot of characters, but I will sometimes refuse certain villains/characters.
  • No Mineta, please.


  • Keep the s/o gender neutral.
  • Please be polite when asking of something, I do get overwhelmed at times.
  • Shout outs are allowed! ♡
  • You are allowed to request as much as you like. (unless the ask box is closed)


  • Scenarios is 1 character.
  • Headcanons are 4 characters.
  • Lists; literally go ham.

GIF Headcanons:

  • No hardcore NSFW requests, please. (Sex is not really censored with tumblr)
  • Up to 4 characters minimum, 8 characters maximum.
  • Pick a scenario or theme (e.g. first meeting reaction for whichever characters you choose.)

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Okay, but baby stark where she and peter go to Comic-Con and baby stark spoils peter with merch. And Aunt May is like where did you get all that, and he is like, oh just a friend. Cause boi they secretly dating.


  • Two nerds at comic-con, yuss
  • they literally go ham and it’s crazy
  • doctor who and the justice league and disney stuff
  • lovely
  • peter’s like ‘damn i only brought twenty dollars and this poster is twenty two’
  • baby stark just shrugs bc she’s got it don’t worry
  • and that bobble head
  • and that shirt
  • and that hat 
  • and that blanket
  • peter’s like stop it 
  • but baby stark is like nope!! I got it!!! 
  • peter goes home with bags of nerd shit
  • may is like???
  • ‘oh just a friend’
  • ‘ned?’
  • ‘no’
  • oh she knows…. 
Funny places in Finland

Hankala = Difficult
Hiljaistenmiestenlaakso = The valley of the silent men
Juntti = Yokel
Kattila = Cooking pot
Katuma = Regret
Kinkku= Ham
Kuri = Discipline
Kusipää = Asshole (literally pee-head)
Lemu = Stench
Löytö = A finding
Naaman Niska = face’s neck
Nahkahousut = Leather pants
Nakertaja = Nibbler
Onpahanvaanlampi = ”Well here’s a pond.” Hard to translate literally
Polvi = Knee
Pummimiehentie = Hobo mans road
Punkka = Bed
Pöljä = Dumb
Sillikuja = Herring alley
Tiukka = Tight
Tuuri = Luck
Vainiintie = ”Oh I see” or ”Is that so?” road
Varajärvi = Spare lake
Veneheitto = Boat throwing
Vesikansa = Water people
Vessanperä = Toilet rear
Viinamäki = Booze hill

Feeling doomed? Visit following places:
Iso Helvetinjärvi, Pitkä Helvetinjärvi = Big Hell’s lake, Long Hell’s lake
Kalmankaltio = Fountain of death
Kuolio = gangrene
Mestauskallio = Hill of decapitation
Murhasaari = Murder island
Murtovaara = Danger of burglary / Burglary hill (vaara means danger but it also means a hill)
Myrkky = Poison
Orjasaari = Slave island
Piruntasku = Devils pocket
Pirunsaari = Devils island

Finns have named some places very.. romantically.
Varvi = Coitus, act of having sex
Halivaara = Hug danger or hug hill 
Kiimankulma = Rut corner
Naimajarvi = Lake of sex
Pusula = Kiss place

Finns also have quite a fixation over male anatomy:
Ala-Mulkku = Down-Dick
Hinthaara = (almost) Gay crotch
Iso-Melanen = Big paddle (mela, paddle is also used when talked as a synonym for penis)
Isomulkku = Big dick
Keskimulkku = Middle dick
Kyrpäoja = Dick ditch
Lerssi = Again, a dick
Kivesjärvi = Testicle lake
Mulkkujärvi = Dick lake
Mulkkusaari = Dick island (this is located in the testicle lake mentioned before)
Pikkumulkku = Little dick
Siitinselkä = Penis back
Terskanperä = Glans rear
Ylä-Mulkku = Upper dick

But sure there are some pleasant places with hint of feminine touch too:
Annamarinhaara = Crotch of Annamari
Horo = A whore
Impivaara = Maid danger (or maid hill)
Pillunsilmä = Cunt eye
Saaranpaskantamasaari = An island shat by Saara
Seljanperä = Rear of Selja
Tissinpohja = Boobs bottom
Vittulampi = Cunt pond
Vitunvilkkamalampi = Pond of flickering cunt
Ämmänsaari = Hag island

Not forgetting unisex places:
Alapää = bottom, private parts
Ala-Lemu = Down-stench
Pöksynhaara = Panty crotch

And not forgetting animals either:
Hevonperse = Horses ass
Hevonvittu = Horses cunt
Kalmari = Squid
Katinhäntä = Cats tail
Ketunperä = Foxes bottom
Kissanpiiskaajankuja = Cat spankers alley
Koirankyrpäoja = Dogs dick ditch
Koiransellaisenoja = Dogs ”youknowwhat” ditch

