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Important messages from “Yuri!!! on Ice” to an athlete

1. You don’t have an expiration date. Yuuri is a “late bloomer”, you can be that too.

2. To succeed in your sport, you don’t have to be born with talent - hard work and dedication will bring you far.

3. Rivalry doesn’t exclude the possibility of a friendship.

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4. What works for others might not work for you. You’re an individual and there’s not one correct answer to what will help you improve your athletic performance. Celestino wasn’t the right coach for Yuuri, ballet didn’t work for Otabek.

5. Some days - maybe weeks or months, even - you won’t perform the way you want to and know you can. That’s okay. You’ll figure it out. Everyone falls into a slump sometimes.

6. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you enjoy your sport. It’s supposed to be fun, even though it might seem to be all work and no fun.

7. You don’t have to fight alone . Don’t be afraid to ask for help - it might help you to develop your skills and help you out of a rough patch

li várias teorias filosóficas e científicas pra tentar explicar o que eu sinto quando penso em você
tentar explicar se você tem alguma substância química que reage com alguma outra substância química que por acaso eu tenho pra causar essa reação corrosiva que afeta só a mim
ou se é algum complexo psicológico que eu tenho que me faz te ver desse jeito que eu não consigo ver mais ninguém
a única conclusão que cheguei foi que a minha mania de racionalizar tudo a fim de compreender o porquê não funciona nesse caso
e você sabe, eu odeio não compreender as coisas
percebi que amor não é filosofia, química, biologia
tô perdido desde então

Thank you to Snapchat for making me feel like Harry Potter’s cool sister.


No seriously though I’m really glad to hear my art inspires you haha <3 Oh man that makes me feel a little old and slightly mind boggling haha because I remember doing something like that in high school. Cheers school anon : )

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Hello, how are you today?

hiiii i’m doing well!!!! quite tired because i had a very late night but it was so much fun!!!!!!!! i went to an actual real life drag show and my mind was blown :0 so much talent and beauty i was so overwhelmed… and then my roommate and i had a lot of fun just hopping around a few queer clubs and i had such a good time omg.. i’m still getting used to the fact that i can just do that in this city bc i’ve never had the option of such inclusive spaces before and it makes me feel so alive and fully myself in a way that i’ve never really experienced aiejroaierjoaer. anyway now i’m just camped out in a cafe trying to get some writing done but rly just procrastinating on here and by reading about quantum computing of all things ,, what else is new. i’m trying to think more proactively about like, life and the future and my mental health and how to do things that are fulfilling but not too draining on my spirit i guess?? i have a lot of big life changes on the horizon and that always scares me on a fundamental level

….. sorry you literally did not ask for a mini journal entry hahahah but i always find it sweet when you guys ask how i’m doing. i hope you’re having a beautiful day and that your weekend has been relaxing and fun xxxx 

8 Questions Tag :)

I was tagged by @sunshineyootaeyang tysm luv❤️️

Rules: Answer the eight questions and then write eight new questions of your own


1. Favourite food? 🍱

I DONT ACTUALLY KNOW LMAO I JUST LOVE EATING but probably rice?? idk help

2. Ult bias group?

BTS yay

3. Most important object that you own?

what kind of question is this HAHAHA idk but I think my wallet?? its legit right

4. Favourite song at the moment?

Monsta X’s Beautiful I guess? and ofc my never ending love for I Need U ahaha

5. Last movie you’ve watched?


6. What colour would you dye your hair?

I wouldn’t exactly want to dye my hair but some natural light brown highlights would be cool

7. Favourite video of SF9?

this is a hard question HAHAHA I think it would be their Fanfare Let’s Dance? I mean that video got me into the fandom so yea

8. Do you play any musical instruments? If no, which one would you like to learn? 

NO IM PERFECTLY TALENTLESS IN MUSIC, I think the guitar or the piano would be cool I guess?

My Questions:

When did you get into kpop and how?
What made you decide to have a tumblr blog?
Favorite color? 
Favorite animal?
What are your interests? (or favourites)
If you have the chance to visit any 5 countries, which countries would they be?
Would you prefer music or movies? (i love this question idk why its interesting)
What would you like to achieve (or experience) before the age of 60? (like bungee jumping or visit the north pole)

I tag @jeonnings  @parkjiminbiased  @velvethoseok  @sleepingwithhissweater @kimyumbin @clickyourheart @sf9 and anyone who wants to do it!!


Brendon Urie and Dan Reynolds´ cover of “Baby One More Time”


Mornings in St. Petersburg 
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