Pairing: Young!Sirius Black x reader

Requested: nope

Warnings: none

Word count: 969 (I know it’s small don’t judge please)

A/N OKAY, this is something I spent a lot of time writing, and actually got detention because I was writing part of it during an EXTREMELY BORING history class, so I really hope you like it!


   (Y/N) woke up into the night. The attacks were getting more frequent each day, and so were her nightmares. Sitting up and resting her head on the headboard of her bed, acknowledging the fact that she wouldn’t be going to sleep anytime soon, she grudgingly got out of bed dragging her blanket with her, and headed downstairs to the golden and red common room. 

   She threw herself on the couch opposite the fireplace. With a flick of her wand, a roaring fire appeared in it. She covered herself with the blanket, also covering her nearly bare feet. She was only wearing a pair of shorts and a shirt that belong to her best friend since third year, Sirius Black. Although his scent still lingered off of the shirt and provided some comfort, it wasn’t enough to help her fall back asleep. She shifted on the couch, so that her face reflected the light of the fire as she stared absent mindlessly into the fireplace.

   Sirius Black woke up in the middle of the night due to a noise that came from downstairs. After multiple attempts to fall asleep, he gave up and headed towards the common room.

   He had reached the top of the staircase when the light coming from downstairs made him wince. Once his ayes adjusted to the light, he saw his best friend, (Y/N) Lawson lying on t he couch.

“Couldn’t sleep, Lawson?” he asked

   (Y/N) turned upon hearing her friend’s voice, seeing him descend the stairs half naked. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, revealing a toned chest and a more-than-generous six-pack.

“Like what you see?” he asked, a smirk already finding itself on his face

“don’t flatter yourself Black, and no, I couldn’t sleep” she stated, and then, so silently so that he couldn’t hear “the nightmares are getting worse”

       But he heard. The smirk immediately disappeared from his face, turning into a frown. She sat upright, making space for her friend to sit besides her. He placed a hand around her shoulders, and she rested her head on the crook of his neck.

“How bad?” he sighed



   She hesitated a bit before deciding to tell him

“I dream of… attacks… everywhere. We’re on the train, when suddenly a group of Death Eaters march in, heading straight for our compartment.

   Sirius sighed, (Y/N)’s parents are muggles, putting (Y/N) in great danger.

“they grab me” (Y/N) continued “use the cruciatus curse on me, torture me until I’m practically begging for death. Then, they kill me, slowly. The rest of you just sat there chatting, like you couldn’t see, or hear m, or you just didn’t care.”

(Y/N) hadn’t realized she had started crying.

   Sirius hugged her, pulling her even closer to him. His heart broke seeing her like this. (Y/N) was normally such a happy person. But ever since Voldermort had started gaining more power and followers, the mischievous glint behind her eyes was nearly gone.

   But that last statement had really shocked him ‘or you just didn’t care’ what the hell was she even talking about? Placing a hand under her chin, he gently pushed it upwards so that he was looking directly into her eyes.

“(Y/N) Lawson, you listen to me, and you listen to me good. You have been one of my best friends-if not my best- since third year. And being so close to me means that all James, Remus and Peter care deeply about you”he paused, not knowing how to continue “Remember in out fifth year, when that Ravenclaw broke your heart?” 

“Yeah..” she chuckled a bit despite the situation “you punched him, breaking his nose, James hexed him into puking birds for a little over a month and Remus, given his prefect status, gave him detention for a good two months.”

“Exactly! So don’t you ever think, not even for a second, that the four out of five marauders would abandon the fifth one during a death eater attack” 

   These words brought new tears to (Y/N)’s eyes, tears of happiness. Something about knowing that she had friends that would go to such lengths to protect her, and that one of them was Sirius Black, made her feel all warm, despite the chilly weather of February.

   Because, although she hated to admit it, she had developed a slight pretty big big crush on her friend.

   Sirius was watching his friend, ‘more than a friend’ he thought with a chuckle, closely. He had to admit that she was perfect. Her big, (Y/H/C) locks that framed her beautiful face perfectly, her big, (Y/E/C) almond shaped eyes filled with curiosity and mischief, her full, yet not too thick, lips that were just teasing him, her tiny waist…

   But, contrary to common belief, it was her personality that made him fall for her. She had a strong personality, that’s how they became friends. The marauders had pranked (Y/N) and the rest of the girls, charming the shower heads into turning whoever used them red with gold polka dots, the Gryffindor house colors. (Y/N), after removing the color with a simple spell, had managed to get them back by doing the same thing to them, with the sole difference that whoever showered using them, would be turned bright, vibrant, glow-in-the-dark, PINK. And the four boys were stuck like that fro a week and a half until, finally, Madame Pomfrey managed to find the antidote that would turn them back to normal. She was the first, and the last, person to have ever out-pranked them, and he admired her for that.

   She fell asleep on the couch, cuddled next to him. He watched her for a little while, admiring her, admiring her beauty and her strong personality…

   Sirius Black fell asleep with only one thought on his mind, he was in love with (Y/N) Lawson.


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Daryl x Reader - It's always you (Request)


Requested by Anon:  Hey! Can you please write an imagine with daryl where they are in the farm and the reader is younger so Shane notice that they’re in love so he goes mad and all but it has a fluffy end?

I hope you like it anon ♥

(Y/e/c)= Your eye color

(Y/h/c)= Your hair color

Warning: Attempted sexual assault (but the rest is Daryl fluff)


It’s been five days since Sohpia’s disappearance and you could tell that everyone are upset and stressed out by the fact that she hadn’t left any phisical evidence that could help our reserch.

Sit on the porch of Hershel’s house, you stare at the horizon.

The sun is almost set but all you can think about is where Sophia could possible be.

The though of her all alone and scared makes you really sad.

Suddenly you hear someone get close…It was Daryl.

“Hey! Did you find her?” you asked smiling, with an hint of hope in your voice.

“I’m sorry…”

“Oh” the smile dropped from your face while you lower your head sadly.

“Hey, we will find her…here!” he lift his hand to show you a flower:” It’s a Cherokee Rose…The story is that when American soldiers were moving Indians off their land on the trail of tears the Cherokee mothers were grieving and crying so much ‘cause they were losing their little ones along the way from exposure and disease and starvation. A lot of them just disappeared. So the elders, they, uh, said a prayer. Asked for a sign to uplift the mothers’ spirits, give them strength and hope. The next day, this rose started to grow right where the mothers’ tears fell. I took one for Carol but somehow they reminds me of you”.

He puts the flower on your hair, however he doesn’t pull his hand away but he lingers it on your cheek.

Smiling you lean into his touch.

“I better go now” Daryl says pulling away and turning to walk to his tent.


He stops on his traks, waiting for you to continue: “Thank you…for everything” you say, giving him a kiss on his cheek.

Daryl didin’t answer, he just smile and walks away, not aware that someone watched the whole scene, not liking it one bit.

Shane always like the young girl; how her (Y/e/c) shine and how her beautiful (Y/h/c) hair frame her face.

She was perfect but really young; on her twenty’s so he didn’t approach her before.

However, seeing her with Daryl made him so angry that he decided that now it’s the time for some action.


You were on your way to the RV when someone grabbed your wrist:
“Hey (Y/n)! Can I show you something?”

You stare at him suspiciously so he continues:
“It’s about Sophia, tomorrow you’ll go looking for her with Rick so I wanna show you area you two will inspect”.

“Oh…ok lead the way then”.

The table where the group reunite before going out the farm, is situated near the barn, so you didn’t suspect anything; however Shane stops and quickly turns toward you: “You and Daryl seems pretty close”.

Confused by his sudden interest on you and Daryl you answered: “Mmmh…yeah, so what?”

“Well…don’t you mind what people would think? I mean, he could be your father”.

You start to feel anger grows in you.

Why does he care?
“No! I don’t care about our age gap, we’re living in a word where dead people roam the streets so, do you really think that people will care about me and Daryl being together?”

Seeing that he can’t separate You from Daryl made Shane so angry that he push you violentely against the barn’s side, blocking you and starting to nip and kiss your neck:
“Shane what are you doing?”
“I’ll make you feel good, he doesn’t deserve you”

You start screaming for help but Shane muffled your cry with his left hand: 

“Sssh…Aren’t older men your thing, huh?”

When Shane start to unzip your jeans, tears stream down from your eyes.

When you think that there’s nothing left to do, you see Shane being threw down by someone:
“Stay away from my girl you son of a bitch”

Through your teary eyes you see Daryl on top of Shane, punching him on his face.

