so i just wanted to make a post with all of my favorite Bakugou moments

(this was gonna be a post about bakugou-isms. like. moments where bakugou has said/done something inspiring or wise. but. ended up getting carried away jkl;agha)

anyway i apologize because. this is gonna be long

1. Bakugou declaring that he refuses to lose to anyone again, recognizing that there are other people who are stronger than him that he needs to surpass.

i just really enjoy this moment, because it was a big wake-up call for his character to realize that he isn’t the best, there are people in the world who can surpass him, and that he needs to work harder to reach his goals. the world isn’t as black and white as he thought, and it’s his first step to his major development later on.

2. Bakugou calmly analyzing the situation at USJ 

i really like this moment b/c it’s s fascinating to watch Bakugou explain that none of their classmates are in danger, and that they should instead go and capture Black Mist, because he’s how the Villains got in in the first place. 

it shows that he’s far more than just a violent, angry, rage machine. underneath it all, he’s actually far more intelligent than he seems, and this scene is one of the first that really showcases that

(this is also the moment where Kirishima finally begins to trust him; before this, he was really wary of Bakugou because of how violently he went after Izuku during the Heroes vs. Villains exams (he was seriously worried that Bakugou would kill Izuku). it’s only after this moment where Kirishima changes his initial opinion of Bakugou and begins to trust him)

3. Bakugou explaining that a quirk is nothing more than an extension of a person’s body

i just really love that, of all the characters to do this, it’s Bakugou that explains that even quirks have their limits. it’s a very introspective moment that reminds the audience that these amazing powers aren’t limitless, and that even Bakugou, despite his pride and stubbornness, knows he has limits to what he can do



5. Bakugou acknowledging Uraraka’s strength 

PRETTY SELF EXPLANATORY, TBH. i love how he refuses to cal her weak in any capacity, defending her against Kaminari’s words. he fought her. he knows better than anyone here that she is anything but weak. and this is the first moment where he’s vocally defending another person, which i love b/c it’s another step in his character development

6. Bakugou telling off Todoroki for standing before him without the intent to win

this scene really shows a lot of what motivates Bakugou’s character. He wants to win against Todoroki–who’s one of the strongest in the class–and prove himself as the best. But Todoroki isn’t really fighting back, because he’s going through personal issues, which is understandable and under no fault of his own.

tbh, i think it’s an interesting point to think about, because everyone at the Sports Festival is here to win. they’re all trying their best–Bakugou, Izuku, Uraraka (who Bakugou even alludes to in his rant above), Momo, etc. and it is kind of insulting to fight someone who isn’t even really trying to fight back against you in a tournament where that’s the entire purpose of it all. 

that’s why Bakugou fought so hard against all of his opponents, because they all got to this level. he’s showing them respect by not going easy on them. and Bakugou finds it extremely insulting that Todoroki isn’t. i just find it a fascinating aspect to his character. it’s kind of an off-shoot of a ‘warrior’s code’ sort of thing

7. Bakugou refusing to accept his win at the Sports Festival 

again, i think it shows an interesting aspect of his character, because he feels like this win wasn’t deserved, because Todoroki didn’t give it his all. it’s a hollow win, and Bakugou knows it, and he refuses to accept it. 

8. the strength of Bakugou’s ideal of what a hero should be and his SHEER GODDAMN TENACITY DURING THE END OF TERM EXAM

I just love that his ideal of what a hero should be is based on All Might, the ultimate hero, who NEVER loses. this his why he became a hero in the first place, this is what motivates him in everything he does. to Bakugou, real heroes never lose, so he absolutely has to win. always.

and i love how he just refuses to give up–maybe it’s not always the greatest thing (pushing himself too far and all) but i find that really admirable too. no matter what, he just refuses to give up, and i love that (even if it isn’t exactly the best thing sometimes). he’s gonna do everything in his power to win, because that’s what heroes do, and nothing short of being knocked unconscious is gonna stop him.

9. Bakugou absolutely fucking REFUSING to join the Villain Alliance, practically BLOWING SHIGARAKI’S FACE UP WHILE DOING SO, because no matter what they say, he’s going to be a HERO, and goddammit. 

he was inspired by All Might, that’s the person who motivated him to become a hero in the first place, that’s the person who he’s admired since he was a child, and the person he wants to become like. and nothing in this world is going to change that.

10. Bakugou refusing to lie, even when he’s been kidnapped and surrounded by villains. 

i just find it fascinating that this is one of his personal morals, and that he (like All Might) doesn’t lie. he may be in denial more often than not, but he never lies. 

11. Aizawa defending Bakugou against the reporters

i just love how Aizawa understands Bakugou, how he realizes that Bakugou is no way in danger of becoming a villain. how Bakugou’s motivations come from an different place entirely. how it all comes from his ideal of strength, and of what a hero should be. i just really love that. 

12. Bakugou thanking All Might for saving him.

this is the third time All Might saved Bakugou. the first time, in chapter one, Bakugou was in complete denial. he didn’t need saving. he didn’t need anyone. how dare anyone think he needed rescuing?

the second time, at the Villain’s Alliance base, he was, again, in denial. he didn’t need All Might to come save him; even if he was happy and relieved that All Might was there, he wasn’t gonna admit to it. no way. absolutely not.

the third time… All Might saved him (and everyone at Kamino) by fighting against AFO. by refusing to go down. by using the last of his strength to defeat AFO, revealing his secret to the world, giving up OFA, and retiring for good. 

Bakugou feels guilty for this. he feels like the cause of All Might’s retirement. for getting kidnapped in the first place. for not being strong enough to save himself. so this time, he’s without denial or bluster. instead, he quietly thanks All Might for saving him, because he knows what All Might gave up to do it.

it’s a big moment of character growth for him. prior to all of that, Bakugou never would’ve done that. but the weight of All Might’s sacrifice was just too much, it humbled him. he couldn’t deny it anymore. so he sincerely thanked All Might for saving him, for the first time, quietly admitting to his weakness.

13. Bakugou giving Kirishima back the money he used to buy the night vision goggles for the rescue mission (learning about it from Kaminari), while also cheering the class up after Aizawa scolded them, by making Kaminari fry his brain and making them all laugh. 

just… what a fantastic moment of character growth from Bakugou. he felt guilty for Kirishima using his money to buy those goggles (which ended up getting destroyed during the mission), and he feels bad for being the reason why class getting reprimanded in the first place. so he fixes both situations as best he can, while still being his gruff, grumpy self. 

he gives back the money, and cheers the class up at the same time. and Aizawa totally catches onto it, too. “A farce like this has it’s place once in a while, I suppose.” it just shows that Bakguou actually does care about his class, Kirishima in particular. 

it shows that he cares his friends and his class, and i love that

14. Kaminari talking about Bakugou during the Provisional License Exam 

Kaminari mentions how the insulting words Seiji is throwing at them stings, and Sejii assumes Kaminari is talking about himself. he isn’t. Kaminari corrects him while throwing one of Bakugou’s grenades, which gives a visual cue of who he’s talking about. Bakugou.

Bakugou got angry at Seiji’s words. he charged in recklessly because he couldn’t stand the insults to UA anymore. he got upset at hearing the people he cares about be insulted. and then Kaminari goes on to say/think about how Bakugou wasn’t using the full force of his attacks. 

he was purposefully using lower-powered blasts in order to keep Kirishima and Kaminari safe. he purposefully put himself at a disadvantage just so he wouldn’t accidentally hurt them with the force of his attacks. 

