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halo-style rings by kateszabone

bam, these rings smack you in the FACE with sparkle! love ‘em both.


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h900 // anouk - leaves halo headpiece by mignonnehandmade

bohemian and romantic, this halo crown of hand-painted silk leaves and ribbon is the ultimate summertime hair accessory.

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Halo Wars 2 Cinematic Trailer from RTX 2016

(Fixed Frame rate & Audio)

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Halo Wars 2 Story Vidoc  

San Diego Comic Con 2016

Introducing the new AI character, Isabel.

A few reasons why I feel I’m sort an outcast of sorts in the MH community… There’s several things that all my friends tend to have and pretty much every other fan has that I don’t share.

  • * Fondness for Multiplayer
  • * MH is a huge time sink
  • * OMG Generations!
  • * High and G-Rank

No.1  -  I actually prefer playing Monster Hunter solo. Alone. Without anyone else. Multiplayer never appealed to me.  When I first let on that I was playing MH for the first time, most of my friends expressed their desire to play with me, and I got a LOT of messages on DA and Steam asking me if I’d play with them. Several of my friends were quite disappointed when I said I only had 3U, as they all had moved on to 4U or didn’t have 3U to begin with, and one friend in particular was especially frustrated when he found I got MH4G instead of MH4U  -  as I didn’t yet have an English 3DS at the time, and wouldn’t get one for almost a year.

No.2  -  Not nearly as apparent as the avoiding multiplayer,  but I don’t have the same attention span for MH as my friends do.  Where most everyone else will clock 45 ~ 70 hours in 4U a week, I come back with half as much over four to five months. I can enjoy the games in short, controlled bursts before I lose interest and don’t return for varying amounts of time, but I never really have invested as much time into them as everyone else seems to. Overall, I enjoy the games but not to the same extent as everyone else seems to, and tend to prefer admiring the monsters than I do fighting them. Though I feel this will change with Stories, as the genre is one I grew up on and played for yeeaars. Plus, that adorable art style and OMFG MONSTER COMPANIONS.

No.3 -  My interest in Generations is minimal, I’ll admit it.  I would chalk this one up to “New Game Hype”, but Generations has something different that 4U didn’t have. It’s not just new, but a return to the classic material as well – thus appealing not only to new players and bringing new content, but appealing to veterans that started with MH3, or the Freedom series, or even the originals that started it all.  While I started with 3U and so was immensely excited to return to Moga and see Lagiacrus and Nargacuga again,  I don’t share the same excitement everyone else has.  Mostly, this is because I’d been playing the game since a few days after it came out – as I have a Japanese 3DS and so can access these games before (most of) my friends. I’d already played the game, and Generations wasn’t offering me anything I hadn’t already seen and experienced.  

Due to my lack of appeal in Multiplayer and High Rank+ (More on that in a bit), I contended myself with the offline quests and the language barrier wasn’t really an issue. Except for some frustration in dealing with Armor Skills, Decorations, and the new Food System – I had pretty much everything I needed to know memorized and the appeal of playing the game in English rapidly waned. Plus, there’s the obvious matter that I can record and even Twitch stream gameplay on my Japanese 3DS but not on my English one.  I’ll get Generations eventually, like I did with 4U after some time, it’s not a priority right now and don’t get your hopes up about playing with me :P
What I’m really looking forward to is Stories; and the possibility of an English release of that. It’ll have multiplayer too, but it looks like that’s limited to dueling another Rider and not a cooperative experience. Unless they have some high-level quests you need to team up for, which I sort of doubt.

No.4  -  Difficulty. I’m more of a ‘casual’ player when it comes to games, playing for fun first and foremost, and to challenge myself second. Monster Hunter’s one of the cases where I don’t find the challenge to be all that fun. Sure, new monsters posed troubles for me initially, like Ludroth I actually failed multiple times because of his constant barrel rolls he does and then he was a breeze ever since,  but the High Rank spike in difficulty was something else.  The excitement of seeing new things was overshadowed by the fact that the game just wasn’t being fun anymore. That’s just High Rank too, not even considering G-Rank or MHX/Gen’s “Special Permit” quests.  Speaking of which, Gen doesn’t have a High Rank in the offline like 3 and 4 did – it’s all lumped into one category, and the 6-star quests are more than enough for me.

Many of my friends actually like the HR/GR levels – Apex Monster and Swimming ones aside – and seem to feel that I should as well,  but what others enjoy isn’t always what I enjoy. Do I just hate difficult things? I doubt it. That might be part of it, but I enjoyed imposing challenges on myself in some other games, and in particular I’ve reveled in the difficulty of Halo’s higher levels, going as far as to LASO Halos 2, 3, ODST, 4 and 5 and half of CE. The LASO challenge could be compared to MH’s G-Rank I suppose. Again, more on this in a bit.