“Daryl stop! You’ll kill him!”

Hearing your broken voice, he stands up, leaving an unconscious Shane on the ground, and envelope you into a tight hug.

“It’s you…it’s always you that save me from walkers and…people” you say, sobbing into his chest.

Daryl kisses the top of your head, whispering sweet nothings to sooth you.

When you finally calmed down, you take his ruined hand and kissed his knuckles:”Let’s go patch-up your hand and then we going to sleep into your tent”.

Smiling he just added:” Into our tent”, before walking with you back to the farm.


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Sleeping with Seijoh


- Hogs all the covers! There’s no way around this. Everything would be okay until he falls asleep. Then, little by little, he’ll drag all the covers to himself, ending up as a roll with just a few tufts of hairs visible.
- Likes to sleep in a phoetal position and usually, after a few turns around in the first moments, will stay that way all night.
- Sometimes he talks in his sleep and it’s totally the best cause his deepest thoughts are on display and if asked a question will honestly answer you.
- He sleeps in his pijamas ( cute, aliensy pijamas obvs ) all the year except for summer when even shorts are too much.


- Covers. What are covers? Iwaizumi is a Human Space Heater™, covers are just a nuisance for him, even though he can’t fall asleep if he hasn’t them on his stomach.
- Starfish is Iwaizumi’s second name. He actually turns and tosses a lot before falling asleep but in the end it’s always like this: sprawled on his back, left hand on his stomach, right hand somewhere around.
- If you listen closely, actually snores a bit in the deepest moments of sleep.
- Pijamas are for whenever there’s other people in the house, so if he is 100% sure there are no guests he will happily sleep in just his boxers. Freedom is the way.


- Where you put him, he sleeps. Covers, not covers, the important is sleeping for as many hours as possible, cause waking up is such a taxing process that he has to treasure all the sleep he can take in the meantime.
- This Human Space Heater™ sleeps the best on his stomach, spreading on the mattress to occupy all the available surface. If a foot is dangling out of the frame it’s H E A V E N
- If he’s really tired, he snores a lot. It’s not his fault, but doesn’t matter the position he is sleeping in, he will loudly snore in the nearest ear.
- Sweatpants are the heaviest thing he will put on while sleeping. He declares proudly that he hasn’t worn pijamas since third grade.


- Loves the softness of covers, the fluffier the better, but not even this can help him go to sleep if he’s not totally exhausted.
- His feet are always cold, so having them touch under the covers it’s a problem. The only position that ensures they won’t get in contact it’s the climber position: face in the pillow, right hand under the pillow and left hand above it, legs spread as wide as possible with one folded up as if to climb.
- He’s not a snorer nor a talker, but from time to time if he’s having really vivid dreams he can be heard mumbling incoherent things.
- Sweatpants and the first shirt he will find are okay for sleeping. No need for any efforts.


- It’s okay to go to bed early. Actually, there are times when even dinner will be too much and he will fall asleep on spot just after entering home.
- He’s quite the normal person when it comes to sleeping positions, but he sure tosses and turns a lot. More often than not, he will get the first layer of covers off and curl up under whatever’s left.
- He’s so deep asleep that people are not even sure he’s still breathing, so it’s not a snorer, nor definitely a talker.
- Comfy pijamas are everything if he has the strength to put them on. He’s particularly fond of one with little cats on the sleeves cause it has pockets! Real pockets!


- He’s quite the annoying one when it comes to sleeping. If the lights are on, he can’t sleep at all. So be it total darkness. If it’s too hot the covers are a useless annoying thing, if it’s too cold where the f*ck are my covers and so on.
- He’s a cute sleeper, hugging the pillow as if it was his best friend (which maybe it is, I can relate to this), and this is basically the only reason he has multiple pillows on his bed. He usually curls around the biggest one, and surround himself with all the others.
- He talks, laughs, gets angry, he’s really loud, in short. In more than one occasion, during training camps or sleepovers at various teammates houses, people have lamented his sleeping loudness. They even recorded him trash-talking a very offended Kindaichi once, and it’s G O L D.
- He has manly pijamas, mostly reserved for when he’s sure people could see him sleeping. Like white and light-blue stripes with a fluffy shirt when he’s home alone, and a really tight dark t-shirt for when people might be blessed with his super-hot arms (HE’S TRYING, OKAY?)


- It’s an instinctive thing. If he’s tired, he’ll sleep, if not he won’t. Simple as that. Sleeping conditions such as light, coldness/hotness and so on don’t bother him that much.
- Usually sleeps on his stomach, hugging viciously the pillow with all his strength, and occasionally kicks or does a little walking thing with his feet if he’s dreaming.
- It’s quiet. Incredibly quiet. And the soft expression he gets on his face while sleeping has left more than once his teammates wondering what it's​ needed to make him do that expression around them. Yahaba proposed a bucket of fried chicken in regards to that.
- He doesn’t own pijamas. Why bothering with something so useless when sweatpants and a t-shirt are okay? Plus, he has the softest cotton t-shirts​ and won’t trade them for anything else.


- He’s such a light sleeper that if there’s even a sound outside he won’t sleep. Complete silence is his only request whenever sleeping with others, otherwise he won’t close eyes for the entire night, even though he’ll be too​ polite to complain about this if it’s a rare thing.
- Sleeps the best on his back, covers up under his chin regardless of the fact that during the night he will gradually uncover himself. Yep, another Human Space Heater™.
- Being a light sleeper, sounds are banned at night, even his own. If he as much suspects​ that he will probably snore (if he has a cold it’s a 100% probability) he puts​ on nose-patches to breath freely and prevent the snoring problem.
- Pijamas pants are okay, but not the shirts. Those he can’t stands cause they're​ the most annoying thing on earth: too big, too small, with the longest sleeves, too much stretchy. A normal old faded t-shirt is just perfect.


- If mornings are not Kunimi thing, nights totally are. It’s as if his biological clock its set to ring just a quarter before midnight and he’ll be awake like never. Usually sleeping is just a side-thought in between videogames, comics, movies and other interesting things.
- When sleep arrives, everywhere is a good place to sleep as any. Even though he would admit that when he falls face-front on his bed it’s the best.
- When Kunimi sleeps is like having a body at one’s side. He doesn’t move, doesn’t talk, he doesn’t even flinch if you touch him or try to nudge him a bit.
- Everything is good for sleeping but mostly sleeps in sweatpants and a t-shirt cause he changes in them just after coming home. He owns a few pijamas, but doesn’t even bother with knowing where they are.

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nonnie requested: Could you write a Barry x Reader where he and the reader used to date, but broke up because the long distance wasn’t working. In Flashpoint he finds himself dating the reader. When he leaves Flashpoint, and the reader is a part of Team Flash and is a scientist (also in Flashpoint). She is avoiding Barry because he kissed her. You can figure out the rest, btw love your writing.

A/N: Ah I remember long distance dating of my first real and only boyfriend. It lasted almost two years but then things drifted from us so I ended it. But I hope you enjoy, I left the scientist part vague so you could choose what field of science you want. And yay, I’m glad to hear you love my writing nonnie! It makes me smile at comments if that and sorry it’s late. As always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!


Originally posted by theflashdaily

            » Relationship(s): Barry Allen/Reader (dated briefly), Eddie Thawne/Reader (dating currently; engaged)  «

You were once everything to Barry even though you both were miles and miles away from each other, you two would call or video chat at times. But you were too busy with your work as Barry was with his before you two decided that it be would be the best for you both to break up. It did hurt the scarlet speedster as it did to you but the lack of communication had separated you from each other, you wished you could be closer but you had to also be with your mother and your ill father. But that would change soon due to Barry.

Barry had arrived in a universe where his mother didn’t die and so far well, everything seemed to be perfect. Almost perfect as he walked into his home from Jitters to find the one H/C person who seemed to be you but his green eyes widen to see it was you when you turned your head. You were in the flesh than just a person from the computer screen. You looked so much prettier in real life, not that it wasn’t bad seeing in camera of video chats. But he could see how your E/C twinkle and your locks of H/C framing your face, he just stood there as flashpoint you tried not to laugh at him while tugging him close.

“Hey Bar. I didn’t know you were coming over so early from work, can I steal a quick kiss from my favorite boyfriend?” You say with a soft sweet smile on your face, he loved to see that smile a lot and hated it when it left your face. Wait did you just say boyfriend? Did this mean you two were dating still? Maybe this was alright as he smiled back to mirror yours while leaning down to kiss you, “You can have as much as you’d want Y/N.” God this was perfect but nevertheless it wouldn’t sadly last long, he couldn’t stay here.