Kaminari realizes this and praises Bakugou, defends him against Seiji’s words. he may not have the kindest or sweetest personality, but he’s serious about being a hero. he’s serious about keeping them safe. he’s serious about everything, and he can’t stand hearing Seiji insult him, the people he cares about, or UA.

15. Bakugou’s guilt at causing All Might’s retirement.

oh my god, save this child. save him. he completely, totally blames himself for causing the person he admires the most, the person who inspired him to become a hero, the man who’s motivated him since he was a child, to fall.

he’s just 15. he’s just a child. and he feels guilty for this, he’s feeling the full weight of it on his shoulders, breaking down from it all, and he doesn’t know how to handle it. he’s scared. he’s terrified. he feels horrible. the number 1 hero in the world was forced to retire and it’s all his fault

he’s been blaming himself for this for weeks. he’s just a child. he isn’t responsible for any of it, but he feels like he is. if only he were stronger, if only he got away on his own power, if only he did this or that, maybe All Might would still be a hero. if only he wasn’t so weak.

i love this moment, as painful as it is, because it shows just how human Bakugou is. it shows that he really is just a child dealing with horrible guilt, among other emotional issues (feeling like Izuku was looking down at him for all these years, being terrified that Izuku could one day surpass him, realizing that All Might acknowledged Izuku over him, having a superiority and inferiority complex that just exploded, feeling desperate for an answer over what he should do, and who was right in how they admired All Might (Bakugou for how he always wins, Izuku for how he always saves people with a smile, etc)).

in the end, he’s still just a child. a child dealing with so much more than he ever let on until this fight, where it all exploded out of him, because he just didn’t know how to handle them. he couldn’t bottle it up anymore. 

(i will never, ever excuse or justify any of the horrible things Bakugou did in the past. what he did was inexcusable. but god.. he’s still just a child.)

i love this moment because he’s so scared, terrified, upset, confused, desperate and just so damn human in this moment, and i love it. he’s not just an angry kid. he’s not just a violent, rage machine. there are so many emotions that drive him and i love it so much.

16. Bakugou supporting Izuku after their fight

i just…. really love this. Bakugou has had so many issues with Izuku in the past, many of them stemming from misunderstandings. as mentioned above, he thought Izuku was looking down on him. he was terrified of Izuku’s growth, feared that one day he could actually surpass him one day. but now they’ve talked. now they understand each other better. now Izuku has the support of All Might… and he can’t be losing. 

(and again, none of those reasons justify what Bakugou did to Izuku for those ten years. but they explain why he did it in the first place. i just want to emphasize that) 

to Bakugou, real heroes never lose. Bakugou is applying that to Izuku, now. he’s got the greatest hero in the world helping him, and he can’t be losing. Bakugou, in his own way, is supporting Izuku. it’s one of the biggest moments of character growth for him. for the longest time, he was terrified of Izuku. scared he’d be left behind while Izuku grew stronger. but now he’s putting that aside. 

Izuku has All Might’s power. he has All Might’s support. they both admired him… and now Izuku is being supported by him. so now Bakugou will, too.

Izuku has the greatest hero in the world looking after him. he can’t be losing now. not anymore.

17. Bakugou encouraging Kirishima

i just…. look at how far Bakugou has come. he went from being terrified of others being better than him–of not being as great as he grew up believing–and now he’s supporting Izuku (the person who scared and frustrated him the most), and now he’s actively giving encouragement and helping his friend. 

hell. Bakugou has friends now. he didn’t have any at the beginning of the series; he was to full of pride to see anything but  himself. but now he does, and he’s giving them encouragement. giving Kirishima encouragement. and he’s doing so by drawing from the Kamino incident, the very incident that gave him so much guilt and confusion and pain. the incident that probably gave him nightmares for who knows how long. 

he’s bringing up that incident to comfort and support and encourage his friend. he’s talking about how there are different kinds of strength out there–that just refusing to go down is it’s own strength. this from the kid who’s entire philosophy on heroism is to never lose. 

he’s not scared of being surpassed. he’s got friends now. he’s helping and supporting them in his own way. he’s not afraid to think of the very incident that caused him so much pain; he’s healing from it, slowly. he’s learned from it. he’s slowly accepting that it wasn’t his fault. he’s admitting that there are other kinds of strength out there, besides just winning. it’s about refusing to go down (like All Might did at Kamino). 

this is one of my favorite moments, even tho it’s so short, because it’s a culmination of Bakugou’s character development so far in the story. it’s a small moment, but it wouldn’t mean anything without the hundred or so chapters proceeding it, showing all of Bakugou’s complexities, and all of his personal issues, motivations, emotional struggles, etc. 

this moment is great because it shows just how far Bakugou has come since chapter one. he’s almost a completely different character than who he was, where he began. and that’s why i love it so much

long story short Bakugou is an incredibly complex kid and i love him a lot

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LadyNoir July Day 3: Explosive

Chat Noir wins the race, and earns a kiss from his Lady.  (This is a continuation from yesterdays drabble.  The rest of these are all separate unless notes otherwise.) 

“Ha!  I win!” Chat did a little victory dance around the roof, in spite of being winded.

“Only by a whisker, Chat,” Labybug panted, her hands braced on her knees.

“Wait a minute,” Chat froze and glanced gleefully at his partner.  “I won!  That means I get a kiss!”

Ladybug’s eyes widened and he could see a faint blush spreading from beneath her mask as she straightened.  “Oh!  Damnit, I thought I had you.  Curse those long legs of yours!  When are you going to be done growing?”

Chat laughed delightedly.  “I think it was less about my stride and more about the motivation.”  He waggled his eyebrows suggestively, sauntering over to stand close and nudge her shoulder.               “Then again, maybe that’s why you cheated.  You knew you couldn’t take me in a fair contest.”

“Excuse me?”  She glared at him, and stepped closer to jab her finger into his chest.  “I beat you nine times out of ten, alley cat, and you know it!”

He held his hands up in a gesture of surrender, but his smile didn’t waver.  “Of course I do.  But today wasn’t one of those nine times, was it?”

“Oooooh!”  She flushed again, and this time he knew it was frustration coloring her cheeks.

“A bet’s a bet, my lady.”  Her eyes flashed, and he leaned back with a frown.  “But you know, I won’t make you kiss me, if you don’t actually want to.  That would be—mpf!”

She’d grabbed his face and yanked him down to hers, silencing his words with her mouth.  It threw him off balance and he stumbled against her a bit, his arms going to her hips in a reflexive effort to steady himself.  But then the anger seemed to leave her, and her lips began to move tentatively over his.  Rather than releasing her, his hands tightened almost of their own accord.  He angled his head to increase the pressure, just as her tongue slipped out to slide along the seam of his lips.  He opened his mouth with a groan and met the hesitant exploration of her tongue with his own.

The sensations were new to him, as he thought they must be new to her.  It was—it was amazing, and he wanted to just go on kissing her like this forever.  He tugged on her hips, pulling her body flush against him.  He’d held her close many times before, but never like this.  Never in this context.  And when they touched, their world shifted a bit, making them stumble.

Ladybug tore herself away from him, with alarm writ over her features.

“Wow.”  He touched his lips wonderingly.

“Yeah,” she said, looking over the city distractedly.  “That felt like an explosion.”

He cocked his head thoughtfully, his eyes shining.  “I wouldn’t have described it like that, but I love that you found it explosive.”

She blinked.  “No, Chat, that wasn’t—I mean, the kiss was great, but that was a real explosion.”  She pointed to a rising plume of smoke with her yoyo already in hand.