So there it is. ^^;
I honestly feel that almost every thing that the community as a whole agrees on, I end up being the exception.

Off-topic,  “What is LASO?”  
If you’re not familiar with the Halo community, you probably have no idea what this is. It’s an acronym for a community-made challenge for insane depraved souls who felt that the highest difficulty level was 'too easy’.  It stands for “Legendary with All Skulls On”.  The games have four difficulty levels with LASO being the unofficial fifth, and skulls are gameplay modifiers that make the experience overall more difficult. Sometimes nicknamed “Mythic Difficulty”

Easy  -  Halo’s tutorial level. The game more or less plays itself.
Normal -  Halo’s “Low Rank”.  Again, best if you’re just in it to speed through and see the story.
Heroic – The end portion of Low Rank. How the game was meant to be played. A moderate challenge.
Legendary -  Everything has 3 ~ 7 times the health, shoots non-stop, a hailstorm of grenades, and you die in several hits. G-Rank more or less.
“Mythic” / LASO  -  “If it didn’t kill you in one hit, then it simply didn’t hit you.”

What are these 'skulls’?  Except for the remastered Halo CE and Halo 2, they are as thus:

Blind – Your HUD is removed. You can’t see your aiming reticle, Motion Tracker, Ammo counter, or shield bar.  In MH terms, your health/stamina bars, party meter, and minimap are taken away and you cant see how many consumables you have left.

Thunderstorm  -  All enemies are promoted to their highest levels.  In MH terms, every quest monster you see is a high-level subspecies.  No more Rathalos, they’re all Dreadkings and Silvers.

Tilt  -  Enemy resistances and weaknesses are increased.Basically, if it resisted bullets its now outright immune to them, but if its weak to an attack, it’ll shred them. MH terms? Rathalos hates lightning, now he REALLY hates it. Rathian already needed a helmet because of that weak head, but now….. It’s knocked her down to a 3-star threat rating because of that awful weakpoint.

Famine  -  Ammo in dropped weapons is drastically reduced.  Very painful when combined with something like Mythic,  the best analogy to this one I feel is that you can only carry half as many consumables and bowgun ammo as normal (Five potions instead of ten), and maybe only charge weapons half as much as usual and gunlances overheat twice as fast?

Mythic  -  Enemy health is doubled.  Self-explanitory,  and holy shit does this one suck on Legendary. Especially with Brutes and Promethean Knights. No real conversion needed for MH analogies, but don’t expect to solo Dalamadur or a Fatalis with this!

Black Eye  -  Shields only recharge when you melee enemies.  To hell with this skull. It means you have to get up close and personal when you really dont want to. Best analogy I can think of is that your stamina wont recharge unless you’re attacking and doing damage?

Catch  -   Enemies throw 2 ~ 3 times as many grenades.  This is quite fun, especially with Grunts in Halo 3, but hot damn can it get brutal on Legendary (As with everything else).  Best analogy for this one is monsters will use their specials twice as often. You enjoy Garuga’s beak-slam attack? You’ll love this modifier.

Tough Luck  -  Enemies dodge grenades and vehicles much easier, and Brutes will enrage twice as fast.  Basically, monsters will avoid your attacks and will enter their pissed off state much sooner than normal.

Fog/Cloud  -  Your motion tracker is disabled.  This one’s kinda meaningless with Blind enabled, but whatever. Your minimap is taken away in MH.

Iron  -  F**k, what am I supposed to say about this one except damn it to hell. On Legendary alone its brutal, even in Halo 4, but mother of #*!& is it cruel on the unforgiving hellstorm that is LASO.  What does it do?  If you die, you start the ENTIRE MISSION OVER. Just once, is all it takes. And since everything practically kills you in one hit, this sucks. A lot.  In MH terms, if you “faint” once you fail the quest immediately. If co-op, if one person faints you ALL fail the quest.  It works that way in Halo too;  co-oping a LASO run and someone dies, you all start over.

The remastered CE and 2 also add in other skulls, like Halo 2’s unique ones such as Envy and Malfunction.  These add charming effects like having every enemy sport permanent active camo (Everyone is a Lucent Narga or Chammy, but they NEVER leave their invisible state) or having Brutes be permanently enraged after anything touches them. Brutes? They’re like Tigrex basically.

So yeah.  MH difficulty? Too much for me.  Halo’s LASO? Perfectly okay it seems!  xD

so I’m still watching Stranger Things and I sincerely hope that at least one of the parents of the SIIs thought that their kid was a part of some secret government conspiracy. Like, please. The president can’t even sneeze without people thinking up conspiracy theories, let alone 75 seemingly healthy and strong children suddenly dying. (yes I know they came from scattered areas so it’ll look natural but come on. its the 26th century.)