It was great having you in his arms and doing things he’d only wished to do with you if it hadn’t been the distance keeping you. You were a scientist that did work often and he loved surprising you at work while you worked on your next experiment. When Barry finally told you that he had to go and leave Flashpoint, you both were devastated. But the Flashpoint you encouraged him on to go and stop the other him from saving his mom, it was the best for both of you. The burnet left and Flashpoint didn’t exist, mom was dead and he with you was no longer a reality. Surely Bar would’ve loved to stay with you in Flashpoint and have his mom back but it wasn’t right for him to keep.

However some things were a bit different from the last time when he went to S.T.A.R labs, checking out how things were. Cisco and the others of course was happy to have him back but there was big change. Involving you even though it wasn’t Flashpoint you as you didn’t work for S.T.A.R labs but for a different place. You were more uniform and like Catlin, you were a scientist while part of Team Flash. “Hello Barklf-“ You were cut off by a pair lips while you stood in shock while Barry pulled away whom thought you be a little like Flashpoint where you two dated.

However that wasn’t the case as Barry’s face fell when you looked at him funny and wiped your mouth. “Barry, what the hell!?” You said before turning heels and storming off. The speedster for awhile tried to make amends with you as you avoided him as much as possible, nothing seemed to work until he found out that you and Eddie were a couple. Now Barry is trying to figure out you got together with Eddie instead of him while you two would be engaged. And he be the one sitting in the bench by aisle watching you get married to someone that wasn’t him, a nightmare instead of being a pleasant dream.

Maybe you two weren’t meant to be or was it something else?  

With You

Alone/With You: Chapter One | Chapter Two

Paring: Loki/Reader

Tags: PTSD, crying, angst, fluff, Loki-centric, Loki needs a Huf, Loki does what he wants, minor character death, talk of violence, happy ending, nicknames

Summary:  Loki has spent all night awake with his burdens. But when he hears a curious noise in the night, he’s left to do something he’s been ignoring: facing his past.

Word Count: 1,459

Posting Date:  2016-05-22

Current Date: 2017-05-10

Originally posted by talkinboutmyimagination

Loki found it hard to fall asleep that night. His eyes were wide with the image of you; how your (h/c) framed your face, eyes watching, wary like a bunny to a bird of prey. He didn’t want to think of him as an eagle, or a vulture, but that’s what Loki was, wasn’t he? He was a death-bringer. Everywhere he walked, war broke out. He was born to die, and having lived, bore that curse to all around him.

So Loki was sleepless.

His mind raced all about, wondering of what he could have done, hadn’t done, would do and who he could have saved. It was almost witching hour when his eyes had finally grew hooded, and almost drifting off, he jolted awake at a sound.

“Is that…crying?” he whispered to nobody but himself.

There was no mistaking the sound of a shattering soul, even if it was dulled by the walls of his room. A fine room, Loki thought; for anyone who hadn’t been raised as a prince. But taking his quarrels aside, the green and gold prince slid from the sheets, and tiptoed to the door.

There it was. Louder.

His mind wondered if there were anyone else in the Avengers base, but Loki knew his brother had told him all the team had gone to the mission with him. So ______ was wailing?


She seemed quite content when she had brushed his hand earlier.

Why does your heart race for a mere touch? Loki berated himself.

Opening his door, Loki made his way to ______’s, and before he lost his nerve, rapped his knuckles upon hers.

The crying stilled.

“Go back to bed, Loki,” he heard a teary voice hiccup. “I’m – fine.”

“Are you so sure, little bunny?” he implored. “I’m entering, regardless of decency of your appearance.”

At this, the giant god crossed the threshold, and switching the light on, choked back a gasp. The gracious, pretty _______ he had lulled himself near to the touch of sleep he had almost tasted before, this bold book reader, who had carelessly snatched his heart unknowingly, was dissolved in bouts of tears. Her face, a wary mask was exchanged for a blotchy pair of cheeks, lip curled, eyes welling with fresh tears.

“You’re not fine.” He stated.

______ wailed. “That’s not how you t-talk to a girl who’s been crying!”

Take a deep breath, Loki backtracked. It had been years since he’d been around a crying girl; Sif hadn’t been much of a crier, Sigyn wasn’t around long enough to show the full spectrum of emotion…his mother cried behind closed doors. But he wasn’t a monster, despite what others thought; he was above running in confusion to a bunny rabbit of a human in such pain.

“I apologise.” He nods, and gestures to her bed. “May I?”

She swallows. “Why are you doing this? It was just a bad dream.” She takes a deep breath, and ridding her chest from the reverberating after-quake of tears, adds, “That’s why I never really sleep much. I don’t want to see them.”

He’s slow in sitting beside _____. He doesn’t want the librarian to be frightened more than she is, or have the wrong idea of an all-powerful God approaching her at her weakest in the darkest piths of the night. “I have dreams too.”

His voice was small. It was like finally admitting he had Mjolnir lain across his heart, and now the weight lifted. Slightly.

She sits up slightly. “But you don’t cry your eyes out. You’re – you’re like Thor. You’re unbreakable.”

His lip twitches at that. “Nobody’s unbreakable, ______, we’re all in various shades of fragility. You know this; you’ve seen the good captain mourn his lover, Stark’s parents…we’re all decaying.”

_____ nods. “You’ve lost someone too?” She asks. Her voice is small, almost as if, Loki smiles inside, she doesn’t want him to hear it if it’s too sensitive a subject to discuss.

“My mother. I did not come from her, but she raised me. Now, she has passed on to Valhalla, and walks in starlight.” Loki can’t help but feel a little sad, thinking of her; her long hair, her commanding voice that overrode Odin in discussion, her compassion. “I am the reason she is dead.”

A small pressure rubbed circles in his palm. It took a moment before he realised it was ______, her hand tiny beside his strong palm. “It couldn’t have been just you. You didn’t, uh, shoot? Stab? Kill her?”

Loki shook his head. “No. I lead a killer her way. She died. It was my fault, _____.”

______ is silent. “Maybe so, and yes, she is passed onto…Valhalla? But your fault in entirety? What if the killer killed someone else, like your father, or brother, or all of Asgard? Would that be your fault also?”

He nodded. “It is my cross to bear.”

_______ sighed. “That’s why I was crying. Sorry to wake you.”

“I wasn’t sleeping.”

She huffs. “I came back early. To my family. We had a place in D. C., and I surprised everyone with my diploma, and we planned to go show my cousins – they lived across the city. In the centre, almost.” Her voice is small, and Loki feels her form shiver at every word. “We took two cars…and then Steve’s friend, the soldier, he crashed through my windscreen. I hit my father’s car…”

At once, he gathers her into his arms. She is small, and cold, her breathing a pulse of its own pace which outruns and overruns his mind into a pattern of thought that makes him wonder if she is okay. If after the accident she had been okay. He had overheard she had been homeless; what more tragedy took root into her life?

“You do not need to speak if it pains you,” he whispers to her.

Where has the Loki who brought down Asgard to their knees gone?

Where has the Loki who served Thanos disappeared to?

Where has the Loki –

It’s the same Loki. He’s still here. And he’s comforting a mortal in the middle of the night from the trauma that forms dreams and pain in her mind. Her soul. He might have destroyed so much, he might have shaped a portion of the heavens, the galaxies, but he is in a room, holding a woman.

And he isn’t destroying.

He’s building.

“I haven’t told anyone this outside of my shrink,” she whispers. “It’s – it’s haunted me. I have to tell you, I can’t just stop there.”

Loki nods, signalling this peculiar creature he’s curious to learn the inner workings of to continue her tale.

“ – I rammed into Dad’s car, and he hit a fuel truck, and the airbags – I managed to get out, and paramedics pulled me out and said I was lucky to be alive. But I don’t feel lucky. I feel cheated. I should have stayed for my honours, and maybe travel around the city with my roommate like she wanted to, but no. I had to hit my Dad’s car. And HYDRA crashed their helecarrier into the apartment complex.” She takes a deep breath. “Your brother saved me from starving on the street. I owe him everything.”

Loki can’t speak for a moment. His mind is both still as the air in the room he breathes in, and as fast as the brother of the Scarlet Witch. He has felt such pain, and kept it so close and silent that he can understand what ______ feels; but why doesn’t he say something? Comfort? The poor thing woke herself with night terrors of the day of her family’s deaths, like a babe thinking dark things against a mother’s bosom.

