This is why Mophie is my favorite hahaha.

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Best of Alex's stage antics from the eycte tour in your opinion? My personal favorite is him lying down on the camera track and in a very animated manner pretending like he's going to be hit by a train

by “best” do you mean “worst”?? lol i hate him. jk. well half kidding hahaha i love him and i hate him.

the train crash reenactment was indeed very dramatic hahaha


i’m personally fond of the very first time he lied down on stage and did bicycle legs, before it was something to be expected at nearly every show lmao


i also have a personal fondness for the time he did it at lolla since it was right in front of me lol


and when he performed from the balcony in a bath robe


the absolute WORST was in dublin when he lied down on his back and then like…scooted/wiggled across the stage??? i was very disappointed last week to find out that video has been deleted and as far as i know there isn’t any other evidence of it happening.

i’ve always thought his singing to the camera at rock en seine was genuinely cute and funny, if that’s considered an antic


and then there was the stage crawling lmao


i always laugh when he does this to miles during i want you in tokyo


OH MY GOD I FORGOT ALEX THE CONTEMPORY DANCER. that one might be my favorite hahaha


the pillows at le nuits de fourvière


stupid ass motherfucker lip syncing miles’ part




his kangaroo hopping always makes me laugh


“she loves me, she loves me not”


whatever the fuck this is


there isn’t a video, but this dumbass and his cheeseburgers

[x] i’m excluding the cheeseburger to the groin since that happened to him, it wasn’t intended to be an antic lol

when he does the thing with miles’ mic stand in this video


“welcome aboard everybody”


the time he danced like groot


alex “pay attention to me” turner


when he stole someone’s sunglasses in santa ana


and his dolphin dive at coachella


also when he runs around the stage during les cactus at rock en seine, but i can’t find a gif lol.

i’m excluding any milex antics because this is already long enough, but pretty much everything i didn’t include but would is in this video haha

“If he be Mr. Hyde,” he had thought, “I shall be Mr. Seek.”

Please. Let us never forget that Robert Louis Stevenson made this joke.


Since I’ve gotten a lot of requests for it and I said I was going to update my commission info a long time ago– here it is! 

DaPandaBanda / Destiny-Islanders / Legendary-Defenders / Traitorsandpancakes commission info! (Pick your favorite DaPanda hahaha)

So here’s the basic info you should know:

  1. I’ll only accept payments from PayPal. I’ll send you an invoice to the e-mail address of your choosing once I’ve received your request. Please pay me at least half up front!
  2. OCs and characters outside of fandoms I usually doodle for are totally cool in my book! If you do want me to draw your OC, though, please send me lots of references so I can be as close to your interpretation as possible!
  3. Check out my main gallery if you want to get more of an idea of what to expect from a commission from me, especially for the comic strips. :)
  4. Feel free to be as detail-oriented as possible when you commission me. If you want me to draw a character in your favorite canon costume, let me know! If you want a character to have a certain look that they don’t have in canon (e.g. Jason Todd with his hair in a bun), let me know! If you want a character to be in a certain kind of pose, let me know! If you’re commissioning a comic strip and you want to write the script and just have me draw it out, let me know! You’ll be helping me out by being as specific about your commission as possible. :>
  5. Things I will not commission: Animals/furries (It’s not a matter of like/dislike; I’m just not confident enough in my animal-drawing abilities to charge money for that… sorry), backgrounds, NSFW, gore

PLEASE NOTE: I work full-time, so I will probably ask for around two weeks to complete your commission. I will communicate with you personally about when you can expect your piece to be done, depending on my schedule.

Commission Slots: Currently filled! I’ll update when they’re open again.

  1. FILLED!
  2. FILLED!
  3. FILLED!
Hey! Say! JUMP fans QnA!

fans of H!S!J should all unite and know more about each other! So reblog this with your answers so your followers know more about your HSJ addiction!!

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1. nickname

2. your bias, and why?

3. when you became a fan

4. favorite concert

5. favorite album

6. favorite song

7. favorite music video

8. 7 or Best?

9. who’s your 2nd and your 3rd bias?

10. How you became a fan?

11. favorite Itadaki High JUMP episode (just describe what they did if u can’t remember the date HAHAHA)

12. favorite singer out of the 9?

13. favorite dancer out of the 9?

14. funniest out of the 9?

15. Your ship (if any)

16. A message to Hey! Say! JUMP?

I hope with this we can all learn more about each other! Have a greaaatt day!