“Oh, uh, right.  Well, this is awkward.”

“Be awkward later, Chaton.  Come on, we have to go!”

Ladybug took off, and Chat followed close on her heels.  “Stupid Hawkmoth,” he mumbled.  “Stupid akuma.”

The villain and his champion had just cemented their spots at the very tippy-top of Chat Noir’s shit list.

Steve Rogers Drabble 3

Requested By: @jdhvsbzxjdhdhsnsr

Prompt: “Did you just hiss at me?”

Originally posted by capsteverogers-things

“(Y/N), focus,” Steve commanded as you growled in frustration. Today was training day, and of course you got partnered up with Steve. Don’t get me wrong, you love the guy (maybe a little bit too much), but you absolutely loathed training with him. He was a great teacher, but sometimes he pushed way too hard. 

“Sorry, let’s go again,” You said as you shook out your hands. Nodding at your words, Steve dropped down into a fighting position. Dropping down into your own, you waited for the signal to begin. With a nod of Steve’s head, you launched at him as you tried to land a punch on the skilled soldier. Quickly deflecting your punch, Steve landed one of his own into your side. Wincing in pain, you try to shake the pain off as you swept your foot low. Successfully knocking him off of his feet, you pounced on him as quickly as you could.

Now straddling Steve, you fought to keep his muscular arms pinned to the ground as he struggled beneath you. Expertly flipping the two of you over, Steve reversed the position as he now had you pinned against the floor.

“Stop pulling your punches,” Steve ordered as he kept your hands locked to the ground. “The enemy won’t pull theirs.”

“Yes, I know,” You said, rolling your eyes. “Can you get off me now?”

“No,” Steve said with a slight smirk. “The enemy won’t just get off of you.”

Rolling your eyes once more, you try to wiggle yourself out of his grasp. “Steve, c’mon. You weigh like a ton.”

“I do not,” He said adamantly. Still struggling in his grasp, you looked up pleadingly into his eyes.

“Please?” You politely asked, giving him the puppy-dog eyes.

“Mmmmm, let me think about it,” He said as he gave a thoughtful look. “No.”

“You are the worse,” You grumbled as you tried to get free. “Steve.

“(Y/N),” He mocked right back.

“What ever happened to the nice Steve? I want that Steve back. Not the sarcastic Steve,”

“He’s not coming back unless you get out from under me,” Steve challenged. Frustration building up inside of you even more at the annoyingly good-looking man above you, you felt a hiss rise up from your chest unintentionally. 

“Did you just hiss at me?” Steve asked, confused at what had just happened. Using his confusion to your advantage, you quickly flipped the two of you over. 

“Ha! I win!” You gleefully shouted as you looked down at the confused Steve before you. “Now give me nice Steve back!”

Laughing at your antics, Steve pushed himself up off of the mat. “Whatever you say, (Y/N). Whatever you say.”

Human Zircons headcanons part 3.

100+ notes on the “part 1″, holy hell guys THANK YOU! I read all tags and just… Wow. 

The idea of “law students” is still @drawbauchery ‘s (and I blame you for this xD)

part 1 is here

part 2 is here

part 4 is here

  • They have the same surname. And if Yellow is amusing about it, Blue is angry. Very. Fucking. Much. “No, we are not sisters. AND WE ARE NOT MARRIED.” (Yellow always adds “yet” and Blue really wants to punch her).
  • Sometimes in the university they are put in pairs to hold a “staged” trial. They always have a deal “if I win, you …”. Blue has “If I win, you’ll leave me for the rest of the day.” Yellow has “If I win, you can’t tell me "no” until the end of the day.“ Well, most often Blue wins and enjoys a quiet day. Exactly until midnight. And, if Yellow wins… You understand everything yourself ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Despite everything, Blue can’t say that she doesn’t like it. All embraces, kisses, whispering in the ear, touching. Of course, studying is more important, but sometimes she can take a break. On the other hand, she would rather die than admit it out loud.
  • Surprisingly, drunk Yellow Zircon is sentimental as heck. She just wants hugs and to talk nice things. Blue Zircon doesn’t drink alcohol in public places like clubs or bars. Only at home. Only with Yellow. Their evenings with wine or beer aren’t like “let’s get drunk and have sex”, but a calm sweet evenings with blankets and movies.
  • Blue Zircon in a tie is incredibly hot. With and without her shirt on. *nose bleeding*
  • The reason why the Blue Zircon doesn’t kick Yellow off, doesn’t move to another dormitory and generally agrees to (almost) everything Yellow does, is in that she has never had someone who would protect her and who would rush to her with hugs. She had a difficult life and family situation, and she decided to go to law department in university to study everything and not fuck up in the future, as it happened in her family (and really good lawyers really get a lot of money). 
  • For Yellow, it’s all a family business. She’s not from the rebels who "I’ll go to study for a doctor, and I don’t care that everyone in the family was lawyers.” No, she just went to the university, she even likes it, and because she hears about “law and stuff” for all her life, it is easier for her to study. And, well, “prosecutor’s daughter” sounds cool. She even can live at home, not in a dormitory, but she decided that this way she will learn independence. She strongly likes Blue’s desire to study law, her memory, her ability to set the point of view and prove the facts. They generally have a healthy rivalry.
  • Perhaps after the university, Yellow will recommend Blue to the family office with the words “She’s as good at it as I am.”
  • Or maybe they will open their own office. “Zircon’s law office”. (“Gay Zircons law office” Yellow will say xD)

And I almost forgot:

Simon Curtis – I Hate U

Simon Curtis – Super Psycho Love

Adam Lambert – For Your Entertainment

Definitely OSTs to their relationships… omg save my soul

God bless Google Translate for helping me xD

I’m so glad that you guys enjoy this. I think I’ll write more, but tomorrow I’ll have a 2-3 days trip without my laptop T___T

If someone wants to suggest a headcanon, or just discuss the ship or talk or something else – feel free, I’m a very friendly person =))

i can’t wait to marry you

for the lovely @highkeybane  

huge thanks for @hail-andfarewell and @lightshook for editing this for me

Summary: Alec spends the day remembering all his special moments with Magnus, as he prepares himself for to finally marry his best friend. 

Pairing: Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood

Also on Ao3!

Alec slowly opens his eyes as the sun softly shined in through the curtains. Everything was hazy at first, but after a few seconds, everything went back to normal. He slowly turns around and he smiles so brightly as he sees a figure lying next to him. It’s Magnus, his fiance, and today is the day—the day of their wedding.

Alec looked at his beautiful fiance, and thinks to himself,  how did I get so lucky? He kept looking at Magnus, and he remembered how they have known each other since high school, and had met during freshman year.

It was their first day in school, and Alec was nervous. He didn’t know how to socialize properly, unlike his younger siblings, Izzy, and Jace. After finding his first class without much difficulty, he sat down and pulled out his books, pencil, and eraser and then—

“Pssssst,” Alec hears a voice calling him. He turned around and saw a beautiful Asian boy behind him.

“Yes?” Alec replied feeling utterly confused. Why was this boy talking to him? No one really talks to him.