Because comfort doesn’t bring these people back.

“It’s been long enough for it not to hurt, but it does,” she adds, quiet. “Does it always hurt?”

“Some days are better than others,” Loki hums, “But I think the key is to remember these people. They’re truly passed on if you forget their names, their quirks and sayings.” He doesn’t realise that his thumb is tracing a pattern over her arm, and that she is silently enjoying his touch after ignoring him for so long. “You should go back to sleep.”
______ shakes her head. Her eye are wide with worry as she says, “I don’t think I can. I’m alone. I can’t be alone again. Yet, if you stay –,”

“I’ll stay with you.”

The words fled his mouth before his mind could argue against it. But no, Loki did not want to argue against the matter. He liked you; you and your books and your frown in concentration and dignity just like his own and he liked how no matter what came from your mouth, he could listen to it all day. Except for your tears.

Never your tears.

“Are you doing this so you can get some sleep without crying ol’ ______ in the background?” she whispered to him.

Loki shook his head, rising to flick the light switch. “I want to stay because I want to be with you.”

“No pity?” she wondered.

He sighed. “I like you, bunny.”


Nightmarish revelations

WARNING: mentions abuse and possibly some other triggers

Y/n hurried into the classroom and sat down next to her friend Damian. She had started coming in late a lot more, due to oversleeping. It wasn’t her fault that she had to juggle advanced classes, clubs, sports, her volunteer job at the shelter, and her *ahem* night job.

“Slept in again, didn’t you?” Damian said as she slid into her seat. She nodded and pulled her notes out.

“Father doesn’t make me go on patrol during school nights. Maybe you should stay home and rest tonight.” He suggested. Y/n glared at him.

“It’s bad enough that you don’t want me to be working with you in the first place, now you’re trying to get me to take time off. Not happening, Dami!”

“It’s not that I don’t want to be working with you, it’s just that it’s hard making sure you’re always paired up with someone. You haven’t been doing this job for a long time and you need backup. My brothers can’t always be there when I’m not.” He said. Ever since y/n had started trading to become a vigilante, Damian had made her follow one rule. Never go on patrol by yourself. It wasn’t that he thought she was incapable of handling it. Hell, in a fair fight she could have him down in ten minutes. He just didn’t want her getting hurt.

“Simple solution. Let me do this alone. I’ll patrol with you on weekends but during school days I’ll do it alone.” Y/n demanded. Damian sighed.

“You’re not-”

“Not ready? That seems to be the only excuse you can come up with. I’ve been training for two years Damian. B usually lets you birdbrains work by yourselves after nine weeks. Is it different because I’m a girl? Or do you really think I’m that bad at my job?” Y/n said. She was boiling in rage. Some of her hair had fallen out of its place and Damian could see the bluish tint of a bruise.

“What happened? You have a bruise there.” He said, his voice surprisingly gentle. Y/n flinched away when he reached out to touch it.

“It’s nothing. Some bastard got a lucky swing.”

“You weren’t supposed to be out last night. You went out on patrol by yourself! Y/n, this is the fifth time this week. You need to stop doing this. It’s hurting you, can’t you see!” Damian whisper-shouted.

“So what? I’ve lost count of all the times I’ve had to patch you to keep you from bleeding out. It’s one bruise and I’ll never let anyone get that far in a fight again! Okay?”

“You’re coming over to my house right after school so I can talk some sense into you without anyone hearing. I don’t care about whatever excuses you come up with, you’re not getting off the hook this time.”


Damian couldn’t believe it. Y/n had fallen asleep in the timespan of two minutes. He had left the room to go get something for y/n to snack on before he read her the riot act, and he came back to find her fast asleep on his bed.

She looked pretty cute though… With her h/c strands framing her face, how she looked so peaceful. Damian just couldn’t ruin it by waking her up. Besides the girl had barely been getting any sleep lately. Now was a good a time as any.

A few minutes later, soft whimpers stole his attention from the homework he had started. He looked over at y/n and saw that she had a frown on her face and that she was thrashing about, as if someone was struggling with her. She’s having a nightmare, Damian thought.

He went to wake her up when he realized she was saying something. “D-dad don’t.. Don’t hurt m-me please.” She cried out. Damian froze, his hand right above her shoulder. Tears started to stream from y/n’s closed eyes. It soon turned into sobs that shook Y/n’s curled up body. He knew that he had to wake her up now.

“y/n.. Y/n come on, wake up please!” Damian said as he shook her harder than he should’ve. Y/n screamed and started clawing at his hands as her eyes opened, trying to break his grip on her. He let go of her shoulders and grabbed her wrists before she could hurt him or herself.

“NO! Let me go! Please!” She pleaded as she twisted away from him. He tightened his grip on her. “Y/n, it’s me. It’s Damian, you’re safe. She stopped fighting him but she was still sobbing. Damian let go of her wrists and put his arms around her. Y/n cried into his shoulder.

“I-I’m sorry. I never meant to-”

“Hey shhhhh, it’s okay. I’ve got you. You’re safe now.” Damian whispered as she sobbed. He rubbed small circles on her back to calm her down. He pulled back but kept her at arms length.

“Y/n, is your father hurting you?” Damian asked softly after y/n quieted down a little. She shook her head violently as she refused to look at him. He gently grabbed her chin and made her turn towards him. Her e/c eyes were filled with tears and he wiped away the ones that had already made their way down her cheek.

“Don’t try to lie to me. I’ll find out one way or another. It’s faster to just get to the point.” Damian told her. She hiccuped and ran her hands through her h/c locks.

“It’s all my fault. Dad is just disciplining me. It was all my fault, you see. He had caught me sneaking in late the other night after patrol. I had been smart enough to get out of my uniform before going home but he thought I had snuck out to a party. He yelled at me, and then he just snapped. He slapped me and the ring he wears bruised me. That was the first time and it’s been getting worse.“

“Y/n, why didn’t you tell me? I could’ve helped.”

“You were too distracted by all the cases we’ve been working on, so I did what we always tell kids that get beaten by their parents. I called the police and you know what the officer said? A single slap is only disciplinary, they deal with bigger problems than a brat whining about how mean their parents are. Then he called my dad and told him not to let me call the cops anymore unless it’s an emergency. That night dad beat me with the belt…”

“Damian’s eyes watered as he looked at the smaller girl. He pulled her against his chest and held her tightly. She gripped his shirt like it was her lifeline. "I promise, I won’t let him harm you ever again. Y/n, I’m so sorry that I didn’t know sooner. I could’ve stopped it.”

“Dami, you can’t promise that he won’t hurt me again. I still have to go back and I didn’t tell him I was over here, so you know what that means… Oh god, it’s seven o'clock! I was supposed to be home by six!” Y/n said. She grabbed her things and ran out of Damian’s room but not before he grabbed her wrist.

“Don’t go! Y/n, I don’t want you to get hurt.” He shouted. She broke his hold and was running out the door before he could stop her. He wanted to go after her, but Damian knew he could help y/n another way. He walked to his father’s office and rapped on the door.

“What?” Bruce said as he looked up from his papers.

“Father, we need to talk about Y/n…” A/n: So how was it? I’m thinking about writing part 2 even though all my part 2s suck. Leave a like and thanks for reading:)

Daryl x Reader - All of you (30 days series)



–> DAY 1

–> DAY 2

–> DAY 3

–> DAY 4

–> DAY 5

–> DAY 6

–> DAY 7

–> DAY 8

–> DAY 9

DAY 10: Watching the other sleep

–>DAY 11

So, I want to do this challenge with the pairing “DarylxReader”.

I’ll try to upload a story everyday, I hope you like it!

–> Requests are open by the way

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Daryl x Reader

Warning: FLUFF 



I’ve never been lucky in my life.

Before all of this, I was nothing but a damaged guy, beat by his father and abandoned by hig big brother.

Who did expect that Daryl Dixon would have found happiness during the end of the world?

My happiness is laying down next to me. I can’t help but run my fingers in her cheek.

Because of this action she smile in her sleep.

I remember the time before we got together.

After I lost Merle, or so I thought, I didn’t want nbody get close to me.

Despite my harsh words, and me being an asshole, (Y/n) just smiled and in the end, she took an important place into my heart.

That’s because she always smile, no matter what, I call her sunshine.

She’s so beautiful when she sleep: her (y/h/c) hair frame her face, and the expressions she makes while dreaming are adorable.

