the losers go a concert together; head cannon

-ben dances with mike and bev for awhile until he decides to go the front of the crowd
-the band asks how everyones doing and they point the mic to ben
-he screams “ YES “ into the microphone and runs back to the losers to tell them his accomplishment
-bev sits on mike’s shoulders to get a good view of the stage
-he teases her by letting her go and she screams while getting mad at him but is low-key blushing hardcore
-eddie is slightly hesitant to dance at first but after the first song he’s the one grinding on richie
-richie really didn’t expect this but i mean he ain’t complaining ;)
-eddie and richie get so into the music they forget anyone else is there and dance like they would alone
-it gets heated
-stan holds bill’s hand to make him feel more comfortable
-bill loses his stutter when he’s screaming the lyrics at stan and they go back and forth like a duet


A Legacy To Be Proud Of

Author’s note: So I’m one of the contributors to @herstoryforheda and I got this request asking for a one-shot of Clarke and Lexa having a baby, and then Lexa is super upset to find out that the child has nightblood. It kinda turned into something longer than I intended, but I hope y'all enjoy it! I’m actually considering writing a set of one-shots based in this universe too now.

(Sorry if it maybe switches viewpoints in a few places. Sometimes I do that, but I try to make it as smooth as possible. Also no, I don’t know how Lexa managed to get Clarke pregnant but this is sci-fi so anything goes. Maybe the Grounders evolved to that point. But no I don’t headcanon g!p Lexa so it’s not that lol.)

Oh and please feel free to comment! We writers are gluttons for feedback and validation! Lol. <3

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Lexa was worried.

Her girlfriend had been acting strange all day. She’d barely said anything during the Ambassadors’ meeting, and that was definitely NOT like Clarke.

It wasn’t until they were in Lexa’s bedchamber (well, their bedchamber, considering Clarke hadn’t used her own in months) and she was busy removing her ceremonial Heda garb that Clarke finally spoke up.

“Lexa,” Clarke’s voice was small and uncertain and, again, very unlike her. “I need to tell you something…”

Lexa’s heart almost froze in her chest, both at the words and at how truly frightened Clarke seemed. No one got to see the legendary Wanheda like this… rarely even Lexa. Something had to really be bothering Clarke. The urge to fix everything often drove the girl to distraction, but in that moment the same urge drove Lexa herself to Clarke’s side in an instant, her hands going to stroke reassuringly along Clarke’s upper arms.

“You know you can tell me anything, Clarke,” she said with all the tenderness and conviction she felt.

Fretful blue eyes held Lexa’s for several agonizingly long seconds. Whatever Clarke saw must have helped because she let out a breath that neither realized she’d been holding.

“I’m pregnant, Lexa.”

Lexa froze. Her eyes never left Clarke’s, her hands never moved, her breath stayed trapped in her lungs. But while her body couldn’t seem to move or react, her mind kicked into overdrive.

She was going to be a mother…

Holy shit, she was going to be a mother!

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Rajigaze Dec 23

(Dark Side Mail)

Reita (reading mail): Since I was little, I’ve loved touching fish and other sea life so much I don’t know what to do with myself. I realized before I was in elementary school. I got goldfish at a street fair, and I went to change their water just to have an excuse to touch them. I ended up touching them for nearly an hour. About half an hour later, my mom found all five of them dead.

(Uruha giggling softly in background)

 Reita: She said, “I wonder what happened?” All I could say back was, “Yeah…” and I remember thinking then that I should never have pet fish. But I couldn’t resist my urge to touch fish. Another time I touched unprepared sanma (*kind of fish) until it lost its freshness, and my parents got mad at me. I found an outlet for my urges by being in charge of cleaning squid, shelling shrimp etc. Lately, when I see girls who look at fish and go, “ewww!” I get so annoyed I want to cluck my tongue at them. I know I’m weird. How can I stop being annoyed by them? I’m sorry this got so long. I’m looking forward to the anniversary live!“

Uruha: Maaaan, this is Deep…..

