if a black woman invites you over and puts on any one of these tracks, it’s a set up and you’re about to be a daddy #50ShadesOf90sR&B
  1. “insatiable”  by  prince
  2. “don’t walk away” by  jade
  3. “red light special” by tlc
  4. “i love your smile” by  shanice
  5. “twisted” by  keith sweat
  6. “i miss you” by  aaron hall
  7. “rub you the right way” by  johnny gill
  8. “pony” by  ginuwine
  9. “love like this” by  faith evans
  10. “freak me” by  silk
  11. “all my life” by  k by ci & jojo
  12. “come and talk to me” by  jodeci
  13. “do me right” by  guy
  14. “i’m so into you” by  swv
  15. “back at one” by  brian mcknight
  16. “the boy is mine” by  brandy & monica
  17. “i wanna sex you up” by  color me badd
  18. “are you that somebody?” by  aaliyah
  19. “real love” by  mary j. blige
  20. “waterfalls” by  tlc
  21. “there you go”  by  johnny gill
  22. “it never rains”  by  tony toni tone
  23. “i like the way (kissing game)  by  hi by five
  24. “forever my lady”  by  jodeci
  25. “if i ever fall in love”  by  shai
  26. “i’ll make love to you.”  by  boys ii men
  27. “knockin’ the boots”  by  h by town
  28. “can we talk”  by  tevin campbell
  29. “candy rain”  by  soul 4 real
  30. “before i let you go”  by  blackstreet
  31. “when can i see you again”  by  babyface
  32. “my body”  by  lsg
  33. “too close”  by  next
  34. “nice & slow”  by  usher
  35. “for you i will”  by  monica
  36. “cheers 2 u”  by  playa
  37. “splackavellie”  by  pressha
  38. “come and get some”  by  swv
  39. “how can i love u 2nite”  by  sisqó
  40. “if your girl only knew”  by  aaliyah
  41. “it’s all about me”  by   mya f/ sisqo
  42. “the love scene”  by   joe
  43. “all i do is think of you”  by  troop
  44. “lay your head on my pillow”  by  toni, tony, tone
  45. “weak”  by  swv
  46. “so anxious”  by  ginuwine
  47. “my love is the shhh!”   by  somethin’ for the people
  48. “can’t let go”  by  mariah carey
  49. “make it last forever”  by  keith sweat 
  50. “here and now”  by  luther vandross

her bra and panties match, her kitty smells like a garden, tastes like berries, she ain’t got no plans in the morning, her phone is off… it was a covert dick appointment. 


“Now for all y’all who ain’t heard of me. Mr. M-O-E the BARRE BABY, I’m a south side living legend. Of 3rd ward, bone hard street veteran. It all started in 93’ High school I was a fool I was only 18. With the dreams of becoming a ghetto superstar, rolling a foregin car through the streets of 3rd ward. It was hard momma saw me with a case of codeine, and promethazine now I’m a codeine fiend. And my team was the coldest everyday we rolled thick, niggas and hoes on dick because we SCREWED UP CLICK.” - BIG MOE

To address the fake news going around about my state

- Rockport, Port Aransas, and Corpus Christi are areas most affected in that order as of my time posting this (12:24 am)

- Fulton High in Rockport hasn’t collapsed fully but the roof has caved in

- People are confirmed to be trapped in a senior center in Rockport. Emergency aid cannot get to them

- Houston is experiencing heavy rainfall. And short power outages and wind but nothing too extreme. Serious flooding hasn’t happened yet.

- Houston has isssued several tornado watches however

- Galveston and surrounding counties closest to the coast have been evacuated

Tl;dr - Pray for Rockport. Shit is going down there. Call your Texas family members if any. Donate what you can.

**Houston is trajected for landfall Wednesday as the storm enters the gulf and then landfalls again. But as of rn, I’m fine. My fam is fine. We have water and non perishables as of this post and our lights have flickered a few times but we’re dealing.

*** edit*** 9:54 pm Saturday

- a tornado touched down in sienna plantation earlier today. Significant damage. No reports of death or injury

- a tornado also touched down where I live about 30 mins ago.Significant damage. no injury reported so far

*** edit*** 4:25 pm Sunday

- schools are closed till September 5th in Houston

- the entire city of Houston where I live is nearly entirely submerged in water

- 5 people dead

- officials are having trouble with search and rescue