I don’t know what I’ve did to deserve you, but you change me into a better person, sunshine” I say, kissing the top of her head.

I lay down, dragging her toward me causing her to smile again, then she hide her face into my neck.

Listening to the sound of her breath, I finally fell asleep. 



He was so broken and introverted when I met him,.

At first he pushed me away, but after a close call during a run, we became inseparable.

Looking at him sleeping, I wonder how someone could hurt a person like him.

Even if he doesn’t show it, he has a big heart.

I remember the first time he show me his scars and told me about his past…it really broke my heart, so, for show him how much I care about him and love him, I started to kiss his scars.

I smile, thinking at all the memories I got with him, I lay a kiss on his forehead while I caress his scalp.

I love all of you Daryl, even your little imperfections


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• the other half of me

nonnie requested: Can you do the 4rth tattoo idea with Barry like Barry is the one getting it removed but the reader actually tell him that she’s his soul mate like it goes from angst to fluff??? Please???

  •  You remove your tattoo because you hate the idea of someone dictating who you can be with for the rest of your life and the person who’s removing it happens to be your soulmate and they’re torn between letting you know and just not bringing it up because you kind of went there because you didn’t want a soulmate and vice versa.

A/N: This is mostly of Barry getting it removed and his thoughts around it before like reader says that “hey I’m your soulmate.” Now I’m picturing this as how you remove actual ink tattoos with laser technology so that’s what your job is. I’m also sorry if it’s inaccurate in any way and it’s more angst than fluff for you. Also there’s a brief mention of bisexual Barry because that’s always been one of my favorite headcannons of the character even before CW made a live action Barry with Grant. And as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!

Originally posted by hawkwoman

             » Relationship(s): Barry Allen/Reader (eventual) «

For as long as Barry could remember that there was a mark on his wrist, the image of what would dictate over his other half. His soulmate. For a long time Barry didn’t like that mark as he used makeup to hopefully blemish it, you see Bar hated the idea of who he could love. He liked both girls and occasionally some guys, he just wanted to be free of what he thought of love. Iris had found her soulmate, Eddie and he already thought of getting married to her. He burnet was of course happy for them but he didn’t want his soulmate. So after some research and saving up money to get it removed was the best option for him then he could be free from the dictatorship of this so called other half of him.

Barry checked into the office while ignoring Iris’ phone calls of saying it wasn’t worth it to get removed but no, he was stubborn about it. He was getting it removed after talking to the specialist he scheduled to meet today. His leg bounced slightly from him sitting and getting his anxious thoughts get clouded his mind until he heard a female voice call his name. Snapping up to see you in your lab coat with the sleeves rolled up and clipboard in your hands. “Bartholomew Allen?” You called again as he went up and raised his hand in a way, “Yes, uh hi. I’m Bartholomew but you can just call me Barry.” He says as he shook your hand before you lead him into your office.

You two talked about his options and how the laser procedure worked on getting the soulmate tattoo removed. When you asked to see his mark, he was hesitant before rolling up his maroon sweater sleeve and shows the design. You tried not to draw so much attention from your quiet gasp as you had one that was matching to his, but the question was to tell him or not to since he had spoken how open he was against it. “Well we can schedule you this Friday or sometime next week to get it removed if that’s what you want.” You say with a gulp as Bar nodded, “Let’s do it Friday. I want this mark gone because I’m tired of it being a dictate of who I chose to love.”

And with a few details you said goodbye to Barry, it was hard to see him go considering that this man was your soulmate. Could it be better to let him go or to tell him that you were his? You weren’t sure as Barry was feeling a bit different from when he walked in. When he saw you and H/C strands framing your face to that warm smile you had. Maybe you were on his side about not letting tattoos dictate on who he loves. But he shook his head as he anxiously waited for Friday to come, then maybe he could ask you to get coffee with him. When Friday did come, he went to his appointment with you to go over the final details before he went to get it removed.

“Bar-“ You said but the tattoo removal specialist called him as he looked at you, “We’ll talk when I come back I promise Y/N.” Barry said before he left with your co-worker as you let out a sigh from your L/C lips. After a couple hours of getting removed, the burnet had a bandage of where his once tattoo was as he went back to you. “You wanted to tell me something Y/N?” He asks as you nodded while moving your sleeve to show your mark that would’ve matched to Barry’s with his emerald eyes widen slightly at you.

“Barry Allen. .you are or well, were my soulmate. We had matching tattoos but I couldn’t bring myself to tell you since you spoke so openly about being against the whole soulmate marking when we met. So I didn’t bother telling you until now. .”



Anonymous asked: Great! Thank you! Can I request a Crowley x fem!Winchester where Crowley gets involved with her to get under his mother’s skin(we know how she feels about Winchester), but he soon finds himself falling for her?*pretends to be involved with her* sorry

Here it is, lovely! I hope you aren’t too angry for making you wait so long. I do not own Crowley or Rowena. They belong to the creators of Supernatural. 

Warnings: um…fluff, fake relationship I guess.

Pairings: Crowley x fem!Winchester reader, mentions of Rowena

Originally posted by yennfer

“Really, Fergus you should listen to your mother. This place could do with a feminine touch!” Rowena exclaimed as she gazed at her son on his throne. Crowley bit back a groan of annoyance at her. For several days now, Rowena had been trying to convince him that he needed a queen by his side. Crowley knew that the only reason Rowena would even care about his love life was to use it for her own devices. She would want him to be with a woman that she could easily manipulate to undermine Crowley’s authority in Hell. That, of course, he couldn’t permit. Then, an idea sprang to his mind.

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Kill Your Darlings (Caspian X Reader)

Caspian x Reader - Kill Your Darlings
By: Andromeda
Setting: Caspian Era
Contains: Attempted Murder

Andromeda’s Notes: I’m willing to put up a part two!
Amethyst’s Notes: Yooooo, another Lilith. I swear, what’s with Liliths’ always being bad. smh. (kidding, I already know. lmao)

Your name: submit What is this?

“I won’t ask you again. Who commissioned you?”

She swore lowly under her breath as the blade of the sword was pressed harder against her neck, piercing the bare skin. A slight nick really, but enough to draw blood. Glaring daggers at the men who held her body in a painful kneeling position on the stone floor in a contorted pose that would certainly leave her sore tomorrow, she returned her burning gaze back to the man who had addressed her. He was young, of course, not much older than herself in fact. With his dark, windswept hair that curled around his neck, bright amber-brown eyes, and the rigid set of his spine as he looked down at her with undisguised disdain, he practically exuded his royal heritage.

“How many times must I say it before it gets through your thick skull–” she winced as his knights tightened their grip on her arms in warning. “I will tell you nothing. Your Highness.” She added the last part with a taunting smile.

The King took a cautious step forward, eyes searching her face for any information she would divulge. She simply smirked at him, unwilling to let her irritation show through. “Throw her in the dungeons. I’ll deal with her later.”

“Yes, my Lord.” One of the knights bowed deeply before signaling the others to yank her up off her feet. She swore at them, out loud this time.

“Such a foul mouth for a lady.” The King quirked a brow.

“Good thing I’m not a lady.” She hissed as the knights dragged her out of the council chambers to the dungeons.


The following day at dawn, Caspian practically wore a deep valley in his carpet from pacing back and forth. He had awoken from his sleep with a start in the early hours with the revelation of why the girl had seemed so familiar.  She was (Y/n) Y/L/N, notorious assassin of King Frances’ court in Archenland– Narnia’s historical adversary. She was known by many names, as were her allies, in all the lands. Any one of the names of the three Huntresses was enough to strike fear deep in the hearts of men and beasts alike.  

Yet, something still bothered him.

She had been caught slipping a lethal dose of belladonna into his drink, dressed as a servant in the kitchens. Her methods were not the question here. What troubled him was the fact that she was caught. (Y/n) was uncannily masterful at her trade, if rumors were to be believed. She never failed. 

Not unless she had wanted just that, of course. 

Caspian rushed down to the dungeons the second the thought dawned on him. Nodding to the guards as they bowed to him, he took up a torch and let one of the guards lead him to her cell. She sat upon the bare bed with an unnatural rigidity, legs tucked delicately under her body with her eyelids closed over her piercing Y/E/C eyes. Caspian was, once again, struck by her undeniable beauty. With those long locks of Y/H/C hair that framed her sharply defined features and the ethereal contours of her body from a lifetime of training, she looked more akin to a goddess than a mere mortal human. 

“(Y/n) Y/L/N.” Caspian stated flatly.