Reita: She’s like a female Sakana-kun.

(*Sakana-kun [Fish-kun] is the nickname of a famous marine biologist/talent who wears a cute lil fish shaped hat and a lab coat bless him)

Uruha: (giggling) Sakana-kun…Sakana-chan!

Reita: Yes, she is Sakana-chan.

Uruha: So, what…she likes fish…

Reita: She just loves fish so much….

(long pause)

Uruha: I didn’t know ur not supposed to touch goldfish

Reita: …..Uhhhh –

Uruha: Maybe it’s just fish in general?

Reita: Well I mean it’s obviously not good to touch a fish that much (laughs)

Uruha: A human hand must feel like a hot iron plate to a fish.

Reita: Hmm I wonder….and we don’t know how hard she was touching them either.

Uruha: Hmmm…well well well well –


(*this is Sakana-kun catch phrase, ‘gyo’ also means fish)

(both laugh)

Uruha: You really wanted to say that didn’t you

Reita: Yeh I did hehe…so what do you think about this? When she sees other
girls grossed out by fish, she gets annoyed.

Uruha: Hmm…well, if you really liked fish, you might feel like they’re getting dissed. If you were Sakana-chan.

Reita: You’d be like, WOOOAHH.

(*this was also a fish pun because 'uo’ means fish too smh)

Uruha: Hahaha, shut up u loser

(Reita laughing v hard)

Uruha: Hmm….I feel like…it must be hard to find an outlet for an urge like that…

(Reita laughing)

Uruha: She’d have to always be touching sanma and stuff. Would that make her satisfied?

Reita: ….I mean I don’t know –

Uruha: So she should cook! Then she can touch them.

Reita: She could be a sushi chef….or a marine researcher.

Uruha: There are so many outlets!

(both laughing)

Uruha: Then she’ll be satisfied and she won’t have to go getting angry at people like GYOGYOGYO – Oh, UOOO.  

Reita: Yeah, UOOO.

(both giggle)

Reita: But getting annoyed at girls who see fish and go, ’'ewww!”…I guess it’s something like, omg stop trying to be cute.

Uruha: Yeah, but I bet they were actually cute af…the girls saying that  

Reita: Maybe she’s annoyed because she actually finds them cute, and she’s jealous?

Uruha: I think maybe she’s angry because they’re looking at [either her or the fish idk lmao] as below them? (giggles)

Reita: Oh yeah that might be it…I see….Yeah it’s probably that.

Uruha: We’re going with that?

Reita: Yeah.

Uruha: That’s good?

Reita: That’s good, that’s good…you know, people get mad when you hit a sensitive spot for them.

Uruha: And what if that sensitive spot is fish? (*he’s bein a supportive friend and setting up a pun opportunity ffs)

Reita: They’re rubbing her the wrong way!


(*The word for rubbing the wrong way is 'sakanade’, 'sakana’ = fish, I’m actually really impressed did they rehearse this)

Reita: (laughing v hard) Stop….stop…..

Uruha: Amazing………

Reita: Stop….. ur embarrassing me…. (laughing)

Credits to the rightful owners Professionals?Marfia!btswords - 2100genre - humour A/N - READ THIS FIRST. But I hope you enjoy this as ive never even tried to write like this before~~Thank you! You remember how you felt when you first got the call, the first answer was ‘fuck no’ because, I mean, who would want to look after some captives from some gang for another gang for 24 hours straight? No one. No matter how many “your our only hope left”, “just this once until we’re back” and “we can’t call anyone else” - s you still give this one a no. But money talks, especially big money. And money said ‘hell yeah’ this time. 

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Wherein Yuu plays in a band and Mika secretly admires him and tries to “discreetly” go to all Yuu’s shows. Little does he know Yuu always notices him in the crowd and keeps teasing him when they’re in school.

Thank youuu @heyitsmymy for this wonderful AU. My life is completely ruined because of you xD