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Shopping this Baby Bump Around

Shopping has always been fun, but it’s a bit challenging when you need to select certain clothes for your new baby bump. I’m a Pisces, so some can understand that it’s hard for me to make my mind up with just about ANYTHING! So being pregnant and finding trendy clothing always has my mind boggling. I want to purchase clothes that will still look great post baby, but I also want clothing that look great when my belly grows as well. Whew the life of a women. Why do we have to go through so many complications? Welp… Gotta make do!

My 4 month baby bump and I ran to H&M to see what the latest trends were, and I was also in search of Fall hats. It’s always hard to find a hat to fit my #teamnatural hair under. Geez it’s a major challenge. Either the hats are too small or my hair basically pushes the hats off. But lucky me and thank you H&M for making hats in a size large! And no my head is not big but my HAIR is!! Thick&Curly! HA

Copped a hat for $20 - SCORE

Then this jumpsuit! I’m a jumpsuit loving gal!! Hey they’re so easy to wear!! This army green jumpsuit was also only $20!! I was iffy about purchasing it, again because I am pregnant and I wanted to stay away from clothing that drawstring and tightened in the waist but I said it’s a must it’s only $20. I may not get a lot of pregnancy wear out of it but for now and afterwards it’ll serve!

Hey can’t beat H&M’s discounted prices for trendy gear!

CareOn, ShopOn, EatOn, PregoOn

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ALL about this H&M Conscious suit in black.  Actress | Model | Muse Olivia Wilde  is the face of H&M’s Conscious Exclusive ad campaign. “I love the Conscious Exclusive collection at H&M, both for the look, and also for its ethics. This is how all fashion should be: great style that’s naturally more sustainable.” ~ O. Wilde.