Her eyes flickered open, fixating upon him with that penetrating look she’d given him in the courtroom yesterday. A small smile graced her bow-shaped lips, the corners of her eyes crinkling in slight amusement. 

“Your wits haven’t left you entirely, after all. I was beginning to worry you’d forgotten me.” There was a lilt of an accent he had heard amongst those who came from Archenland. 

Setting the torch in its brazier, he folded his arms to look at her through the bars. She leaned back lazily, supporting her body with one arm. He was reminded immediately of the brief moment he had laid eyes upon her all those years ago after the fall of Telmar when King Frances had requested his presence at a celebratory feast. She had been wearing a beautiful dress of fine, emerald silk then, sitting at the far end of the table. She had looked upon him once and then never again, but he had found himself inexplicably drawn to her. He blamed her beauty.

“It is difficult to forget such a face as yours, Huntress.” He tense slightly as she swung her legs out from beneath her to sit up straight. There was an elegance to her every movement. “I come only to see if you can offer me some insight into why it is you let yourself be seen and captured by my men in your poor effort to poison me.”

A wicked grin from her set his nerves on edge. “You are not as foolish as they say you are.” 

He ignored her slight. “Answer me, (Y/n). Why are you here?”

Her expression sobered quickly, and she stood from her perch on the uncomfortable bed, taking a step towards him. “Why would I risk my life and freedom to come to you here in Narnia only to be willingly captured and thrown into this filthy cell?” 

Though they were separated by wrought-iron bars, he felt incredibly exposed by her searching gaze. “I can only imagine something terrible has befallen you and Archenland.” 

She stared at him long and hard, so intently that he wasn’t sure if she was glaring or simply transfixed, before casting her gaze to the small barred window that let in light at the very top corner of the cell. “I have come to warn you, Caspian. Frances… Well, Frances has fallen under the spell of an enchantress who does not wish you well….” 

“Lilith.” Caspian’s blood ran cold. His experiences with the dark enchantress had been few and unpleasant. 

“Yes, Lilith. He will not listen to reason. There is a plot to attack Narnia, usurp your throne. Frances is unaware of what he is doing. If he was in his right mind, never would such a thing come to transpire…” She was mere inches from the bars now, and he found himself leaning forwards to hear as  her voice dropped. “But I fear Lilith’s hold over him is too strong. I do not know how to break the enchantment, Caspian. My sisters have been chained and locked up in the dungeons of the palace. The entire citadel is suffering under her wrath.” Her hands had wrapped around the cold bars as she looked up at him with some strong emotion swimming in her eyes that he could not quite place.

“Then why go to all this trouble to stage a plan to kill me? Why not just come to me in confidence, (Y/n)?” He frowned, brushing a stray lock of hair out of his eyes.

Her eyebrows knit together in a frown that mirrored his. “It is all part of my plan. It was all I could do to convince Lilith that I wished you dead and that Frances was a weak king. She sent me here to kill you. When you sent word to Frances last night that I had been captured, she will believe I was true to my word. And…” She looked at him with an almost pleading expression. “And if you help me, we can use that to our advantage.” 

Caspian felt his throat constrict a little at all this new information. He would have to hold court as soon as possible, discuss everything with his knights and advisers. If Lilith was preparing Archenland for war, then Narnia would have to answer twofold. 

“Why should I trust you?” He met her gaze and held it steadily, looking for any trace of a lie.

“Because, Caspian. Believe it or not, I do care for your wellbeing and the future of Narnia. For as long as Narnia stands strong, the lands are kept at peace. Should Narnia fall, well… I fear the lands are doomed to slay one another until there are none left. Narnia, Archenland, Calormen, the Eastern Isles…. forsaken and demolished.” 

“Well, then. I suppose we should get you out of this cell?” 

She smiled and raised her head, eyes alight with a burning fire. 

Jealous Baby (Pietro x Reader)

I know I didn’t put this in the weekly agenda but I just got this amazing idea for a Pietro x Reader fic where Pietro wakes up after his healing coma after being shot by Ultron and finds out that Wanda has a new close bond with another Avenger that replaced him while he was unconscious and he thinks that it’s Vision and he gets jealous that his sister has a new man in her life and so he finds out they’re going to the mall to try to crash their “date” but then something he didn’t see coming happens… eep! I’m so giddy with excitement over this! I will also probably make a part 2 for this in the future if I get enough requests for it. 

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We Gotta Hope


“In the first episode when Rick saw the zombie little girl that instead that little girl was alive he took her with him and took her in as a daughter. Carl and her became best friends always having each other’s back. When Lori had her baby instead of it being Maggie and Carl it was her and Carl and you two had to deliver that baby together and you two made it your job to protect her. When the prison fell you ended up with glen and reunited in the train car. Once you made it Alexandra the other boy there tried to kiss you and Carl beat him up. And when he lost his eye you were telling him stories late into the night.”

AN: I decided to give this a shot, sorry if I don’t do it justice. 

Be sure to send in requests guys! They’re open :)

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My beautiful Omega - Dean Winchester x Reader (Alpha/Omega & Teacher/Student) - Pt. 1

Title: My beautiful Omega

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 1,719

Warnings: Big age gap, Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics

Original imagine: Imagine Dean being an Alpha who has not met his Omega. He doesn’t think that he has a mate so he has decided to live with Lisa Braeden, a Beta, whom he’s engaged to. He thinks he’s happy and in love until the day he meets you. His Omega and mate. Only problem is that you are a lot younger than him and a new student at the school he is a teacher.

(A/N: Found some free time and decided to upload this today. Sorry if the Reader seems a little bit OC-ish with a specific past, but it is always you. I just gave your father a specific name, Kieran - just like in Forbidden. Anyway, hope you like it~!)

Dean let out a sigh as he walked through the, rather crowded, park. It was a sunny day, how could it not be after all? It was the middle of August and the sun was at its highest point. Twelve in the morning, and Dean could swear he had never sweated so much in his life before. He could not do otherwise, though.

He had to take the dogs for a walk, even if he didn’t want to. No, of course they weren’t his dogs. There was no chance he would let a dog inside his house, not to mention his desk-room. This summer though he had to put up with a dogs in his house,his brother’s dogs. He would have said no to Sam when he asked of him to take care of them while he would be away; visiting their uncle Bobby that lived far away. And then he would go from there to Kansas to see their parents.

Dean would have accompanied him if it wasn’t firstly; for the exhaustion he felt because of school. Being a teacher and having to deal with so many Alphas, Betas and Omegas at the same time every day, every year, had really taken a toll on him. He wasn’t going to regret his choice, though, because no matter what he loved his job. Although it seemed impossible for anyone to see it, Dean was a licensed psychologist, teaching sociology and modern psychology at the town’s local high school. Although Mystic Falls was a small town, not many people lived here, and although some things were out of date, there surely were some serious improvements.

And secondly; Lisa. There were moments that he seriously doubted who was the Alpha in their relationship. Of course Dean was not like most other Alphas, strict, possessive and always the leader in a relationship; always wanting to have his way. No, there was no way he was going to be like that. He wanted his mate to express her opinion too, have her way too. Although in Lisa’s case it wasn’t exactly a mate. She was a Beta and not an Omega, Dean had still not found his Omega. He was 30 years old so instead of just waiting to find her (or maybe him, nobody could know for sure) he decided to form a mateship with Lisa. She really was a nice woman, and he was happy to have met her.

It really was her that insisted on taking care of Sam’s dogs. She insisted so much that there was no room left for Dean to say no. As long as she was the one to keep them away from his desk-room.

So here he was, taking Sam’s dogs for a walk. Or more like a run. He was seriously having a hard time from holding them from running off. That, along with the sun burning hot above his head and the fact that he had worn a jacket over his hood did not really help in preventing him from sweating. He seriously felt like a crazy man for wearing all these pieces of clothing, especially today, but Lisa had insisted that he wore some extra clothing in case the weather got worse and it rained. Of course there were not many chances that it would rain during the middle of August, especially after so many days of good and sunny weather, especially in Mystic Falls but (once again) he could not say no to Lisa.

He cursed under his breath as he held tightly on the dogs’ leashes, trying to (once again) keep them from running. Of course Sam had gotten used to taking them out for a run and not just a walk, but Dean was not that type of person. At least not today, for sure. He let out another sigh, these time one of a relief. Finally they seemed as if they were going to put up with just a walk, and Dean could not be more thankful about that.