And of course there are butt-related places:
Homeperseensuo = Mold ass swamp
Peräsuolijoki = Rectum river
Pieru = Fart
Perälä  = Rear
Takalisto = The backside, butt.
Tuhnunvuori = Farts mountain

Other anatomical places:
Elinmylly = Organ mill
Suolisto = Bowels
Tyrävaara = Hernia hill / Danger of hernia

If you want to visit really shitty places try these:
Paska-Avenue = Shit Avenue
Paskajoki = Shit river.
Paskalampi = Shit pond
Paskalomatunturi = Shit vacation  mountain
Paskasaaret = Shit islands
Paskatinlahti (Lohjanjärvi)
Paskatti = Urge to shit / make someone to shit (in past tense)
Paskatunturi = Shit mountain
Pissiniemi = Pee cape

If you visit Finland you don’t need to leave the country to visit following places:
(Yeah, they are real places in Finland)

Amerikka = America
Arabia = Arabia
Egypti = Egypt
Jerusalemi = Jerusalem
Perä-Amerikka = Rear America
Sveitsi = Switzerland
Uusi-Eurooppa = New Europe
Venetsia = Venice
Venäjä = Russia

the songs in Hamilton as I see them
  • alexander hamilton: kickass intro
  • aaron burr, sir: I'm john laurens in the place to be
  • my shot: uhm ham ur actually gonna throw away ur shot so :/// also holy shit
  • the story of tonight: just bros being bros
  • the schuyler sisters: I can't believe their younger sister is named "and peggy"?????
  • farmer refuted: hamilton you need to CHILL
  • you'll be back: bitter ex is bitter
  • right hand man: aaron burr doesn't like this song
  • a winter's ball: LAAAADIEESS
  • helpless: AWWW Eliza ur so cute
  • satisfied: but Angelica???? I have too many conflicting emotions rn
  • the story of tonight reprise: just drunk bros being bros
  • wait for it: I LOVE THIS SONG. aaron burr is very relatable also THE BIRDS IN THE BACKGROUND OMG
  • stay alive: washington is literally ham's dad
  • ten duel commandments: FORSHADOWINGGG
  • meet me inside: Washington is soooooooooo Hamilton's dad
  • that would be enough: listen to your wife goddamnit Alexander
  • guns and ships: I still can't rap Lafayette's part in this song
  • history has its eyes on you: beautiful harp, poor Washington
  • yorktown: it's exciting then sad and many other things
  • what comes next: bitter ex comes back to bitch about things
  • dear theodosia: awwwwww the cutest song in the musical
  • non-stop: like yorktown, lots of things going on also HOW DO YOU SING ALONG AT THE END THERES LIKE TWENTY THINGS GOING ON
  • what'd I miss: you missed the whole revolution Jefferson
  • cabinet battle #1: oooooh Jefferson chill
  • take a break: Hamilton you need some time off
  • say no to this: BUT NOT LIKE THIS
  • the room where it happens: I could write a ten page essay about this song, but for now THE TRUMPETS OH MY LORD
  • schuyler defeated: goddamnit aaron
  • cabinet battle #2: alex hamilton can roast people like no other
  • Washington on your side: daddy's calling ;)
  • one last time: washington you noble son of a bitch
  • I know him: bitter ex won't fucking leave
  • the Adams administration: SIT DOWN JOHN YOU FAT MOTHER FUCKSTICK. its mother FUCKSTICK
  • we know: we know but we won't tell
  • hurricane: I WROTE MY WAY OUT also alex noooooo
  • the reynolds pamphlet: everyone collectively hates hamilton also sick beats and DAAAAYUM
  • burn: my sweet Eliza doesn't deserve this
  • blow us all away: PHILIP NO
  • stay alive reprise: *sobs*
  • its quiet uptown: *louder sobs*
  • the election of 1800: Hamilton supports jefferson as a final middle finger to burr
  • your obedient servant: the SASS omg
  • best of wives and best of women: this musical is almost over???? also this song is too short
  • the world was wide enough: that's right also fuck You aaron burr
  • who lives who dies who tells your story: *ugly cryiNG* ELIZA YOuRE TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD

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The next day we hung out again at the lake & chilled on this dock we took a blanket & just laid there looking at the stars we started to spoon & he grabbed my ass & we got very touchy I rubbed his dick then he pulled my shorts off & stared to finger me while eating me out once he was done I took his pants off & shoved his dick in my mouth & went HAM he literally finished in like 3 seconds he was so embarrassed & I felt so bad but I was also proud of myself he hasn't talked to me since (part 2)