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“I had a picture to give you, but I’m so bad and then kei happened and now I’m going to flee.”



wips of a schuyler sisters animatic

i’m torn between relief that this new episode does not appear to be what i thought it was going to be (diana dying, tho i guess they still could play a curve ball) and sheer irritation that instead we’re getting my least favourite and most actively disdained crime show trope instead. 


Title: It’s Better with You
Pairing: Dan x reader
Rating: M (for smut… I do it for you guys)
Word count: 1,244
Prompt: You wake up the morning after your first time with Dan. What better way to celebrate a milestone than with more sex?

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Hello lovelies! After reading a handful of Dan x reader smut on Tumblr, I think I’m finally ready to post one up of my own. Because hey, if I could do one for Phan, I’m sure I could do one for Dan x reader too. This is my first attempt at a reader insert smut story, so I hope you enjoy!

He gazes at her lovingly. Her eyes are still closed and she’s making those barely audible snores that makes him stifle a laugh. She says she doesn’t snore, though he has woken up on numerous mornings with her doing just that.

Her (H/C) hair frames her face like a curtain waiting to be pushed aside. Dan twirls a strand of her hair in his fingertips. He likes watching her sleep. She looks so peaceful when she does. It’s like she’s Sleeping Beauty, minus the one thousand year sleeping spell.

“Beautiful,” he whispers.

Memories of last night flow into his head, elevating his radiant mood. Last night was everything he has hoped for their first time together. With Phil’s help, he converted his bedroom into the ideal setting for a romantic night with her. He bought a few lava lamps to cast a (your F/C) light within the room. He bought a small stereo for his iPhone to play slow love songs from a playlist he created on iTunes. He cooked her favorite food and bought her favorite drinks. She loved every little gesture he did to make their first time together as perfect as possible, and it paid off.

He loves her. She came into his life when he thought he would never fall in love. She’s the girl he thinks about whenever he listens to love songs. She’s the girl that filled the void in his heart that he reserved for the person he would want to spend the rest of his life with. She’s the girl he would catch a grenade for, the girl that has a smile that could light up the darkest of places, the girl that makes his life better than it already is. She’s his everything, and someday, he knows she’s the one he’ll get down on one knee and ask to marry him.

She’s his princess, and he’s the knight in shining armor. Her words, not his. She’s someone that believes a princess’ true love doesn’t always has to be a prince. He can be a Sir Lancelot, one who is loyal and full of devotion.

“You don’t have the strength of a knight, but you sure got a heart like one.”

She’s unlike any girl he has ever met, and that was why he fell head over heels for her.

Her eyes flutter open. He grins at her, staring into her (E/C) irises.

“Morning (Y/N).”

She smiles. “You didn’t call me princess.”

“Rewind: good morning princess.”

“Good morning, Dan. And I was kidding. Not every girl has to be called a princess as a pet name.”

He laughs. It’s one of the things he loves about (Y/N). She’s the kind of girl that doesn’t swoon when her boyfriend calls her his princess. She tolerates the nickname when Dan doesn’t use it all the time (which he doesn’t). She prefers to be called by her real name rather than a pet name.

He scoots closer to her, his legs rubbing against hers. “I’m having a really good morning.”

She gives him a cheeky smile. “Oh really? Why’s that?”

“Because I’m spending it with a beautiful girl.”

“Where’s the beautiful girl?”

“You, silly.” He kisses her nose. Another thing he loves about her is her sarcasm. She knows how to keep him engaged in conversation. Her sarcasm is the primary reason for any argument they have, but it’s also her sarcasm that leads them to make up after those arguments.

“I’m having a good morning too.” She brings a hand up to the back of his head, pulling his hair so his head leans closer to her. “I’m spending it with a beautiful boy.”

“Beautiful? What happened to being called handsome?”

“Potato, potahto. I love you either way.”

“And I love you too, (Y/N).”

Their lips meet in the middle and their playful banter ends. Her lips part slightly open, allowing his tongue to slip into her mouth. Her hips grind against the lower half of his body.

His cock hardens against her thighs. God, does he need her. Now.

He draws his dark-colored duvet away from their naked bodies. He draws his mouth away from hers. He shifts their bodies so her back is laying on bedsheets and he’s hovering above her. His lips ghost over her neck, down her collarbone until it reaches her chest. His tongue licks the area around her breasts. His palm of his other hand spreads atop her neglected breast. She elicits a moan when his tongue makes contact with her nipple and his hand plays and tweaks with the nipple on her other breast.

“Dan.” She tangles her fingers in his hair, a mess of brown curls in his hobbit hair hairstyle. “You tease.”

He grins, then continues his ministrations. His other hand reaches down until it find its place at the sensitive part between her parted legs. His thumb rubs circles on her clit. One of his long fingers slips into her. Another finger joins the first. Her breathing increases the faster his fingers thrust inside her.

“Ah…” Her back arches. He could feel her grow wetter by the second. Just as she’s on the brink of orgasm, he pulls his fingers out of her and inches his mouth away from her breasts.


He smirks. “What?”

“You’ve gotta stop doing that.”

“What? This?” He brings his fingers to his mouth. “Mmmm…”

“You arse.” She rolls her eyes, lust still evident in her eyes.

“I’m a handsome arse.”

“Just shut up and fuck me.”

Before he could come up with another snarky remark, she takes matters into her own hands and flips him over. With their positions switched, she aligns herself above his cock. She sinks down onto him and his hands fixates on her bum. As she moves above him, he relishes at the sight: eyes closed, lips parted, breasts bouncing.

Their moans echo across the room. She thrusts faster, and he surprises her by switching their positions so he’s back on top. Resuming his thrusts, he murmurs her name over and over in her ear. She tilts her head up and kisses him. Closer and closer he reaches the precipice of his edge, and when he does, his climax is like a billion stars shining in front of his eyes. And when she’s following soon after, she’s whimpering his name too.

“Damn,” she says when they’re finished. “Damn Daniel.”

He laughs, pulling out of her and laying down next to her. “That’s never getting old.”

“It’s the internet. I don’t think it ever will.”

She splays her hand on his chest. They bask in the afterglow of their lovemaking. If this is how it’s like to have sex with her, he’ll never get enough of it. He’ll be insatiable. She awakened the beast he never thought he had.



“Have I told you how much I love you?”

She hums. “Only all the time.”

“You make everything fun.”


He smiles. (Y/N) is the light of his life. His badass princess.

The comfortable silence is broken with her stomach rumbling.

“Someone’s hungry,” he muses.

She slaps his shoulder playfully. “Shut up.” She sits up and gets off the bed. “I’m starving. You coming?”

“If you say that again, maybe in five minutes.”

She chuckles. “Then c’mon. Phil’s not home yet. We got a kitchen to christen.”

He’s quick to join her side. His arms snake around her waist.

“Let’s do that.”

Everything truly is better with her.

And voila! Ya’ll like it? I’ve tapped into my smut side and I gotta say, I think there’ll be more of these in the future. *winks*

I couldn’t help the “Damn Daniel” toward the end. Dan tweeted about it over the weekend and I just had to use it. xD

I’ve been wanting to write a smutty story since I listened to Halsey’s Young God (it’s actually the first song I listened by Halsey, thanks to a list of music recs @beforethebraces gave me). I played the song on repeat to get me in the mood while I worked on this.

Until next time.

~ AA


one of my favourite things about these two has always been the fact that while both have important leadership roles they’re absolute dorks
this is shown in ep 40 and if you look closely you’ll notice that they even move in a very similar way
so while their physical resemblance is lost they’re still connected by their wacky personalities and I think that’s a super neat and adorable detail