He let a small smile rest on his face as he looked around him. Everything looked so peaceful, certainly not silent, though. Children were running all around, playing with each other, some with their dogs and some other with the water from the fountain that was nearby. All of them enjoying the warmth of the sun and the beautiful summer day. Their parents sitting at some bench or down on the green, newly cut, grass. There was a smell of the freshly cut grass in the air, accompanied by the one of water mixed with sweat from the children that run all around him.

He put a hand over his eyes, shielding them from the sun that was shining brightly over his head, taking a look at the green trees around him.  He closed his eyes for a split second, breathing in the fresh air; having stopped for the dogs to drink some water from the fountain.

He opened them shorty afterwards, turning to look at the fountain and the clean crystal water that shone like small diamonds from the sun.

However he turned back when he felt something nudge at his foot. He looked down at his feet to see a small fur-y ball bite at his shoe. It was a small dog in a light brown color, almost honey-like, scratching and biting at his shoe; all the while making cute noises that if they were made by a bigger dog they would have surely seemed intimidating. He had small teeth though, proportionate to his size, so he could not do real harm to his shoes. If any at all. The only thing it managed to do was make Dean laugh at its attempts. He may have not been a big fan of dogs but he had to admit that this one was really cute.

He kept laughing at the dog’s attempts, the ball that had surely been thrown near him by its owner and led him to Dean, was left unnoticed. Dean couldn’t help but laugh at its adorableness, his laughter was cut short when a voice was hear. The most melodic voice he had ever heard in his life.

“Gabriel no!” said a young female voice that made Dean look up from the dog to the owner of the voice, and obviously the dog too.

Dean’s smile vanished, though, and his expression changed into a more soft and awe-filled one. It sounded cheeky but he could swear he felt his heart skip a beat at the sigh in front of him.

There stood a young girl, about at the age of 13 - no older for sure- having taken hold of the dog that was previously biting his shoe. (Y/h/l) (Y/h/c) framing her beautiful face. Big, innocent (Y/e/c) orbs, pink lips and slightly red cheeks drawing him even more. Making it impossible for him to look anywhere but her. It was you.

“I’m so terribly sorry, sir” your voice broke his trail of thoughts.

“I-it’s ok” Dean didn’t think he could form any more words.

“I-I’m really sorry, though. I just threw him the ball towards this direction and he… obviously found more interest in your shoes” you laughed awkwardly.

“Don’t worry. No harm done” Dean found himself smiling widely at hearing your small laugh. He bent down and picked up the small ball.

“Here” he said, handing it to you.

You took it immediately, hands barely brushing, and after a small ‘Thank you’ you turned and run away quickly. Maybe to quickly for Dean’s liking. If he was honest with himself he would have liked to talk more to you, be able to touch your hand more, be able to-

Dean shook his head furiously at the thought that ran through his mind. Don’t get him wrong. He was no pedophile. There was no way in hell he could be. Hell, the whole idea disgusted him to no end but- You, damn, it was different with you. It was nothing like his mateship with Lisa done more out of convenience than true want, love, or need. He could feel it. Hell, he could smell it so clearly, even now that you were so far away from him, he knew it. You were his mate. His one and only. His Omega.

His heart beating so rapidly and all of his instincts, his Alpha instincts, screaming for him to go after you, prove his point. He felt a smile appear on his face, so big that his cheeks hurt, but he didn’t mind. He took in and let out deep breaths, his heart pounding so hard that he could swear he could hear it over all of the noise. That and your laugh. It was the most sweet laugh he had heard in his life and he could swear that you were the prettiest little girl he remembered seeing in his life.

He chuckled as he saw you chase after another dog, a black bigger one, shouting behind him “No Michael bring it here!” you said, giggling and enjoying yourself like you had no other care in the world.

He bit his lip to hold his smile from growing bigger (if possible) and also to hold himself from taking a step towards you. And another. And another. He bit his lip and clenched his fists, holding himself from doing anything irrational. From doing anything that he would surely not like the result of. Your parents were there, watching at you. And Dean would have been damned if he did what his whole body, other than mind, was screaming at him to do.

Slowly but painfully he teared away his gaze (or more like stare, that seemed creepy to him from one perspective) and started walking away as the dogs were yanking on their leashes, demanding to leave. It literally broke his heart to not look at you, to hear at your laugh fade away. Him not being able to hear it anymore.

It sounded so cheesy. So cheesy that Dean would have never believed it could happen. But it did. It did happen. Dean had just met his mate, his Omega. His one and only.

And there was no going back even if he tried to.

Not that he wanted to.

*Disclaimer: Reader is not going to be so young for the whole story! Only for this chapter!*

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

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Karolina’s Playlist (1k Followers Celebration Challenge)

Prompt: Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Lorde

Pairing: Steve Rogers x fem!Reader

Warnings: angst, brainwashing, kidnapping, poorly written/short fight scene, mentions of blood and killing, mention of dead bodies, use of Wanda Maximoff’s powers on Reader, couple fluffy moments, happy ending

Summary: You’ve been with Hydra for years, being a successful experiment going by the name Shadow. After the regaining of your memories, you decide to escape Hydra. Years later, the Avengers and your past love find you. Happiness doesn’t last for long, as Hydra kidnaps you again and takes your memories leaving the love of your life to try to help you return to your usual self. Will he be able to succeed?

Tagging: @loveitsallineed @skymoonandstardust @colourmecreampuff @avengers122

Quick Author’s Note: A big thank you to Karolina for her patience with me! This is my first time ever writing a song fic so please be nice :)

Word Count: 5,282


Bold/Italics = Lyrics

Italics = Vision/Dream

(Y/N) = Your first name

(Y/L/N) = Your last name

(Y/F/C) = Your favorite color

(Y/H/C) = Your hair color

Welcome to your life


At the command of the Hydra agent, you got into your fighting stance once again, knees bent slightly with your hands in front of you. You twirl the knife in your hand as you wait for the attacker; a habit you picked up from your previous mentor.

‘The Winter Soldier’ they had called him. You weren’t much different from him; both of you served in World War II, having been kidnapped and experimented on by Hydra, creating you into their own personal soldiers. While he was called in for most of the work, you were only sent out if the mission became too tricky. Of course, with him being who he was, that was only on rare occasions.

There’s no turning back

This changed after DC; he was gone now, causing the responsibility to fall on you. Anytime Hydra needed someone gone you were now the one for the job. Your ability to get lost in the darkness and always being the one behind the Winter Soldier earned you the name ‘Shadow.’

Even while we sleep

The fall of the helicarriers in DC and the loss of their super soldier was just a minor setback for Hydra. While the world thought that their reign had ended, you continued to be woken up from cryofreeze, brainwashed, and sent on missions.

We will find you

No one was safe. As long as Hydra had you, nothing could stop their terror. 

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Help Me

Remus X Reader: Part 1

Y/N: your name

Y/E/C:your eye colour

Y/H/C: your hair colour

The summer soaked leaves began to strip away their green guise as they fashion into their autumn attire. September first. It had finally arrived and for the seventh years, such as Y/N, meant sole concentration on one thing: N.E.W.T’s. The last two years hadn’t exactly been a ‘walk in the park’ due to the much interference of mountain trolls invading Halloween, the mysterious disappearances of two DADA teachers and three petrification attacks; it was safe to say that studying wasn’t exactly a main priority. I guess Y/N did have Potter to thank on one hand for the cancellation of exams but that only entailed more work and preparation in order to do well in the postponed exams after the holidays end. It was safe to say that Y/N hadn’t exactly passed with flying colours. Therefore it became a matter of urgency that she got at least above an ‘Acceptable’ in her upcoming N.E.W.T’s.

Despite her extremely good looks and ‘the devil may care this way’ attitude, many students found her acts rather exterior as opposed to interior; small rumours had sparked that she had a certain close proximity to teachers which resulted in good grades. Students had noticed that one day she’d be failing Care of Magical Creatures but after an hour with Professor Kettleburn for a week she’d be getting ‘Exceeds Expectations’ in her class exams; not to mention the friendly bond she gained with the Professor after.  This ignited many conspiracies against Y/N but no one would ever confront her about it as she was quite a feisty Y/H and kept herself disconnected from the ever-subjective views of society.

The Great Hall was once again filled with a golden glow ignited by the enchanted candles, which completely contrasted the frostiness of Dumbledore’s start of term speech.  