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The Bet

Prompt: Hey! I just finished reading outlaws of love (and, as a bi person myself, may I say I loved every second I spent reading it). If it’s not too much to ask, could you maybe do a negan X daughter!reader where they just spend some cute, quality time together and he’s super protective over her, and she comes out to him as bi and he it really accepting of it. Thanks love x – Requested by @supernatural-everyday

Pairing: Dad!Negan x Daughter!Reader, Negan x You

Word Count: 3,857

Type: One shot

Warnings: None that I know of

Rating: PG

Notes: Yo’ so I kinda got real carried away with this, sorry! I hope it’s what you were looking for xx Also yay my first request is done :D

Originally posted by jdm-negan-mcnaughty

 “Be safe. Stay inside the fuckin’ gates. I’ll be back by midday tomorrow.” The grumpy voice of your father says, as he stands in your doorway.

“Back before my Birthday?” You mumble. “And I know the rules, Dad.” You add, not looking up from the book in your lap as you sit cross legged on your bed.

“Yes Princess, before your birthday. And I know you know the rules, which is why I’m fuckin’ confused as to the reason you disobey them all the goddamn damn time.”

You roll your eyes and lift your head up, looking at your father in all his heroic glory. Leather jacket on and baseball bat in hand, you still wonder why he named the inanimate object after your mother.

“Because they’re stupid as shit.” You sarcastically smile back at him.

“Don’t swear.”

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DEH Treebros Hanahaki Disease; Connor's Friend

“Jesus Christ Hansen, how are you doing this with one hand?” Jared asked as he tried tugging Evan off the frame of the car.

“Push ups…and for the last time I’m not going in there!”

“You’re doing it, whether you want to or not,” with a final tug Jared finally managed to get Evan off the car. “Ha, I win!” Evan tried going back the car before Jared grabbed him by his good arm. “We’re not doing that again,” he said this dragging Evan towards the house.

“How do you even know where he lives?”

“Zoe’s Facebook.”

“But you’re not friends with her.”

“She’s just one of the many pages I lurk on.”

“That’s creepy.”

“Probably,” They reached the front door as Jared rang the doorbell. “Too late to run now.” Evan froze as the door opened and they were greeted by a woman, probably Connor’s mother, who had a grin plastered on her face.

“Can I help you boys?”

“Well I ugh-we’re-we’re-” Evan broke down into a stuttering mess as Jared slid in.

“We’re friends from school, he probably didn’t tell about the project were working on.” If possible her smile grew wider.

“Friends! Oh of course, come in come in!” She beckoned the two in happily. “Connor never has anyone over, to be honest I didn’t think he has any friends but now that you boys are here…would you like something to eat?”

“We just need to talk to Connor right now.”

“Right, second door up the stairs.” She made an excited noise as the two went up the stairs with Evan covering his mouth, trying to keep the petals and blood in his mouth but dropping a few on the way.

“We need to hurry up before you start coughing up a whole fucking tree.”

“Or the leaves.”

“Why the leaves?”

“Acacia blossom leaves are poisonous. They produce cyanide.” Jared stopped turning around to Evan.

“You didn’t think to bring that up earlier?”

“It’s not a big deal, probably won’t even happen,” Jared responded by grabbing Evan’s good wrist and dragging him yet again. Pounding on the door Jared started to yell.

“Hey Murphy, open the fucking door!” There was a pause before the door cracked open slightly. He peeked out and seeing the two quickly slammed it shut. “Hey!”

“Go away assholes, I’m in the middle of something.”

“Not until you open the god damn door, Evan has something he wants to say to you.”

“Fuck off.”

“Would it help if I said please?”

“No.” Jared glared at the door when Evan tugged on Jared’s arm.

“You heard him, now let’s go.”

“Hold on a second,” Jared turned back to the door. “Hey ass face, do you want us to leave?”


“Then open the door, there’s something we need to show you.” The door cracked open as Connor barely stuck his head out. “Evan move your hand.”

“What? No-” Jared moved the arm down as Evan hacked more flower petals and blood out onto his cast making Connor’s eyes widen.

“What the fuck?”

“Yeah he’s doing that because of you.”

nayomi-kiiroibara  asked:

so..... have you..... seen..... the spoilers...... for chapter 130?..... *sighs*

Hiii!  :)

I didn’t realize they were out so soon, so I went and looked.  Well, it’s now longer a theory now, it’s a fact.  XD

Yeah…it’s definitely not where I was hoping the story would go.  We now have two competing Ciels with two competing “motives” (if you can even call what OCiel has a “motive.”.)

The problem I have with this is that because of these competing motives, both cannot be “winners,” so to speak.  One has to “lose” and one has to “win,” where I mean “win” and “lose” in the sense of story logic: one attains the story goal, the other doesn’t.

But here is the question that keeps me up at night: whom are we supposed to be rooting for?  A character who has been absent for three years whom we hardly know?  A character whom we’ve seen struggle and suffer for three years and 129 chapters?  Are we supposed to side with RealCiel over a simple technicality–that he happens to be the rightful heir?  And why would we want to see RealCiel exact vengeance on a character who has already suffered so much?  Is the correct response supposed to be, “Yeah, RealCiel, go tell that usurper who’s boss!  Go get your title back and exact revenge on your brother!”  It just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

(As an aside: perhaps this could be a subversion of the “younger brother wrongfully takes the older brother’s title” trope from Shakespeare or even Robin Hood, where we are supposed to root for the younger brother, not the titled one…but, eh, I doubt that will play out.)

If the reader is expected to side with a character whom we barely know just because he was born first and is the rightful Earl, well, I think that is a bit of a story logic leap.  The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t, right?  At least we’ve gotten to know OurCiel.

But a lot of things fail to make sense to me in this story, because the characters all have such murky and ill-defined motivations and goals that sometimes it isn’t worth applying logic to their motives.  What does Undertaker want?  Hell if I know.  Perhaps because of that vagueness, some people root for him (and against Sebastian) to break the contract with Sebastian, whereas I’m in the camp that thinks that Sebastian and Ciel have grown to have an unbreakable bond so much so that honoring the contract would be the perfect culmination of their relationship.  The irony, for me, is that an “evil” demon did more for Ciel than some humans did, and he deserves to attain his goal–Ciel’s soul–because of that hard work.

And that brings me to the Number 1 reason why 2CT falls flat for me: it leaves Sebastian in the dust.  He’s pretty much a background character at this point.  How is he impacting this arc’s plot?  He isn’t…he hasn’t changed the course of action of the plot at all.  Could you swap out Sebastian for another superpowered character and get the same result?  Yes, you could.  Nothing about Sebastian being Sebastian, or even being a demon has had any bearing on the plot up to this point.  Since he said he doesn’t lie, I guess that means he did eat RealCiel’s soul (and my pipe dream of him pulling a Hannah may come true…) but regardless of whether or not he ate RC’s soul, Sebastian’s agency as a character is irrelevant.  He is being acted upon, not acting.  Something is happening TO him.  Same with OurCiel: this is all happening TO him, not because of his actions.  He is becoming a passive protagonist.

Let’s face it: OurCiel never had a clear goal from the start.  It was something vague about revenge “for himself,” but we don’t know what that means.  A lot of people took that to mean “find Rachel’s and Vincent’s killers” but it doesn’t seem like that is the reason, since no strides have been made towards that end.  Because of the 2CT, the real reason might just be, “because I wanted to be Earl.”  That would mean OurCiel’s character motivations boil down to simple jealousy: unfocused and vague jealousy.  Why become the Earl?  Why become the Watchdog?  Just because he wanted something his brother had?  It makes OurCiel petty and childish.  Who knows, maybe he even burned down the manor himself, because then that would give us a reason to root for the RealCiel–the true Ciel whom we are supposed to be rooting and hoping for.

No, that logic does not make sense for me.