[just a note: favorite doesn’t mean best ^-^]

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Hi I just recently found your tumblr when i was scrolling through the Voltron tag and I jsut wanted to say your writing is so great <3 (I've been going through your blog for over an hour now just reading your stuff) <3 <3 Will you please give us some more Lotor HCs ? [the new problematic favorite hahaha]

Holy shit I have an hour’s worth of content on my blog?? Already?? *^* Thank you for your dedication for that hour, and I’m glad you enjoy my writing.

I hope you enjoy your new problematic favorite~

I don’t think I have headcanons anymore idk what this is, I think it’s just a list of how I want Lotor to be tbh

– Ryan

• Has this rly embarrassing Galran habit of purring when he’s content
• Tbh the habit is adorable as fuck, but that’s why he thinks it’s so embarrassing
• He has Altean markings, but they’re on his hips and his shoulders.
• His favorite snack is popcorn
• I’m sure he’s amused with it bc when you make it, it sounds like a tiny war inside the microwave
• Knows how to ice skate!!
• bc I want him to know how to ice skate I don’t need a reason
• Would really enjoy cinnamon, yeah? I think it’s just a flavor he’d really like
• Definitely prefers tea over coffee
• Ha you thought I was gonna say he’s a coffee person
• It’s too bitter for him, and he doesn’t care for the energy it gives him
• He’d rather wind down with some tea
• He’s become very dependent on your voice yeah?
• Hearing you, as well as seeing you, nearby helps him to calm down
• As a result of this, you’re the only one who can really ever calm him down
• He’s extremely insecure and doesn’t show anyone this side except for you

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Hey I love you! Your amazing I just found you and now I know love at first site is real? { Get it;) } will you marry me babe!! Anywho... I love when you recommend fics, I was wondering if you would rec some of your favorite bottom!harry fics? ^.^ it doesn't have to be smutty smutty just like young, innocent and like Harry is the more submissive in like just him everyday way?idk how to explain it hahaha just your favorite ones? That probably made no sense. Sorry

OMG. OMFG. I love you too anon !! (please come in my ask with you real url ! i want to know who you are!! I want to follow you !!). I love so much when I wake up with something like that on my ask !!


Let’s start with some young and innocent Harry , smutty but not too much.

- nonstop earthquake dreams of you  : canon fic, X-factor era.

- Red brick heart :  Uni AU, Harry founds out he might be gay. (ok, there’s top!harry too at the end but the entire fic is really awesome)

- Give Me Truths : Uni AU (Louis is a psychology student with a tattoo count as high as his genius IQ. Harry is in a (sort-of) relationship with a homophobic man and hates himself a little more every day. Things fall apart and Louis puts him back together.)

-Want You More Than A : Falling in love with your step-brother’s best friend is a disaster enough. When he happens to be the boy everyone loves and you’re a nerd who wears sweater vests and cries during rom-coms, it takes it to a whole new level.

- feel the chemicals burn in my bloodstream      : Royal/magic AU (I think it’s only bottom!Harry? m’not sure?)

- bring out feelings in me i never show      : Louis accidentally hires a felon to be his fake boyfriend for Thanksgiving.

- Sail Across Me : Pirate AU (Virgin Harry/first time)

- Just Lay With Me : the one in which Louis is the coach of Harry’s daughter’s football team and Harry likes Louis’ bum. One day there’s a parent football game and Louis, just maybe, starts hitting on Harry and, just maybe, Harry gives in.

- Web Me Harder  : Spiderman AU

In the Checkout Line : Louis is a cashier and Uni student. Harry is the awkward kid who comes through his line nearly every day. Louis knows that it’s just so he can talk to Louis, but he doesn’t say anything. He quite likes it. They become friends, and then maybe a bit more.

- truth be told, i never was yours : College AU in which Harry is a virgin and Louis is definitely not in love with him. One night, this all changes.

And now, some smutty bottom!Harry fics. Like porn without plot (i love this tag so much OMG)

- give you my fever    : x-factor era. harry’s never had an orgasm before, louis gives him his first .

- i’ll fuck you like the devil    : Harry is 17, dresses as an angel for Halloween, and attends Louis’ Halloween party. Louis fucks him.

- wishing for rain as I stand in the desert : Louis is moving out of the flat he shares with Harry because Eleanor thinks they’re too co-dependent. Harry can’t let him leave

- feels so good getting what i want. : Harry is a slutty yoga teacher with his sights set on Louis and Louis wants to pull that long hair of his while he fucks him really hard from behind.

- Number One Fan : Cheerleader!Harry .

UPDATE  (under the cut, it’s very long) (last update on June 30th 2017)

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