“Dementors, here at Hogwarts?” squabbled a group of third years from beside Y/N. She looked down at her plate of food as she began furiously stabbing at her pie, huffing in annoyance;

“And here I thought that this would be a quiet year at Hogwarts, but instead I get a parade of soul sucking brutes and a murder-crazed lunatic. I guess Christmas has come early this year( !)” she mumbles to herself quietly until she was cut off by the sudden eruption of applause as Dumbledore introduced a rather unfamiliar face, who was now standing at the staff table.

“… Professor Lupin, who has kindly consented to fill the post of Defence against the Dark Arts teacher” the long, white bearded professor exclaims. The light brown haired teacher bowed in content at the pleasant welcome. His soft hazel eyes glimmered in the bask of the warm light which only amplified the interest of young Y/N. Her eyes lingered a little too long as the hazel ones found her own.  A gentle smile rested on his lips which tinged Y/N cheeks, redder than the jam that oozed out of her beaten pie. Before she could return the gesture, she looked away quickly, trying hard to hide her grin. 

‘Idiot’ she muttered to herself.

It was a dreary afternoon as the rain trickled down the condensed windows; Y/N sat down at a desk only a few rows from the front, as she began to unpack her materials for her DADA lesson. The shabby looking professor made his way in the front of the class, smiling gently at the students that came in eye contact, including Y/N. She couldn’t help but flash a rather toothy smile but the professor returned it just the same.  

“Goodafternoon seventh years. Now , as a ‘refresher’, if you will, I have decided that we’d start off this afternoons lesson with a little quiz. Questions will be consisted on everything you have learnt from the past year.” Professor Lupin conveyed to his class, despite the low groans and mutters of annoyance that proceeded, including Y/N.

‘Oh no’ thought Y/N, she had completely blanked and soon the anxiety started to creep up inside her as she nervously chewed the end of her quill.  Professor Lupin noticed her trembling whilst passing out papers;

“Are you alright there?” he spoke gently, his words caressing her, easing the trembling.

“Er.. yeah-I-I I’m perfectly fine” she yammered awkwardly. He gave her a look of concern to which she responded with a forced smile. He handed her the paper nonetheless and told the rest of the class to begin.

After 30 minutes, the test was finished and Y/N went over her paper with a look of disappointment. She knew she had done terrible and now Professor Lupin would discover how stupid was. She slowly began to pack her stuff as the rest of the class filed out towards their next lesson. A silken voice stopped her in her tracks as she proceeded towards the door.

“You know-” protruded an easing voice.

“…if you didn’t feel comfortable doing the paper, you could have just let me know. I don’t bite” he chuckled.  Y/N turned to meet his gaze and melted into his welcoming brown eyes and suddenly felt at a loss for words.

“As your teacher, if you have any issues, you know we can address them …together” he continued and Y/N felt her heart literally beat out of her chest at the last word but soon she found her expression to droop as she began to unload her congested thoughts.  

“Well, in all honesty… I’m not that great at this class-”

“Well that’s no worry. I mean one does not become merlin after one lesson, you know” he began half-heartedly.

“No, you don’t understand….” Y/N spoke, her voice breaking slightly

“…In my OWL’s I had just managed to get a Pass which is absolutely pathetic. I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to take this class but thanks to Professor Mcgonangall , my determination for this subject managed to get me this far…” a few angry tears threatened to spill: a wave of remorse washed over Professor Lupins face as he saw the tears trickle down her delicate face.

“..but in all honesty I feel like I’m honestly rebuking her favour. I’m hopeless” she sobs trying her best to contain herself. Her eyes flicker to meet her professors but, to her surprise, his were already fixated on hers; he didn’t appear to be paying attention to the conversation at hand. He was more interested in the flecks of Y/C eyes and the way they seemed to cascade a ripple against her tears.

“Wow…” he whispered, almost inaudibly.

“Professor…” Y/N questioned, burrowing her eyebrows in confusion.

“What?-” snapping himself back to reality,

“-erm… sorry…I-I mean…. I understand what you’re going through. Not everyone’s gifted at certain subjects; I remember my time here and how much I loathed Potions. Not that Professor Slughorn was a bad teacher, oh no, he was rather fantastic. I remember when James and Sirius….” He suddenly stopped as he became cemented in the thoughts of his past. His face became motionless as he stared back down at his hands, fumbling them nervously.

“Sir, are you alright?” Y/N asked placing a hand on top of his with concern as she saw the colour drain out of him.

Professor Lupin stared down at Y/N’s hand which he felt ignite warmth and comfort throughout his body. Before he allowed the feeling to consume him; he unwillingly jerked his hand away slightly.

“Nothing, it’s fine-

-…Listen, if you’re having trouble with this subject then I’d be more than happy to offer to be your tutor. We could work during free periods or whenever you feel best works … I mean only if you wish that is.” He said rather abruptly, meeting Y/N gaze again and suddenly feeling lost in her eyes… again.

“REALLY? I mean yes… thank you..that would be g-g-great…Fantastic. Really, really good.” She said quite too excitedly, failing to maintain her composure. Professor Lupin smiled in relief before she got up to leave.

“Tomorrow, 6:30 in my office, would that be okay?” He stumbled out nervously but still carried a slight tone of authority. She turned her head, spraying her long Y/C/H which framed nicely against her face.

“Perfect, I’ll see you then. Thank you again professor: Goodbye” she replied before she slipped out the door.

“I look forward to it.” he spoke quietly, more to himself, as a hopeful smile rested on his face.

Part 2???? - Is here Part 2

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Socially Inept

(Jace x Reader)

Request:  Hi Could you do a oneshot of how the reader is best friends with Simon and Clary and is a huge nerd/geek and gamer/hacker and Jace, Alec and Izzy are taken to meet the reader? Then Jace takes a liking to the reader and asks her out on a date? Ty😊😊

Clary was sitting on your bed, head leaned against the wall as she watched you and Simon. You had been at it the whole day again, playing video games until you were both pissed at the other for losing so often but neither would give in, so you continued. She looked at the clock and got up, it was almost time to get the others anyway, they should be back from their mission by now.

You were Simon and Clary’s best friend and since you three were always together they eventually had to tell you about everything. Hiding that Simon was a vampire wasn’t that easy after all, so they had told you.

The others at the institute hadn’t been very happy about it, though Clary had promised them you wouldn’t tell anyone. They still had insisted on meeting you themselves.

„Alright guys, I’ll get the others. Don’t kill each other while I’m gone please.“ Clary says with a loud sigh as you two keep arguing about something she didn’t understand and honestly didn’t want to.

„Yeah, yeah sure…“ You answer, only half listening.

„You know where the fridge is, go ahead Clary.“ Simon tells her, not having heard a word she just said. Clary rolls her eyes, leaving you two to your game while she goes to get the others.

„She’s like a female version of Simon.“ Izzy whispers and looks over to the other two.

„Yes…it’s scary.“ Alec replies.

„I can hear you whispering, you know.“ Simon yells over the sound of the TV. You turn your head around and stare at them, you hadn’t even realized someone else was in the room.

„Simon!“ You hit him lightly on the shoulder, „You could have told me that they were here.“

„Why? You were screaming so nicely at the TV I didn’t want to interrupt you.“

„Jerk…“ You mumble while he laughs. So much for a good first impression, cursing at a screen somehow didn’t look like the best way to do so.

You jump up from the bed and hold your hand out towards them, „Uh sorry…my name’s Y/N, nice to meet you all.“

You actually were horrible when it came to meeting new people. You never knew what to tell them or how to make smalltalk at all. So you did the only logical thing and got them to agree to watch a movie with you. Less talking involved that way.

Though you shouldn’t have been worried about that. Izzy had it covered an her own, talking non-stop without having problems to find a topic. It really helped and you ended up joking around with her and even got a smile out of Alec, though somehow you got the impression Jace didn’t like you that much. He kept staring at you, which wasn’t distracting at all, but didn’t say much to you.

The constant eyes at the back of your head actually made you a bit nervous and even though you liked them you were relieved when they had to go.

Clary went with them and Simon went to bring them to the door while you fell exhausted onto the bed. Interacting with others was really exhausting.


You sat up on the bed to see Jace standing in the door frame.


„Sorry, didn’t want to scare you. I just…I was wondering if you’re doing anything tomorrow?“

„No, why?“

„Would you like to go out with me?“

„W-What? Really?“ You stutter out embarrassed and begin to blush.

„Yes.“ He answers and smirks at you, making you even more nervous than you already were.

„Okay yeah…yeah see you tomorrow then?“

„Alright.“ He waves at you and it gone again in a heartbeat. Well, you’d say that was a successful day.