Sorry, RealCiel, but I’ll be rooting for the demon and the usurper.

So nice to hear from you, as always.  <3

❛    why are you all wet    ?    ❜
❛    it’s sandwich day.    ❜
❛    do you know what tuna is    ?    ❜
❛    i’d be an abomination.    ❜
❛    why is this so important    ?    ❜
❛    family means no one gets left behind.    ❜
❛    if you want to leave you can.    ❜
❛    i’ll remember you,    though.    ❜
❛    i remember everyone that leaves.    ❜
❛    you’re the cause of all this.    ❜
❛    it’s little and broken,    but still good.    ❜
❛    you’re vile,    you’re foul,    you’re flawed.    ❜
❛    also cute and fluffy.    ❜
❛    you wreck everything you touch.    ❜
❛    why not try making something for a change    ?    ❜
❛    no more caffeine for you.    ❜
❛    he / she wanted me to join his legion of the undead.    ❜
❛    i knew it.    ❜
❛    oh good.    my dog found the chainsaw.    ❜
❛    sorry i bit you,    and pulled your hair,    and punched you in the face.    ❜
❛    i got a new dog    !    ❜
❛    you are so finished when i get in there.    ❜
❛    trust me,    this is not gonna end well.    ❜
❛    ha    !    i win    !    ❜
❛    a falling star.    i call it.    ❜
❛    get out,    i have to make a wish.    ❜
❛    can’t you go any faster    ?    ❜
❛    gravity is increasing on me.    ❜
❛    the same thing happened yesterday.    ❜
❛    why do you act so weird    ?    ❜
❛    you look familiar.    ❜
❛    i’m lost.    ❜
❛    don’t interact with her / him.    ❜
❛    we know her / him.    ❜
❛    look at the bright side.    you won’t have to yell at anyone anymore.    ❜
❛    we’re a broken family aren’t we     ?    ❜
❛    maybe a little,    maybe a lot.    ❜
❛    i shouldn’t have yelled at you.    ❜
❛    it’s our job.    ❜
❛    you can never belong.    ❜
❛    i didn’t teach him / her that.    ❜
❛    you came back.    ❜
❛    nobody get’s left behind.    ❜
❛    come on,    what’s the big deal    ?    ❜
❛    leave my mother out of this    !    ❜
❛    oh great,    he / she’s loose.    ❜
❛    did you ever kill anyone    ?    ❜
❛    are you happy    ?    ❜
❛    i’m adjusted.    ❜
❛    he / she likes your butt and fancy hair.    ❜
❛    no,    that’s from my blue period    !    ❜
❛    oh,    you are such a pain.    ❜
❛    stupid head    !    ❜
❛    read the charges.    ❜
❛    are they intelligent    ?    ❜
❛    did you catch fire again    ?    ❜
❛    answer me.    ❜
❛    what was that    ?    ❜
❛    i know you had something to do with this.    ❜
❛    what are you doing    ?    ❜
❛    you’re just jealous ‘cause i’m pretty.    ❜
❛    i know what you mean.    ❜
❛    i need someone to be my friend.    ❜
❛    he / she’s very persuasive.    ❜
❛    please go about your business.    ❜
❛    oh,    i can’t complain.    ❜
❛    you smell like a lawn mower.    ❜
❛    ____    is troubled.    he / she needs desserts.    ❜
❛    here,    educate yourself.    ❜
❛    this is low even for you.    ❜
❛    you’re all mine.    ❜
❛    please don’t do this.    ❜
❛    leave me alone to die.    ❜
❛    does this look infected to you    ?    ❜
❛    you’d better not have rabies.    ❜
❛    don’t worry,    this is all part of a plan.    ❜
❛    we are professionals.    ❜
❛    hey    !    get that out of your mouth.    ❜
❛    new rules.    ❜
❛    that is the ugliest thing i ever saw.    ❜
❛    listen carefully.    ❜
❛    that would be a bad idea.    ❜
❛    aren’t they beautiful    ?    ❜
❛    uncomfortable    ?    good.    ❜
❛    with pleasure.    ❜

Namjin quarrel

PD: *announces* So as you guys know, Namjoon has lost his passport…

Hoseok: *mutters sassily* No shit. The one thing we were told not to lose, he loses. 

Jin: *sighs* You had one job Namjoon. One job… 

PD: His paperwork’s didn’t get approved by the embassy therefore he is going back to Korea on his own today. 

Jin: *internally screaming*

PD: Since he will be missing out on your experiences, Rap Mon will be given an allowance along with no schedule until you all come back, to make up for it.

Namjoon: *unable to hide smile* HA I WIN  I mean- Oh nooo, I’m sooo sad, booo!

Vkook: *done with everything* Are you fucking kidding me?! Were done with this trip and getting lost and shit.

Jin: You’re fucking leaving me to look after 4 hormonal kids and your old ass dad? Me?!

Hoseok: Look what shit you got us into, Dad.

Yoongi: *desperate* Son, is this really how you’re going to repay your father? 

Namjoon: *to the PD* Do I go now? 

Jin: *fierce* So you’re really going to leave me huh?

Hoseok: Ooooh she angry now…

Vkook: *whispers to Appa* Just say no if you want to live…

Namjoon: *causally* Yes of course.

Namjoon: *sticks hand out quickly* Ill be waiting for you at home, honey.

Jin: *Internally plotting a way to kill him*

Hoseok: *mumbles* Stupid ass has got a death wish.

Taehyung: *internally* Oh dad, what have you done…

Jungkook: *offers hand out of second hand embarrassment* Stay safe.

Jin: *Puts out hand simultaneously as jungkook does and is rejected. Internally done with everything* Hes a dead man is2g.

Jin: *in a snide way* Have safe trip home, honey.

Namjoon: *looks away scared to make eye contact* Thanks, I will.

Hoseok: *scared* I know that look, whats this crazy hoe done?

Jungkook: *sincerely* Run while you still have feet.

Suga: Just don’t lose the house keys on the plane, or else I’ll really disown you.*mutters* making me rely on this pink boy who cant even cook ramen.

Namjoon: *frantically searches for keys*

Jin: *savagely and emotionless* Have fun sleeping outside. Kids, lets go.

Namjoon: Tell me where they are!

Jin: *in the distance* Up my ass! Have a safe flight home, honey!

Namjoon: .

Teased Accident

Kol Mikaelson X Reader 

Word Count: 418

Requested: @lydiaxgilbert

Request: Hey! Can you do a one-shot where the reader is (somehow) stronger than Kol Mikaelson & accidentally hurts him? They can be either best friends or dating. She feels bad about it but still teases him because ‘she’s stronger than an Original’. Thanks in advance, I love your work!

