This will be my one and only post on Alpha Male Madness this year. I don’t want to make a huge deal over popularity contests but I can’t lie and say I don’t want Jensen to win so go vote!


8th person voted out and the 1st member of our jury: Hali

Flight Patterns

Eren Jeager steps onto the brig of Her Majesty’s Airship the Maria Vega, absentmindedly wiping the grease from his cheek, before snapping to attention as he registers Levi looking at him, expression unimpressed, a thin eyebrow lifted every so slightly.

“Captain Levi,” he greets, swallowing nervously. The captain looks annoyed, and Eren doesn’t want to be saddled with extra cleaning duty (again). 

“Jeager,” Captain Levi approaches him, boots clicking on the immaculate floor. The Maria was the cleanest ship amongst the Corps, Eren knows this. 

“Who gave you clearance to run drills for offensive maneuvers?” Levi asks.

Ah. Shit.

“It’s been slow today, sir, and Ral said it would be alright, surely, if we practiced just a little,” Eren begins, wondering if he’d get Petra in trouble for this.

Levi sighs, exasperated, and Eren thinks he can hear Levi muttering under his breath about speaking to Petra.

“I’m sure you know that our squad’s being scrutinised a lot more thanks to the higher ups watching you, Jeager. Don’t give them an excuse to come investigate; we have better things to do. If you want to practice, get clearance from me first, understood?”


Eren snaps a salute, tentatively relieved that he didn’t seem to be in too much trouble. 

“And you’re on kitchen duty, today, too,” the Captain adds.

So much for getting off scot-free, Eren thinks to himself, before catching himself and nodding obediently, before asking, “Is there anything you’d like to have, sir?” knowing that out of the entire squad, Eren’s cooking is considered a treat. (Hanji had been on duty for the past week, after all.)

Levi narrows his eyes at him, and Eren can see him deciding if that small amount of insubordination is worth the effort of reprimanding him again. 

“Watch it, Jeager, or I’ll put you on cleaning duty as well,” Levi growls, and the sound does something strange to Eren’s gut, and he tenses, slightly, as his Captain leans into his personal space. 

“How long did it take you to perform the drills, earlier, Eren?” Levi asks, nonchalant and soft, and the use of his name sends his pulse up, almost like he was in the cockpit again. Eren swears that he can feel Levi’s breath against him - he’s so close - and stammers, “Just under three minutes per set, Captain.”

This close, Eren can see the shift in Levi’s expression – Levi’s impressed, just slightly.

“Not bad,” Levi says, and the bloom of warmth in his chest that always accompanies his Captain’s praise makes Eren flush.

“Take it down to two and a half minutes and we’ll make a pilot out of you yet,” Levi says, and Eren sputters, because Levi knows he’s that he’s the only one so far who has managed that time - they don’t call him Humanity’s strongest for nothing - and Eren cannot tell if Levi was joking or actually holding Eren to his own standard, and if he was Eren cannot possibly contain his happiness at the thought that Levi might think him capable -

His ears are beet red now, he’s sure, and Levi looks pleased, a curl to his thin lips that has Eren swallowing around a suddenly dry throat. Levi’s looking at him, appraising his flush, eyebrow rising slightly as he makes sense of the tense set of Eren’s shoulders. He lifts a palm up, swiping at the grease on Eren’s cheek, and Eren stops breathing altogether. Levi looks at the grease on his fingers, and then back up at Eren. 

“You’re dismissed, Eren. You should clean up before you head to the kitchens.” 

Eren somehow manages to salute once more, and flees the brig, face burning where Levi had touched. 

Also shout-out to our players proving it wasn’t our injury problems which led to our poor performance on Wednesday. We had almost the exact squad – the same 11 players who have been running themselves to the ground and playing almost every minute of almost every match with little rest and no backup options in a grueling schedule for 4 weeks.

Our injuries aren’t standing in our way because our squad is quality on every level – whether it’s being tested in depth or length. We can do anything even with the ridiculous injury levels we have. We as a whole are better and bigger than any individual and I think it really speaks volumes to our players’ quality and determination that they can play like that knowing they should be stressed to their limits.

Like Thomas said, we may be down to our bones, but they’re good bones that can carry us through the end of the season even with the injury list.

Open RP)

“Come on, think” He snaps, looking at them with an annoyed expressed as he paces up and down, smart remarks already on the tip of his tongue.
“There is no way out, every possibility of escaping that crosses your mind, I have already thought of” His frown melts away into a smirk and he slams his hands down on the table between them.
“You can’t beat me at my own game, my dear”

I keep seeing stuff like “oh kane is back now I gotta change my bracket” and it’s funny to me because I had the hawks beating the preds even without him. I’ve seen so many headlines that say something like “the slumping hawks..” and it’s hilarious. Like the last couple games of the season we weren’t putting in a full effort and had multiple players out (richards,timonen, Kruger and even toews/keith in the last game). This is an experienced playoff team that is 3-1 against the preds this year. I mean of course having kane back makes it a lot easier to pick the hawks but my point is if they had to this team could do it without him.