Damn, I really feel like I’ve been posting a lot of obituaries on this blog lately. 

H.R. Giger didn’t have anything to do with the world of animation; but my love of it developed as a student of film and illustration first – both to which he’s very inspirational.

Through out his life Giger suffered from night terrors, and as a way of art therapy, he often kept a sketchbook next to his bed to document his tormentors. Much of the creature designs used in the Alien film series first came to be in these sketchbooks. It was his painting Necronom IV (second image pictured above), which was heavily influenced by his own nightmares, that initially inspired the look and feel of Ridley Scott’s Alien. As part of the design team on Alien, Giger won the 1980 Academy Award for Best Achievement in Visual Effects.

As an Illustrator, Giger’s work was heavily inspired by artists Salvador Dali, Ernst Fuchs, and quite possibly H.P Lovecraft. Giger described his work as being “Biomechanical.” His work was often filled with fetishistic sexual imagery, it was cold and dark, and explored the interconnected relationship between man and machine.

I can remember the first time seeing Giger’s work. It terrified me. It was complex, it was dark, it felt demonic… and it possessed me. I couldn’t get enough of it. I run an animation blog because I love the world and history of animation; but first and foremost I’m an Illustrator – and Giger’s work always has and will continue to influence me as an artist.

May he rest in peace.