Originally posted by alltheimaginesbro

Kol was helping you with your hand to hand combat now with him being an Original you had to be faster more unpredictable than you would with a normal vampire, you knew that but it still frustrated you that you couldn’t land a hit on him. Eventually, though you started to see patterns and places where you could knock his balance or land a hit on him, so you did end up hitting him a good few times before you pinned him “Ha I win.” You declared.
“Sorry, Darling but not quite.” He smirked as he flipped you both over. You rolled your eyes but something caught your attention at the corner of his mouth there was a little blood gathering.
“Oh my god Kol your bleeding!” You said as you leant up on your elbow taking his face in your free hand to look closer.
“Don’t worry about it.” He smirked wiping his face and you frowned before smiling.
“Wait that means that I landed a good hit on you!” You cheered and he rolled his eyes.
“I told you, that you were good,” Kol answered.
“Yeah but now there’s proof.” You smiled.
“It’s going to heal.” He reminded you.
“But it hasn’t yet.” You argued. Kol rolled onto his side allowing you to get up and as you did Rebekah walked in, she looked at the both of you before smiling.
“Who won?” She asked walking over to you.
“I mean technically he did.” You shrugged.
“But?” She asked.
“I got a few good hits in, I made him bleed and I pinned him… So.” You answered.
“Mean your stronger than an Original,” Rebekah smirked as she looked over at her brother.
“Don’t encourage her dear sister.” Kol sighed.
“I’m stronger than an Original!” You squealed and Kol glared at Rebekah.
“Don’t say that anywhere but here,” Kol warned.
“Why will it ruin your reputation?” You teased.
“You’re kidding me, right? You know how many people want us dead right?” He asked and Rebekah rolled her eyes before leaving the room. “If you say that out there you could get yourself kidnapped or something.”
“Aww, you care.” You teased and he rolled his eyes as he walked over to you.
“I’m still stronger than you.” You mumbled.
“Hush.” He smirked before placing his lips on yours and pulling ou closer to him, you smiled as you pulled away.
“Still stronger.” You teased.
“Alright, that’s it! Rematch.” Kol decided stepping back into the centre of the room.

Requests and general question!

Transformers: Predilection

Title: Predilection
Warning: Kinks. All of them I could write.
Rating: R
Continuity: IDW, G1, Prime
Characters: I tried for as many different pairings as I could cram in.
Disclaimer: The theatre doesn’t own the script or actors, nor does it make a profit from the play. I deserve cookies for writing this but have yet to receive any. TnT weeeeh.
Motivation (Prompt): “Reblog with your personal kink/fetish. Not in the notes; you put that sucker right in the reblog where it can be seen, fraggit. And don’t reblog off somebody else’s reblog. Come back to the original so I can see it.” 42,000 words, 65 separate kinks, from Dec. 12 to just under a half an hour until Dec. 25, I dared Tumblr to bring it on, and they did, but I wrote everything thrown at me! Ha! Ahahaha, I win!

Every kink is a writing challenge this author hasn’t met yet. I dared Tumblr to bring it on.

Play Fights || Justin Foley x Reader

Show: 13 Reasons Why

Request:  Can you write an imagine where you and Justin Foley playfully wrestle after you jokingly insult him?

Warning(s): None

Word Count: 453

Originally posted by gabbiesworld

You and Justin just got back to your house from one of Bryce’s parties. It went on as normal except this tie, Justin returned soaking wet. He and Zach started to wrestle and they both ended up slipping and falling into the pool. Thank god they weren’t drunk yet otherwise they probably wouldn’t have been able to swim back to the edge and pull themselves out.

“Sometimes, I think I’m dating a seven year old boy,“ you mumbled as you started taking off your shoes.

“I’m offended,“ you looked up to see him trying to hide the smile on his face while he had a hand on his chest, feigning offence.

“Yeah that’s why you’re smiling huh?“ Justin rolled his eyes and kicked off his shoes as you stood up and faced him with your arms crossed.

“You insulted me and now I’m offended,“ he crossed his arms and huffed before teasingly looking away from you.

“Babe, I was joking and you know it,“ you started giggling and tugged gently on his arms to get him to look at you. When he did, he had a smirk on his lips and moved swiftly to lift you over his shoulder and walk to your living room and toss you on the couch, “Now my shirt’s wet,” you pouted up at him whereas he just smiled cheekily at you.

“That’s not the only thing that’ll be wet,“ you rolled your eyes and shoved him away with your foot. He grabbed your foot and leaned down to start tickling you which resulted in your squealing and trying to stop his hands. Of course it ended up with him losing his footing and falling and since you were holding his wrists, you fell on top of him. You straddled his waist and held his wrists above his head while sticking your tongue out at him.

“Ha ha, I win,“ he rolled you over and had the upper hand yet again. He slipped his hands out of your grip and grabbed your wrist with one of his hands and started tickling you again, “Justin!“

“Say that I’m the best boyfriend ever and I’ll stop.“

“Never,“ you were laughing loudly and squirming trying to get away from his hand but it wasn’t working. He was stronger than you.

“Say it or I’ll just keep tickling you, babe.”

“Fine! Fine! You’re the best boyfriend ever!” Justin halted his actions of tickling and you finally were able to catch your breath.

“Come on, let’s go change and then go to bed,“ he stood up and held a hand out. You grabbed his hand and he pulled you up before cupping your face and placing a chaste kiss on your lips.

I hope you like this


Colours part two (Barry Allen)


But I check my marks on Friday so if I don’t post anything on the weekend, presume it’s because I failed….

Anyway, so I was writing my English Paper One and suddenly a part two Tommy Barry Allen Colours imagine came into my head. I don’t why the hell writing down a verb did that but it did.

And I haven’t been active in ages, so I just had to write this (even if my requests have made themselves into a mountain).

Summery: now that you found your soulmate, it was time to get to know him. And replace all the other colours with his.


“Can I hold your hand?” he asked, nervousness dripping from his voice, a coy smile on his lips and the vein on his forehead doing the thing you had yet to figure out how to describe.

You looked down to hands. At the colours stained there.








It was strange, wanting the orange to go away. For years you wanted the orange to stay. Even after he left you, it meant people stayed away from you. No one tried to make romantic advances on you.

But now it was all different. Now you were sat at a table at table at Jitters at with a nerdy dork who was your soulmate.

And for the first time ever you wanted the orange to be gone. Replaced by the colour of a man sitting opposite you who you barely knew.

You looked at his hands.







For the first time you actually gave a damn about the colours on someone else. You knew someone had broken his heart, and you hated that.

You wanted to fix it.

You wanted to fix it all.

And then you wanted to learn everything there was about this man.

And so, with a smile small you replied, “Sure.”

One day you would replace every streak of bleach with gold. Just like one day he would do the same to you.

But for now, as you sat there, with your hands intertwined listening to him go on a rant about some science thing, this was enough.


“I WIN! HA!” Wally shouted, jumping up and doing a little victory dance.

Barry slapped his cards down in defeat, “Next round. Best two out of three.”

You laughed, “Barry it’s already been two rounds and his won both of them.”

Just then Joe walked in, a tray of warm beverages in his hands.

“What did I miss?” he asked taking a seat next to Iris on the couch.

“Wally won again,” you responded.

“Okay fine!” Barry said, “charades. I can beat him at charades.”

As Joe handed you your tea, you imagined how this scene must have looked.

Wally sitting in the single chair, his blanket long ago abandoned as he got into the previous game.

Iris and Joe on the couch. Iris getting competitive and trying to look intimating with sweater paws. With Joe half heartily being interested, but mostly just watching proudly at his children.

And two people on the floor, a mess of limbs and blankets.

As you zoned back into the picture, you watched as Barry stood up to mine something.

You looked at his arms.







You smiled to yourself as you thought that every day you were getting closer to belonging entirely to each other. And one day, you would be. One day gold would be the only colour on his skin and maroon would be the only one on yours.

He had given you much more than just a soulmate, he had given you a family. The West family welcomed you in with open arms, and never felt the need to comment on the orange marks that stained your body.

Joe had once commented on how happy he was to see them diminishing. And as you looked at your body, you couldn’t help but agree.







But now wasn’t time time to ponder to the colours on your body. Now was the time to laugh at and attempt to figure out what the bloody hell your own dork meant by the very strange hand movements he was doing.

So that’s what you did.


