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your text post was unnecessary, we know you're gonna post your colored edit anyway so why try and start shit? unfollowed


listen i’m going to break this down for you: 

yesterday i felt motivated to make gif sets. i wanted to gif some of my favourite parts of poa. but it had been a while since i last made any gifs i was like genuinely proud of? so i just started doing something i could like use to warm up, y’know? good classic b&w funny scene that we all love – that bit where ron is goes ‘you’re gonna suffer but you’re gonna be happy about it.’ and i love the black and white aesthetic, it’s timeless and really lovely. a bunch of my favourite people on this site post exclusively b&w and i love it! like, that’s not my issue? the thing i was thinking about last night, and i should have explained it so that people didn’t jump to the conclusion you seem to have done, is that currently there’s a trend in fandom creativity that leans towards that grayscale aesthetic. we all know it, we’ve all seen it, we all reblog it. a part of me was just anxious that no one would reblog anything colourful that i made bc i haven’t made anything colourful in a while and i wasn’t feeling very confident in my colouring skills at all. add that to the Heavy prevalence of grayscale edits in the hpedit tag that get reblogged, versus the lack of colourful posts in comparison that get the same recognition, it just made me wonder. and worry. sue me, i’m a fucking worrier. obviously, notes aren’t everything. but when you create content there is absolutely a part of you that yearns for it to be appreciated, for it to be recognized. like, that’s not something new?? i was voicing a concern, on my personal fucking blog, about something that mattered to me, because it was on my mind and i was wondering if anyone else cared? you don’t seem care, anon – i mean i could be wrong, people are certainly misconstrued all the time and people are capable of changing their opinions as well – and i’m fine with your indifference. what i’m not fine with is the way you genuinely seem to think i wanted to start shit. i literally said, and i quote, “IM NOT TRYNA START SHIT” or, as translated into ye old english, “I am not trying to starteth the horror.” i know deciphering tone and mood on the internet can sometimes be difficult, but i literally was not being sarcastic or belligerent or snide or with the intent of shading anyone, and if i came off that way i apologize, but i was quite literally yelling in the tags about my own hope that no one saw this as me tryna start shit. because i was voicing something that came from a place of anxiety. i get that you think it was unnecessary, but it was valid to me. like i’m still going to make b&w gifs? there’s no downside to me about them? but now that some of my friends have been so kind to me and reassured me that they’d appreciate if i posted coloured gifs, i feel motivated to make them, even if i think my colouring sucks, because i want to TRY. and trying to me is so important because i CONSTANTLY talk myself out of trying things that i really want to do. feeling motivated like this is something incredibly precious to me since being mentally ill just. it fucking fucks that up. real fucking bad. like FUCK. 

so to address your message – and i cannot believe how amused i was when i first saw this, and now i’m baffled at how you had to send this to me on anon because even though you apparently followed me, you couldn’t say it to me face to face. you had to hide behind a gray icon. that’s disappointing. 

(1) my text post stemmed from a place of anxiety rooted in the low self-esteem i had about my own skills, so to me it WAS necessary, because you have to help yourself out of a place like that if you want to grow as a person and that was my way of helping myself. i voiced my concern, i received some really lovely replies from people who matter to me, and that in turn motivated me. this was a personal post, and if you had bothered to read into the context of what i was saying, maybe you would have understood that the purpose of it was obviously not how you read it. 

(2) i don’t know who “we” is but if “you” somehow knew before i did that i was going to post something i hadn’t even made yet then “you” must be clairvoyant or some shit because wow

(3) you probably won’t see this since you unfollowed me (unless you’re a lurker lmao me too) but like………………..it would have been interesting if you hadn’t done this on anon because we could’ve had a proper conversation about this instead of what will probably just be a monologue on my part, explaining myself into the void aösldjaösdhfalskdf 

tippy talks to anon asks, part the infinity

Dear prompter! Hallo!

Your prompt will go in my queue! My queue currently has 12 prompts in it however, and many of them are literally months old.

That doesn’t count the ILU prompts, of which I still have 4 to fill. They’re my priority because I specifically solicited them. Luckily, they’re all outlined or half-written. After that, I will go back to trying to answer old prompts, while I simultaneously work on longfic.

I save all my prompts as image files and tend to answer them in random order, depending on what sparks an idea. It is still my intention to fill them ALL. I do not know how long that will take me.

And from time to time I will probably solicit new prompts like I did for the ILU meme because sometimes these lists speak to me and I believe in going with your gut where writing is concerned.

So… in response to “I don’t know if you’re taking prompts,” the answer is yes, but I hope you’re prepared to wait until Christmastime to get a fic out of me. :) 

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If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: london?? paris? japan is cool too 
Where would you time travel to: shit what idk I’d probably want to go to the beginning of time for science or something,, 
The first thing you would do with lottery money: move to somewhere nice and get an apartment there
What fictional character would you hang out with: cosima niehaus probs
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