All'improvviso ho realizzato che per dimenticarti non serve uscire con il primo che capita o fingere che non ci sia stato niente tra di noi. Tu ed io ci siamo amati.. E mi hai spezzato il cuore. Ho fatto il possibile per non affrontare la cosa.
Un giorno bacerò qualcuno, e quando lo farò, lo farò per me. Addio Chuck.
—  Blair, 3x19 gossip girl

Lydia’s 3x19 Hairstyle:

  1. Start with brushed and combed hair. Straighten it (curling the ends) as close to the root as possible to avoid frizz and get the same sleek hair as Lydia’s hairstyle.
  2. Part hair down the middle and separate hair in half as equally as possible.
  3. Pull aside a few strands of hair to leave out of the braid–a few on the nape of the  neck, a few by the ear, and a few under the bangs, all close enough to the forehead so other hair can drape over it.
  4. Starting on a preferred side, grab the half of hair and begin braiding, more on the taut than loose side. Braiding the hair while holding it upwards will keep it from looking awkwardly folded when pinning it on the upside of your head, so braid upwards and stay close to your head. If you have shorter hair, you can braid in strands directly onto your head versus braiding longer hair and pinning it into place.
  5. Braid until you reach the end of the hair and leave it be. Do the same to the other side, pulling it upwards as you go.
  6. Drape both braids on the top of the head, allowing them to overlap or sit side by side. Pin the ends into place under the neighboring braid so the ends are out of sight, using bobby pins similar to your hair color for ultimate limited visability.
  7. Run a curling iron through the strands left out of the braid, the iron around one inch wide to create a loose, large wave. Leave out as many or as little pieces as preferred, and keep straight for a less glamorous look.
  8. Hairspray into place for maximum longevity.
  9. Good luck!

Consult a milkmaid braid tutorial video like this one on YouTube for a better visual aid.