The two of you had come a long way, you thought as he brought you a cup of tea.

The two of you were currently in your flat.

You loved this time. It had become a little bit of tradition.

The two of you never really wanted to go on dates or anything.

Instead you went to your flat and talked.

About anything and everything. From politics to science to the meaning of life to painting to childhood stories.

You loved this. Watching him tell a story, the way his eyes lit up and his forehead did the little thingy you had get to figure out how to describe.

When he got the excited part, he leaned in and spoke quicker. His voice going a little bit higher as he got carried away to whatever time the story he was telling was from.

Or when he was passionate, his voice sped up and he started using his hands more when he spoke.

“Y/N?” he asked, waving his hand in front of your face, “Hellooo…. where did you go?”

You chuckled as you joined your hands, “Just thinking about us.”

He smiled and looked down at your joined hands. You knew he was thinking the same thing you were.

By now your hands had no orange left, they were entirely stained with maroon. And his with gold.







“Anyway,” he snapped out of it, “we were talking about tv shows.”

“Yes I’m aware,” you responded, “okay so my top tv shows… mmm, okay definitely Sherlock.”

“What?” he asked, “That’s a show?”


He flinched and rubbed his ears, “I’m guessing by your tone that you think I should have?”

You nodded and set your tea down so that you could face him and fully allow him to understand the consequences of his actions, or lack thereof.

“Okay,” you said, “I have a plan.”

To Barry’s credit, he only looked mildly terrified.

“You are going to stay there,” he nodded, playfully getting comfortable, “and I’m going to go get my Sherlock DVDs and then we shall have a marathon.”

He laughed, “Whatever makes you happy.”

After about ten minutes the two of you were cuddled together on your couch and Barry was trying to figure out how the hell he hadn’t watched this before.

After a few minutes he casually pulled you into his chest and wrapped his arms around you.

You were used to this, him randomly needing to be close to you. You looked at his arms as they tightened their hold on you.








You weren’t sure what you sure, but you knew as he buried his head in your neck and placed a kiss there; that you were something special.


“Y/N?” he whispered hesitantly walking into your flat. Looking like a kicked puppy.

“Barry?” you responded from your position perched up on your kitchen counter top.

“I need to tell you something,” he muttered.

You took a moment to take stock him. His body slanted inwards, his hair messy as thought he had ran his hands through it many times (which he probably had). But it was his eyes that putt you off the most. They didn’t have that light inside them. They were almost dull. Full of worry.

The light wasn’t out of them yet. But he seemed to believe that it would be soon.

“Barry,” you motioned for him to come to you, “come here, let’s talk this out okay?”

He nodded and came to you. He stood between your legs and played with your hands. You had long time ago learnt that it calmed him.

You knew it would take him a few minutes to start talking. It always did.

So you gave yourself that time to think about how far you had come with this man you now knew you were helplessly in love with. How much you had been through. How much you loved him.







He was almost every part of you now, and that was when he started talking.

“I have to tell you something,” he whispered, his voice like a flag in the wind, “and once you hear it, you might regret everything.”

“Barry,” you took his face in your hands, “I will never regret loving you. You understand? Never. Nothing you can say will ever change that.”

“Y/N. I’m the flash,” his eyes went dull. His posture slouched. He believed you were going to kick him out. He believed you were going to regret everything you had been through.

And you couldn’t help but laugh.

For a slit second he looked like you had just proclaimed you were going to marry Donald Trump (which he probably would thought would have been more likely than your reaction at this point).

Meanwhile, you felt relief. Utter relief.

“Barry,” you smiled, taking his hands again, “I know.”

“What? How? When?”

“Oh Barry,” you couldn’t keep the grin off your face, “you constantly have to dash away during dates. You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. You have the same body build as the Flash. And honey, our colours are maroon and gold. Either you’re the Flash or a Weasley.”

He laughed and kissed you, right there. No replay. And even then he couldn’t even kiss you properly because he kept on smiling.

“Well,” he said, taking you arm and washing some trace of orange off, “you know how I feel about orange.”

You smiled and dragged him into another kiss. And so you stood there. In your kitchen. Kissing the Flash.








“What ya thinking about?” he asked, dragging you out of your thoughts and into your bed. Where you were currently straddling him.

You weren’t really sure at what point you got in this position, but you didn’t mind. Your bodies were close together. Fitting together perfectly.

As he moved his head to rest it back against the head board, you noticed a slight hint of white.

And so, you kissed along his neck. Removing any trace.

And he let you. He didn’t need words to know what you were doing. He understood. And more than that, he needed this.

He needed you to wipe away any trace of his past love.

And so you went, along his entire body. Kissing away any sign of what once was. Painting over the work of a cruel artist. Replacing it with a shining colour.







Once you were done, he pulled you back up. And kissed you with so much love that it felt like you were drowning in it. And if killed you, then you’d die happy.

He flipped you over and seemed to be having a lot of fun peppering your neck and checks with kisses.

“What are you doing?” you chuckled.

“Loving you,” was his simple reply.









But anyway, please let me know what you thought. I’m actually kinda proud of this and I promise I should now I have time to update.

Love ya :)

You Make Me Smile

Maggie was having a pretty rough day. The teenager she had been helping get through the flawed, racist system had gone to prison for a stupid amount of time. She knew for a fact that if the boy had been white, the system would have given in a slap on the wrist and kept it moving.

She hated watching young people of color receive the short end of the stick simply because of their race, ethnicity, or sexuality.

All she wanted was to go home and have a nice, cold beer and not think about it.

She pushed the key into the lock of Alex’s door and went to open it, but paused when she heard music played on the other side of the door. She could have sworn she heard Alex singing along with the upbeat rhythm that Maggie recognized as These Words by Natasha Bedingfield.

Maggie quietly opened the door and her heart swooned at the sight.

Alex was standing in her living room in Ninja Turtle pajama pants and a tank top folding laundry while loudly singing along to the lyrics. She caught sight of Maggie as soon as she walked in and her smile got wider, but she didn’t stop singing.

These words are my own. From my heart flow. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you! There’s no other way to better say, I love you, I love you…” she sang loudly, extending her arms towards Maggie and scrunching her eyes with the emotion of the song.

Maggie could feel her heart doing somersaults in her chest, but she rolled her eyes and laughed to cover it up.

“You’re such a nerd, Danvers.” Maggie stated, walking to press a kiss to Alex’s waiting lips.

“What? Can’t a girl say I love you?”

Maggie couldn’t help the smile that widened on her face. “I love you, too.”


Maggie knew Alex loved corny jokes.

Like loved corny jokes.

Maggie could remember the first time she’d ever told Alex a pun “Hey, Danvers, what do otters drive?” “No clue” “Ottermobiles” and Alex nearly threw up from laughing so hard.

And so Maggie took to learning every single corny joke there was.

“Danvers, how many tickles take to make an octopus laugh?”

“…eight? I have no idea.” A light chuckle.

“Nope.” Maggie let a dopey smile cross her face. “Ten tickles.”

Alex snorted loudly in the middle of the DEO at that one. And it earned Maggie a small kiss which was always a great payment.

Alex’s favorite had happened after they’d worn each other out in bed one night. Alex was falling asleep quickly due to Maggie lightly rubbing her back. “Who was the roundest knight at the table?”

Alex’s head lifted up to seek out Maggie’s face. “What?”

“The roundest knight at the table, Danvers, who was it?”

“Uh…humpty dumpty?”

“Noooo.” Maggie laughed. “Cir-cumference!”

