I’m in love with Cara more than ever 😍😂😍😂

Kahapon sa TQM..
  • Classmate 1:Pano yun nakikipagusap na sa ibang girl boyfriend mo bessy?
  • Classmate 2:Oo nga. Kausapin mo serious talk kayo hahaha.
  • Classmate 3:Papagupit na yan.
  • Professor:Hindi lang kasi sayo iikot mundo nya *sabay discuss ng lesson*
  • Me:Sakit kaya non. Kausap mo nga sa phone, may kachat at katext naman na iba. 😂✌
  • Silang lahat:Iba to. Hahahahahaha!


Thanks for the link, anon.

I still wonder if Louis will be involved. I’m interested to see if he attends the game this weekend even more now and whether he interacts with Jamie there. I believe Leicester is playing PSG who he was doing promo with for FIFA, so we’ll see. This would be a really cool opportunity.