I don’t know y'all….but the world gotta be ending or something. You couldn’t tell me a few days ago that Jackson would be in the middle of something like this. You just couldn’t. Jackson? No way. Not him. So I definitely understand the fans who are shocked and surprised by this happening. It’s just wild as hell.

Also to the people saying it’s just a hairstyle, go tell that to the countless number of black women and men who have to either shave their heads or relax their hair in some way because they’re told that H A I R S T Y L E isn’t suitable for the workplace. Or the children that have to do the same because it’s too “unkept” and isn’t appropriate for school. If it’s just a hairstyle why are black children being suspended from school until they get rid of said hairstyle? If it’s just a hairstyle why do black men and women risk losing possible job opportunities for simply having it? If it’s just a hairstyle why is it “bohemian chic uwu” when non-black people do it, but “ugly”, “unkept”, “thuggish”, and “inappropriate” when black people do it?

Ask yourself why we have rules and shit for a “"hairstyle”“ and maybe you’d get why some people are upset.