Alex’s eyes lit up at the math joke (nerd) and she laughed pretty loudly. It made Maggie’s heart swell.

And so she told Alex a joke every chance she could get. She loved hearing the bursts of laughter from Alex’s mouth and it prided her to know that she was the cause of it.

“What do you call a crocodile in a vest and a knack for research?” Maggie asked one day as Alex jotted down notes in her lab about whatever she was seeing through the microscope. Maggie would’ve been bored out of her mind if it hadn’t been for Alex in that white lab coat and those damn glasses. Instead her mind was in a frenzy and her body was on fire.

Puns helped to calm it down.

“Hmm?” Alex threw a quick glance at Maggie before returning to her notes.

“An investigator.” Maggie grinned largely waiting for Alex’s laugh.

Except it never came.

“Ehhh. That’s not funny because crocodiles and alligators are actually very different. Crocodiles live in more saltwater areas while alligators prefer freshwater. Also, Alligators have wider, U-shaped snouts while crocodiles are shaped like a V. So, I can’t laugh at your joke because it’s scientifically incorrect.” Alex stated very seriously.

Maggie was at loss for words. “…Are…are you kidding?”

“No.” Alex stressed with wide eyes. “Science is never a joke, Mags.”

Maggie watched her a moment before realizing that her girlfriend was actually dead serious. A laugh bubbled up and out of her mouth before she had a chance to stop it. “Woooow. You’re a bigger nerd than I thought, Danvers.”

“Whatever.” Alex chuckled, turning back to her notes.


Alex knew that she couldn’t dance. Like at all. But Maggie loved with Alex danced because it never failed to amuse her.

And so Alex danced all the time.

She does a little dance in the morning while Maggie watches her get ready for work from the bed they’d both slept in. She shimmies into her pants with while humming an upbeat tune and doing little extra jazz hands and things complete with facial expressions. The whole 9.

Maggie loved the mornings now.

She does a little spin move and sings dramatically into the shower head on the mornings Maggie joins her in the shower.

Maggie gives her a loud laugh and wet shower kisses for that.

Alex shakes her butt a little as she’s putting in the dvd for the night and Maggie watches on with her lip between her teeth and a smile on her face.

She only breaks out into laughter when Alex places her hands on her knees and really gets into it in a really dorky way.

And so Maggie always urges Alex to put in the dvd.

When she brings Maggie’s lunch to the precinct because Maggie has abused her paperwork for a day too long and her captain is on her ass about it, Alex places the take-out container on Maggie’s desk before doing a quick Michael Jackson spin and finishing off the move with finger guns.

Maggie nearly tips her for being the best delivery service in town. She kisses her in thanks instead.

To get Maggie to stop crying after she has to watch the man who murdered an innocent alien refugee walk free and couldn’t do anything about it, Alex does the silliest shoulder shimmy while making a goofy face and singing a Britney Spears song in an over-exaggerated nasally tone.

Maggie watches her dork of a girlfriend through watery eyes and she tells herself that she’s not gonna crack, but her girlfriend is persistent and she finds herself giggling at Alex’s actions.

“God, I love you so much.” Maggie whispered, tears still falling, but her sadness was eased a little.

“I love you more.” Alex smiles and leaning forward to capture Maggie’s lips.

Maggie’s favorite, though, is the dance that Alex does when she wins any kind of game.

During game night, Alex wins the game of Scrabble that had been going on for most of the night. She beats Winn by 4 points and she was up on her feet in the blink of an eye.

“Ha! I win! Suck it, Schott!” Alex cheers, thrusting her hands into the air and gently rotating her hips.

Maggie can’t help but laugh at her.

Fuck, she loved that woman.


Maggie loved to cook.

Growing up in a large family, Maggie had been forced to learn to cook from a young age.

And now, having to feed both of the Danvers, her cooking skills were coming into use.

And so she made a deal with Kara and Alex that if they picked up the groceries she needed, she would make dinner every night.

Needless to say, Maggie found herself spending quite a lot of time in front of her stove, Alex’s stove, and Kara’s stove.

She didn’t mind though. Most of the time she had some eager helping hands. Kara came in handy when she needed things chopped quickly and Alex was useful for measuring the proper amounts of ingredients.

They all made one solid team.

She also didn’t mind the silly things that went along with cooking dinner for her newly formed family. (It felt so amazing to even be a part of a family again.)

Most of the time there was some kind of music playing.

Kara preferred that they play Disney songs when they were at her place and Maggie spent her time watching the sisters break into slightly off key renditions of their favorite duets. (It came as a shock that Alex was usually the soprano and could hit most of the notes with ease.)

When they were at Alex’s place, Maggie found herself listening to anything from show tunes, It Takes Two from Hairspray and Maria from Westside Story were Alex’s two faves, to old school P!nk. Of course, she had her alternative rock bands thrown in there too.

Who would Alex be if she couldn’t tell Maggie to pour some sugar on her? (Cue silly dance)

Maggie, on the other hand, was more into old r&b love songs. Usher, Boys II Men, Shai, Alicia Keys, and Destiny’s Child filled the playlist. Maggie often times found herself singing the songs to Alex and finally understanding what the singers were talking about when they sang about love.

(Kara cooed each and every time Maggie sang along to the songs and Alex’s face turned into that dopey smile that told the world that she was in love.)

Sometimes, when Kara was otherwise occupied by being the DJ or checking her Snapchat, Alex moved to stand behind Maggie before she wrapped her arms around Maggie’s waist and whispered sweet things into her ear. This never failed to make Maggie melt back into Alex’s body and let her eyes fall closed at the feeling of being so close to the woman she loved.

Alex, though, would ruin the moment seconds later when she blows a loud raspberry on Maggie’s neck making Maggie shriek and push a laughing Alex away from her.

Fucking loveable brat.

And so cooking was always an adventure with the Danvers plus one Sawyer.

Laughs filled the kitchen along with the enticing aromas of whatever Maggie was cooking that night.


Humor had been a constant in their relationship.

It was the only way that they could cope with the constant threat of one of them dying in their unbelievably dangerous jobs.

And so they kept each other laughing any chance they got.

And proposals were no different.

Alex dropped to one knee one night after Maggie had gotten out of the shower to find the room filled with candles and rose pedals all over Alex’s huge bed. The ring she held out to Maggie had to be one of the most beautiful rings that Maggie had ever seen.

To say Maggie was shocked was an understatement.

“Maggie Sawyer, there are a million things I could say right now. I could go on and on about how much I love you or how much I want to spend the rest of my life with you, but I hope you already know that because I do my best to tell you and show you every day.”

“I do. I know.” Maggie let out a watery chuckle.

“Hey, no ‘I do’s’ yet!”

Another chuckle.

“But I’m glad you know. What you don’t know is that I want to spend the rest of my life making that beautiful smile cross your face every day. I want to dance and sing in the shower with you every morning. I want to sing show tunes and Disney Princess songs with you. I want to take a Slow Ride with you and Cater to You like Destiny’s Children sing about. I wanna be your favorite delivery woman and your personal raspberry blower. I want all of it with you and only you, Mags.”

God, Maggie was a sobbing mess at this point.

“So, will you please let me put a ring on it? Marry me?”

Maggie couldn’t stop the laugh that bubbled out of her throat. “Yes, baby, you can put a ring on it.”

Alex placed the beautiful ring on Maggie’s left ring finger before standing to thrust her hands in the air. “Yes! Take that, Yonce!” Cue silly dance move.  

Oh, how Maggie loved this dork.