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I was born again for a reason! I was brought back for a reason! I don’t know what it is, but I’m not going to let this life just be me fucking crying over the cuts and bruises you’ve caused!

You’re nothing to me, like how I was nothing to you! Why where you reborn? If you’re just going to waste your life?
I may have been a monster. But, maybe the soul doesn’t let go of survival instincts.

I will keep living to spite you.

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HAHHAAH dyying. Isak literally opened his eyes looked straight at Sana, then closed them again and kept kissing Even and only when Sana said "hi", he was like ohhhh hello , like he was totally just gonna keep making out with Even.. So thirsty.

Pleaseeee i knowww they’re the thirtiest! I hope the walls of their new house have seen something different other than just making out and sex

Control your kid
Hhahah I don’t know where this came from
Blueberry is trying his best to keep this kid out of trouble ahha
Wild Berry knowss he’s a skeleton and it can’t really harm him buuuut, you know, that would be a boring animation hhh
I know Soul isn’t in thiiis buuut
Soul!sans @amber-acrylic

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Heck you get all the nice stuff for bday?? I got like... I forgot already but I think i got pens and stuffed animals?? Don't misunderstand me I love them both like.. I have 20+ stuffed things- Also?? You're the second person I met who likes k-pop?? And the first who likes in love w/ a ghost?? I I I dunno how I should feel Im jist happy like,,,, I knew no one;;; Also my """mom""" Honey-bun wants to burn k-pop 'nd korea like why

HAHHAAH i mean dw!!! albums back then were like rly cheap (like 10-12$) compared to the 30$ THEY ARE NOWADAYS WOW Why what happened

dw bro i also have plenty of stuffed shit as well hehehe but i know where ur coming from its ok, TBH i think i’d rather get lil pens and stuffed things bc my friends used to get me really really expensive stuff…. like one of my friends bought me an ebook tablet w/e once and i was like………… 13 or something………….. and i was like aw geez this is sweet…. but now i have to repay buy u a house or smth why do u do this to me

AW MAN!!!!!!!!! REALLY??? i mean ur the first i know that likes in love w/ a ghost but tbh i love literally allllll type of music hehe music is my ultimate passion- but i chose to not pursue it bc im a classic pianist who can like, improvise mozart or smth but not create my own funky beats zzz

holds ur hand its ok i will b here for u also wtf “””””mom”””””” y u wanna burn a music genre and a beautiful country for